What do gradualism and punctuated equilibrium have in common?

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The answer is A:

"They are both explanations of the rate of evolutionary change."

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Name and briefly describe three digestive system problems common to middle aged adults. name and briefly describe one common to teenagers name and briefly describe one common in elderly persons

Well acid reflux seems to be a common digestive system problem to middle aged adults! Basically acid reflux is when your stomach acid actually comes up your throat. It can give you heart burn or cause irritation to your throat - it definitely isn't a fun experience for anyone. Luckily, there are pills and diets to kind've settle the irritation feeling - many people take it before eating, or some after when it starts to irritate them.
While for teenagers - that's when IBS begins to start. (it's just irritable bowl syndrome) but IBS in a broken down describtive definition is a whole combination of gas, diarrhea, constipation, and a whole lot of bloating!
I hope all is well, and I'd helped! if you need anything else - let me know! (: Good luck, rockstar! (:

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Which of the following molecules found in the food we eat is most commonly broken down to make ATP ?

The best answer would be Carbohydrate - glucose.

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The perspective that sees changes in adolescents' cognitive abilities as evidence of gradual transformations in the capacity to take in, use, and store information is called __________.

Answer:  "the information processing perspective" .

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1. Body _______ is commonly measured by using bioelectrical impedance analysis. Mass Weight Composition 2. Two ways to make peace with your body are to create a positive mental outlook and to eject your personal history that has shaped your body. give yourself credit for your attractive body parts. compare your body to “perfect” bodies. 3. When on a weight-gain diet, untrained men tend to initially gain about _______ pounds of muscle per month. 5 3 2 4. The simplest way to gain weight is to figure out where in your day you could eat more food. eat several protein bars each day. have egg-white omelets for breakfast. 5. Apple, cranberry, cran-apple, grape, and pineapple juices have more _______ than grapefruit, orange, or tomato juices. amino acid protein calories 6. You should consider body _______ measurement as a comparative measurement to reflect changes in your body as you lose fat, gain weight, shape up, and slim down. fat thickness weight


1) option C

Body composition is measured using bio electrical impedance analysis.

2) option B

ways to make peace with your body are to create a positive mental outlook and to give yourself credit .

3) option  c

on a weight gain diet untrained men tends to initially gain 2 pound of muscle per month.

4) option A

to figure out how one could eat more food in a day.

5) option C

grapefruit , orange juice or tomato juices have more calorie than apple , cranberry, pineapple juice.

6) Option A

losing fat will be consider for body measurement as comparative measurement to reflect changes.

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Many species of birds migrate in winter. Animals including bats, ground squirrels, and woodchucks hibernate in winter. Which of the following do hibernation and migration have in common?

They are alike because they both help animals stay alive through winter.

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A man with Type A blood marries a woman with Type AB blood. According to predicted outcomes based on genetics, their children may have all blood types EXCEPT Type A) A. B) A B. Eliminate C) B. D) O. As scientists have developed more productive crop varieties, farmers have switched from growing many traditional varieties to new high-yield varieties. For example, in Peru, the Indians once grew 500 native varieties of potatoes. That number has been reduced to about twenty major potato varieties, worldwide. Why is it potentially dangerous to reduce the number of crop species in potatoes? A) It reduces the variety of crops available for human diets. B) It requires a larger investment than small farmers can make. C) It makes the overall crop more susceptible to pests or disease. D) It could reduce or cause the extinction of some predatory insects. All of the statements were part of the original cell theory proposed by Schleiden and Schwann with the EXCEPTION of A) all cells come from other cells. B) the cell is the most basic unit of life. C) all living things are composed of one or more cells. Eliminate D) viruses are not living since they are smaller than a cell. Infectious diseases are caused by organisms called pathogens. Pathogens can be bacteria, viruses, fungi, or protists. One common disease caused by a fungus is A) the flu. B) HIV/AIDS. C) athlete's foot. D) Parkinson's disease. Your science teacher has asked the class to make a cell city model. Which building or business in the city could represent the mitochondria, and why? A) city dump - waste storage B) city hall - control center C) roads - transportation system D) power company - produces energy Which structures are found in the human female reproductive system? A) ovaries and uterus B) ovaries and testes C) prostate and uterus D) uterus and vas deferens In organisms that reproduce sexually, meiosis produces the male and female haploid gametes. What is the name of the process that joins the two haploid cells together to form a diploid? A) fertilization B) fusion C) ovulation D) spermatogenesis The fossil beds at the Falls of the Ohio, located between Louisville, Kentucky and Clarksville, Indiana, are world-renowned. There are 212 species of corals known found in these fossil beds. Consider the environmental conditions under which most coral lives. Which scenario MOST LIKELY describes the ancient environment of the Falls? A) dry, hot, and near the equator B) temperate, northern latitudes, underwater C) tropical, near the equator, and underwater D) tropical, at the boundary of two tectonic plates What is the relationship between the DNA and protein in a cell? A) DNA is made up of proteins that are synthesized in the cell B) Protein is composed of DNA that is stored in the cell C) DNA controls the production of proteins in the cell D) The cell is composed of DNA and protein One of the parents of a child with phenylketonuria (PKU), which is caused by autosomal recessive alleles. The other parents does not have the PKU alleles. What is the chance that the couple will have a child with phenylketonuria 9PKU)? A) 0% B) 50% C) 75% D) 100% Which of the following best compares the structures of lipids and carbohydrates? A) Both are made up of monnosaccharide monomers, but lipids are hydrophobic and carbohydrates are hydrophophilic. B) Both consist of carbon and hydrogen, and oxygen, but carbohydrates have repeating structurual units and lipids do not. C) Both have carbon and hydrogen, but carbohydrates have repeating structural units and lipids do not. D) Both have a carbon backbone, but lipids also have an amino group and carbohydrates have a carboxylic group. Which of he following best describes the difference between the functions of nucleic acids and enzymes? A) Nucleic acids are used as the building blocks of proteins, while enzymes are used as the building blocks of phospholipids. B) Nucleic acids contain the genetic code for protein synthesis, while enzymes catalyze chemical reactions. C) Nucleic acids inhibit biochemical reactions, while enzymes provide structural support in cells. D) Nuceic acids transmit signals that begin biochemical processes, while enzymes convert carbohydrates into lipids and proteins.

