What are the advantages of having a civil service system to select government workers in ancient china?

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In the ancient china the goverment  was ran by civil services
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In its early days, the colony of Georgia prohibited representative government and what?

In the 1730s, England founded the last of its colonies in North America. ... They therefore did not establish a representative assembly, although every other ... Third, the trusteesprohibited the import and manufacture of rum, for rum would lead ... that they were deprived of any self-government and their rights as Englishmen.

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Why did governments sell war bonds?

D.to finance the war effort......................

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What happened to Mycenaean civilization during the Dark Age?

The dark age also had the black pleague. That is most likely  what cut them out.

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In India's caste system, which group was considered the lowest caste? A. Vaishyas B. Shudras C. Kshatriyas D. Brahmans

The lowest caste of the mentioned groups are the Shudras.

The Shudras are considered to be the fourth Varna (the Sanskirt word which with multiple meanings but can be translated to character, or quality for example). According to the Rigveda (a sacred text in Hinduism) the job of Shudras was to serve the other three Varnas (Vaisyas - skilled traders, merchants, and minor officials, Kshatriyas - warriors and rulers, and Brahmans - priests).

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What was the biggest reason the government of South Africa created a policy of apartheid?


to keep different races and ethnicities separated in order to avoid conflict.


Apartheid is the name given to a policy that operated in South Africa until the 1990s. This policy allowed the legal, political and economic segregation of non-white ethnic groups. The policy was intended to keep different races separated in order to avoid conflict. However, it lead to enormous discrimination of different ethnicities, to the benefit of the white population.

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Political parties organize people together to select candidates who most nearly their goals and political desires.

Yes, in general it is true that political parties organize people together to select candidates who most nearly fit their goals and political desires, but oftentimes it is impossible for a candidate to "fit" everyone's desires in the party. 

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What advantage does nuclear power have over the burning of fossil fuels? (this was under my social studies study guide)

The biggest advantage of nuclear power is that it provides energy without greenhouse gas emissions (that contribute so dramatically to global warming). Fossil fuels burning releases a lot of greenhouse gases in the air

Additionally, currently fossil fuels are burnt up a lot faster than we can replenish them: this leads to a potential shortage, a problem that is not found in the case of nuclear power.

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What might have been one advantage of walking completely upright

You would not have back problems in the future because of hunching over, and you would not develop a hump on the back of your neck.

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The idea that religion and government should be separate is known as, A. securialism, B. facism, or C. communism

The idea that religion and government should be separate is known as A. securialism.

Securialism refers to religious skepticism or indifference, and it advocates for a system of political or social philosophy conducted without the introduction of any religious element. This view also reaches public education and other matters of civil policy.

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What is a federal system of government

A federal system of government is one that divides the powers of government between the national (federal) government and state and local governments. The Constitution of the United States established the federal system, also known as federalism. Under federalism, each level of government has sovereignty in some areas and shares powers in other areas. For example, both the federal and state governments have the power to tax. Only the federal government can declare war.
i hope this help

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The first major domestic crisis of the US government under the Constitution resulted from A) the tax on whiskey. B) a mutiny of Army officers. Eliminate C) an attack on frontier settlements by the Iroquois D) a rebellion of farmers against the government of Massachusetts.

I believe that this would be The tax on whisky:A.

Actually, it was a tax on all alcoholic beverages, but whisky was the most popular at the time. The tax was imposed in 1791; this was merely two years after the ratification of the constitution.

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What does fertile crescent provide for early civilization?

If I understand correctly, your question is what kind of advantage it gave, and why did they early civilisations develop there?

I think it was the mixture of good climate (not too hot), water source (rivers) and the location between Africa and Asia (and close to Europe) which provided it with a higher biodiversity and later trade possibilities.

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Which type of economic system relies on hunting gathering herding and farming to maintain self sufficiency

This is a traditional system, before money even. It involved bartering too: the direct exchange of goods, such as eggs in exchange of bread, where both people had to agree on how much they think is a good price.

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Banks perform all EXCEPT which of the following services? A. establish government programs B. issue mortgages for real estate C. store money safely D. loan money to people

A. Why would bank have the rights to establish government programs? that would be dangerous and corrupt! A is the correct answer and B,C, and D are examples of services that banks actually perform.

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Which of these would probably tell us the most about a past civilization's history, religion, and political institutions?

Actually all of them would be because it shows back in there history and there religion would also help because you could ask have they been that religion there entire life or why are they that religion and what are they in political institute alot of stuff you could use

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Judeo-Christian principles refer to the religious beliefs and values held in common by Christians and Muslims. Christians and Jews. Buddhists and Jews. ancient Athenians and Christians.Judeo-Christian principles refer to the religious beliefs and values held in common by Christians and Muslims. Christians and Jews. Buddhists and Jews. ancient Athenians and Christians.

Answer: B) Christians and Jews.

 Judeo-Christian principles refer to the religious beliefs and values held in common by Christian and Jews, and the things that the two religions have in common are related to the Scriptures, specially in the Old Testament, where are recorded the Creation of humanity and the world, the history of the Jewish people, the Prophets etc, all believed by Christians and Jews.

