What type of figurative language is The great ship sighed, hesitated, and then turned its back on the future, succumbing to the ocean’s deep and fatal promises.

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The ship has human-like characteristics. The sentence is talking as if the ship has the brains to decide it can sigh and hesitate.

You can remember by seeing that the word "person" is in "personification".
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A young teacher must overcome a physical impairment in order to reach her young students. Which type of conflict is portrayed in this scenario? A. Character versus nature B. Character versus society C. Character versus character D. Character versus self

Answer: D. Character versus self.

Explanation: A In literature, a conflict is a literary element that consists in a struggle between two forces. Usually, is the main character who struggles against some other force. The conflict is what gives purpose to the characters and the story. In the portrayed scenario, we can see an example of a conflict of Character versus self, because the teacher is struggling with herself, in order to accomplish her goal.

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NEED HELP ASAP As the boys set out to search for the Beast, Ralph allows Jack to lead the way, and he sinks to the back of the pack, "thankful to have escaped responsibility for a time." What does this moment lead you to infer about Ralph and about his feelings about being the group’s leader? What does this moment foreshadow?

Ralph starts to feel like he needs/ wants to step back and let Jack lead the group for a while. He is slowly getting sick of all the responsibility of leading the group of boys. This foreshadows Jack's ruling of the group as Ralph becomes more of a follower. 

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1. All of the following lines from "Cranes" demonstrate the story's message about the effects of war on people except. A. "The northern village at the border of the Thirty-eighth Parallel was snugly settled under the high, bright autumn sky."**** B. "Then he suddenly he thought that Tokchae,too, must want a puff. But today, how could he offer a cigarette to a fellow like this?" C. "They made me vice-chairman of the league because I was one of the poorest and I was a hard-working farmer. If that constitutes a crime worthy of death, so be it." D. "I thought of evacuating, even if I hd to carry my father on my back. But my father said no. How could the farmers leave the land behind when the crops were ready for harvest?" 2. Read the following paragraphs from "Cranes." Without a moment's delay, still out of breath from running, they untied the crane's feet and wings. But the bird could hardly walk. It must have been worn out from being bound. The two held it up in the air. Then, all of a sudden, a shot was fired. The crane fluttered its wings a couple of times and came down again. It was shot, they thought. But the next moment, as another crane from a nearby bush fluttered its wings, the boys' crane stretched out its long neck with a whoop and disappeared into the sky. For a long time the two boys could not take their eyes away from the blue sky into which their crane had soared. Which word best describes the mood created by these paragraphs? A. Celebratory B. Comforting C. Admiring***** D. Tranquil I think 1 is A and 2 is C. I'm not 100% sure if I'm correct or not.

The questions on my unit test for the East Asia and Pacific Rim were different for question 1, so do not have that for sure.

2. c. admiring

Just took test.

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Do you think people rely too much or too little on body language when communicating? Why?

Body language during communication can mean many things, the person might want to see if the person is following along to what they are saying or they just feel as if they are not communicating properly if its not used. With that said not a lot of people use body language, most people who seems to use it are speech givers, or public talkers. Maybe its a nervous habit for some, but its not a reliance so no I don't believe they do.

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Figurative language and colloquial language are not appropriate for academic writing

First of this isn't a question, but here we go! Figurative is GREAT for academic writing. It can convey points and make things easier to understand. It also makes the passage more lively, and less boring (No one likes a boring paper).
Though colloquial isn't good for essays, if it is in dialogue it is okay. For instance, it shows the culture of the person, and makes for some interesting reading! "If dats aright' fer ye!"

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Name five types of information found in a dictionary.

1. spelling
2. frequency information
3. pronunciation
4. word class
5. senses
6. collocations phrasal use and the syntactic operation of word (bonus)

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1. Achilles agrees with Ajax that he is clinging to his anger over Agamemnon's insult. Many of the choices Achilles makes are based on that anger. However, when Achilles sends Patroclus into the fray, he advises him to drive back the Trojans but to stay away from the city's walls, lest he be killed. These actions give depth to Achilles. Describe Achilles based on his actions and his interactions with others. Use specific details from the text to support your answer.

1. based on his actions, Achilles seems to be brave by warning Patroclus and helping him so that he would not lose his life. ( Since you did not provide the text for this answer, just search for some parts in the passage that matches this description.)
2. He has been willing to sacrifice his life for his pride. Since Achilles wants to be the hero so much, he puts his life on the line all because of his pride. His pride causes him to act brave and seem fearless but his pride is slowly eating away at him. Because of this, his pride could just be his downfall if it continues.
3. Because of all his pride and wanting to be the hero in everything to save everyone and to be the star, he went against something he could just not beat because of his pride. His pride caused his downfall.

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HELP! Read the following sentence from "the old man and the sea" (1) In Ernest hemingways novel The old man and the sea, the main character is Santiago. (2) He endures severe physical hardship. (3) The hardship come mainly in his fight with the great fish. (4) A painful loss is also suffered by him when sharks eat most of the great fish on the long journey back to shore. (5) Despite the suffering and loss, however, the novel is affirmative and hopeful, stressing the power of humans to reach for greatness and to inspire greatness in others. Which of the following best describes the writer's intention in sentence 5 in relation to the rest of the passage? A) To restate the opening sentence B) To present an interpretation C) To provide example D) To summarize the paragraph


The one that best describes the writer's intention in sentence 5 in relation to the rest of the passage is to present an interpretation.


This excerpt introduces the topic in the first line and the following ones give examples of the events in the story of the main character, then the sentence number 5 expresses how the writer feels towards the general message of the story, and by saying that it is affirmative and hopeful despite all the hard time the character has to pass through, is giving they understanding of the story.

