This one just scares me how do i even figure this out?

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Because the middle point is in the center of the square, the triangle containing angle 2 is isosceles and right (since two sides are equal to half the square's side length), so angle 2 measures (180-90)/2=45 degrees.
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A two dimensional figure made from two or more geometry figures

It depends on which way you see it, amd the way you create it as.

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A circle has a diameter of 5 inches. A square has a side length of 5 inches. What is true about the areas of the two figures?

-- They are unequal

-- The area of the circle is (pi) (radius²) = 19.63 inches² .

-- The area of the square is  (side length)² = 25 inches² .

-- The area of the square is  27.3% greater than the area of the circle.

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Brody is organizing his action figures on a shelf. He wants to divid them equally among 4 shelves there are 37 action figures Brody says he will have2 left over find and correct his mistake

To do this we will divide. lets do it:-

37 ÷ 4 = 9.25

So, now we will multiply. 

9 × 4 = 36.

Next subtract.

37 - 36 = 1

So, Brody will have 1 action figure left over with each of the 4 shelves having 9 action figures each. 

Hope I helped ya!! 

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If a scale factor is less than 1, then what does my figure get? (Geometry)

The figure gets smaller. Think of scale factor of enlargement as a multiple of size. If the SF is 2, you double the size of the object. So if the SF is 1/2, then you halve the size of the object.

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What is the area of the figure?

The area formula for rectangles is lxw. To solve, I would divide the figure up into 3 rectangles- top,middle and bottom, then find the areas and add them together.

Top: 4x13=52 cm^2
Middle: 5x8=40 cm^2
Bottom: 21x10=210 cm^2

(5 is the width of the middle piece. You get it from subtracting. 21-8-8=5. 13 is the width of the top piece. 5+8=13)

=302 cm^2
So your answer is 302 square centimetres.

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PLEASE HELP ME! In the figure shown, the measure of angle 6 is 141º. What is the measure of angle 5?

So lets look at the information we have:-

angle 6 = 141°
angle 5 = ? 

Angle 5 and angle 6 TOGETHER form a supplementary angle. A supplementary angle is equal to 180°. So, to find out angle 5 we will subtract 180° by angle 6 (141°). And then we will check our work. Lets do it:-

180° - 141° = 39°
Angle 5 = 39°


39° + 141° = 180°
We were RIGHT!!! 

So, angle 5 measures 39°.

Hope i helped ya!! 

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Geometry homework help??? Pooters and Dooters were walking across a bridge one day, minding their own business. They knew that a train was due to come across that bridge soon, but they thought they could make it. It was a nice sunny day, and there was a great view from the bridge, so they walked very slowly, enjoying the view and savoring the warmth of the spring day. They were one-third of the way across the bridge, when the sound of a train whistle brought them instantly back to reality. Looking back over their shoulders, they saw a huge locomotive pulling tons of boxcars coming directly at them at 24 miles per hour! Using all their powers of mathematical reasoning, Pooters and Dooters immediately figured that they could run directly ahead and get to the far edge of the bridge at the exact same instant as the train. But they also knew that they could run back toward the train and get to the near end of the bridge just as the train got there. Basically, they knew they were dead meat. How fast do Pooters and Dooters run?

The explorer's running velocity will be 1/3 the velocity of the train, 45/3 = 15. From those issue statement, the train will a chance to be at the begin of the span The point when those voyagers have run 1/3 of the period of the span. In they run of the much end of the bridge, they will bring run 1/3 of the length of the span when those prepare achieves the close to wind. Beginning starting with those 1/3 point, they will make toward those 2/3 perspective At those prepare achieves those span. The prepare will travel the full period of the span in the the long haul it takes those voyagers to run those remaining 1/3. Accordingly the train must travel toward three times the running speed of the voyager. Train = 45 mph, voyagers = 15 mph. The speed of P&D = 15 mph

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If the area of one of the faces is 4, and there are 37 faces ,what is the surface area for the figure?

