What did jane addams and theodore roosevelt agrre on about imperialism

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Although Roosevelt was less than three when the hostilities began, and less that seven when they ended, it is generally agreed by his biographers that this event helped shape Roosevelt to a large degree
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What how does the league propose to end imperialism?

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What do you think were Stalin's major goals during World War 2? How did he work with Roosevelt and Churchill to achieve these goals?

Our idea of the wartime 'Big Three' may be derived from their photographs together at Teheran in 1943 and at Yalta in 1945; it is well to be reminded that these were the only occasions at which they met as a group. On the other hand, Churchill and Roosevelt met together on eleven occasions (including the Atlantic Conference before the US entered the war) and Churchill and Stalin on three occasions. Roosevelt and Stalin never met except on the margins of the two trilateral meetings. In so far as a triumvirate existed, it was a matter of communications through messages or intermediaries. Room for misunderstanding was always present. How could this not be the case since their countries, their personal philosophies and national objectives were so different? What united them was the determination between June 1941, when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, and the end of the European war (by which time Roosevelt was dead) that Hitler's Reich should suffer total defeat and Nazism be extirpated. Everything else was problematic and contingent.The main purpose of Stalin's actions in East Europe at the end of the Second World War was simply a continuation of Russian policies since the 16th century, to expand as much as possible in all directions.  Russia had gained and then lost control of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, and of course had regained them during the war.  Russia had invaded and seized parts of Poland more than once, invaded Germany in 1914, and invaded Poland and the Balkan states (intending to invade Germany again) during the 1918-1919 period, just after the Revolution.  British and French troops helped the Poles and Balkans drive them out

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What were theodore roosevelt's beliefs about big business, and how did he act on those beliefs during the early 1900's?

He believed that big business was evil and was not good for America and he did everything he could to break up big business.

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What potential crisis did Eleanor Roosevelt help resolve on behalf of President Roosevelt? the return of the Bonus Army the banking collapse the rise of unemployment the Dust Bowl

The potential crisis that Eleanor Roosevelt helped resolve on behalf of President Roosevelt is A. the return of the Bonus Army.
The Bonus Army referred to a huge number of people who wanted to be paid for their services during the WWI. She made sure that they returned to their posts until the war was over.

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Which of the following statements characterizes the relationship between Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt?

I believe that the answer would be B; because in fact, Roosevelt openly aided Allies in their provisions before they entered the war. Also, neither side was willing enough to aid Hitler.

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How did Roosevelt use the bully pulpit and how did his style shape the modern presidency

Mmm i believe that rooselevt started

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What contribution did alfred t. mahan make to help america become an imperial power

Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840-1914) was an American who studied at the U.S. Naval Academy, served as a Naval Union officer during the Civil War, and became a lecturer and then President at the Naval War College, and a President in North Atlantic Squadron. During his time in the Naval War College, Mahan focused on developing studies about the influence of sea power.

Some of his main writings were The Influence of Sea Power upon History (1890) and The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and Empire (1892). These publications are mainly known for encouraging the development of navies, especially the American' navy, which was portrayed as an essential element to become an Imperial power.

In his works, Mahad held that the great powers were those that maintained strong navies and merchant marines. He also stated that the primary mission of a navy was to secure the command of the sea to secure one's own ships while denying their use to the enemy and, if necessary, closely supervise neutral trade; and that the crews of those national navies had to be thoroughly trained, and be actively aggressive when defending the nation's interests. He also supported that the production and shipping capacities had to be increased during peacetime and promoted the acquisition of repair and coaling station to the modern navies.

The United States considered that many of Mahan's points were effective for its purpose of becoming an imperial power. Consequently, Americans started to focus more on increasing their overseas possessions, enhancing its building navy plans, providing a more rigorous training for the crew, the acquisition of port facilities throughout the world, among others.

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Did franklin d roosevelt have polio

Yes he was diagnosed with infantile paralysis, also known as polio in 1921 at the age of 39

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How did roosevelt intervene latin america?

