What effect could the "necessary and proper clause" to the Constitution have on rights? A. It places restrictions on rights during times of emergency such as a natural disaster. B. It safeguards rights by denying the power to make laws that would restrict them. C. It has the potential to lead to limits on rights by giving flexibility in making laws. D. It gives rights strong protection against government actions that limit them.

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Its A. A good example of this is the declaration of martial law in cities such as Chicago during riots because its in the best interest of the public to restrict certain rights in ways such as placing a curfew.
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What challenges on the frontier did the new government face

Random attacks by Indian tribes. The frontier had swamps-to-mountainness terrain. Seeds didn't work in all parts of America, some lived healthy in one area while the same seed could die somewhere else there.

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Oh baby give me one more chance show you that I love you. [[music]]

Jackson 5 - I want you back

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What effects did the civil war have on women and african americans?

          A few women disguised themselves as men and joined the fight. Others served our country as spies and nurses.
          African-Americans fought for both sides of the war, but f
ree black men were finally permitted to enlist late in 1862 for the union army. Tens of thousands may have served, by their own will or otherwise.

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After the renaissance, trade was greatly restricted true or false?

Absolutely false. By and large, trade boomed. The impetus for all the voyages of exploration and colonial conquest for the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French and English was to find people to trade with or to reduce the costs of trade.

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What political process is necessary for redistricting

The answer is census.

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The Monroe doctrine had the ultimate effect of what?

It solidified the position of the United States as the dominant power in the Western Hemisphere. Hope it helps. Sorry if it doesn't.   

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Why did some people argue that Prohibition was a necessary war measure?

It was thought that alcohol was destroying families and the fabric of American society.

It was thought that denying people alcohol would stop them from craving it and lessen crime.

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Explain why the declaration of independence but being effective tool in these efforts

There are a few pieces of the Declaration of Independence which most Americans know ... and the pursuit of Happiness," are pieces of a philosophy that explain the ... But a close reading of the most important document in the early .... Explain why the Declaration of Independence would be an effective tool in these efforts.

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How did Jackson solve the issue of states' rights? A: He lowered federal tariffs but affirmed his power to use the military to collect them. B: He allowed the Southern states to ignore the federal laws with which they disagreed. C: He allowed South Carolina to secede from the Union. D: He invaded South Carolina and forced John Calhoun out of office.

The correct answer is A) He lowered federal tariffs but affirmed his power to use the military to collect them.

The states rights issue referred to in the question dealt with the Tariff of "Abominations." This name of the tariff, given to by Southern politicians, showed their distain for this tax on foreign goods. This is due to the fact that many Southerners made significant profits through trading with other countries.

Some Southerners went as far as to nullify this tariff. Nullification is a process in which a state ignores a federal law or ruling because they believe it is unconstitutional. This resulted in controversy between Northerners, Southerners, and the president (Andrew Jackson). Ultimately the tariff was lowered but Jackson reinforced the idea that the federal government still has control over the states, especially when it comes to following federal laws.

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How did the timing of General Washington’s attack on Trenton help ensure a colonial victory?

He attacked on Christmas. Puritans in the New World did not celebrate Christmas, but the Hessians (German mercenaries used by the British) certainly did. So the Americans launched a surprise attack on the Germans who were...ahem...celebrating, to put it mildly

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After the _____ Rebellion, the British government took over political control of India?

After the "raj" Rebellion, the British government took over political control of India.

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Who were known as "carpetbaggers" and "scalawags"? a. Northern confederates who tried to take over Southern lands and businesses after the war b. Northerners who tried to make money off the dire situation in the South and Southerners who did the same c. Southern ruffians, usually retired from the Confederate Army, who wrought havoc in political meetings d. violent Southerners who terrorized blacks to keep them uneducated, poor, and out of politics


Option: b. Northerners who tried to make money off the dire situation in the South and Southerners who did the same.


After the Civil War in America, the South remained in destruction. For building up the South, Reconstruction was proposed by the North to build the South prosperous in terms of economic as well as in society. Some of the white people from the North came to make fortune in the South in Reconstruction Era were called by the Southerns as Carpetbaggers. The southern people, who along with the Carpetbaggers tried to make fortune called scalawags.

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According to john Locke, who must respect the rights of the citizens? Rulers Philosophers Enemies

rulers, I hope this helps.

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The situation requiring that accused person be told they have " the right to remain silent " stems from

The 5th amendment specifically, and more broadly the bill of rights.

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What natural material do you need in order to make porcelain?

The answer is clay in the form of kaolin

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The power to declare war is what type of power? A) Delegated Power B) Concurrent Power C) Reserved Power

C) Reserved Power."...."...........

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The leader of the civil rights movement was a black baptist minister named

Martin Luther King jr. was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement

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What effect did the Treaty of Paris have on France? A. France lost almost all its land in present-day Canada and the Ohio Valley. B. Britain received Florida from Spain. C. The French coastal towns grew. D. The French regained the Ohio Valley and its former lands in present-day Canada.

The terms of the Treaty of Paris were harsh to losing France. All French territory on the mainland of North America was lost. The British received Quebec and the Ohio Valley. The port of New Orleans and the Louisiana Territory west of the Mississippi were ceded to Spain for their efforts as a British ally. hope i help you with your answer 

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Which of the following is the proper unit for measuring power?

Hi Felicia

The proper unit for measuring power is Newton.

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1-In New York Times v. Sullivan, the supreme court ruled that statements about public figures are examples of libel only when they are made with malice and reckless disregard for the truth. In which of the following ways does this ruling support a healthy democracy? (1 point) A)It promotes competition among a variety of media sources B)It allows people the freedom to criticize public officials C)It fosters cooperation between the media and the government D)It requires absolute certainty of all published information 2-Which of the following examples support the notion that a free press is an essential element of a limited government? (Select 2) A)Journalists are entitled to cover trials B)We need a fourth branch of the federal government C)It is difficult for public officials to win libel cases D)Information can be withheld to protect national security E)Proper search warrants can be applied to the media

1. B - It allows people the freedom to criticize public officials.

When the citizens had the freedom to cricitize its own government, the government would be forced to live up to a certain standard. This would dramatically reduce the complacency within the government body, and the government become more likely to listen and create legislations that satisfy the majority of people.

2. A. Journalists are entitled to cover trials


C. It is difficult for public officials to win libel cases.

Through this, the journalist could act as a middle man that connect what happen within the government body, transform it into pieces of information, and give it to the people so we can form our own opinion about it. Difficulties to win libel cases favours journalists because it allow them to criticize public officials without direct threat of of being sued for smearing their name.

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How might the Marbury V Madison ruling affect future actions of by Congress

The answer is the very numbers we use today 

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Prior to the establishment of the ghettos, what regulations were put into place to reduce Jewish rights?

During World War Two, or during Hitler's power, The Nuremberg Laws were set to keep Jewish people from doing activities that the Aryan Race (White Germans) were doing.
Let me know if you don't understand!

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