What of the following best signals characteristics of gothic literature as illustrated in edgar allen poe’s poem “the raven”? a. dark and mysterious moods along with suspense b. a setting in the country or a rural area c. strong male characters d. a lack of violence

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The correct answer is a. dark and mysterious moods along with suspense

This is a fairly common characteristic not only in the Raven, but in many other gothic works of fiction.
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In Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death" is flamboyant and grotesque, but it is basically a story of man against nature, which is a form of external conflict. Select one: True False

The red death is forced to attack humanity it is therefore the protagonist. Prince prosperity is the antagonists who is trying to escape plague. This type of conflict in which nature is the protagonist.
So I believe true

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What characteristics of ariadne affects how the conflict is resolved?

I believe that the answer to the question provided above is that the conflict is resolved by characteristics of ariadne of being so determined.
Hope my answer would be a great help for you.    If you have more questions feel free to ask here at Brainly.

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What character would be the best example of archetype

Plato,a philosopher, and Carl Jung, a psychologist

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What inferences can we make for the characters in the book and then there were none

I believe that the answer to the question provided above is that the inferences we can make for the characters in the book and then there were none is the the story is hanging.
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Swoosh! Swoosh! went the blade of the shovel as Lester dug one mound of dirt after another. Swoosh! Deeper into the grave that was still fresh enough to be lacking in grass cover. Swoosh! With each thrust he relived the swing of his ax. One tool to send the old man to his grave and another to unearth him again. Swoosh!Which characteristic of Gothic writing does this passage best illustrate? A.The deadly power of nature B.Mystery and suspense C.Supernatural revelation D.The gruesome and macabre


B.Mystery and suspense


We can hear the noise made by a shovel while someone , Lester, was digging a grave in the writing. We get more details of this setting; we learn that the grave was deep  and  it had not been covered by grass yet , which makes us feel as if we were inside it . This atmosphere of mystery and suspense gets sharper when we learn that an old man was being buried but,later, it would be unearthed .

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"I call not upon a few but upon all—not on this state or that state, but on every state—up and help us. . . . Let it be told to the future world that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive, that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet and repulse it." Paine's purpose in issuing this plea is to draw attention to the differences that exist among colonists from different states. unite the colonists in support of continuing the fight for independence. encourage the colonists to wait for better times in the spring. warn the colonists of the danger of a British attack during the winter months.

This particular excerpt, derives from one of the two most famous political and rebellious pamphlets written by English-American journalist, activist and revolutionary Thomas Paine, in 1776. A huge supporter of the American Revolution and the need to break off from British control, Paine used his two pamphlets: Common Sense and The American Crisis, as a means to encourage Americans from the 13 colonies to end their ties with the British Crown. Calling upon human rights and the ideals proposed in the Enlightment era, Paine became almost primordial to the American Revolution and is now considered one of the Founding Fathers. Among the many things pushed forth by Paine in his pamphlets, one of the most common, was his insistence to the American people of the need to forgo their differences as individual states, and to unite under one banner and one goal. This is why the correct answer here is: Paine issues this plea as a way to: Unite the colonists in support of continuing the fight for independence.

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In stanza 14 of the raven poe uses the word nepenthe. judging from the context what is nepenthe? A. A book B. A beverage C. A bird D. A place is not D

Is it a beverage but im not really sure

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Which lines in this poem indicate that the poetic speaker refuses to be beguiled by love any longer?

Is there an example?

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_____ is the act of creating and developing a character through narration, description, and dialogue. Acting Characterization Impersonation Writing

Characterization, if you need help with things like this, you can message me! It's easy.

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Please help!! I need a strong sentence to end my editorial about banning animal testing. High school and older please, I need it to sound formal and established. Thank you!

And that is why I think animals should be free of the cruelty scientists expose them to because they have just as much sentient as humans do.

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Which type of literature would most likely have been written during the Regency period? A. a historical novel B. poetry in blank verse C. a novel of manners D. a modern re-telling of ancient myths

C.) A Novel of Manners --- I believe this is the correct answer. Historical novels were writen in many of the literary eras. Blank verse is from th Romantic period and it is obviously not a re-telling of an ancient myth.

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Which of the following indicates that a character in a story is a round character? A. He or she is described briefly, in general terms. B. He or she fulfills a specific role in the story. C. He or she has conflicting interests. D. He or she has predictable behavior.

A round character is someone that the story goes into detail on, or in other words, is provided context for more than just appearance. answer is c

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If anyone here has read animal Farm please help with this character list and meaning behind the characters (page 1)

What do you need help with?

