What did Shakespeare use to write the play Macbeth?

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Several factors point to the Bard's attempt at impressing James I. The basis of the play comes from Scottish history; the real Macbeth, one of James' ancestors, ruled from 1040 to 1057. It explores similar themes to James' writings about the ideal king as one who does his duty to God and country with spotless integrity. The witches relate to James' interest in the supernatural and involvement in witch trials while ruling in Scotland. Even though Shakespeare portrays the witches as evil and emissaries of the devil, they pay complements to James in the prediction of Macbeth's long line of descendants to serve on the throne.

The oldest printed text of "Macbeth" is in the First Folio from 1623. By this time, there were significant alterations to the play, including two additional songs from Thomas Middleton's play "The Witch" (1615). Scholars believe these additions represent the audience's interest in the scenes from Shakespeare's original work; however, they are not indicators of his attempts at impressing the new king.

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A visit to the theatre in Shakespeare's time was indeed a highly sensory experience, so the right answer is the A: Theater was a feast for the imagination and for the senses; there were smells, sights, and sounds everywhere. Theatre was pleasant and very entertaining, everybody could afford it (although those who paid the cheapest tickets had to watch the performance standing on their feet!), and rather than dangerous or dirty it was a very widespread and popular and leisure activity. At the back of the stage there were musicians that played songs and made sound effects. The audience also made a lot of noise - they sang, they interrupted the play with comments and questions, they clapped, and they cheered, among other things. Smells came from the food that street sellers sold to the audience, but also from sweaty spectators and from the open buckets that people used as toilets. Lastly, there were many sights: the waves of people arriving at the theatre (thousands of people went to the theatre every week during spring and summer), the decorated stage, the actors (all men, performing male and female roles), the merchants, servants, and other people that made up the audience, and so on.    

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Option 1


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