What is the order of bronchi from largest to smallest??

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The taxa in order from largest to smallest are domain, kingdom,phylum,class,
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Which list describes the path oxygen takes to the lungs? A. Larynx, trachea, pharynx, bronchi B. Trachea, bronchi, pharynx, larynx C. Pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi D. Bronchi, trachea, pharynx, larynx


The correct answer is option C.


The path of oxygen from the atmosphere to the lungs can be described from the nasal cavity to the alveoli. The oxygen is inhaled with air during the breathing process that travels from the nasal cavity to the pharynx that is tube or tract where mouth or oral cavity and nasal cavity combined. Oxygen moves from pharynx to the larynx and then to trachea or the windpipe.

The trachea is a tube that extended to the larynx to the 2 primary bronchi. Oxygen moves from the trachea to the bronchi. Bronchi are the main passage of oxygen to the lungs. Bronchi shuttle air to and from the lungs. These are of three types and oxygen travels into each in order first primary bronchi then secondary and in last to tertiary bronchi and bronchioles and ultimately to the site of gas exchange called alveoli.

Pathway - nasal cavities  > pharynx > trachea >bronchi (primary bronchi (right & left) > secondary bronchi > tertiary bronchi)> bronchioles > alveoli.

Thus, the correct answer is option C.

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Which factor do oceanographers measure in order to determine the salinity of ocean water

The salinity of ocean water can be determined by measuring the conductivity of the water. The characteristics of water such as salinity, depth, temperature, density can be defined by the instrument called Conductivity Temperature Depth instrument. This instrument is placed in water which is to be measured. As this instrument is lowered into the water it continuously records the conductivity, temperature and depth of the water. The electric current is flowed through the water and as we know salt water is a good conductor of electricity it will pass the current fast. Using this technique oceanographers determine the salinity of water.

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A legal order for an investigation into whether a person who is arrested has been imprisoned legally defines A) habeas corpus. B) trial by jury. C) popular sovereignty. D) checks and balances.


Habeas corpus

Habeas corpus is a legal order for an investigation into whether a person who is arrested has been imprisoned legally.


-A Writ of Habeas Corpus directs a person, usually a prison warden, to produce the prisoner and justify the prisoner's detention. If the prisoner argues successfully that the incarceration is in violation of a constitutional right, the court may order the prisoner's release.

-Popular sovereignty is the idea that a government's power comes from the people.

-Checks and balances is a system in which the branches of government keep each other's power in check

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HELP! 20 POINTS! In which order do gases and nutrients pass from the mother, through the placenta, to the infant? A. Maternal blood pool; chorionic villus; umbilical vein B. Umbilical vein; chorionic villus; maternal blood pool C. Maternal blood pool; umbilical vein; chorionic villus D. Umbilical vein; maternal blood pool; chorionic villus

Answer: Option A

The embryo in the mother's womb cannot eat or drink anything from the outer world. It gets its nutrition from the placenta that is attachment found between the mother and embryo.

The nutrients and gases pass from the mother to embryo in following order. Maternal blood pool ; chorionic villus ; umbilical vein.

In this way the nutrients and gases are carried to the fetus and waste products are taken back through this umbilical cord back for purification.

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Use words and diagrams to summarize the steps of replication, in order, in the boxes below

Im sory i cant help
 none of the answers r there

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For the same insolation, order these regions from "highest absorption to lowest." A Nevada desert A marshy wetland The polar ice caps The Atlantic Ocean

Insolation is the amount of solar energy that is incident on the surface of the earth. For the same insolation, water bodies tend to absorb the most heat as water has a high heat capacity and so do grasslands. Areas such as desserts and glaciers do not absorb high amounts of insolation due to which these areas exhibit extreme, inhabitable environments. The order becomes:
The Atlantic Ocean
A marshy wetland
Nevada desert
Polar ice caps

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When dry environmental conditions exist, guard cells close the openings in leaves to reduce the loss of water from the plant. This process is an example of a feedback mechanism that plants use in order to A. maintain homeostasis. B. expend their resources. C. absorb more solar energy. D. produce more chlorophyll.


Homeostasis is defined as a process that keeps the organism's internal environment as constant as possible. Water works as a thermoregulator, solvent, and play role in almost all metabolic reactions.

Guard cells maintain homeostasis in plants as these cells prevent water loss from plants during hot and dry conditions by closing their opening. On the other hand, opening of guard cells during dry conditions will cause loss of water by transpiration and plant will not maintain the homeostasis.  

Thus, the correct answer is option A). 'maintain homeostasis.'

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Species A, B, and C are in the same phylum. Species A and species B are in the same order. Species C is in a different order. From this information you can conclude with certainty that __________.

Species A, B, and C are in the same phylum. Species A and species B are in the same order. Species C is in a different order. From this information, we conclude that species C could be in the same class as species A and B.

