Water moves between the ocean, atmosphere, and land. In which form does water enter the atmosphere?Select one of the options below as your answer: A. Water in the form of droplets B. Water in the form of vapor C. Water in the form of ice

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The answer is B.

Water in the form of vapor enter the atmosphere. The vapor accumulates in the atmosphere to form clouds. Once the clouds are heavy enough, the water in the form of droplets fall towards land or as rain. It could also be in the form of other precipitation such as snow or hail. As the sun hits the waters in the land, it causes the water to evaporate and the cycle continues.
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I need help with five multiple choice marine science questions. 1)When severe weather damages the plant life in an ecosystem, what effects might this have on other organisms in the same ecosystem? a)- Other organisms could starve or have to leave the area if they depend on the plants as food. b) -Other organisms could change their behavior to take the place of the plants in the ecosystem. c )-Other organisms would not be affected. d )-Other organisms could replace the plant energy with radiant energy from the sun. 2)As the climate changes, the average ocean temperature is rising. Using this information, predict what will most likely happen to El Niño events in the future. a)-El Niño events will intensify because they rely on warmer water sinking to the seafloor. b)-El Niño events will intensify because they will build on the already warm waters at the equator. c)-Some El Niño events will be stronger, but most will be weaker because the ocean currents are unpredictable. d)-El Niño events will become more similar to La Niña events and establish a new weather pattern. 3)Which of the following examples is the most likely way severe weather can negatively affect the biodiversity of a marine ecosystem? a)-A severe thunderstorm brings rain and wind to an intertidal zone. b)-A storm surge from a hurricane floods a coastal area. c)-A tornado causes a waterspout. d)-A blizzard adds snow and ice to an arctic glacier. 4)El Niño events are characterized by warmer than normal ocean temperatures near the equator in the Pacific Ocean. Which weather events are most likely to occur as a result? a)- Increased rainfall across the eastern Pacific Ocean b)-Decreased flooding across the eastern Pacific Ocean c)-Drought along the South American Pacific coastline d)-Colder winter along the South American Pacific coastline 5)According to the Severe Weather Activity worksheet, El Niño events most likely occurred during which of the following years? a)-2006 and 2015 b)-1997, 2006, and 2015 c)-1997 and 2015 d)-1997 and 2006

1. The answer is A. The eradication of plants in an ecosystem would devastate the food web in the habitat. This is because plants are primary producers and significant as conduits of energy into a food web. Plants convert radiant energy from the sun to biomass through photosynthesis. This energy then transferred up the food chain through various form of interaction such as predation.

2. The answer is B. Global warming causes water at the equator to be even warmer above normal temperatures. This fans the upwelling of cold water from below the ocean floor and causes an even greater disparity of temperatures across the Pacific ocean. This subsequently fans the trade winds hence warming the air even more and causing severe storms.

3. The answer is B. The flooding of the coastal area due to hurricanes destroys the biodiversity of the ecosystem by physically destroying the habitat and by drowning organisms such as affecting a whole species population. This upsets the balance of the ecosystem and makes it prone to even further deterioration.

4. The answer is A. When the surface ocean waters at the Pacific ocean warm at the equator, there is an upwelling of cooler ocean waters from the bottom of the ocean., The warm currents along with trade move towards the east and met the South American coastline where they bring in heavy rainfall. Conversely, the northwestern region of the Pacific experiences drought.

5. The answer is C. Elnino and La Nina occurs at a frequency of approximately two(2) to seven (7) years. The phenomenon usually lasts nine (9) to twelve (12) months. El Ninos are more frequent than La Ninas. Their peak effect is usually felt around December and January. The strongest El Nino was the one that occurred in 1997.

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What forms whenever a large body of air over land or water does not move for a long period of time?

The answer for this one is Air Mass.

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Some biology students wanted to determine whether a pair of brown mice purchased at a pet store was homozygous dominant or heterozygous for fur color. They let the mice mate and examined the offspring. Six mice were born. All six had brown fur. Some of the students felt that this was enough evidence to prove that the mice were homozygous for brown fur color. Other students did not, so another experiment was planned. Describe the next experiment the students could conduct to determine whether the parent mice are homozygous brown or heterozygous. Explain your answer. ...?

Mark me brainiest answer is b

How does natural selection change the frequency of genes or traits over many generations? Biology students conducted an experiment mimicking genetic variation and coloration. Students used different colored beans to represent animals that might be prey: mice, for example. A student in each group was the predator: a hawk. Beans (mice) were randomly scattered on multicolored floor tiles, each color within four tiles. The hawk collected mice (beans) for 10 seconds. Mice not eaten reproduced. Three generations of data a shown in the table.

