This is a fourteen-line lyric poem, usually written in rhymed iambic pentameter. what poem is this

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It's called a sonnet.

William Shakespeare was known for his sonnets and iambic pentameters.
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Read the excerpt below and answer the question. I hope no one who reads this book has been quite as miserable as Susan and Lucy were that night; but if you have been…you will know that there comes in the end a sort of quietness. You feel as if nothing was ever going to happen again. At any rate that was how it felt to these two. —from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis This story is written from the perspective of _____. Susan and Lucy the narrator neither the narrator nor Susan and Lucy


B). The narrator.


Perspective or point of view is described as the approach through which the author communicates his emotions or point of view either himself or through the characters of the story. It is quite significant as it determines how the audience would perceive a particular literary text and how would they respond to it.

As per the question, the given story is written from the perspective of 'the narrator' which is reflected by the use of the pronoun 'you' and 'these'. The narrator here expresses his individual thoughts/perceptions about Susan and Lucy and relates it directly to the audience 'you'(second-person point of view). Thus, option B is the correct answer.

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11) In "The Most Dangerous Game," the character of Zaroff serves as a(n) ____ to the protagonst, sharply contrasting Rainsford's personality. 12) What does the following quote from "The Cask of Amontillado" reveal about Montresor's intentions? "Pass your hand,' I said, 'over the wall; you cannot help feeling the nitre. Indeed it is very damp. Once more let me implore you to return. No? Then I must positively leave you. But I must render you all the little attentions in my power." -He is sincerely concerned about Fortunato's well-being. -He wants to make sure that Fortunato does not suspect his motives. -He hopes Fortunato will prevent him from committing the planned murder. -He wants to warn Fortunato that his death is near. 13) In the short story, "The Cask of Amontillado," Poe's use of a(n) ______ narrator to tell the story heightens the uncertainty and sense of horror felt by the reader. 14) In "The Raven," which details of the setting contribute least to the poem's mysterious and despairing mood? -The room is dimly lit. -The room is decorated with busts of ancient gods. -The story takes place on a "midnight dreary" during a "bleak December." -The heavy purple curtains have an "uncertain" rustling. 15) The poetic device used in the line below is and example of _____. "For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams" -internal rhyme -irony -a smile -onomatopoeia 16) What is the effect of the author's use of assonance in the following line from "The Raven?" "For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore---" -It creates emphasis on Lenore. -It illustrates the theme of the poem. -It sets the informal tone of the poem.

For the first one, it's foil.

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Select all the correct answers. Wendy is writing the first draft of her research paper about symbolism used in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Why should Wendy take short breaks while writing the draft? Wendy can read what she has written after a break and plan the best way to continue. Wendy can read what she has written after a break and edit any grammar and spelling mistakes. Wendy can use her break to find out what approach her classmates are taking. Wendy can get a better perspective of what needs to be included in her essay and how it should be presented. Wendy can use the time to get started on her other school assignments.


Wendy should take short breaks while writing the draft so:

* Wendy can read what she has written after a break and plan the best way to continue.

* Wendy can get a better perspective of what needs to be included in her essay and how it should be presented.


It is suggested that Wendy should tale short breaks while she is writing the draft that means that she has not finished it, revisions are made until the writer finishes the draft, so she can just read it to keep on going with the rest, and after a little break she has a fresh vision of the work she is making and she can improve it before finishing it.

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Which statement best describes Emily Dickinson and her poetic style? a) Dickinson writes unusual titles for her poems. b) Dickinson writes with creative punctuation. c) Dickinson writes poems that do not rhyme. d) Dickinson writes from a third-person point of view.

To the best of my knowledge the right option is B; Dickinson writes with creative punctuation.

Dickinson most often punctuated her poems with dashes, rather than the more common array of periods, commas, and other punctuation marks.  She also capitalized interior words, not just words at the beginning of a line.