Further Explanation:

A hierarchical system is mainly referred as taxonomic classification. The broadest classifications are by domain and kingdom; the most specific classification is by genus and species. The hierarchical groupings in combining include phylum, class, family, and order.

Domain: It has the most number of individuals in the group. They are widely used to differentiate cell types. The current system recognizes three domains: Eukarya, Archaea, and Bacteria.

Kingdom: Domains are sub-divide into Kingdoms. The current classification system help in recognizing six Kingdoms: Plantae, Eubacteria, Protista, Archaebacteria, Animalia, and Fungi.

Phylum: The division of the kingdom is phylum.

Class: Small units of class makeup the phylum.

Order: Classes subdivides into order.

Family: The order is subdivided into class.

Genus: They are closely related to the species.

Species: They are the smallest hierarchy of the taxonomic level

Species A, B and C can be present in the same class and diverge apart in a different order. Two organisms of the same species with different orders can be present in the same class because the one class contains different orders.

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Grade: High School

Subject: Biology

Chapter: Classification system


Order, phylum, kingdom, class, genus, species, archaea, bacteria, eubacteria, protists, Animalia, taxonomic level, subdivide, makeup, classification.

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place the events leading up to anaphase in cell division of an animal cell in correct order.

Okay, lets start at the top of division: 

Interphase, the cell replicates it's DNA and prepares for diffusion. The centrioles also appear
Prophase, The DNA is turned into chromosomes, the nuclear membrane dissolves and spindle fibers form. Centrioles move to the poles. 
Metaphase, The chromosomes line up at the center of the cell and they attach to the fibers at the centromere. 
Anaphase, Half of each chromosome move to the poles. 

Hope This Helped!

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What is the correct order of processing evidence and analysis of a crime scene?

1. Interview witnesses/ people involved to establish the theory of the case

2. Examine the scene using a systematic search method.

3. Sketch the scene to create an overall diagram.

4. Photograph the scene, the evidence, the body to get detailed pictures of what everything looked like at that moment....
5. Collect Evidence

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The kidneys perform several important functions in the human body. One of these is to regulate the amount of water that makes up the liquid part of blood. If too much water is present, the kidney will increase the amount of urine produced and lower the amount of liquid water in the blood. If the amount of water is too low, the kidney will decrease the amount of urine produced in order to conserve water. A person spends several days in a hot, dry desert environment with little water available to drink. Which statement BEST summarizes how the kidneys will function during this time? A) the amount of urine produced will increase to allow the body to eliminate heat B) the amount of urine produced will increase in order to eliminate waste products from the body C) the amount of urine produced will decrease in order to maintain the proper amount of water in the bloodstream D) the amount of urine produced will decrease because the body will not be producing waste products during this time

Hi there!!

Your answer would be, The amount of urine produced will decrease in order to maintain the proper amount of water in the bloodstream.

Explanation: If I can put this right haha but I would say that since you have little water to drink and your kidneys will probably not function as strong, you body doesn't want to realase too much when you go to the bathroom to keep a certain amount of water in your bloodstream to help you survive those really hot days and then the urine will probably decrease since that someone won't be really drinking anything.

Hope this helps!! :)

Happy Holidays


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Give two examples of ways in which the television changed American life in the 1950s. In order to receive full credit, your answer must be in TWO complete sentences. Example: Television changed American life in the 1950s by _________________________________.


They made a large political difference as people could see their candidates and the candidates speeches also got shorter as a result. They also brought many comedies and other shows onto TV, the sewage plant in Chicago reported overflows because everyone was using the bathroom on their tv shows commercial breaks.


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In order to grow and survive, cells need information from their DNA and nutrients from their environment. When a cell gets too big, however, what does it tend to do?

It divides, once a cell has enough info and nutrients it will make new cells. Unless we're talking about homeostasis, then it would burst, due to an osmotic imbalance, we call that cytolysis.

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A _____ square organizes probable alleles in order to make genetic predictions

Punnant square would be the answer 

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In sequential order from proximal to distal, the components of the male urethra are ________.

From proximal to distal, these are the components of the male urethra:

First is the bladder, and then next is seminal Vesicle, Prosate, Pubic bone, Erectile tissue. Urethra,  Spermatic duct, Epididymis. Glans penis. Forskin, Testis. Rete testis, Efferent ductules. Seminiferous tubules, and lastly, Anus


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What is the largest single part of the sharks nervous system?

The largest single part of the shark's nervous system is the brain. Sharks are one of the smartest organisms that thrive in the deep sea. They have specially evolved brains that are capable of hunting and communicating with other sharks. Their keen sense of understanding helps them understand information presented to them and then later on converting this into information that they can use in the future.

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Number the steps in the correct order (1 through 5). Transcribe the DNA to create the mRNA. Match the mRNA codons to their tRNA anticodons and the attached amino acids. Perform dehydration synthesis to build the amino acid chain in the ribosome. Locate the start, stop, and other codons on the mRNA. Identify the antisense strand of the DNA within the cell nucleus.

