What gas is changed by some bacteria into a form that plants can use?

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Nitrogen (N2) is the gas changed by some bacteria into a form a plant can use . 
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Should a vegetarian be concerned about eating a GM plant that contains DNA from a pig gene?

No because there isn't  a GM plant

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Consider this northern site of primary succession following the retreat of a glacier. As we move from left to right, describe some improvements in the abiotic factors that support plant growth. A) change in climate over time B) less competition for water resources due to biodiversity C) improved soil quality: increased humus and water retention D) increased population density resulting in decreased pathogens

Answer: C. improved soil quality: increased humus and water retention.


An ecological succession brings change in the type of living species residing in an ecosystem with respect to changes that occur in the abiotic (non-living factors) with respect to time.

A region affected by a retreating glacier will not be suitable for the growth of living species. The soil may be lacking minerals and will be in the permafrost condition. So for the initiation of succession the improvement in soil an important abiotic factor is required. The improved soil quality will allow the accumulation of organic and inorganic minerals by physical and biological processes. This will help in formation of humus and water retention.

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Use what you know about natural selection to fill in the blanks in the hypothesis. It should answer the lab question, “What is the effect of the type of food available on the frequency of different types of bird beaks?” Hypothesis: If the type of food available changes, then…

If the type of the food available changes, then the frequency of beak types will change, because birds with beaks more suited to the available food will be more successful over time.

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What will a healthy plant produce

Plants produce oxygen

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Which of the following would you least likely find living in the chaparral biome? a. ground birds b. pine trees c. olive trees d. aromatic plants

Pine Trees, where I live there are pine trees everywhere, yet not a single chaparral biome. Not to mention a chaparral biome is a desert, and pines only grow in average temperature areas such as Massachusetts.

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Observations of space show that galaxies are moving away from us as observers on Earth how is this related to how the universe is formed?



since the big bang, Edwin Hubble in 1929 proved that the universe is expanding by the red shift theory, showing that things farther away from the earth were moving away faster so that the universe must be expanding.

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During which era did plants first appear on land? Cenozoic Mesozoic Paleozoic Precambrian

I said the answer was Paleozioc and got it right on a test :)

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In a paragraph address these following questions: • How does an underwater earthquake cause a tsunami? • Why do some earthquakes cause more damage than others? the paragraph needs to also include the following things: • discuss how the different types of waves are formed and describe how the waves travel • explain how scientists use waves to track and analyze earthquakes • cover recent events involving earthquakes and/or tsunamis that illustrate the points made in your explanation

What is an Earthquake

Earthquakes are vibrations in the earth's crust They occur along all plate boundaries but are more destructive usually at destructive plate boundaries

How are they measured

The magnitude or size of an earthquake can be measured by an instrument called a seisometer and are shown on a seismograph. The earthquakes are measured on the Richter scale from a value of 1 to 10. Each level of magnitude is 10 times more powerful than the previous. Therefore a level 7 is 100 time more powerful than a level 5.

Why do some earthquakes cause more damage than others?

Some earthquakes take place in rural areas where few people live and little is damaged

If they occur near large urban areas with many people, transport services, large buildings and services such as gas and electricity - there can be a great amount of deaths and damage

In Poor countries - LEDC's they have poorly built buildings, few emergency facilities, and the equipment to help rescue people - a good term to use is that they have a poor infrastructure.

In rich countries - MEDC's such as the USA they prepare for an earthquake with drills and have a great deal of trained emergency personnel and equipment to go to help the injured. They also try to build to withstand earthquake damage - ie The Transamerica building

The time of day can be important - If the earthquake hits when it is the rush hour or when there is a large number of people located in a certain area - this can cause a great loss of life

Obviously if they occur near to coasts then Tsunamis can cause a great deal of damage and deaths such as the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami

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What determines which plants to grow where?

The soil and sunlight

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Drag the names of the prevailing winds to the areas where they form in the Northern Hemisphere.

Air is curved to the right in the Northern hemisphere because of the Earth’s rotation and the Coriolis force. As a consequence, air movement in the polar cell circulation forms the polar easterlies. In the circulation cell that lies between 60° and 30° north, prevailing westerlies is formed.North trade winds on the other hand is formed in the tropic circulation cell. 

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The cycle repeat when the carbon stored in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide gas is taken

It is the cycle of matter.

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Water changes from a liquid to a gas in the process of evaporation t or f? PLEASE HURRY!!!

I believe that's true

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Pumping carbon dioxide directly into the deepest zones of the ocean has been proposed as a strategy to mitigate climate change. Do you feel this would be an effective method for protecting the environment? Explain your answer, including one pro and one con, and whether this would be a permanent solution.

Pro: Pumping carbon dioxide directly in to the deepest zones of the oceans can have a great deal in lessening the greenhouse gases that are produced within the Earth's atmosphere. 

Con: Some organisms are tolerant to such practice, but some experiments have yielded that some organisms are not and can die from such exposure to too much carbon dioxide mixing with other chemicals that are found underwater. 

