What is the building block of earth

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Minerals I think the answer is minerals
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The single MOST important factor contributing to the modern-day extinction of hundreds of species on Earth is A) acid rain. B) invasive species. C) greenhouse effect. D) habitat destruction.


The correct answer would be option D. Habitat destruction.

Habitat destruction contributes the most in the loss of biodiversity these days.

More and more space is required to fulfill the demands of increasing human population.

More and more natural habitats are being destroyed for building houses, agriculture, building dams, roads, pipes, industries et cetera.

Consequently, a large number of wild species die due to lack of resources.

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The demand on the Earth's lithosphere is dramatically increasing. Why should we look for alternative sources of energy other than just relying on fossil fuels? A) Fossil fuels are non-renewable and exhaustible and their combustion causes air pollution. B) Fossil fuels are renewable and plentiful, but their combustion causes air pollution. C) Fossil fuels are plentiful, so alternative sources are not needed. D) Fossil fuels are not profitable for energy companies.

A. the reason they are called non-renewable resource is that it takes a long time to for them to regenerate-basically longer then our lifespan. Also they do cause air pollution-which is causing the green house affect that is putting the demand on Earth's Lithosphere.

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What would happen if the earth's tilt went from 23.5 degrees to 0 degrees

There would be no seasons.

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Study the image of a fossil below. How might a scientist use this fossil to learn more about the history of life on Earth?

The fossil shows evidence of how animals lived on Earth in the past and shows history about animals that may be extinct now or have evolved since then, which would show development in the animal in the fossil.

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They lack chloroplasts, but have thylakoid membranes, and are thought to have been among the first organisms on Earth.

I think it's a prokaryote

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Why does too much fertilizer ruin the earth? Help plz!!

Because were the fertilizer stays in that spot nothing will grow there example plants grass are in an area then they put fertilizer then the plants and grass will die and nothing will grow there anymore.

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From the surface of the Earth to about __________ (9 miles) above the surface

ineed the  same questioon

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How does solar activity affect the earth?

Well baisicly, what ever happens outside earth, if a meteor randomly inpacts earth, well that affects earth it self and the people around. i hope this answer has helped.

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A star’s apparent brightness is dependent upon a) temperature. b) distance from Earth. c) size. d) all of the above.

The answer is d) all of the above

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Observations of space show that galaxies are moving away from us as observers on Earth how is this related to how the universe is formed?



since the big bang, Edwin Hubble in 1929 proved that the universe is expanding by the red shift theory, showing that things farther away from the earth were moving away faster so that the universe must be expanding.

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Crust and lithosphere refer to the same layer of the Earth. Please select the best answer from the choices provided T F

true is the answer just took the test

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5) Scientists believe that the Earth's early atmosphere lacked __________ gas because photosynthetic organisms did not yet exist.

It's either hydrogen or nitrogen

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Using the Law of Gravitation, explain why the moon orbits the earth and the planets orbit the sun.

 The gravity of the Sun keeps them in their orbits rotating. Just as the Moon orbits the Earth because of the pull of earth's gravity, the earth orbits the Sun because of the pull of the Sun's gravitational pull.

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Scientists believe that the first life forms to appear on planet Earth were probably similar to which modern organisms?

True they do believe that

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Biogeochemical cycles _______. a. are not essential for life b. move through abiotic and biotic regions c. are the result of natural disasters d. provide the greatest amount of energy for the Earth

The correct answer is B. Move through abiotic and biotic regions


The biogeochemical cycles refer to different natural cycles such as the oxygen cycle, the water cycle or the sulfur cycle that guarantee different substances and elements that are essential for life and Earth move. Indeed substances in biogeochemical cycles travel through abiotic or non-living regions such as the atmosphere or the soil but also involve biotic ones including ecosystem, animals, and plants. According to this, biogeochemical cycles move through abiotic and biotic regions.

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The four major Earth systems are the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere.

The last one be biosphere. hope that helped

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Why is the term global warming often used when referring to climate change? Every location on earth is hotter every year than the year before. The sea temperatures have increased by 20 degrees. On average, the overall trend for the earth's surface temperature is increasing. None of the above are true.

The greenhouse effect occurs naturally, providing a habitable climate.Atmospheric concentrations of some of the gases that produce the greenhouse effect are increasing due to human activity and most of the world's climate scientists consider that this is a significant part of the cause of observed climate change.The oceans are a critical part of the climate system, with vastly greater thermal capacity than the atmosphere. Most of the net energy increase in the climate system in recent decades is stored in the oceans. A small, slow increase in their temperature is significant.Over one-third of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions come from the burning of fossil fuel to generate electricity. Nuclear power plants do not emit these gases.

The "greenhouse effect" is the term used to describe the retention of heat in the Earth's lower atmosphere (troposphere) due to concentrations of certain trace gases and water vapour in the atmosphere. These gases are generally known as greenhouse gases*. Concentrations of some of them have increased steadily during the 20th century and into the 21st, with CO2 rising from under 300 ppm to 400 ppm. A large part of the increase in all greenhouse gases is attributed to human sources, i.e. it is anthropogenic, hence the term ‘anthropogenic global warming’ (AGW).

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. Which of the following technologies is the most likely to stretch the earth's carrying capacity? an axe a fishing rod and reel a bulldozer

A bull dozer would most likey be correct

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The first organisms evolved on Earth around 4 billion years ago. The fossil record indicates that the first organisms were which of the following?

The first organisms were prokaryotes. 

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Why is the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide dangerous? A) The gas inhibits the escape of heat from Earth’s atmosphere. B) Carbon dioxide inhibits rainfall causing long droughts. C) The gas prevents plants from photosynthesizing. D) Carbon dioxide is highly toxic if inhaled.

Correct answer: A) The gas inhibits the escape of heat from Earth’s atmosphere.  

The earth temperature depends upon the balance between the incoming radiation from the sunlight and the energy that is reflected back to space. Carbon dioxide absorbs the heat sent to earth by the sun, it acts as an insulator of the earth and helps to keep the atmosphere warm and make suitable for life process.

But, when the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increased, it means more and more increase in the temperature of the planet and cause global warming and make the life difficult on the planet. As a result of that whole life on the earth would be in danger.

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Which of the following processes help maintain the salinity (salt content) of the Earth's oceans?

What are the options?

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Name the layers of Earth’s atmosphere starting closest to the Earth’s surface and moving up. Which layer contains the ozone layer? Which layers get warmer as the altitude increases? Which layers get colder as the altitude increases?


The atmosphere is composed of five layers, namely troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere, with the layer closest to the surface being thicker than the ones above it.

The troposphere is the first layer above the surface and contains a portion of the Earth's atmosphere. This layer contains the ozone layer which is characterized by the ability to be able to absorb harmful rays from the Sun. Rock fragments burn up in the mesosphere.

The thermosphere is a layer where space shuttles orbit. The exosphere is characterized by the end of the atmosphere and its emergence into space.

The layers that get warmer as the altitude increases are the stratosphere, thermosphere and exosphere while the layers that get colder as the altitude increases are the troposphere and the mesosphere.  

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Bacteria are responsible in someway for all but one of the process is an earth environment that is

Do you have options? I think its phosphorylation

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Why is earth considered an open system and a closed system?

Open system: has the transfer and exchange of matter and energy in the system's surroundings.

Closed system: has a limit to how much matter is exchanged.

All of Earth's systems are considered open systems, but as a whole, they are closed.

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