The open ocean, sea floor, and coral reefs are all examples of habitats with high rates of primary production. True or False?

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This statement is false. The open ocean, seafloor, and coral reefs are not an example of habitats with high rates of primary production, instead, it is the agricultural habitats that is undergoing the process of photosynthesis to produce oxygen and food at the same time.
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What are some examples of how mutation aides genetic variation?

Why study human genetics? One reason is simply an interest in better understanding ourselves. As a branch of genetics, human genetics concerns itself with what most of us consider to be the most interesting species on earth: Homo sapiens. But our interest in human genetics does not stop at the boundaries of the species, for what we learn about human genetic variation and its sources and transmission inevitably contributes to our understanding of genetics in general, just as the study of variation in other species informs our understanding of our own.

A second reason for studying human genetics is its practical value for human welfare. In this sense, human genetics is more an applied science than a fundamental science. One benefit of studying human genetic variation is the discovery and description of the genetic contribution to many human diseases. This is an increasingly powerful motivation in light of our growing understanding of the contribution that genes make to the development of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. In fact, society has been willing in the past and continues to be willing to pay significant amounts of money for research in this area, primarily because of its perception that such study has enormous potential to improve human health. This perception, and its realization in the discoveries of the past 20 years, have led to a marked increase in the number of people and organizations involved in human genetics.

This second reason for studying human genetics is related to the first. The desire to develop medical practices that can alleviate the suffering associated with human disease has provided strong support to basic research. Many basic biological phenomena have been discovered and described during the course of investigations into particular disease conditions. A classic example is the knowledge about human sex chromosomes that was gained through the study of patients with sex chromosome abnormalities. A more current example is our rapidly increasing understanding of the mechanisms that regulate cell growth and reproduction, understanding that we have gained primarily through a study of genes that, when mutated, increase the risk of cancer.

Likewise, the results of basic research inform and stimulate research into human disease. For example, the development of recombinant DNA techniques (Figure 3) rapidly transformed the study of human genetics, ultimately allowing scientists to study the detailed structure and functions of individual human genes, as well as to manipulate these genes in a variety of previously unimaginable ways.

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Which of the following is a good example of something a cell might do during G1 phase

Well you didnt put your answer choices but the examples are: Cell grows and develops and new proteins are made

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How often does a high tide occur on earth?


(A) About twice a day.


Waterfront neighbourhoods encounter two low tides and two high tides each lunar day, or 24 hours and 50 minutes. The two tidal bumps are created by inertia and gravity which revolve around the Earth as the moons state shifts. These bumps indicate high tides while the smooth sides represent low tides.

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True or False? Most of the energy resources used to generate electricity are renewable

False I believe because due to the fact that fossil fuels etc. are not renewable, and they are some of the main sources of power.

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How is an individual palm tree growing in a tropical forest classified organism,population,abiotic,habitat


The correct answer is- organism


An organism is an individual who has all the living characteristics. So an organism can be plat, animal, or a microorganism. So here we are talking about an individual palm tree and we know that a palm tree is a plant which has life so palm tree will be classified as an organism.

When many individuals of the same species are present in an area then it is called a population. The area where a population is living is called their habitat. Abiotic factors are the non-living things like air, water, soil. So the correct answer is- organism.

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What must be true for natural selection to happen?

For natural selection to happen there must be genetic variation in the population for it to even work

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Aquatic organisms have only a predatory relationship with coral reefs. True or false

I believe the answer is false.

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Coral reef ecosystems support over a million different species. True or False

True millions of different species live on coral reefs

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Grain products are a good source of carbohydrates and . a. Vitamin B complex b. Vitamin A c.Calcium


Grain products are a good source of carbohydrates and Vitamin B complex


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In Detroit, many people come down with the bird flu. This is an example of _____.

Virus because it spreads one person to another person?

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Which of the following can lead to coral bleaching? a. long-term temperature variations b. increased solar radiation c. freshwater dilution d. all of the above


a. long-term temperature variations


  • As a result of the long term warming of the global temperatures of the oceanic waters, the corals will expel the algae that are the zooxanthellae from their tissues causing them to turn white and hence cause coral bleaching.
  • Hence becomes vulnerable to diseases and affects there reproduction and stunts the growth cycle.

