To what regions, and in what general order, had Islam spread by 750

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It spread to Arabia, North Africa, Central Africa, East of Africa and Spain. Not sure if others too. it spread quite far and wide
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East germany leader, hoped to restore order in east germany by allowing people to leave,eventually ended communist rule in east germany

In February 1945, with the war in Europe nearly over, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met at Yalta—a Soviet resort on the Black Sea—to plan the postwar world. Several agreements reached at Yalta later played an important role in causing the Cold War. A key issue discussed at Yalta was Poland. Shortly after the Germans had invaded Poland in 1939, the Polish government fled to Britain. In 1944, however, Soviet troops drove back the Germans and entered Poland. As they liberated Poland from German control, the Soviets encouraged Polish Communists to set up a new government. As a result, two governments claimed the right to govern Poland: one Communist and one non-Communist. President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill both argued that the Poles should be free to choose their own government. Stalin, however, quickly pointed out that every time invaders had entered Russia from the west, they had come through Poland. Eventually, the three leaders compromised. Roosevelt and Churchill agreed to recognize the Polish government set up by the Soviets. Stalin agreed it would include members of the prewar Polish government, and free elections would be held as soon as possible.

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Which of these religions originated in Japan? A) Buddhism B) Confucianism C) Islam D) Shinto

The answer would be D

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1. "All of these Hollywood stars say that you should vote for Governor Tibet." 2. using broad accusations and negative attacks in order to bring down the reputation of an opponent 3. using wide-spread universal terms that do not deal with the specific issues at hand 4. passing out campaign pamphlets or phoning people with encouragement to vote for a candidate A. name calling B. testimonials C. volunteerism D. glittering generalities

1 -> B) TESTIMONIALS . Testimonials are related to, as the name suggests, testifying to what you believe. If the stars believe that's the best option, they would tell other people that, testifying to their beliefs.

2 -> A) NAME CALLING is using broad accusations and negative attacks in order to bring down the reputation of an opponent. Calling people names, usually bad ones, is a form of trying to bring down someone's reputation.

3 -> D) GLITTERING GENERALITIES is using wide-spread universal terms that do not deal with the specific issues at hand. It makes people be familiar with the speech, but not necessarily are they related to the subject at hand.

4 -> C) VOLUNTEERISM. passing out campaign pamphlets or phoning people with encouragement to vote for a candidate is volunteerism. People who are not getting paid to do a given task are volunteers.

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Identify the region where witch-hunting was at its peak between 1580-1662

The north west part of north America or the state of Oregon.... if that's what you meant by that lol

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How did the language of Quechua spread throughout the Andes? A. The Roman Catholic Church used Quechua to preach Christianity. B. The Spanish conquerors adopted Quechua. C. The schools and churches taught Quechua. D. Quechua and Spanish are the same language.


The correct answer is the option A: The Roman Catholic Church used Quechua to preach Christianity.


The Quechua is an indigenous lenguage family spoken by the quechua people who generally lived in the Andes zone and it represents the spoken language family that spread the most in America. In addition, during the Viceroyalty of Peru, the Clergy of the Roman Catholic Church staterd to use the Quechua as the lenguage of evangilization of the indigenous people who lived there, so in this way the Quechua spread in more areas.

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The Phoenicians founded the colony of __________ in order to make trade easier with other countries.

The answer is B.Carthage

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Describe where the plague spread and name some of the places that it directly affected. How long did it take to spread to those areas? Please help!!! Need answers A.S.A.P!!!!! Brainliest to whoever answers the best!!

The plaque spread across Asia, Mediterranean, Italy, over to Europe and France and then because of trade it spread over to Algiers and North Africa. Taking only 4 years to spread and killing millions.

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Leader of united nations force to stop the communist invasion of south korea by north korea, american general

Probaly because  they were scared

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What were the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut? A. the documents announcing the decision to banish Thomas Hooke B. a peace treaty between Rhode Island and Connecticut C. a document outlining representative government and considered by some to be the world's first written constitution D. a document ensuring the continuation of royal rule in all Puritan colonies


C. A document outlining the representative government and is considered by some to be the world's first written constitution, is the correct answer.