 Speckled and striped beans (mice) had the best survival rates. Why?

A) They reproduced very rapidly.  

B) Coloration was a form of camouflage.  

C) They mimicked other mice and were spared.  

D) The speckled and striped beans had a wider range.  

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Pls help! I need help with the answer to question in pic

(4) D and E are products of digestion

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ACT FAST, HURRRY!What are the MAJOR functions in the digestive system? Brainliest for most answers!

I think atleast one is Oxygen because it needs air to digest

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The presence of more than two alternative forms of a given gene would be called ________.

It is called diploid

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Science when birds remain airborne and moving without flapping their wings, on what are they gliding?

Soaring is a science when birds remain airborne and moving without flapping their wings. They are maintaining thrust and gliding downward but staying aloft

Further explanation

Soaring birds is where the birds can maintain flight without wing flapping, because they using rising air currents. Many gliding birds are able to lock their extended wings by means of a specialized tendon. Some land birds such as vultures and certain hawks, sustain flight for long periods without flapping their wings.

For example soaring California Condor spreads its primary feathers so that each acts as a small, high-aspect-ratio wing. This reduces turbulence at the wingtips and helping the condor to stay aloft circling slowly in thermals.

Vultures have a low aspect ratio (ratio of length to width of the wing) which generally produce a lot of drag. Vultures overcome the problem of by flying with their primary feathers extended, creating slots between them. Each primary serves as an individual high-aspect-ratio wing. This high-aspect-ratio reducing wingtip turbulence and lowering the stalling speed of the wings. This helps vultures to circle in thermals, maintaining thrust by gliding downward, but staying aloft by sinking at a rate slower than the hot air rising.

Learn more

  1. Learn more about Soaring birds brainly.com/question/4722417

Answer details

Grade:  9

Subject: biology

Chapter:  animals

Keywords:  birds

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In the photosynthesis chemical equation, does the radiant energy of the Sun act as a reactant or a product? Explain your answer

The radiant energy acts as a reactant. Without the radiant energy from the sun, photosynthesis won't be able to happen.

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How much heat is needed to raise the temperature of 28g of water to 74 Celsius

Penismuncher is right

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Which is the correct order of processes that occur for water to move from a lake to a cloud and then turn into rain?

That is called "The Water Cycle" Also called the "Hydrologic Cycle". It goes in this order:

1. Run-off/Collection

2. Evaporation

3. Condensation

4. Precipitation

5. then it goes back to run-off

After that, it goes all over again.

Hope this helped! :D I included pictures for you to see a picture of the Water Cycle and to better understand what I was saying. Lol! :D :)

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Water's unique properties result from the fact that water

Water has an unusual ability to dissolved other substances  

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Is a mixture of nuts, bolts, and washers a chemical reaction ? & Are pastries a form of chemical reaction ?

The nuts and bolts osmt a chemical reaction bc nothing is haveinfg a reaction but yes to pastries because as you put them in a oven the rise and turn golden which is a chemical reaction

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Two or more cell working together form this