Theodore? He incited a revolution in Panama against the Colombian government in order to build the Panama Canal. He also defended US strategic interests in the region, even putting troops on the ground when necessary

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What did President Roosevelt do to aid Panama in becoming an independent country?

Quoting an African proverb, Roosevelt claimed that the right way to conduct foreign policy was to “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Roosevelt resorted to big-stick diplomacy most conspicuously in 1903, when he helped Panama to secede from Colombia and gave the United States a Canal Zone. Construction began at once on the Panama Canal, which Roosevelt visited in 1906, the first president to leave the country while in office. He considered the construction of the canal, a symbol of the triumph of American determination and technological know-how, his greatest accomplishment as president. As he later boasted in his autobiography, “I took the Isthmus, started the canal and then left Congress not to debate the canal, but to debate me.” Other examples of wielding the big stick came in 1906 when Roosevelt occupied and set up a military protectorate in Cuba and when he put pressure on Canada in a boundary dispute in Alaska.

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In a paragraph, describe what you think Roosevelt meant when he described the United States as the 'arsenal of democracy.'

1) American factories would protect democracy in Europe.2)Weapons would be necessary to defend democracy from Hitler.3)The United States is like a warehouse, or protector, of democracy.4)It is important to protect democracy, even if it means making weapons of war.

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The poem " white mans burden " is most directly associated with the concept of? 1. neutrality 2. appeasement 3. reparations 4. imperialism

The answer is possibly the 4th one

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Was imperialism a proper and legitimate policy for the United states to follow at the turn of the nineteen century?

Well, perhaps for the Americans it was, although they cheated because imperialism or colonialism was viewed negatively from an international standpoint, but they managed to annex Hawaii (undemocraticaly) and to keep Puerto Rico as a colony disguising it for a Common Wealth ( in the fifties). They helped Cuba out in their independence, but managed it through its puppet government, as well as some other Latin American countries. They also controlled the Philippines, despite the fact that they achieved their independence. The American Virgin Islands, Guam, Mariana islands are still colonies, or were until just recently. 

It may have been legitimate at the turn of the 19th century, but by the mid 1900s, there was much international pressure to solve the colonial situation because it was viewed as immoral: people have a right to self-government and or sovereignty. Yet, the Americans managed to cheat this.

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What connection was made between imperialism and the american frontier?

The connection was that in the 1890 census the frontier was closed, meaning that the U.S. had no open west that we identify in the 21st century with cowboys and sleepy mine towns.  This announcement had a great effect on the American psyche as there had always been western land to expand into but now that the frontier was gone there was no more western land to go to.  The United States always saw itself as a nation that constantly expanded and as a result looked overseas.  American imperialism was a natural continuation of the old tendency of westward expansion that wished to see the U.S. grow and the U.S. needed more land to exploit economically such as Hawaii.

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Many subject peoples began to feel discontent with their imperial masters during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In addition to nationalism, which one of the following reasons best explains why they felt that way? A. colonialism- they wanted the opportunity to carve out overseas colonies and territories B. freedom-they wanted self-rule and independence C. imperialism-they wanted to dominate their neighbors and build their own empires D. communism-they wanted a world in which the workers were in charge

The best answer from the choices is letter B.

B. Freedom-they wanted self-rule and independence

Thank you for posting your question here at Brainly. Feel free to ask more questions. The best and most correct answer among the choices provided by the question is Hope my answer would be a great help for you.


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Why did President Theodore Roosevelt use the Roosevelt Corollary in the Dominican Republic? Answers: Roosevelt did not want the Dominican Republic to attack Haiti. Roosevelt was afraid American businesses would lose money if there was a revolution in the Dominican Republic. Roosevelt was afraid European countries would take action against the Dominican Republic if it did not pay its debts. Roosevelt needed to have military bases in the Dominican Republic to protect the Panama Canal.


President Theodore Roosevelt used the Roosevelt Corollary in the Dominican Republic because he was afraid European countries would take action against the Dominican Republic if it did not pay its debts.


