What state of the united states borders at least one sea and a gulf?

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I thinkit is Florida borders both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Sea
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These are all describing which international group? A) Red Cross B) United Nations C) Organization of American States D) North Atlantic Treaty Organization

First formed in 1975.

· Addresses issues common and vital to the leading industrial economies in the world.

· Members include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, & the United States

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I really need help please thank you so much Your teacher needs help! Before beginning the lessons on the U.S. Constitution, he asked his students to write essays on what they already knew. Now he has to correct those essays. Read the first essay and write a corrected version. The first two statements are correct. Fix the rest. You may list the corrections as bullet points. Then write a summary sentence about the Constitution. The U.S. Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787 by the Constitutional Convention meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After ratification by 11 states (only 9 were required), the new United States government began operation in March of 1789. The Constitution establishes five branches of government that include the Congress, the president, the courts, the military, and the postal service. The Congress has two parts: a House of Senators and the Representatives. Each calls for two members and two alternates from each state. The president is responsible for introducing and passing all new laws, but the representatives can veto them. The highest court is called the Court of Special Appeals. The judges serve 10-year terms and are elected. Unlike the judges, the president is appointed by the Congress. The Constitution can be changed by a process called altering it. The first ten alterations to the Constitution are known together as the States’ Rights Acts. Alterations to the Constitution must be approved by half the states. Each branch of the government operates independently of the other. There is no system for separation of powers, which makes the government free of any checks and balances. Judicial review of whether laws are constitutional is possible only when the president asks for it.

Because we use this to help us stay on track with the money system.....

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How would you summerize March to the sea? (Civil War)

Sherman's march to the sea was terrible for the south. He destroyed most of the Souths economy

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Read the following excerpt from the Civil Rights Act of 1964. No person acting under any color of law may deny the right of any individual to vote in any Federal election because of an error or omission on any record of paper relating to any application, registration, or other act requisite to voting. Which of the following conclusions can be drawn based on this excerpt? A. States were intentionally placing errors on voter registration applications to keep African Americans from voting. B. States were nullifying voter applications due to errors and omissions on the forms. C. Voters did not understand how to accurately fill out voter registration forms. D. Voters were refusing to complete some sections of voter registration forms.

The following conclusion can be drawn based on the excerpt:

A. States were intentionally placing errors on voter registration applications to keep African Americans from voting.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, is talking about people whose right to vote is being denied. The fact that the act states that no one should be denied the right to vote due to errors or omissions in required records to vote, demonstrates that this was being a common excuse to prevent African Americans from voting. A way to stop states from doing this, was simply to pass an act in which this method was not longer useful to prevent some people from voting.

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A major reason for the isolationist trend in the United States following World War I was

A disillusionment over the outcomes of the war. :)

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What is the division of powers in federalism? A. City and state B. National and State C. State and international D. National and City

The answer was state and international

Hope that help you

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Which event would have first caused the united states to begin reversing its neutrality acts in the early of world war 2

Germany Invasion Of Poland

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Why did the United States want the Soviet Union to remove its nuclear weapons from Cuba? (1 point) A. It wanted to protect Cuba from communism. B. Cuba is close to the United States border. C. It was protecting nearby countries in Central America. D. The United States did not have any missiles of its own

The problem  was the closeness of Cuba to US. If the Soviet Union had its nuclear weapons so close to the US it could fire them and they'd reach the US before US could react in any way (e.g. by shooting down the plane carrying it). Generally countries feel very uneasy about nuclear weapons controlled by an enemy (or potential enemy) so close to their borders.

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Explain some of the reasons why Americans wanted the Indigenous tribes moved from the southeastern United States.

According to the Americans, the Indians were taking up space. Their country was rapidly growing, so they told the Indians to sign a treaty so they would move.

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Which Muslim country, divided into 2 states, bordered India to the east and west

South Africa and North Korea

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How did the war in Korea influence the United States to support a conflict in Vietnam?

After fighting the war in Korea, the US had learned that communism would spread. In order to keep with their policy of containment, they had to rush in and stop Viet Cong from spreading communism (much like the domino theory that the US had). Had Viet Cong not wanted to bring about communism, there would be no need for invasion, and the domino theory would have yet to be proven.


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Which early American political party are these facts describing? A) the Whigs B) the Federalists C) the Know-Nothings D) the Democratic-Republicansled by Thomas Jefferson and James Madisonfavored stronger state and local governmentssupported by planters, farmers, and craftsmen

he early American political party led by Jefferson and Madison was the Democratic-Republicans. This party supported strong state and local governments and appealed to the nation's planters and farmers.

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Why was Harriet Tubman known as "the Moses of her people"? A. She gave them commandments to follow. B. She led them to freedom by way of the Underground Railroad. C. She toured all the world speaking on behalf of the slaves in the United States. D. She parted the Mississippi River.

B for sure. Back in 1849. She escaped. and Led those to freedom. she was given the nick name by Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison

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The President of the United States has just appointed you, a conservation Biologist, to work on a nation-wide plan to limit biodiversity loss. In this plan, you need to first explain why biodiversity is so important & then give at least 3 plausible strategies to aid in conservation, including explanations as to how they would be enforced.

Bio-diversity is very important because it maintains the abiotic and biotic relationships within a given ecosystem. Aside from this, it allows for the development and the continuity of the species' evolution. Three plausible strategies to aid in conservation are:

a. Strengthen the laws and regulations that are about conserving wildlife and preserving the environment (i.e. minimizing gas emissions, building sustainable energy)

b. Build conservation centers that would hold wild life and diverse organisms that can be saved or placed under strict observations so that they can reproduce more viable offsprings.

c. The government should allot a separate budget that is big enough to help conservation efforts of scientists working in the field.

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[The President] . . . shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls . . . and all other Officers of the United States.1 This excerpt from Article II of the U.S. Constitution describes which of the president's major functions? A. Selecting officials to carry out federal policies B. Overriding Congress when it oversteps its role as laid out in the Constitution C. Serving a ceremonial role by symbolically representing all Americans’ interests D. Setting foreign and domestic policy during times of national emergency

The correct answer is A) selecting officials to carry out federal policies.

The excerpt from Article II of the United States Constitution describes the following president's major function: selecting officials to carry out federal policies.

Among the main functions of the President of the United States, are, he is the Commander. in-Chief of the Armed Forces. He also is the Chief of State, he is the leader of the country and makes the most difficult decision to protect the countries' interests inside and abroad. He is the Chief Executive that supervises the governmental administration, the bureaucracy, and the executive programs. And of course, he also is the leader of his Party.

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What effect did abolishing slavery and the restriction of immigration to Texas from the United States by the Mexican government have?

All the tension between Mexico and America was

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