Generally, Dickinson´s poems lack a tittle.Her poems are now generally known by their first lines or by the numbers assigned to them by posthumous editor. Furthermore, she used to write in first person as in most lyric poetry.

Besides, sometimes she broke some of her poems into stanzas, but in others, there were no stanza breaks.

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What style was "The Nun's Priest Tale" written in?




The options of this question are:

  • mock-heroic
  • epic
  • elegiac
  • heroic

This tale is written as a mock-heroic. This is because the tale adopts the stylistic conventions of grand epics, but makes fun of them. The author uses words and a style that usually belongs to great, fantastic stories, but in fact tells a very simple story in a modest setting. The speaker describes a rooster named Chanticleer as an animal with qualities that normally belong to noble knights. Moreover, the hen Lady Pertelote is described in the way a pure and gracious maiden would normally have been described in a Medieval romance.

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In the poem "a dream deferred" what does the word "explode" suggest?

Any explosive device going off and therefore creating an explosion

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Which sentence is written in passive voice? check all that apply. A. My little sister found three seashells in the tidal pool. B. That book was written by one of my favorite authors. C. Sebastian and Akiko are traveling to Ohio this summer. D. The contestants will be judged on style and originality. E. In my house, fruit is often served after a meal.

The answer to your question would be that the sentence that is written in the passive voice is the following one: That book was written by one of my favorite authors. That is, the correct option woud be B.

The passive voice is a verb form in which the subject is acted upon, or receives the action of the verb. In order to form the passive voice, use a form of the verb to be followed by a past participle verb form.

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“Mistress, I dug upon your grave To bury a bone, in case I should be hungry near this spot When passing on my daily trot.” In “Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?” by Thomas Hardy, why was the woman’s dog digging on her grave in the poem? bury a bone locate a toy find his mistress mark his trail

The correct answer: 1. to bury a bone.

Explanation: In “Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?” by Thomas Hardy, the narrator is a dead woman speaking from her tomb, and she asks who is digging her grave. She finds out it is her dog that is digging and assumes that he is trying to reach her (Why flashed it not on me/  That one true heart was left behind!) but the dog explains that not only is he digging to bury his bone, he forgot it was her resting place.

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Which of these themes are you most likely to encounter in a modernist poem

"D. the role of divine inspiration in guiding people's lives." The theme that is most likely to encounter in a modernist poem is that the role of divine inspiration in guiding people's lives. 

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8th grade English did anyone do this assignment i need help i dont want them to do it for me i just need help on it. Did the poets whoses work you examined in this lesson rely more on logical or emotional appeals? Which poems language affected you most? Why

So what your going to want to do is look at whatever poems you looked at and see if they used more facts in their work (logical) or emotionally charged words and phrases. Usually poets use more emotions that facts though, but i don't what what poetry you are reading...

Hope this helps

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In which sentence is the number written correctly? The thermostat outside the house read fifty-four degrees. My aunt turned thirty five years old last month. We raked twenty two bags of leaves from our yard. Alice went to Forty Ninth Street to meet Sal

The correct answer is 'The thermostat outside the house read fifty-four degrees.' because it has a dash between fifty and four, like it's supposed to. 

Hope this helped! Please comment or DM me if you have anymore questions or don't understand. :)

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Which strategy is the best way to improve the written expression in a redundant sentence? A.) Add additional modifiers and phrases. B.) Eliminate powerful words. C.) Include words that state the obvious. D.) Remove unnecessary repetition.

The correct answer is D. Remove unnecessary repetition.

Redundancy is termed as needless repetition of phrases, ideas, paragraphs, sentences, and words.

For example, instead of saying circle you say circle around, A total of twenty cows instead of twenty cows, revert back instead of  revert, summarise briefly instead of summarise.