The Roosevelt Corollary was a substantial amendment to the Monroe Doctrine by President Theodore Roosevelt. In its altered state, the Monroe Doctrine would now consider Latin America and the Caribbean as territory to expand the commercial interests of the United States in the region, in addition to its original purpose of keeping European hegemony outside the hemisphere.

Roosevelt applied his variant to the Monroe Doctrine for the first time taking the customs of the Dominican Republic in 1905 to pay the foreign creditors of that nation. This event provoked a great indignation in the European leaders and in particular of the kaiser Wilhelm II.

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What was the main reason that President Theodore Roosevelt used the Big Stick policy? Answers : He wanted to show critics in the United States that he could control the economy. He wanted to show the world that the United States was a strong country. He wanted to expand the empire of United States into more areas of the world. He wanted to force other countries to become democracies.

The main reason that President Theodore Roosevelt has used the big stick policy was because of the reason that he wanted to have an expansion of the empire of the United States that can be extended and expanded in more in the world. The correct answer is letter c.

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Which name was given to franklin Roosevelt's program for fighting the Great Depression

Its the new deal lol

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Use the quotation and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following question. “Finally, in our progress toward a resumption of work we require two safeguards against a return of the evils of the old order; there must be a strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments; there must be an end to speculation with other people’s money, and there must be provision for an adequate but sound currency.” —Franklin D. Roosevelt, First Inaugural Address. Which New Deal agency related most closely to what President Roosevelt was speaking about in this quotation? A. Securities and Exchange Commission B. Civilian Conservation Corps C. Tennessee Valley Authority D. Civil Works Administration

The correct answer is A) Security and Exchange Commission.

The New Deal Agency related to what President Roosevelt was speaking about this quotation is the Security and Exchange Commission.

President Roosevelt is referring in his quotation to the strict supervision of banking, credit, and investment. To end to speculation and the provision for an adequate currency. That is why he created the Security and Exchange Commission, to protect investors, keep an eye on markets and maintain a healthy financial environment for the investment of money.  

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Roosevelt formed the Bull Moose Party for which of the following reasons?

When Teddy Roosevelt left the White House in 1908 he hand picked his successor. Roosevelt took a safari expedition to Africa for the next 4 years. When he came home he found the country in a mess. He was so angry that he decided to create a split party called the "Bull Moose Party". Roosevelt took in 88 electoral votes coming in second behind Wilson

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The period in Japan's history in the late 19th century when imperial rule was restored was known as the __________.

For the answer to the question above, it started in 1868 the Tokugawa shôgun, who ruled Japan in the feudal period, lost his power and the emperor was restored to the supreme position. So the answer is The Meiji Restoration.

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What was intent of the Roosevelt corollary




The Roosevelt Corollary of December 1904 stated that the United States would intervene as a last resort to ensure that other nations in the Western Hemisphere fulfilled their obligations to international creditors, and did not violate the rights of the United States or invite “foreign aggression

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Franklin Roosevelt's policies of "Cash and Carry" and "Lend-Lease" A) resulted in the signing of the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact of 1939. B) were designed to supply Great Britain and other Allied nations with war materiel. C) prevented Congress from entangling the Country in the ongoing conflict in Europe. D) were designed to aid the unemployed during the latter years of the Great Depression.

For the answer to the question above, the purpose of this policy was to maintain neutrality between the United States and European countries while giving aid to Britain by allowing them to buy non-war materials. So my answer is B. were designed to supply Great Britain and other Allied nations with war materiel. 
I hope this helps

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Which is an example of a sphere of influence? A nation is politically independent, but an imperial power controls its trade. A nation is under complete political and cultural control of an imperial power. A nation is protected by an imperial power in return for trade privileges. A nation forms an alliance with an imperial power, and both reap benefits.


A nation is politically independent, but an imperial power controls its trade.


A sphere of influence or zone of influence is an area or region in which an organization or state exercises a certain kind of indirect cultural, economic, military or political domination. Also, in some inhabited places, it is spoken of area of influence to designate the space in which, for example, a trade or service has influence on localities or other zones different from which they are located.

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