What happens when a vegetable garden is plowed under and left alone? A.evolutionary succession B.pioneer succession C.secondary succession D.primary succession

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Select all of the answers that apply. Air pollution can _____. improve health create acid rain make respiratory or heart conditions worse destroy vegetation reduce the hole in the ozone layer


Air Pollution can be defined as the pressence of any unwanted substances in air.

This is very harmful to the environment, animals and human beings. It can adversely effect the vegetation and health of human beings.

It can create acid rain, make the respiratory or health condition even worse.

It can destroy several types of vegetation that is susceptible to pollution.

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Zebra mussels are native to Poland and the Soviet Union. They were probably transported to the United States via trans-oceanic vessels. With no natural predators in the United States, zebra mussels A) will eventually die out due to lack of food supplies. B) caused a huge decline in native clam and mussel populations. C) compete unsuccessfully with native mussels and quickly die. D) successfully share the niche with native mussels and clams.

Correct answer: B). Caused a huge decline in native clam and mussel populations.  

The Zebra mussels are the water animals that are D- shell, which is made up of hinged valves that are joined together by a ligament. The main problem with them is that they filter water in order to eat the plankton. As they eat the plankton, it creates a competition between them and fish for food.

They are known to kill mussels population by attaching to their shells, they also out compete for food native mussels.

Hence, the correct answer would be option B.

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Consider this northern site of primary succession following the retreat of a glacier. As we move from left to right, describe some improvements in the abiotic factors that support plant growth. A) change in climate over time B) less competition for water resources due to biodiversity C) improved soil quality: increased humus and water retention D) increased population density resulting in decreased pathogens

Answer: C. improved soil quality: increased humus and water retention.


An ecological succession brings change in the type of living species residing in an ecosystem with respect to changes that occur in the abiotic (non-living factors) with respect to time.

A region affected by a retreating glacier will not be suitable for the growth of living species. The soil may be lacking minerals and will be in the permafrost condition. So for the initiation of succession the improvement in soil an important abiotic factor is required. The improved soil quality will allow the accumulation of organic and inorganic minerals by physical and biological processes. This will help in formation of humus and water retention.

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Why is Mt St. Helens an example of succession?

Mt St. Helens is an example of succession because in areas close to the eruption all life is wiped out, so life must start again there beginning with primary secession.

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The hollow area left in a rock from a former organism is a(n):

What remains left is called a Fossil

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Result of succession that involves relative stability and species diversity

Soil creation is an outcome of successions that are carried out. Succession involves a sequence of stages which includes climax stage. It can be primary or secondary too. On the primary succession, colonization of habitats is involved. Reestablishment of a community occurs on the secondary succession. Most of the organisms and other organic components have been ruined.

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What is the biggest challenge to the successful use of pig organs in human transplants?

The biggest challenge is rejection

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If left untreated, which sexually transmitted disease will eventually lead to damage of the internal organs and other physical problems such as paralysis, numbness, and gradual blindness?

Syphilis is the sexually transmitted disease (STD) that will eventually lead to damage of internal organs and other physical problems such as a paralysis, numbness, and gradual blindness.

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In 2001 scientists reported the successful use of gene therapy to treat three dogs that had been born blind. the animals' blindness was the result of a mutated gene. explain the steps that the scientists probably would have used to restore sight to the dogs

The scientist would probably use the following steps to restore the dogs' eyesight.
>Since normal gene is carried by harmless virus, scientists inject the virus into the eyes of the blind dogs. 
> Virus injected contains normal genes which replace the defective ones. This process is called gene therapy.
> After the process, the dogs can now see.

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If all the vegetation in the pond died what effect would it have on the animals. If the reverse happened how would the aquatic plants be affected.

First they primary consumers die that secondary then tertiary
 on the reverse they plant would over grow

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15) Many gardeners use a chemical weed-killer to control plant pests in their gardens. However, many weeds have begun to develop a resistance to these chemical poisons. The resistance that the weeds have developed may be passed down to future generations through _________ . A) apoptosis B) genes C) mitosis D) revolution




A gene is a molecular unit of heredity in all living organisms. Genes are segments of the long-stranded DNA coiled around histone proteins to form Chromosome. Genes hold the information to build and maintain an organism's cell and pass genetic traits to offsprings.