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Which part of this excerpt from John Keats' poem "Endymion" contains a simile/ A.Therefore, 'tis with full happiness that I Will trace the story of Endymion. B. Into my being, and each pleasant scene Is growing fresh before me as the green Of our own vallies: so I will begin C. Now while the early budders are just new, And run in mazes of the youngest hue About old forests; while the willow trails D. And, as the year Grows lush in juicy stalks, I'll smoothly steer My little boat, for many quiet hours,

B. Into my being, and each pleasant scene

Is growing fresh before me as the green

Of our own vallies: so I will begin

A simile is a figurative language or a metaphor used to describe events, places, people, animals, ideas, etc. by making comparisons. We can easily identify it in texts or speeches that uses the words "like", "as", or "as in", to show similarity, and make the work more colorful, interesting and appealing.

In the excerpt, the narrator describes what is growing inside of them, which is fresh, by comparing it to the green of their valleys. Perhaps, the "green of our vallies" reminds the narrator of freshness, life, and growth.

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Which of the following is a correctly written book citation? (Jennings 88). (Jennings par. 20). (Jennings "Warfare," 45). (Jennings "Warfare" 45).

I believe the answer is a: (Jennings 88).

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Do you interpret the poem's final stanza is an expression of powerlessness, or as a threat? defend your opinion.

I don't believe that he means it as a threat he really does mean it as an idolization of powerlessness due to the fact that throughout the poem he's using language that you could only expect from someone in a hopeless or powerless situation  an de to the fact that the tone is slow and you could say placed in a logical way as to show a sense of powerlessness (hope this helps)

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In at least 100 words, analyze how an action in the poem either affects or does not affect the significance of the meaning in Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for Death.” Use details from the poem to support your response.

One of the actions in the poem that affects the significance of its meaning is the house that Dickinson describes in the following lines:

"We paused before a House that seemed

A Swelling of the Ground – "

In this description, we learn that the carriage that was taking her with death and immortality stops in front of a house. However, the house is underground, and from above it is nothing more than a mound in the ground. This is meant to be a grave, and it becomes the resting place of the author. However, it does not eliminate the concept of immortality, which is also riding on the carriage. We see that the speaker is still aware of time, and is still waiting for the moment of salvation and resurrection.

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Write three paragraphs with a total of at least 200 words. Discuss the uses and differing characteristics of the narrative and lyric forms. Visit the library and locate an example of each type of poem. Compare the two in your writing.

Answer: Narrative poem is longer and 'story telling' inclined while lyric poem is shorter and highly musical.

Explanation: when studying poetry, we need to know the types/kinds of poetry we are dealing with. There are generally two clear kinds in mind I.e lyric poem and narrative poem.

Lyric poem:

This is a non narrative poem in which a single speaker brings forth his mind or an emotional state. Its is musical and therefore has musical verse that expresses the speakers feeling and observations.

    Lyrical poems should posses  musical qualities like rhythm alliteration and also onomatopoeia. Lyric poem is usually short.

Forms of lyrical poem may include:-

sonnet, ode, haiku, villanelle, adubade, shaman, romantic verse ...

Examples of lyrical poems include:-

- AMERICA by Robert creeles



On the other hand is given a verbal representation of a series of connected events. Although has fallen out of fashion, narrative  poem had its moments of glory. Narrative poem tells a compelling story be it short story or flash fiction.

    It's normally made of a beginning, middle and end in other words, Introduction, Body and Conclusion. A narrative can also include any form of expression common to any type of poem e.g typographic elements, metaphors, irony e.t.c All these elements must help the narrative it self by propelling the action to rise to climax.

    A narrative can be long or short, as long as they can tell a story.

Forms of narrative poem may include :-



EASEY AT THE BAT by Sir Walter Scott

THE RAVEN by Edgar  Allen Poe

In conclusion

Narrative poem is longer while lyrical poem is shorter

Narrative poem is more story-like while lyrical poem is highly musical

Narrative poem gives a verbal representation of series of connected events while lyrical is about describing feelings

Things they both have in common

They are both romantic

They both have rhyming scheme

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Figurative meaning of the poem fame

The highs and lows of being famous. Your Welcome!

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