What does DNA stand for

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It stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid Hope this helps! Have a great day!

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The restriction enzymes that cut the bacteriophage DNA cannot cut the bacterial chromosomal DNA. Explain this statement.

The bacteria can cut the viral DNA at its specific restriction site but protect their own chromosomal DNA by modifying its bases and blocking the restriction enzyme. This process is called methylation (adding a -CH3 group) to prevent binding of the enzyme.

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Which statements about cells are true? a. Cells are the basic unit of all living things. b. Cells have unique functions and features. c. All cells have some recognizable similarities. d. Every single cell works like a small factory. e. Cells follow a genetic DNA blueprint to construct an organism. f. Cells are composed of different parts called organelles

Answer: All the statements that are provided here are true when a cell is taken into consideration.

Explanation: The cells are known to be the basic structure and functional unit of the body. They have their unique functions based on the different organs in which they are located.

There are some recognizable similarities like structure for the cells. The cells need energy for working and it acts as a small factory. The replication of DNA acts as a blueprint to construct new cells to form an organism.

Every cell of the body function with the help of some small organelles like Golgi apparatus, mitochondria et cetera.

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Which is a method that uses bacteria to copy DNA?

Recombinant DNA technology.

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The rungs or steps of DNA are made up of , which are attached to the sides or railings of DNA, which are made up of .

The answer is nitrogenous base, deoxyribose sugar. The nitrogenous base bond complementarily; purines (Adenine and Guanine) pair with pyrimidines (Cytosine and Thymine). The deoxyribose sugar are 5-carbon rings that are connected to a phosphate molecule on their 5’ carbon. The nitrogenous base connect to the sugar on their 1’ carbon.

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Which organelles of a cell possess their own DNA?. A) Lysosomes and plasma membrane. B) Mitochondria and chloroplasts. C) The Golgi apparatus and ribosomes



Other than nucleus, mitochondria and chloroplast possess thei own DNA. These both organelle is able to produce the necessary proteins that are required for their functions.

These organelles required enzymes for their functioning.

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Explain how DNA forms chromosomes in eukaryotic cells?

The DNA is divided into different linear bundles called chromosomes that are separated by spindle during the nuclear division of the DNA. They condensed into highly structured coil. The coil tightens until the DNA creates a proper segregation during the mitosis stage and cell division.

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Water is the most abundant molecule found in living organisms. Most mammals, in fact, are approximately 70% water by weight. About two-thirds of this water is present inside cells. The other one-third is present outside cells (e.g., in blood plasma or other body fluids). Why is water so important to cells?. . A.Water determines which proteins are translated from the cellular DNA.. . B.Water is stored in the cells to be used when the organism gets thirsty.. . C. Almost all the chemical reactions in life processes occur in solutions with water.

The answer is letter C. Almost all the chemical reactions in life processes occur in solutions with water.

Water is known to be the universal solvent. Because of its high polarity, it can easily dissolve and bond with other solutes. It makes it easier for the chemical process that is happening inside the body

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What is the name of the process of DNA formation from DNA?. A:transcription. B:translation. C:transduction

The answer is Transcription.

Transcription is the first step to gene expression. This process happens when a certain part of the DNA is being copied into RNA. This process allows the DNA to at least transfer at least one gene to the RNA

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A strand of DNA serves as a model of the synthesis of RNA molecules. is this true or false?

The statement "A strand of DNA serves as a model of the synthesis of RNA molecules" is totally a false statement. Each and every DNA strand only serves as a template or a model for the formation of other DNA molecule which was called as the process of replication.

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Which of the following is the result of the process that binds many amino acids on to another? A. allele B. DNA C. RNA D. protein

The answer is protein. Hoped this has helped

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The study and manipulation of DNA on a molecular level is known as Select one: a. evolution. b. genomes. c. biochemistry. d. molecular genetics.

It's called molecular genetics. :) 

Because it's on a molecular level and DNA contains important genetic information.

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According to advocates for the use of genetic engineering, which is an example of the importance of recombinant DNA technology.A. Genes from nuts used in other organisms can affect allergies.B. The increase of patents drives the seed cost.C. There is a diminished opportunity for organic agriculture.D. There is a reduced use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers

The best answer is D. reduced use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Genetic engineering targets mostly problems from agriculture to increase yield, delimit use of chemicals in pesticides and thus, increase our economy. Decreased use of chemicals in agriculture will also benefit for our health. These goals are only a few of what genetic engineering wants to achieve and prove.

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Which structural characteristic is seen in RNA but not in DNA? a.double strands b.a single strand c.chains of nucleotides d.a helical shape

The correct answer is the second option. The structural characteristic seen in RNA but not in DNA is a single strand. RNA is a biopolymer macromolecule like DNA. RNA does not self replicate. DNA is always in a double helix arrangement and RNA exists as a single strand.

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DNA replication results in two identical DNA molecules. What role do DNA helicases have in DNA replication?

DNA helicases break the hydrogen bonds in the DNA molecule

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While investigating a break-in, the police discover that the intruder was cut on the broken window that he or she used to enter the house and left a sample of blood behind. Soon after the crime, the police apprehend a suspect and obtain a DNA sample. Which process is most likely to be used to determine whether the blood on the glass belongs to the suspect? PCR analysis STR analysis mtDNA analysis Y-chromosome analysis


The correct answer would be STR analysis.

STR or Short Tandem Repeats analysis is one of the commonly used DNA analysis molecular technique.

Short Tandem Repeats are the repeating units of two to thirteen nucleotides present in particular loci on DNA, especially in microsatellite region.

This analysis counts the exact number of repeating units present in different samples based on which it helps in comparing the DNA samples of different individuals.

In forensic science, it is used to compare the DNA found at the crime scene with the DNA of the suspect.

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Which term describes a dna molecule?

A twisted double helix.

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What nucleotide base is part of the product of transcription hat is not a part of dna?

Its because... um i haven't done this in a long time.

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In which phase of cell cycle does synthesis of dna take place?

It happens during the s phase

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What does rna do to help dna in protein synthesis

 RNA carries out the instructions encoded in DNA, most biological activities are carried out by proteins.

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Which of the following statements is true for a eukaryotic cell? Select one of the options below as your answer: A. Does not possess intracellular membrane bound organelles. Everything inside just floats freely in the cytoplasm. B. Possesses the characteristic of compartmentalization of organelles, wherein the organelles are bound by membranes. C. Possesses simple duplex DNA in the form of a circular loop.

The correct option is B. Eukaryotic cells are developed cells with well defined structures. The organelles inside the cell are well compartmentalized, surrounded with their own membranes. These membranes make it possible for the organelles to regulates the movement of particles in and out of the cell.

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A __________ is a piece of DNA that is transcribed. a. chromatid b. centromere c. gene d. chromosome

hope this helps!!!

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Prokaryotes contain all of the following except _____. a. DNA b. a cell membrane c. a nucleus d. molecules floating inside

Prokaryotes lack nucleus but their DNA is found in the cytoplasm. Prokaryotes are divided into two: Archaea and Bacteria. "Pro karyotic" is the Greek term for this and means "before nucleus" and lacks mitochondria and chloroplast which is needed in the storage of water and energy.

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