♥ A surface area is a sum of all the faces that cover your problem (the object)
♥ The area of the first face is 4
♥ And the total number of faces is 37
♥ To solve this you need to multiply 4*37.
⇒ 4×37=148
⇒ 148 is your answer.

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Look at the figure. Complete the statement and justify your answer.UT is congruent to _____ is congruent to YX.

UW ; Converse of the Isosceles Triangle Theorem

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(Worth 15 PTS) Explain how you could use your own height and the lengths of shadows to figure out the height of a tall building without measuring it. It may help to create a example for more detail. (But just an example will not earn credit. You must ALSO have the explanation!)

You could find the different between the your shadow and your height and use the statistics you found and apply them to the shadow of the building. Standing closer to the building would get best results because of how the sun shines on it making the shadow as long as it is.

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Identify the volume of the composite figure rounded to the nearest tenth.

115.2 ft is your answer. to find this answer you must first find the volume of the two shapes separately and then add them together. the volume of a cube is length x width x height while the volume of a pyramid is (length x width x height)/3

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In circle O , CD = 44, OM = 20, ON = 19 , , (The figure is not drawn to scale.) Show your work. a. Find the radius. If your answer is not an integer, express it in radical form. b. Find FN . If your answer is not an integer, express it in radical form. c. Find EF . Express it as a decimal rounded to the nearest tenth.

I'll certainly agree that the figure is not drawn to scale ! 
The truth is that the figure is not drawn at all. 
We need to see it in order to answer the question. 
That's a big part of the reason that it's printed there,
right next to the part of the question that you did give us.

There's no way to tell where CD, OM, and ON are in the circle,
or whether FN or EF are even on the same planet as the others.

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Tamika earns $500 for hours of work. At her job, she earned $11.75 per hour. Fill in the ratio/rate table to figure out we're she earns more or less.

If you would like to know where she earns more or less, you can calculate this using the following step:

$500 / $11.75 per hour = 500/11.75 = 42.55 hours

Tamika will have to work 43 hours.

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Three of these methods gives the correct area of the figure. Which method does NOT? A. add the areas of two half circles and a trapezoid B. add the areas of a circle, a rectangle and two triangles C. add the areas of a circle and a rectangle. then subtract the area of a trapezoid D. add the areas of two half circles and a rectangle. then subtract the area of a trapezoid

Ah hah !  NOW I see it.  Thanks to BellBell for a good link.

My first impression is a dog bone standing up on one end.

You're talking about the area of the figure, so I'll think that over
before I look at the choices.

I see:

-- 2 semi-circles = 1 whole circle.
-- (1 rectangle) minus (a trapezoid).

Now I'll look through the choices.

A).  No good.  The trapezoid is cut OUT of the figure,
and shouldn't be added into it.

B).  Oh ! Yes !  I didn't look at it that way at first, but
I can see how that works.  'B' is good.

C). and D).  Yes.  This was my description above.

So 'A' is the method that's wrong.

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Two similar figures have sides in the ratio of 2:3. If a side of the smaller triangle has a length of 7, what is the length of the corresponding side of the other triangle? a.4 2/3 b.10 1/2 c.14 d.21

Lengths of corresponding sides of similar polygons are in proportion.

That means that 2 is to 3 as 7 is to x where x is the length of the side of the other


2/3= 7/x

2x = 21

x = 21/2 = 10 1/2

Answer:  b)  10  1/2

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How do you figure out the quotient of (16x³+24x²)÷2x

( 16x^{3} +24 x^{2} ):2x= 16x^{3}:2x+ 24x^{2}:2x=8 x^{2} +12x
Have a nice day!!~~~ :)

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The ratio of water to orange juice to cranberry juice in a punch bowl should be 2:5:3. If Clementine has 24 ounces of cranberry juice and wants to strictly follow the recommened ratio, how many ounces of punch can she make? (Assume she has an unlimited suplly of orange juice and water.) Explain how you would figure this out.

Water= 2
Orange juice= 5
Cranberry Juice= 3

Since the cranberry juice is 24 ounces, and 3 ounces in the other ratio, we know that 3*8=24, so we would multiply all of the others by 8. 