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Which of the following statements about homologous chromosomes is likely to be true?

They contain the same genes 
they do Connect to each other to form homologous pairs
 they divide into  meiosis too

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Which statement is NOT true concerning the cytoskeleton of the cell?

It would be c hope this helps

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What do sea stars have on the bottom of their feet that allows them to stay anchored on a rock or at the bottom of the ocean? A. suction cups B. tube feet C. madreporite D. radial symmetry

The answer is B. tube feet

The tube feet on a starfish helps it anchor to surfaces.

Trust me I just dissected one! eww

Have a good day! =)

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Classify the human genotype as an example of trisomy and monosomy

What is that

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In winter in the Southern Hemisphere, the south end of Earth’s axis is tilted away from the sun. A. True B. False

True. Just think about it.

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Opinions are an important part of scientific data collection and analysis. True or False

False because in a scientific data collection the key word is data, not personal knowledge, you would need to gather actual research

Hope this helps

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The ancient fossils are a record of when shallow seas covered much of the United States. While the fossils are of organisms that are the precursors of many modern day organisms, changes in ocean geography and other factors eventually caused those older species to become __________.

-It is considered to be the link between the lobe-finned fishes and early ... Climate andgeography ... Sea levels were high with much of western North America under water. ... By the mid-Devonian, the fossil record shows evidence that there ... Plants, which had begun colonizing the landduring the Silurian ...

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Which of these is an environmental effect of burning fossil fuels? A) Soil erosion B) Temperature increase C) Habitat succession D) Flooding

I believe that would be a temperature increase

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A ribozyme is a catalytic protein that assists in the processing of tRNA, true or false

True, because ribosomes are where RNA is transferred into proteins that speed up the process.

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Compare and contrast point sources and nonpoint sources of water pollution. Give an example of each.

point sources are easy to locate since they come from one specific place like factories. nonpoint sources are hard to locate because they come from many different places like plastic trash

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Dinosaurs used feathers to fly. A. True, flying dinosaurs sometimes reached the size of small airplanes B. False, dinosaurs weren't coordinated enough to fly C. True, feather are delicate but supported dinosaurs at heights up to 1,000 feet D. False, dinosaur arms were too short to support flight

The answer is D.

Dinosaurs with feathers could not fly. This was because their arms were too short, and their bodies too fat. Some dinosaurs could fly (Pteradon, Quetz, etc.) but they did not use feathers, they had skin-like flaps between their arms that allowed flight.

Hope this helped. Good luck!

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There are health concerns surrounding the products that have been genetically engineered for particular traits, including pharmaceuticals, crops, and enzymes that are used in industry and manufacturing processes. Which is a health concern that affects society? A Patented Products B bioaccumulation C Land use D Cancer

Cancer is a health concern that affects society

Cancer is a group of diseases that are characterized by the rapid growth of abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and have the ability to spread and damage the normal body tissue. Cancer can occur anywhere in the body, and is rated as the second leading cause of death in the United States. There are many types of cancer, they include; breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and lymphoma. The symptoms of cancer differ, and it depends on the type.

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How are vestigial structures an example of evidence of evolution?

They provide evidence of genes coding for structures that are present not because they are useful, but because they were once useful to an ancestor. 

One example is the plantaris muscle. This is a long, thin muscle in the human foot and calf that serves no significanl purpose in humans ... in fact, it is regularly removed by doctors harvesting muscle tissue to use in reconstructive heart surgery, because its removal leaves no loss of function in walking or balance. 

However this same muscle is found more fully developed in the feet and calves of other primates. It is the muscle used for grasping with the feet.

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What is an ecological system called that consists of all of its biotic and abiotic factors? A. Community B. Ecosystem C. Habitat D. Pure Culture

Answer: B. Ecosystem


Ecosystem is the ecological system which consists of all biotic and abiotic factors. The biotic factors include all living beings such as human beings, animals, plants and microbes. The abiotic factors includes soil, water and atmosphere. The living beings interact with their surrounding physical environment (comprising of abiotic factors)  in an ecosystem.

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