What is the relationship between genes in a Alleles

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An allele is a version of a gene. We have two alleles of every gene, located on the same spot on different chromosomes. For example, the gene for eyecolor can either be the allele blue or the allele brown, but they are the same gene!
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Should a vegetarian be concerned about eating a GM plant that contains DNA from a pig gene?

No because there isn't  a GM plant

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Which of the following does this chart represent? Promotes Growth Controls Tropisms Controls Budding Flowers Abscisis x Auxins x Cytokinins x Ethylene x Gibberallins x x A The completed plant tissues and the cells that initiate their growth B The relationship between different types of plant hormones and their functions C The differences between plant structures and the hormones they produce D The types of plant cells and their functions within the plant


Plant hormones are signalling molecules, produced b plants that regulate growth, development and other cellular processes of plants. There are five types of plant hormones, which include abscisic acid, auxins, cytokinins, ethylene, and gibberallins.

Given chart represents relationship between different plant hormones and their responses or functions. Auxin promotes plant growth, plays role in tropism, abscisic acid plays role in seed and bud dormancy, cytokinin promotes cell division, ethylene controls plant growth and stimulates flowering, and gibberallins cause stem elongation.

Thus, the correct answer is option (B).

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A mutation exists in a gene that controls hair growth on the middle digit of human fingers. Some people have mid-digital hair, while others do not. The gene can be passed from one generation to the next. Which explanation best predicts what should happen to this trait over time?

A change exists in a quality that controls hair development on the center digit of human fingers. A few people have mid-computerized hair, while others don't. The frequency of mid-advanced hair won't change since it offers no specific preferred standpoint or detriment.

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What enables a gene to code for different versions of a trait in different organisms?

Number of chromosomes

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How many alleles for a trait do you receive from each parent? why?

The answer is 1 ofcourse 

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In 2001 scientists reported the successful use of gene therapy to treat three dogs that had been born blind. the animals' blindness was the result of a mutated gene. explain the steps that the scientists probably would have used to restore sight to the dogs

The scientist would probably use the following steps to restore the dogs' eyesight.
>Since normal gene is carried by harmless virus, scientists inject the virus into the eyes of the blind dogs. 
> Virus injected contains normal genes which replace the defective ones. This process is called gene therapy.
> After the process, the dogs can now see.

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Hemophilia, color blindness, and duchenne muscular dystrophy occur more often in males than females. why? a these traits are carried only on the x chromosome and since there is no matching gene on the y chromosome, the traits are expressed more readily in males. b these traits are carried only on the x chromosome. c testis-determining factor (tdf causes these diseases. d these diseases develop due to the lack of estrogen and progesterone. e since there is no matching gene on the y chromosome, the traits are expressed more readily in males.


a) these traits are carried only on the x chromosome and since there is no matching gene on the y chromosome, the traits are expressed more readily in males.


Hemophilia, color blindness, and duchenne muscular dystrophy are disorders which are caused by X-linked recessive mutations which means that even if a mutation occurs in a gene of only one X chromosome then the phenotype will be expressed in the males because they are hemizygous for the gene. By hemizygous we mean to say that males have one X and one Y chromosome so a gene present on X chromosome will not find match on the Y chromosome and the mutation will express readily.

In contrast to this, in case of females who have two X chromosomes, the mutation in one X chromosome may be suppressed by another X chromosome in heterozygous condition i.e. if another X chromosome has healthy gene (wild type gene). In case of females the diseased phenotype will only appear if they are homozygous for the mutation.

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Chemical changes in just one base pair of a gene is known as?

Missense substitution (i think)

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Can someone please help on these two question Please I don't get this at all I'm really confused 1: Explain how dominant and recessive alleles for the trait of stem height determine weather a pea plant will be tall or short. 2: Can a short pea plant ever be a hybrid for the trait stem height? Why or why not.

Being Tall is a Dominant trait, even if the alleles are Tt (heterozygous), the pea plant would be tall. But if the alleles are tt (homozygous recessive) the pea plant would be short. TT would mean homozygous dominant are result in a pure tall pea plant. 

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Explain how a natural disaster can change the gene frequency in a population and give an example to show how the frequency changed.

Population may change if that happens 

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15) Many gardeners use a chemical weed-killer to control plant pests in their gardens. However, many weeds have begun to develop a resistance to these chemical poisons. The resistance that the weeds have developed may be passed down to future generations through _________ . A) apoptosis B) genes C) mitosis D) revolution




A gene is a molecular unit of heredity in all living organisms. Genes are segments of the long-stranded DNA coiled around histone proteins to form Chromosome. Genes hold the information to build and maintain an organism's cell and pass genetic traits to offsprings.

Genetic inheritance, also called heredity, occurs due to the genetic material in form of DNA being passed from parents to their offsprings. The understanding of inheritance began with the work of an Austrian monk called Gregor Mendel, whose experimental discoveries provided the foundation of Modern genetics today. Mendel was accredited as the first person to correctly understand the process of how traits are inherited by offsprings from parents.

In sexual reproduction, the genetic material (contained in the gametes produced by meiosis) of the two parents (male and female) combines and passed on to the resulting offspring (s). When an organism undergoes reproduction, all the information for growth, survival and reproduction for the next generation is found in the DNA passed down from the parent generation.

In this case, the resistance developed by the weeds is a phenotypic characteristics which is encoded for by a gene in the weeds' genome. Hence, they pass down this chenmical-killer resistance trait to their offsprings during reproduction by the means of the genes contained in the gametes produced by meosis.

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HELPP ? why would we want to manipulate or splice a human gene into bacteria

To quickly reproduce and create copies of that gene for recombinate Dna procedures

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How is bacteria used in gene splicing

It is how they put in th DNA and RNA into the organism

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If there is s large amount of lactose present, how does bacteria respond? A the gene for beta-galactosidase turns on. B the gene for beta-galactosidase turns off. C beta-galactosidase production increases. D lactose is produced.

In the presence of lactose, the gene for beta-galactosidase is turned on by induction. The RNA polymerase binds to the promoter, in the presence of lactose. Lactose binds to repressor leading to structural changes so that it does not bind to the promoter.  This leads to the production of beta-galactosidase which breaks the bond between glucose and galactose, for utilization of lactose. 

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What term is used to describe pairs of chromosomes having dna segments, or genes, for the same traits?

To be honest i really think that it is all of them

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Should a vegetarian be concerned about eating a gm plant that contains dna from a pig gene

A genetically modified plant contains altered or modified DNA, by the process of genetic engineering. A vegetarian should not be much concerned about an animal gene being inserted into the plant-based foods. These genes are inserted to make food healthy and more nutritious, and there is no meat. The whole process is humane and therefore, it should not be a matter of concern.

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What is the relationship between a mineral and a rock? a.They are the exact same thing. b.A mineral is a building block of rocks. c.Minerals are only silicates while rocks are nonsilicates. d.A rock is always man-made while a mineral is naturally occurring.

Minerals are composed of multiple elements and rocks are actually made up of minerals. Take quartz for example, it's a mineral that's made up of silicon and oxygen. If we then look at the igneous rock that is referred to as granite, we'll see quartz (the main one), mica(s), and feldspar. 

So your answer is B. :)

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When cells express different genes, what occurs? A- cell reproduction B- morphogenesis C- cell differentiation D- apoptosis

The answer is C. Cell Differentiation

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