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1.) In Frankenstein, Victor changes from an optimistic, eager young man to one who is anxious and... A.) Honest B.) Remorseful C.) Confident 2.) Frankenstein is told using... A.) First person point of view B.) Flashbacks C.) Both A and B 3.) An epistolary novel always uses ____ to tell the story. A.) Gun fights B.) Suspense C.) Letters 4.) An example of "natural philosophy," or the physical sciences, is A.) Anatomy B.) Psychology C.) Mathematics 6.) Why doesn't Victor share with Robert what he discovered? A.) Victor is afraid that Robert will steal his creation B.) Victor is afraid that it would lead to Robert's destruction and misery. C.) Victor is afraid that Robert will not believe him 7.) In Frankenstein, When Victor sees the creature, he expresses all of the following EXCEPT A.) Pride B.) Horror C.) Disgust 8.) In Frankenstein, after two years, Victor again sees the creature when he A.) Looks out his window during the storm B.) Is walking during a storm and lighting flashes C.) Enters a classroom in the university during a storm 9.) Who is the speaker of the following quote: "I wish that I were to die with you; I cannot live in this world of misery"? A.) The creature B.) Victor C.) Elizabeth

1. The correct answer is B. Remorseful. At the beginning, Victor was enthusiastic and full of hope that his scientific achievement would make the world better. However, soon he realizes that he has brought a misery not only upon himself, but the world at large. It brings him a feeling of devastation and great remorse, which will haunt him until the end of his days.

2. The correct answer is C. Both A and B. The general point of view is first person; the story about Frankenstein is told by Captain Robert, and the story within the story is told by Frankenstein himself. However, Frankenstein’s story is actually a great flashback on his personal history and all that happened to him.

3. The correct answer is C. Letters. The very name “epistolary” derives from the word epistle, which means a personal document written to another person. The whole novel about Frankenstein is actually part of a written correspondence between Captain Robert Walton and his sister Margaret. Even Frankenstein’s own story is incorporated into one of those letters. Ever since the Enlightenment (mid-18th century), epistolary novels were very popular and widely read.

4. The correct answer is A. Anatomy. The term “natural philosophy” referred, among others, to anatomy, long before the development of modern natural sciences. It was, in a way, a middle ground of what we today call humanistic and natural science. It tried to explain complex issues of human body and existence, trying to find answers to most pertinent of all questions: the phenomena of life and death.

6. The correct answer is B. Victor is afraid that it would lead to Robert’s destruction and misery. He tells him all about the creature and their full history. But he never reveals him how he managed to create him in the first place. Victor is fully determined that his secret should die with him, so as not to bring further misery. From his present perspective, it is an unholy and wretched thing, and he condemns his own scientific curiosity that had brought him to that discovery.

7. The correct answer is A. Pride. Victor is horrified and disgusted by the creature, who is a weird and uncanny mix between a human and a thorough inversion of a human – he is taller and far stronger than “normal” humans, but his face and features are disfigured and grotesque. Victor instantly realizes that this was not what he had hoped for. Far from being proud because of his achievement, he grows literally sick and takes months to recover.

8. The correct answer is B. Is walking during a storm and lightning flashes. Victor is roaming the woods where his brother William was recently strangled to death. All of a sudden, a lightning flashes and illuminates a giant, deformed figure. Victor instantly realizes that it must be his creature, and shudders at the thought that it must have been responsible for his brother’s death.

9. The correct answer is C. Elizabeth. At the moment, Victor and Elizabeth are visiting Justine in her prison cell. She is to be executed the following day because she admitted to killing William, which she actually didn’t do. Victor knows the truth and who the real culprit is, but won’t tell anyone for the fear of being considered mad. He and Elizabeth thoroughly sympathize with Justine, and even Elizabeth believes that she is completely innocent, even though there is no proof for that. Elizabeth feels so bad that she declares she would rather share Justine’s fate than live in the cruel world without justice.

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Beowulf and other characters who carry the status and power of gods within themselves and remain subject to the joys and hardships of the human condition are called

The correct answer that would best complete the given statement above is the term EPIC HEROES. Beowulf and other characters who carry the status and power of gods within themselves and remain subject to the joys and hardships of the human condition are called EPIC HEROES. Hope this answers your question.

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What is a strong idea and how do strong ideas improve the process and product of writing?

Strong ideas help ur reader have a stronger picture of the story. 

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Read the following passage:Jessica's stomach growled as she struggled to fit her feet into shoes that were too small. She ignored the growling as she carefully counted out change for the bus and thought about eating the last slice of bread in the fridge. No, she decided. Better to save it for dinner after she got off work.What can you infer about the character from the information the passage provides?

Evidently we can assume that through the use of the verb 'struggle' it's not only physically with her shoe but possibly in her life situation - she's finding it difficult to live in her squalid conditions possibly because she's got something else she needs to take care of ...

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What effect does an unreliable narrator have on the reader? A. To make the reader feel sorry for the narrator's inability to fit in with the setting B. To allow the reader to see the thoughts and actions of all the characters C. To make the reader question the narrator's credibility and trustworthiness D. To make the reader angry about the narrator's lies and lack of honesty

The best choice here is C. unreliable narrators are often used to confuse the reader, or keep them on their toes. reliable narrators see things clearly and relay events truthfully, but unreliable narrators see things from a warped point of view that can keep readers in the dark.

we don't necessarily always feel sorry for unreliable narrators; sometimes their misfortune is self-inflicted (A). unreliable narrators only give you their warped perspective, and they could potentially alter or misinterpret the actions of other characters, so choice B is incorrect. while unreliable narrators might irritate readers because they prove to be confusing, that isn't their sole effect on a reader. their warped perspective is meant to make you question them, and try to look for hidden meanings or hints.

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