Genetic inheritance, also called heredity, occurs due to the genetic material in form of DNA being passed from parents to their offsprings. The understanding of inheritance began with the work of an Austrian monk called Gregor Mendel, whose experimental discoveries provided the foundation of Modern genetics today. Mendel was accredited as the first person to correctly understand the process of how traits are inherited by offsprings from parents.

In sexual reproduction, the genetic material (contained in the gametes produced by meiosis) of the two parents (male and female) combines and passed on to the resulting offspring (s). When an organism undergoes reproduction, all the information for growth, survival and reproduction for the next generation is found in the DNA passed down from the parent generation.

In this case, the resistance developed by the weeds is a phenotypic characteristics which is encoded for by a gene in the weeds' genome. Hence, they pass down this chenmical-killer resistance trait to their offsprings during reproduction by the means of the genes contained in the gametes produced by meosis.

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Why is ecological succession important?

Succession increases biodiversity and helps to prevent too many places from desertification. Without biodiversity, there wouldn't be trees and the other organisms that play a part in keeping an enviroment cool. 

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Assume that the transfer of glyphosate resistance was successful in plant f. predict whether each plant d and e and f will remain healthy after being sprayed with glyphosate and explain prediction


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Which type of succession usually occurs most rapidly? A. secondary B. primary C. adaptive D. pioneer

A. secondary hop it helps

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After an ice age, the sheets of ice would either recede or melt and leave bare rock. What would happen next? A. Primary succession would begin. B. Secondary succession would start. C. Small animals would move in. D. Large trees would start growing as small saplings.

D. large trees would start to grow as small saplings. this is because were the ice has melted and it would get a bit warmer trees and plants would start to grow

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Result of succession that involves relative stability and species diversity

Soil creation is a result of carrying out successions. Succession is the process in which land that is inhabitable by organisms is reclaimed and made fertile. This is done using pioneer species, which do not require soil to grow. After a while, these species are removed and a secondary succession is carried out. After this process, soil is created and the land becomes fertile.

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Biodiversity can be studied at three levels: genetic diversity, species diversity, and ecosystem diversity. drag the words or phrases on the left to the appropriate blanks on the right to complete the sentences. words or phrases can be used once, more than once, or not at all

Biodiversity is where living organisms in the planet slightly differ from one another. This may be observed in the genetic, biological or environmental spheres.  This occurs because each organism strives to survive, adapt and reproduce in the setting that they are in.Thank you for your question. Please don't hesitate to ask in Brainly your queries. 

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List two natural disturbances and two human-made disturbances that can lead to succession

I think Cutting plants and Polluting 

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Some arctic tundra ecosystems receive as little precipitation as deserts but have much more dense vegetation.

If you are asking if that is true or false I'd say true.

Hope this helps... mark as Brainliest plz

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What would be followed by secondary succession? A) a drought B) a factory being built C) houses being built D) a forest fire

What would be followed by secondary succession?


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What would be a good thesis statement for an essay about informing people about parasites and (what their anatomy looks like, how to prevent parasites, clarifying what a parasite is, what the life cycle is, some good home remedies to treat a parasite infection and what would happen if left untreated) just give me a good thesis statement that would include all of these main questions or idea and points?

I would suggest not including all of this in a thesis, as it would be pretty long. Try to:

1. Hook the reader
If you mention parasites in the hook, define it as backround
3. Define if you already haven't
4. Explain how they are different, but don't go into depth
Parasites have much different anatomy and life cycles than us, but can be dangerous as they create infections.

I would go into depth about remedies in a future paragraph under the what would happen topic.

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All of the following involve reshaping farmland to conserve soil except A. Contour/strip cropping B. Contour plowing C. Crop rotation D. Terraces

The correct answer is letter C, crop rotation is not a form of re-shaping farmland in order to conserve soil. Crop rotation refers to planting different kinds of crops in certain rotations in order to prevent the occurrence of different kinds of pests. 

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This satellite image shows a decrease in vegetation along the shoreline of the Hudson Bay in central Canada. Scientists will MOST LIKELY study this image to predict future changes in the

There is no picture shown, however details like this indicate that Scientist are examining the future changes in biodiversity within the Hudson river. If vegetation would see a continuous decrease, animals are forced to flee their habitat and find new areas or locations where they could thrive. When this happens, changes in the environment would put a great deal on the existence of certain forms of species within the area.

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