What is the biggest challenge to the successful use of pig organs in human transplants?

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They lack chloroplasts, but have thylakoid membranes, and are thought to have been among the first organisms on Earth.

I think it's a prokaryote

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Should a vegetarian be concerned about eating a GM plant that contains DNA from a pig gene?

No because there isn't  a GM plant

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How many chromosomes are present in each cell of this human

There is 23 chromosomes in a human.

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Consider this northern site of primary succession following the retreat of a glacier. As we move from left to right, describe some improvements in the abiotic factors that support plant growth. A) change in climate over time B) less competition for water resources due to biodiversity C) improved soil quality: increased humus and water retention D) increased population density resulting in decreased pathogens

Answer: C. improved soil quality: increased humus and water retention.


An ecological succession brings change in the type of living species residing in an ecosystem with respect to changes that occur in the abiotic (non-living factors) with respect to time.

A region affected by a retreating glacier will not be suitable for the growth of living species. The soil may be lacking minerals and will be in the permafrost condition. So for the initiation of succession the improvement in soil an important abiotic factor is required. The improved soil quality will allow the accumulation of organic and inorganic minerals by physical and biological processes. This will help in formation of humus and water retention.

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What is the best synonym for hormone A. Bodily organ B. bodily tissue C. Blood cell D. Chemical Messenger

I would go with c because hormone have to travel blood cells

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Describe how hibernation has helped bear species survive. Compare the needs of the organisms to the traits.

It's helps them survive throughout winter and thrive without food during winter too. Before they go into hibernation they consume a large amount of food which helps their heartbeat slow down. Other animals that don't hibernate have their source of food during the winter too, which is the reason why they don't hibernate.

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True or false an organisms genotype is its genetic code

I believe the answer is true

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Why could humans not travel to a planet in the solar system Kepler-186f?

Though I don't know if I'm fully correct in my answer. I would say it is because we have not created a fast enough way to travel that distance and we have of course not made the technology to inanimate a person for long periods of time while keeping them completely in tact. Since humans can only live to a certain degree and it takes far too long to reach a planet in that solar system. While also the resources need for human survival would run out before making it as well, most likely.

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What determines the similarity in anatomical features among organisms

Using the Classification of Living things as well as common knowledge about the Animal Kingdom, it depends on your religious beliefs due to the thought of evolution, adaptations, and natural elimination.  

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Why is Mt St. Helens an example of succession?

Mt St. Helens is an example of succession because in areas close to the eruption all life is wiped out, so life must start again there beginning with primary secession.

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5) Scientists believe that the Earth's early atmosphere lacked __________ gas because photosynthetic organisms did not yet exist.

It's either hydrogen or nitrogen

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A mutation exists in a gene that controls hair growth on the middle digit of human fingers. Some people have mid-digital hair, while others do not. The gene can be passed from one generation to the next. Which explanation best predicts what should happen to this trait over time?

A change exists in a quality that controls hair development on the center digit of human fingers. A few people have mid-computerized hair, while others don't. The frequency of mid-advanced hair won't change since it offers no specific preferred standpoint or detriment.

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Under which type of change would more organisms be able to survive? Why?

If the temperature of the earth was to rise. organisms would have a higher chance to survive because. bacteria thrives in warmth. an dies out in cold temperatures. so they will have a better chance to survive in the warmth.

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The hollow area left in a rock from a former organism is a(n):

What remains left is called a Fossil

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Which characteristic cannot be inherited? A.the ability to win a soccer game B. length of fur in dogs C. shape of ears in pigs D. height of stem in a sunflower plant


A.the ability to win a soccer game


The ability to win a soccer game is not an inborn trait, it is learned behavior which is acquired through regular practice so it will not be inherited in the next generation. The off-springs of a trained and competent soccer player will not be born with the ability to play and win the soccer. If they want to be a good soccer player they too will have to work hard for it. While other traits like length of fur in dogs, shape of ears in pigs & height of stem in a sunflower plant are the traits which are inherited from the parents through genes. So, the progenies of such parents will not have to work hard to develop these traits in their body. They will be like that naturally.

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Which of the following can microorganisms do when living on or inside a larger organism's body?

Answer: The question is incomplete.

The options are not given but the correct answer is;

They can protect the body from infection.


Microorganisms are microscopic organisms that are found in every environment. They include bacteria, fungi, viruses e.t.c.

The can be single celled or form colony.

Microbes are of utmost important in larger animals in that they form symbiotic relationship with them. Microbes live in or on organisms.

Microbes help in digestion of food in intestinal gut and also help prevent infections due to their activities in or on the larger animals. Their secretions help to prevent Invaders. They benefit by having shelter and nutrients they feed on from their host.

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What enables a gene to code for different versions of a trait in different organisms?

Number of chromosomes

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Scientists believe that the first life forms to appear on planet Earth were probably similar to which modern organisms?

True they do believe that

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Fossils of organisms changing over time outline examples of what? A.changes in atmospheric oxygen concentration B. speciation C. convergent evolution

The answer to your question would be A. i hope this answer has helped

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Scientists have been able to inject the fireflies lighting G into a tobacco plant allowing it to glow which type of organism is this tobacco plant

This creates what is called the transgenic organism.

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