Permanent Solution: Greenhouse gases can be minimized if there will be regulations regarding the production of goods in factories, mines, and agriculture. If these things are regulated, the release of such bad gases will be lessened and nothing underwater will be harmed.

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Why are the fish able to survive in the pond? 1) The fish use carbon dioxide produced by the plants. 2) The fish use oxygen produced by the plants. 3) The plants use oxygen produced by the fish. 4) The plants use chlorophyll produced by the fish.

2, plants and animals need oxygen to survive. Plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis and release the oxygen into the pond water.

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5) Scientists believe that the Earth's early atmosphere lacked __________ gas because photosynthetic organisms did not yet exist.

It's either hydrogen or nitrogen

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Which of the following is a response ? A. a horse swishing its tail at a fly B. a loud clap of thunder C. a puddle drying up D. a seed being planted

A. a horse swishing its tail at a fly

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Which of the following does this chart represent? Promotes Growth Controls Tropisms Controls Budding Flowers Abscisis x Auxins x Cytokinins x Ethylene x Gibberallins x x A The completed plant tissues and the cells that initiate their growth B The relationship between different types of plant hormones and their functions C The differences between plant structures and the hormones they produce D The types of plant cells and their functions within the plant


Plant hormones are signalling molecules, produced b plants that regulate growth, development and other cellular processes of plants. There are five types of plant hormones, which include abscisic acid, auxins, cytokinins, ethylene, and gibberallins.

Given chart represents relationship between different plant hormones and their responses or functions. Auxin promotes plant growth, plays role in tropism, abscisic acid plays role in seed and bud dormancy, cytokinin promotes cell division, ethylene controls plant growth and stimulates flowering, and gibberallins cause stem elongation.

Thus, the correct answer is option (B).

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Which statement is most accurate about alternation of generations? It refers to alternating grandchildren and grandparent generations. It involves alternating haploid and diploid phases. It refers to the processes of meiosis and fertilization. It involves only some of the seedless vascular plants.

Basically, when we say alternation of generations, this refers to the life cycle of other Eukaryotes, particularly plants. What happens is that the alternation happens in between their haploid and diploid stages. Therefore, the statement that accurately describes what this means is the second option. Hope this answers your question.

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Under which type of change would more organisms be able to survive? Why?

If the temperature of the earth was to rise. organisms would have a higher chance to survive because. bacteria thrives in warmth. an dies out in cold temperatures. so they will have a better chance to survive in the warmth.

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Which of the following best compares the male and female reproductive structures of a gymnosperm? A Gymnosperms produce flowers, and the male stamens produce pollen that fertilizes the egg inside the female ovule. B Gymnosperms produce male cones and female cones, and the pollen from a male cone fertilizes the egg inside a female cone. C Gymnosperms have male sporangia and female archegonia, and spores fertilize eggs contained inside the embryo sac to form zygotes. D Gymnosperms exist as male and female gametophytes, and the male plant produces spores that fertilize eggs inside the female archegonia.

Answer: B Gymnosperms produce male cones and female cones, and the pollen from a male cone fertilizes the egg inside a female cone.  

Gymnosperms are terrestrial plants, which lacks flowers. The ovule or seeds are remains naked in hard woody structures called as cones. In the gymnosperms the green sporophyte generates cones that contains male and female gametophytes. A male cone consists of microsporophylls where male gametophyte also called as pollen are produced and released into the wind. The wind act as a agent for pollinating the female gametophyte present in the female cone.  Inside the female cone the megaspore mother cell produces four haploid megaspores, one megaspore divide itself to form the female gametopyte. The fusion of the pollen with the female gametophyte produces diploid zygote, which later on divides to form the embryo.

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A small child managed to eat a bit of dirt while playing outside. Which of the following would prevent the child from getting sick from the bacteria ingested? A If there were not a pathogenic bacteria in the dirt B If the child had previously taken antibiotics for that type of bacteria C If the child already had the antibodies to fight the bacteria D If the child’s cells had complementary receptor molecules that bind to the bacteria


C If the child already had the antibodies to fight the bacteria


There are a lot of bacteria that we have already storage antibodies for, our immune system is like a database of antibodies that learns with every disease we get, some of them won´t even manifest, because our immune system is strong and produces enough antibodies to counterattack the germs. So from the options given, the most reasonable and possible is that the kid already had the antibodies to fight that bacteria.

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Which characteristic cannot be inherited? A.the ability to win a soccer game B. length of fur in dogs C. shape of ears in pigs D. height of stem in a sunflower plant


A.the ability to win a soccer game


The ability to win a soccer game is not an inborn trait, it is learned behavior which is acquired through regular practice so it will not be inherited in the next generation. The off-springs of a trained and competent soccer player will not be born with the ability to play and win the soccer. If they want to be a good soccer player they too will have to work hard for it. While other traits like length of fur in dogs, shape of ears in pigs & height of stem in a sunflower plant are the traits which are inherited from the parents through genes. So, the progenies of such parents will not have to work hard to develop these traits in their body. They will be like that naturally.

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Which of these is involved in asexual reproduction in a plant? A. nut B. fruit C. bulb D. cone

The answer is C :) hope I helped

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