The production of proteins occurs in two steps: transcription and translation.  

Transcription occupies the data encoded in DNA and encrypts it into the messenger RNA that heads out of the nucleus of the cell and into the cytoplasm. At the time of translation, the mRNA functions with a ribosome and tRNA to produce proteins.  

The following are the steps in correct order:  

1. Transcribe the DNA to produce the mRNA.  

2. Match the mRNA codons to their tRNA anticodons and the connected amino acids.  

3. Perform dehydration synthesis to construct the chain of amino acid in the ribosome.  

4. Locate the stop, start, and other codons on the mRNA.  

5. Determine the antisense strands of the DNA within the cell.  

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Give examples of six orders of mammals, and briefly list characteristics of each

1.order carnivora (meat eaters)
2.order cetacea (whales and purpoises)
3.order chiroptera (bats)
4.order edentata (toothless mammals

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People who suffer renal failure are treated with a medical process called dialysis. A dialysis machine carries out the role of the kidneys. Explain the functions that a dialysis machine must perform in order to carry out the work of the kidneys. In your answer, include which structures of a working kidney carry out each function.

The kidneys are the organs  responsible for filtering the body from excess materials like salts and other by-products that can be found from ingesting food and medicines. Without the functions of the kidneys the body will get poisoned because it can't process such waste and bring it to the excretory system in the form of urine and feces. 

The dialysis machine acts out as kidneys in the body, when it is attached, blood is transfused into the machine and the machine filters the blood. As this happens, the blood is then returned to body clean and free from toxins.

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Animals need various nutrients in order to live and grow. Nitrogen, for example, is a nutrient that is needed to form molecules, such as DNA and RNA. How do animals obtain nitrogen? A. They create nitrogen in their bodies using other nutrients as building blocks. B. They eat plants which have absorbed nitrogen from the soil. C. They breathe in and absorb nitrogen gas from the atmosphere. D. all of these




Nitrogen is essential for all living things because it is a major part of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins and of nucleic acids such as DNA, which transfers genetic information to subsequent generations of organisms. About 78 percent of the atmosphere is made of nitrogen, but plants and animals can't take nitrogen directly from the air. A process called the nitrogen cycle makes this happen.

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MATCH THE FOLLOWING ITEMS. 1. Largest Class ~Silicates 2. Found in Caves ~Carbonates 3. Contain Oxygen ~Oxides 4. Contains Sulfur ~Sulfides


1. Largest Class - Silicates

2. Found in Caves - Carbonates

3. Contain Oxygen - Oxides

4. Contains Sulfur - Sulfides


  • Silicates are the largest and most abundant class of minerals present in the planet, their participation in the formation of terrestrial rocks corresponds to 75%.
  • The caves with their structures known as stalactites and stalagmites form from the dissolution of calcium carbonate in water.
  • Oxides are minerals resulting from the combination of oxygen with metals and metalloids.
  • Sulphides are minerals that arise from the association of sulfur (S^{2-}) with metallic elements.

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A bear has an ___________ that is inside its body. Its skeleton is made of bone and cartilage, not of ____________ like a grasshopper's. When the bear moves its forepaw toward it using its bicep, the bicep is called the ___________. \ What words fill these spaces correctly, in order? Endoskeleton, Chitin, Prime Mover Endoskeleton, Chitin, Agonist Exoskeleton, Chitin, Prime Mover Inskeleton, Chitin, Origin

From what I can tell, The answer is either A or B. Mammals have what is called an Endoskeleton, which means that their skeletons are inside their bodies. A way to remember this is Exo- is similar to exit and when you exit something then you are going outside. Endo- sounds like into, which can relate to being on the inside. Insects have Exoskeletons, which are made from Chitin. Now Agonists are also called Prime Mover muscles, which means they are practically the same thing.

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This chart presents data on greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity from 1990 to 2012. Which questions would help clarify this evidence? !THERE IS MORE THAN ONE ANSWER! (Earth science) 20 points. a. Which source of electricity generation caused the most emissions? b. What types of industries are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions? c. Which natural sources of greenhouse gas emissions are shown here? d. Why is agriculture the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions? e. What caused the dip in greenhouse gas emissions in transportation after 2007?


The following questions are clarifying the evidence that green house gas emissions are caused by human activity from 1990 to 2012:

a. Which source of electricity generation caused the most emissions?

b. What types of industries are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions?

a. Which source of electricity generation caused the most emissions?

Ans: During this period, coal was used as a source of  electricity generation, carbon is a chief component of coal. Burning of coal results in release of carbon dioxide in air which is a greenhouse gas.

b. What type of industries are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions?

Ans: Automobile, fertilizers and chemical, agricultural industries were responsible for greenhouse gas emission in 1990-2012.

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