The answer from: Infectious diseases are caused by organisms called pathogens. Pathogens can be bacteria, viruses, fungi, or protists. One common disease caused by a fungus is attlethes foot

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What do mitochondrial and thylakoid membranes have in common? A. They both use energy carriers that were made in the Krebs cycle. B. They both are involved in cellular respiration in animal cells. C. They both contain the chlorophyll pigment. D. They both use ATP synthase proteins in ATP production.

Mitochodrial and Thylakoid membranes both use adenosine triphosphate or ATP synthase proteins in ATP production. They are sites of electron transport. Both Mitochodrial and Thylakoid membranes is a place where ATP is produced. Mitochondria is found in all living cells while Thylakoid is found in plants. 

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Common law refers to laws determined through A due process. B precedent. C the rule of law. D the separation of powers.

gonna go with C too; I just finished this lesson a few months ago in my civics class

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Where do earthquakes commonly occur? why?

This website should help ya out!

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Global temperatures will gradually decrease. Global temperatures will continue to increase. Global temperatures will fall rapidly. Global temperatures will remain constant.

I think that global temperatures will continue to increase.

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Starch and _____ are common polysaccharide carbohydrates found in plants. A: glycogen B: sucrose C: cellulose D: fructose

The correct answer is option C. cellulose.  

The cellulose is a carbohydrate, which forms the outer layer of the plant cells. So, the cellulose is present in every cell of the plants. Due to presence in every cell, the cellulose is one of the most abundant carbohydrates of found in the plant cells. Glucose, fructose and sucrose are present in less amount as compared to the cellulose.  

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What metric units are most commonly used to express mass milliliters pounds grams

Grams is most commonly used.

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What unique characteristic do all deuterostomes have in common???

All deuterostomes have in like manner is that the pore framed amid gastrulation turns into the rear-end. Deuterostomes are any individuals from a superphylum of creatures. It is a sister clade of Protostomia, with which it shares the Nephrozoa clade.

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Indiana is home to fossilized crinoids. These small, sea-dwelling invertebrates are vaguely reminiscent of starfish, and some species of crinoid are still present on Earth today, but these animals were especially common in the world's oceans about 400 million years ago. How is this information important to the theory of evolution?

Crinoids are echinoderms which are closely related to starfish, Sea Urchins and brittle stars. Some of the Crinoids which are found till today have evolved some 420 million years ago. By studying Crinoids, a relation can be established in terms of evolutionary changes that have occurred or have been adopted by the species itself during a certain course of time. Also a relations could also be established to work out the changing climatic conditions since 420 million years ago.

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What is the most common cause of hypersecretion by the endocrine organs?

One of the most common cause of hypersecretion of the endocrine glands would be tumors. Specifically, the presence a hormone secreting endocrine-cell tumor. Hypersecretion is when the gland is secreting too much of a hormone. Hope this helps.

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