What mountain range borders India to the northeast

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I believe it's the Himalayan Mountain Range
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It is believed that a mother language originally developed in _____. Asia Eurasia India Africa

A mother tongue, as in the first language ever spoken by humans? This would likely be in Africa, as humans are likely to have developed language before migrating to other contintents: as shown by the fact that languages are spoken on ALL continents.

if it developed in Eurasia, we would have to explain how people in Africa, who never left, developed language...

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In India's caste system, which group was considered the lowest caste? A. Vaishyas B. Shudras C. Kshatriyas D. Brahmans

The lowest caste of the mentioned groups are the Shudras.

The Shudras are considered to be the fourth Varna (the Sanskirt word which with multiple meanings but can be translated to character, or quality for example). According to the Rigveda (a sacred text in Hinduism) the job of Shudras was to serve the other three Varnas (Vaisyas - skilled traders, merchants, and minor officials, Kshatriyas - warriors and rulers, and Brahmans - priests).

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True or false. The hopewell had trade plans From the Rocky Mountains to lake superior

True because the rocky mountains is to lake

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India before the mid-20th century included what are now the independent nations of India and A.) Pakistan and Bangladesh B.) Sri Lanka C.) Afghanistan and Burma D.) Tibet

A. Pakistan and India got their independence from the British. In Aug. 15, 1947.

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What are the huge lakes in the northeast USA called

The great lakes of america

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What is meant by the "partition" of India in 1947?

India, also known as the British India, was a huge country that corresponded to today's India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It was predominantly Muslim, and Muslims felt underrepresented in the power structures. When India gained independence from Britain, the Muslims wanted to have their own country: Pakistan. This split out of India is called the Partition of India.

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10 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!! What does Jordan and Israel have in common? A.they are both among the world's top oil producers. B.Neither one borders he Mediterranean Sea. C.They are both constitutional monarchies. D.Neither one has any oil reserves.

B. False- Israel lies on the Mediteranean!
C. False- Israel isn't!

now, the question is, do they have oil? Well, Jordan, does, a lot, Israel- not so much. So it seems like there really isnt a good answer! still, i'd choose A if had to make a choice.

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Immigrants from Romania walked across the border into the United States in search of work. TRUE FALSE

Unless I am missing some very specific context for this; this is false, Romania does not share a border with the United States, much less a ground border. Romanians would have to take a ship or a plane to go to the US.

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Did Taoism begin in India

No, Taoism has its origin in China rather than India. Tao is a Chinese (not Indian) concept that means a way. India does not have any significant Taoist community even now.

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How does the monsoon benefit India

The monsoon brings in water (in form of rain) to areas that otherwise would not produce any vegetation. Without the monsoon, India would produce a lot less food than it does now. 

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Which resulted from the trade network developed during the Gupta Empire? 1.)India developed a banking system. 2.)Cultural advancements declined due to the focus on trade. 3.)India faced fewer threats from its enemies. 4.)The caste system spread through Asia along trade routes.

The trade network that was developed during the the Gupta Empire in India had lead to the development of a banking system. The banking system that was developed in response to the booming trade and economy of India during the Gupta Empire is one of India's greatest development or achievement. The trade in India includes silks, cotton goods, spices, gold and ivory, rice and wheat, horses and a lot more. These products greatly contributed to the progressive trade system of India under Gupta's rule.

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Why is india better than russia

India has a higher population than Russia, however Russia has more land than India. Also, India produces more people in the technology field, which has become a problem for people looking for IT jobs in the US. Similarly, India and Russia both were trade defense military suppliers to each other since the 1960s.

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Border ruffians who disrupted Kansas before its statehood were from?

The Border Ruffians who disrupted Kansas before its statehood were from Missouri. Missouri is one of the many pro-slavery countries and it wanted to make their neighboring countries as their slaves. It was in 1854 during fall season, that an estimated 1,700 pro-slavery men went to Kansas to have their representative elected. They threatened everybody and shoot anyone that is opposed to slavery. Their representative that time has been elected to Congress even if their votes had been called fraudulent.

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What Indians were located in the Andies mountains

The most important native Americans in the Andes were the Inca (Inca were Quechua-speaking). But there were also many other tribes, such as the Aymara, Norte Chico civilisation (an early civilisation), Uru( next to Titicaca) and many, many others.

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I have to write three examples of each region costal, desert, mountains, and valleys what are some examples?

Coastal: Hawaii, California Bay, along the Gulf of Mexico
Desert: Gobi Desert, Karoo Desert, Arabian Desert
Mountains: Everest, Olympus, Kangchenjunga
Valleys: Bhagirathi, Betaab, Zanskar

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What is an industry in the mountain and basin region in texas?

1.       In the mountains and basin region of texas, they grow cotton, vegetables, fruits and cantaloupes. The weather in the mountains and basin region of texas is very dry, partly of the region is desert.  Big bend national park , Guadalupe peak and the Marfa lights are the main attraction in this place. People there do ranch (raising sheeps, cattle and goats), farm (grow fruits, cottons, cantaloupes and vegetables) and produce oil and gas.  The landform of this regions has 150 mountains.

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The Berber people are an ethnic group originally from which area? a. North Africa b. the Arabian Peninsula c. Israel d. the Caucasus Mountains

A. North Africa

Exp: they spread the Berber language throughout Africa

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The Indus Valley has a large fertile plain which has contributed to the large population growth in which of these South Asian countries? A) India B) Nepal C) Bhutan D) Pakistan

The Indus Valley contributed to the large population of India. It is just northwest of the Indian subcontinent.

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What is the name of the treaty signed by Canada and the United States, that was meant to help control pollution along a portion of their shared border?

Its Great Lakes Water Agreement... lol sorry

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How many areas are bordered by other land areas?

Kansas, Mississippi, Ohio an many other middle states.

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Which Central Asian countries does the Aral sea border?

The Aral Sea (which is barely a lake now, as it was dried as a result of the Soviets using its waters to irrigate land) borders Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

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Islam was FIRST introduced into India by Arab __________.

traders would be in the underline area

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What countries share a border with Italy?

In the north, the land borders of Italy are with (from the east):Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and France. It does not share any land borders with other countries but It's also close to Malta and Albania, although separated by the sea.

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How might people adapt to life in a area with steep mountains

They can hike because when you hike it helps I would say

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Which of the following best addresses the economic question For whom to produce? a) Compass Learning Group contracts a team from India to write a course. b)Head Tome runs a social networking site with incorporated advertising. c)Lady Zigzag's agent makes concert tickets available on a new smartphone app. d)InFocus conducts focus groups to determine its target market. is it a?please can someone help me?

D. InFocus conducts focus groups to determine its target market.

A target market is the group or demographic that you are attempting to cater towards. So finding your target market would be answering the questing about "for whom to produce?"

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What mountain range extends 3,000 miles from Alaska south to New Mexico?

This mountain range is called the Rocky Mountains

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What is the nane given to a low area between ranges of mountain or hills

The name given to a low area between ranges of mountains or hills is a valley

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Why are the Appalachian mountains smooth and rounded

One reason is it can be climate and weather conditions like wind affected the mountains by eroding

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