Cranberry juice: 3*8=24
Orange juice: 5*8= 40
Water: 2*8=16

So our ratio would be 16:40:24

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A preimage is the the original figure in a transformation. A) True B) False

Your answer is True! :) Reason: preimage is the original figure in transformation and preimage is the original figure in transformation.

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In this figure, AFC=EFC. Which statement must be true? a) AD Perpendicular EB b) EB Perpendicular CA c) AD Perpendicular CE d) CF Perpendicular AE


The statement is true is  CF Perpendicular AE .

Option (d) is correct.

Step-by-step explanation:

As given


Let us assume that the measure of ∠AFC be x.


∠AFC = ∠EFC = x


∠AFC + ∠EFC =  180°  (By Linear pair property)

x + x = 180°

2x = 180°

x = \frac{180}{2}

x = 90°


∠AFC = ∠EFC = 90°

Therefore CF is perpendicular to AE .

Option (d) is correct.

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Round off 0.521 to one significant figure

0.521 rounded to one significant figure is 0.5

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There are 33 students in the Chess Club. There are five more boys than girls in the club. Write and solve a system of equations to find the number of boys and girls in the Chess Club. My question is this, do I have the right equation to figure this problem? Boys 5(x) =33 Girls = x x+5(x)=33 6x =33 6/6. 33/6 x=5.5 this is where I'm lost. What do I do next? Or, do I have it all wrong?

There are 33 students in the Chess Clubs. There are 5 more boys than girls in the club.
Now, the equation will be like this
girls = x
boys = x + 5
x + 5x = 33
let’s solve for X
=>  x + (x + 5) = 33
=> 2x + 5 = 33
=> 2x = 33 - 5
=> 2x /2 = 28 / 2
=> x = 14
Thus the number are:
girls = 14
boys = 14 + 5 = 19
=> 19 + 14 = 33

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You calculate the following answer to a problem: 12.655 cm. You are asked to round your answer to four significant figures. Which answer is correct? a. 12.66 cm b. 12.65 cm c. 12.60 cm d. 12.70 cm

Answer: a. 12.66 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

Given value: 12.655 cm

Here in the given value there area five significant figures.

If we need to round the value to four significant figures then we need to round the given value to the nearest hundredth.

Since, the last digit (hundredth and thousandth place) is 55 which is nearest to 60.

Then the the required answer after round off to the  nearest hundredth will be :-

12.660\ cm=12.66\ cm

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Draw a figure strategy a snail is at t bottom of a 10 ft wall. Each day it climbs up 3 ft. Each night it slides down back 1 ft. On which day will it reach to the top of the wall

The snail will reach the top of the wall by day 5.

(3ft-1ft)x = 10ft
2x = 10
2x / 2 = 10/2
x = 5 days.

The snail will reach the top of the wall on the 5th day.

11=                                                 d5
10=                                                        d5
9=                                       d4
8=                                             d4  d5
7=                          d3
6=                                d3  d4
5=             d2
4=                  d2    d3
3=  d1
2=       d1  d2
0=  d1

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Enter the answer to the problem below, using the correct number or significan figures 100*3.25

100 * 3.25 = 325

In multiplying numbers with decimal points, you have to do the following.

1) remove the decimals and consider the number as a whole number
   from 3.25 to 325.
2) Consider the 100 in the equation. We know that whatever number is multiplied by 0 is always 0. So, we only consider 1.

   3  2  5
           1  0  0
  3  2  5  0  0

In big numbers we always start multiplying the number from the right side, which is 5. Since, the multiplicand is 1. Whatever number multiplied by 1 is always equal to that number.

325 * 1 = 325; add the two 0s attached to 1. = From 325 to 32500.

Now, 32500 is the product when we multiply 325 by 100. But, remember 325 is not really a whole number, it has decimals.

3.25 == count the number of places after the decimal. in this case, there are two places.

In the product 32500 == count the number of places from the last digit to know the placement of the decimals. There must be 2 places after the decimal.

FROM 32500 TO 325.00 = Since we can disregard the 00 after the decimal numbers.

100 * 3.25 = 325

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