Form An organism or a living thing

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How are humans formed

A human/baby is formed in the womb

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PLZZ HELP FASSSSST 1. Which of the following eyects would you expect if red blood cells were shaped like neurons? (1 point) They would not be able to move as easily through capillaries. They would more easily carry out gas exchange in the alveoli. They would not need to be transported through the body. They would become more eyective at picking up urea discarded by body cells. 2. Which of the following is not a function of the skeletal system? (1 point) supports the body works with other body systems to allow movement manufactures new blood cells sends signals to the brain 3. Which of the following body systems are involved in the first line of defense of the immune system against infection? (1 point) integumentary, digestive, respiratory nervous, circulatory, skeletal muscular, endocrine, urinary urinary, skeletal, integumentary 4. Which of the following sets of structures would be involved in ridding the body of unwanted urea? (1 point) sensory neuron, interneuron, spinal cord alveoli, atrium, cilia capillary, nephron, ureter brain, esophagus, small intestine 5. An infectious disease is a disease that (1 point) is caught because the weather turns cold. is caused by pathogens. can be spread only by bacteria. cannot be cured. 6. Which of the following statements is true regarding infectious agents? (1 point) Infectious agents are all too small to be seen without a microscope, and none can be classified as living. All infectious agents are living because they are all classified as microorganisms. Of all the infectious agents, only viruses are considered living because they actively inject their DNA or RNA into host cells. Viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics because they are not living organisms. 7. Which discovery in the 1800s led to the development of germ theory? (1 point) Vaccines could prevent a disease. Antibiotics exist that can be given to counteract an infection. Infection rates decline when health care professionals wash their hands in between seeing patients. Some diseases, such as cancer, are caused by chemical factors. 8. Follow a carbon atom in a piece of bread eaten by a boy. Which of the following describes a path that this atom could take? (1 point) mouth esophagus stomach large intestine blood body cell mouth esophagus stomach small intestine blood body cell mouth large intestine esophagus stomach blood body cell mouth esophagus small intestine stomach blood body cell 9. Which of the following sets of structures is innervated by the somatic nervous system? (1 point) esophagus, stomach, small intestine atrium, ventricle, arteries biceps, triceps, quadriceps diaphragm, bladder, large intestine 10. Which of the following cell types would you expect to increase in number azer a person becomes infected with a pathogen? (1 point) sensory neurons white blood cells epidermal cells red blood cells

I got the first 3 the answers are A,D, and C good luck with the rest

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Pahoehoe is a. cooler, slower-moving lava. b. fast-moving, hot lava. c. volcanic ash. d. lava with a rough, chunky surface.

Answer: b. Fast-moving, hot lava.


  • A lava flow is the outpouring of the lava which is formed due to a non-explosive eruption which is effusive in nature.
  • The word Pahoehoe is derived from a Hawaiian word which means smooth and unbroken.
  • Pahoehoe is a type of lava flow which is fast-moving and hot.
  • This type of lava flow is characterized by low viscosity and a smooth flow which looks like rope coils.

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Pieces of rock and organic material pressed together form?

sedimentary rock      is the answer

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In the modern quantum-based atomic theory, what is the name given to a particular space around the nucleus in which an electron moves?

The space around the nucleus in which an electron moves is called the electron  cloud. You could also say Orbital.

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The __________ is the area of the planet where organisms live, including the ground, air, and water. lithosphere stratosphere geosphere biosphere

The correct answer is the Biosphere.

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Can you just say the straight answer instead of writing a huge paragraph

Ask your teacher. Depending on what he/she wants, the teacher may or may not deduct points from your assignment. Good luck!

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In which stage of the cell cycle does the nuclear membrane and nucleolus form

The nucleus during mitosis. Micrographs illustrating the progressive stages of mitosis in a plant cell. During prophase, the chromosomes condense, the nucleolus disappears, and the nuclear envelope breaks down.

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If the number of photosynthetic organisms on the earth decreased drastically, which would happen as a result? Less water would be available on the earth’s surface. Less solar energy would reach the earth’s atmosphere. More oxygen gas would be found in the atmosphere. More carbon dioxide gas would be found in the atmosphere.

Answer:  More carbon dioxide gas would be found in the atmosphere.

Plants and other autotrophic organisms conduct a process of photosynthesis in which they acquire carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and water from the soil to produce carbohydrates as a form of food and oxygen in the presence of sunlight. Plants and other autotrophs can be considered as carbon sinks because they use carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to produce their food. In the absence of photosynthetic organisms the abundance of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere would increase.

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Nutrients enter a cell ______ the concentration gradient by the process of _______.

Nutrients enter a cell with the concentration gradient by the process of diffusion.

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I really need help in a biology. I don't what type of experiment I should conduct. For this assignment, you will demonstrate what you have learned about the properties of water by designing and conducting an experiment that examines one of water’s properties

If you can generate a strong enough static charge, and construct a glove to hold the charge, like a capacitor and slowly pour water on the glove. the positive hydrogen molecules in the water will attract to the static charge. and will become suspended.
This is just a theory so if you do try this please. tell me how it goes.

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Please answer this simple question above on active transport

Active transport is a form of specialized transport that enables cells of living organisms to take in essential nutrients, ions and other fundamental polar molecules for which they are found in high concentrations, but is still required for the organism. It is movement of these substances against the natural diffusion process which is from high to low concentration, active transport is from low to high concentration. Thus it involves energy in various forms to drive this process, usually it comes from the degradation or break down of a phosphate group from a molecule of ATP. This mode of transport also utilizes specific transport proteins to aid in the movement across the selectively permeable membrane of the cells for that organism.

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