The Connecticut colony adopted the Fundamental Orders in 14th January 1639. The orders set the government structure and Powers in Connecticut river towns. The Fundamental Orders  were similar to a written constitution and are considered to be the first written constitution in North America. Some of its principles were applied to the US government. It gave priority to the rights of an individual and how the government can guarantee these rights. It also provided the rights to free men for electing the magistrates by using secret ballots along with mentioning the power of government and its limits. It is a very short document.

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How would an historian best respond to the comment, "History is simply a series of events in chronological order."

I believe the answer is: B:True, with fascinating information of who, what, where, why, and possibly some bias and perspective of the writer that we can explore.

In order to examine a historical event, a good historian would always try to see how the scene unfolding from the perspective of all parties involved in the event. Reading the recollection from only one party would most likely provide us with biased information that painted themselves in a positive ways.

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Which law helped prevent companies from lowering prices in order to drive out competition? No Child Left Behind Act Alien and Sedition Acts Digital Millennium Copyright Act Sherman Antitrust Act

Sherman antitrust act. it prevents businesses from becoming a monopoly

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In which region of the country did the women's suffrage movement achieve its earliest victories?

the answer is the The south

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What major region of Mexico covers much of the central part of the nation?

The Northern Region.

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List three factors that led to the spread of disease in cities

U-Uh W-W-Well, There Is Sneezing. No, the three factors are depending on the disease airborne, so much as a little poke, or through when a mom and a dad love eachother very much. I do not know how to answer this but this is my best

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Identify two geographic features of the Persian Gulf region that help explain why it was the site of two recent wars.

Two geographic features of the Persian Gulf region that made it a site of two recent wars are: 

a. Inland sea of 251,000 square kilometers - this mass of land connects different countries that are found within the area. It was easy for people to find conflict and claim over the gulf because of its location and size.

b. Crude oil and gas - the coastal areas of the Persian gulf is abundant with supplies and the only source of crude oil and gas all over the world. The conflict that arose with this simply sprung from the idea that whoever has the oil, gets worldwide power and wealth. 

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In the 1930's, the Japanese had expanded their reach into (Blank) A. India and southern china B. Manchuria and southern China C. North America and southern china The United States placed an embargo on japan soon Japan faced a shortage of (blank) A. Natural resources B. Naval ships C. Soldiers and weapons The Japanese wanted to make sure the U.S navy would not interfere with their plans to conquer Southeast Asia and other regions for that same reason the Japanese decided to attack (blank) A. Pearl Harbor B. Allied forces C. Southeast asia

1- The correct answer is B.

In 1931, Japan invaded and conquisted Manchuria (northen China). The Japanese claimed that they were liberating the local Manchus from China. Their occupation lasted until the Soviet Union and Mongolia launched the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation in 1945.

In 1937, the Second Sino-Japanese War started after the Marco Polo Bridge Incindent. During this war, the Empire of Japan moved into the territories of Southern China.

2- The correct answer is B.

The Second Sino-Japanese War had caused tension between Japan and the United States, which lead to an overall disaproval of the Empire. That, along with the occupation of French Indochina in the years of 1940–41, and the continuing war in China led to America placing an embargo on strategic materials such as scrap metal and oil. Since the United States was their main exporter, Japan lacked this important materials needed to produce new naval ships and to use them propertly in the war.

3- The correct answer is A.

In 1941, the Empire of Japan made a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The main purpose was to destroy the US Pacific Fleet and weaken the resolve of the American people. The Japanese people believed that this attack would be so brutal for the United States that they would refrain from interfering in their quest to conquer Southeast Asia.

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What type of historical skill do you use to put things in the proper order? A. Contingent thinking B. Chronological thinking C. Historical imagination D. History as common memory

The correct answer is B. Chronological thinking


A skill refers to the ability to complete a certain task or do a certain work that can be specific of some field or general. In the case of chronological thinking, this skill is about being able to understand the way events occur during time according to cause and consequence and especially being able to order events according to the time in which they occur. Additionally, this skill is widely used in history, because chronological thinking is useful for understanding historical events and organizing them in time if necessary. Therefore, the type of historical skill that you use to put things in the proper order is chronological thinking.

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