What are the key features of a specialist lab

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Compare a country culture to an iceberg 100 world and yes

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By the end of this lab, you will explore two traits for mice: fur color and eye color. You will determine whether the genes are independent or linked. Rephrase this as a question about inheritance of traits.

What are independent and linked genes and which among the following i.e fur color and eye color are independent and linked genes?. Which among the two traits i.e fur color and eye color is dominant trait and which is the recessive trait? What characteristics will be inherited if the offspring poses a combination of these dominant and recessive traits?

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List the three key components of an Evaluation and Management service

The three components of E/M service are
1) History
2) Exam
3) Medical decision making

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Why are dichotomous keys used? A) to describe new organisms B) to group similar organisms together C) to identify an organism based on characteristics of known organisms D) to identify an organism based on its DNA E) to describe organisms based on observable traits( The Answer Is "C" )


Why are dichotomous keys used?

C) to identify an organism based on characteristics of known organisms.


The dichotomous key is a key that is used in identifying living creatures which contain their characteristics.

How to make a dichotomous key, namely:

  • Must fight, which is a part that is accepted and rejected.
  • The characteristics entered must be easily observed.
  • Use general terms in describing characters.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Numbering on each couplet.
  • The first sentence in the couplet is made identical.

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Structural features that contain the protein actin and help to strengthen and change the shapes of eukaryotic cells are

Microfilaments is the answer.

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True or false? When sulfur and nitrogen oxides mix with water in the air they form photochemical smog * key word, photochemical smog*

The answer you are looking for is True

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Features of a living thing,are called

All living things are composed of cells. Some organisms, such as algae, are composed of a single cell (called unicellular organisms), while others, such as animals, are composed of many (called multicellular organisms). All living things grow and develop. ... Lastly, living organisms respond to their environment.

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Water molecules can pass into a cell, while larger molecules cannot. Which feature of a cell allows this to be true

Molecules get smaller

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In your own words, give two reasons why is it important to wash your hands both before and after completing a lab

It's Important to wash your hands before because you need to get the dirt off your hand because it might mess up the lab results and after is because you need to get the chemicals off your hands 

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Describe how a dichotomous key is used.

A dichotomous key is a special document that allows the reader to 'key out' an organism to some level, sometimes species, sometimes a level above species.

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Which is not a depositional shoreline feature? barrier island wave-cut platform tombolo spit

Answer: Option (2)

Explanation: Wave cut platforms are formed due to the continuous hitting of the cliff rocks by the devastating waves. It is an erosional feature.

When waves during high tides constantly hits on the steep cliffs, they scratches the rocks making a narrow cut in it, which is known as notch and thereby making the rock body to weaken and break part as rock fall. This continuously erodes the rock.

Hence, the correct answer is option (2).

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What are some features that might allow you to identify upwarped mountains?


The upwarped mountains are formed due to volcanic eruptions. The release of hot magma from the earth crust results in the uplifting of earth crust. The uplifted earth crust will form a dome shape. The water bodies like river may flow through these mountains and water erosion create ridges in the softer  upper mountain soil. Dome shape and ridges due to water erosion are some features to identify upwarped mountains.

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5. In this lab, you continued to add Reagent D to each solution until it turned blue. The purpose was to remove the oxygen to measure how much was left. The more drops you had to add to acquire the blue color, the more oxygen was present in the tube. If the solution turned blue before you added Reagent D what do you think that means?

When the solution turned blue before you added Reagent D this means that the solution does not contain any oxygen. Remember, Reagent D is used to remove the oxygen from the solution and it turns blue when oxygen is removed. 

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Scientific inquiry what do scientists do answer key

Scientists are people who use research and experiments to learn more about the natural world. Scientists use scientific methods to derive knowledge systematically, performing repeatable experiments to ensure that their conclusions are valid and accurate.

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Which of the following is a key a function of the glial cells?

They are thus known as the "supporting cells" of the nervous system. The four main functions of glial cells are: to surround neurons and hold them in place, to supply nutrients and oxygen to neurons, to insulate one neuron from another, and to destroy and remove the carcasses of dead neurons (clean up).

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The children in Ms. Murray's class have to perform an investigation. The question their study must answer is "How do various types of plants differ in their physical features?" What type of investigation must the children do?

They would have to experiment on the different types of plants and put them in different environments to test there's physical features but before that they have to make an hypothesis of what would happen and analyze

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What two factors are the keys to determining labor productivity?

The skill level and availability of work force, and the amount of capital investment.

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Dichotomous keys ask A.open-ended questions about animal behavior. B.open-ended questions about easily observable characteristics. C.yes-or-no questions about animal behavior. D.yes-or-no questions about easily observable characteristics.

The right option is; D.yes-or-no questions about easily observable characteristics.

A dichotomous key is a tool designed by scientists to help its users to identify a particular type of object and organisms based on physical characteristics. A dichotomous key is divided into two sections and it usually contains specific questions with two choices (yes or no) in each step. When a question is answered, the key guides the user to the next question to ask until the user is able to correctly identify the name of the unknown organism.

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When two people use the same dichotomous key to identify the same object, is it possible for them to have different final answers?

Yes because the key may not be specific enough or when describing a part of it it may be slightly this color but also this color. understand? i can explain more if needed

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Mario at lab table A needs a pair of forceps (tweezers). Max at lab table B tosses Mario a pair. In terms of laboratory safety, which best describes Max’s behavior? a. It demonstrates a lack of planning. b.It is unsafe and can result in someone getting hurt c.It is safe and appropriate d.It shows proper handling of equipment

Answer: Option (b) is the correct answer.


When Max tossed a pair of forceps (tweezers) from his table towards Mario's table then it is possible that forceps might hit someone and that person will get hurt.

Hence, it is not a proper way or method to handle equipment in the laboratory.

Thus, we can conclude that in terms of laboratory safety, it is unsafe and can result in someone getting hurt.

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Which of these statements best sums up evolution? rapid change in species’ habits and features punctuated change in a population change in a population through new species being made change in a population through genetic variation over time


-Change in a population through genetic variation over time.


-Evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection. It is the process of genetic change from one generation to the next and may be caused by several aspects including mutation, natural selection, genetic drift, thought and technology.

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How does a dichotomous key help you identify unknown specimens based on their traits

It helps you narrow down the possibilities based on their traits because it'll give you a wide open trait and if your specimen has that trait then it'll go on to the next one and so on eventually you'll be down to only one or two species. 

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Convert the volume of CO2 you measured in the glucose reaction to moles of CO2 using the Ideal Gas Law to solve for n. Assume P is 1 atm. n = PV/RT where P is the atmospheric pressure in the lab, V is the volume in liters of CO2, n is the number of moles of CO2, R is the gas constant 0.082 L-atm/mole-Kelvin, and T is the temperature in Kelvin. Convert the gas volume to L by dividing the volume in mL by 1000.

The assumption in this problem is that the gas, CO2, is ideal and that the ideal gas law is applicable such that,
                                     n = PV/RT
We simply substitute the given values to the equation above,
                                 n = (1 atm)(V) / (0.082 Latm/mol.K)(T)
                                           n = 12.20 V/T

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Which feature do gas giants have that terrestrial planets don't? A. Volcanoes B.rings C.rift valleys D.mountains

I  believe the answer would be C. rift valleys because, mars has volcanoes, saturn has rings, and all of us know earth has mountains. 

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