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Provide 3 details on how civilizations develop

Any specific 3 details? I will give you some 3 details I can think of now

1) Civilisations often develop writing, which helps them organise, this was the case In Mesopotamia, China and Mayans

2) Civilizations develop a hierarchical structure which also helps them organize (before civilizations the groups often have less hierarchical structure).

3) Civilizations are possible if agriculture produces food surplus - then some people can devote their time to other activities and this contributes to the development of societies

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Montesquieu’s view of the separation of powers was later expressed in the United States Government through which document?

The United States Constitution

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“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” --Lord Acton, British historian Based on this quotation, why type of government would Lord Acton most likely support? a. totalitarian state b. absolute monarchy Selected: c. dictatorship This answer is incorrect. d. representative democracy

Well, he seems to be against absolute power.

options A, B and C represent some sort of absolute power (in a way actually they're very similar and often a dictatorship is totalitarian).

The correct answer is D - he would favor representative democracy where the power is distributed.

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Why did ancient Egyptians call Their land kemet "the black land"

"Kemet" (keh-MET) is the term ancient Egyptians used as the official name of their country. (Sometimes they also called it Ta-mery, or "beloved land.") Kemet translates as "Black Land", in reference to the fertile banks and fields surrounding the Nile (black from the soil). In contrast, "deshret" is the term for the "Red Land" or the desert (a modern term derived from "deshret") that surrounds the fertile "kemet". By using the term Kemet instead of Egypt, we refer to the country by the name its own people called it (Egypt is an English form of the Greek name for this land, Aegyptos, itself derived from Coptic hi(t)-ka(u)-ptah, "the house/temple of the ka of Ptah"). there is many myth about ancient egypt like land of blacks as kemet means .. and for more knowledge you can visit here and see..

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Select all that apply. The Russian Revolution of 1905 had its roots in _____. -World War I -Russo-Japanese War -the discovery of vast oil fields -economic and political issues

The Russian Revolution of 1905 was a combination of many political and social unrest spread throughout the Russian Empire, and many of these riots were directed towards the government. These unrests involved workers' strikes, rural riots and military rebellions. What caused this revolution were the long-term unresolved economic and political problems, as well as the defeat of Japan, with which Russia had several wars, mostly unsuccessful. The population was insatiable because of these wars, and demanded that the Tsar dealt with domestic economic issues.

Answers are Russo-Japanese War and economic and political issues.

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Renaissance art often included influences from ancient Greek and Roman religion and politics. sculpture and architecture. economics and sculpture. politics and architecture.

The right answer is B, sculpture and architecture. The Renaissance, the period directly following the Middle Ages in Europe in which there was an excessive revival of interest in the classical learning and values of ancient Greece and Rome. These included realism, symmetry and harmony, and the idea that physical perfection leads to a perfection of mind and spirit. It was at the time in which the repopulation of Rome began to many major ancient artistic works to be found again, and the mixture of these two events had deep consequences for the arts.

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Article One of the Constitution illustrates how the national government's power is (4 points) Select one: a. derived from the states and the people b. granted through the executive branch c. interpreted through the amendments d. shared between the judicial and executive branches

Article One of the Constitution illustrates how the national government's power is: c) interpreted through the amendments. However, it is important to note that it is not written in this way explicitly, but explained as "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives."

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What allowed civilizations to develop

Mostly religion because it gave citizens hope and reduced sinning, also jobs were mandatory to keep the place going like farmers and markets

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Is Europe a federal, parliamentary, confederal, or parliamentary, or unitary system

Europe is a continent...

EU is an association of many independent state. There is some talk of making it a federation, but it's not one at the moment.

Most of the EU countries have parliamentary systems.

You could maybe say that EU  is a confederation, but it's not generally classified as such.

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Is Argentina a confederal, federal, parliamentary , or unitary system

Argentina is a federal republic: so a federal system. It's a federation of twenty-three provinces and one autonomous city, its capital: Buenos Airos. 

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Why civilizations like those from Mesopotamia, would live close to bodies of water?

Bodies of water provide a number of things that are good for civilisation:

- drinking water source
-irrigation for crops
-having a city on the side of the water makes it easily defendeable
- transport system

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Why did farmers of the u.s. constitution want the states to maintain significant power as part of the federal system

Does this help? http://www.enotes.com/homework-help/why-did-framers-include-principles-they-did-395587

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Both state governments and the federal government have the power to: A: negotiate treaties. B: regulate interstate trade. C: collect taxes. D: issue state licenses.

both the state government and the federal government have the power to : C. collect taxes Federal government usually provide some basic regulation regardng the taxation, and the states could determine which things that could or could not be used as a tax write off. That why a lot of companies are made in a more tax favorable state such as delaware

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The wealthy could invest in government. TRUE FALSE




Many wealthy people invest in government, but not for the reasons that most people think about. There's a lot of lobbying and regulation battles going on inside the government. Many do put their money in the government as a way to try to steer it and make it do what is best, according to whom is paying.

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