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The Eight Kings indicate that A. Banquo's heirs will be Scotland's future leaders. B. Banquo's friends are planning to avenge his murder. C. Banquo's ghost will haunt Macbeth forever. D. Banquo has faked his death and will soon fight Macbeth.

Answer: A. Banquo's heirs will be Scotland's future leaders

Explanation: Banquo, Macbeth’s best friend, was given a prediction by the Witches promising him that his descendants will be future kings of Scotland. Though he was skeptical about this, it out him in mortal danger with his friend Macbeth, who was willing to kill his best friend for the throne, all in an attempt to cheat fate. Banquo, after his death reappeared at Macbeth’s banquet as a disapproving ghost.

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Which sentence correctly uses the past perfect tense? A. Last night, he dreamed about visiting the Great Wall of China. B. He had dreamed about the Great Wall of China long before he visited it. C. Again this evening, he will be dreaming of the Great Wall of China. D. He dreams about visiting the Great Wall of China one day

Sentence which correctly uses the past perfect tense is, B. He had dreamed about the Great Wall of China long before he visited it.

Past perfect tense refers to the actions which have begun in the past and finished in the past itself when another action happened.  

It is formed by, had + past form of the verb

In the above sentence, the first action that "He had dreamed about the Great Wall of China" is finished by the second act of "he visited it."

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The street was like a market place that had suddenly been abandoned. what type of figurative speech is used here?

Simile. the phrase uses "like" to compare the street to a market place that had been abandoned

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Which of the following is the strongest claim for an argumentative research paper? A. Many residents have noticed that the shore along Silver Lake is riddled with litter. B. Many families think that Silver Lake is a great place to enjoy water sports and beach activities. C. Limiting activities along Silver Lake will reduce pollution in the lake and along its shore. D. Silver Lake offers recreational activities that are more fun than those at Mirror Lake.

The correct answer is: Option C. Limiting activities along Silver Lake will reduce pollution in the lake and along its shore.

An argumentative research paper picks a topic to be analyzed within the content, but the author is compelled to include information on the matter as evidence to support their claims.

Regarding Option C, the author is adamant and confident on the outcome of their claim, which can be noted with their use of the auxiliary verb "will" - meaning that said proposal will have an impact on somebody's interests. The reader is able to argue on this claim.

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Think about one of your best memories. If you were to write a paragraph about that memory, what types of sentences do you think that paragraph would include?

 I think that the sentences in the paragraph would include the memory. How you felt, maybe the type of memory. I am not quite sure but I hope the stuff I did give might help. Yeah... that is all.

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To create parallel structure in this sentence, which phrase would best replace the words "to prepare the pieces"? Whenever he built a model ship, he would spend more time researching the ship and photographing the model than he spent to prepare the pieces or assembling the model. A. whenever he prepared the pieces B. time preparing the pieces C. would prepare the pieces D. preparing the pieces

Parallel structure is using the same pattern of words or using the same grammatical form. In this passage, "researching," "photographing," and "assembling" are all similar because of the -ing. So to make the phrase "to prepare the pieces" flow nicely, the best way to rewrite it is D, preparing the pieces. The -ing in "preparing" is similar to the pattern of the other words.

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What is the best way for the student to revise the essay? The student should replace familiar language with more accessible language. The student should replace scholarly language with informal language. The student should replace formal language with more familiar language. The student should replace informal language with formal language.

The answer is D: The student should replace informal language with formal language.

All forms of academic writing, like an essay, should strive to always use formal language and avoid informal language. The latter is a form of language commonly used in conversation where clarity and precision are not necessary since the listener can always ask for clarification. Formal language, on the other hand, is aimed at accuracy and clarity in conveying distinct and non-ambiguous thoughts, arguments, and thesis, through sentences that are as meaningful as possible and require no further explanation or clarification. Revision of an essay should always consider this.  

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A comedy of manners is a type of dramatic comedy that ________ the rules and behaviors of a society. A. Accurately Potrays B. Humorously Critiques C. Scientifically Studies D. Mathematically Measures

A comedy of manners is a type of dramatic comedy that B. Humorously critiques the rules and behaviors of a society.

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Why is a parallelogram not the same type of quadrilateral as a trapezoid

Because with a trapezoid it only has one pair of parallel sides, but with a parallelogram it has two pairs of parallel sides.

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To create an MLA style Works Cited entry, list the author, last name first, and type the book title in italics. Suppose an author, George Pattison, wrote a novel entitled “Seven Moons Sunrise.” What is the proper format for the first line of the Works Cited entry? Pattison, George. Seven Moons Sunrise. George Pattison. “Seven Moons Sunrise.” Pattison, George. “Seven Moons Sunrise.” George Pattison. Seven Moons Sunrise.

The basic format to creat an MLA Works Cited page is

  • Last Name, First Name. "Title of Book." City of Publication, Publisher, Publication Date.

Note: The title of the book should be in italics or put in quotation marks.

In this case, we only have the name of the author and the title of the book. Therefore, the Works Cited entry should be

  • Pattison, George. "Seven Moons Sunrise." (C)

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Put the verbs in brackets to present simple or the future simple and underline the correct time word ! Please help me !

Before I think

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Which version of the sentence below most clearly describes an unexpected disappointment? I could not believe what I learned in that moment, as if I could no longer think clearly. The news hit me like a punch, knocking the breath from my body and forcing me to sit down and pant. The news became clearer and clearer in my mind as I struggled to understand what I had just learned. When I first heard the news, it was as if someone had been speaking to me in a foreign language.


The version of the sentence below that most clearly describes an unexpected disappointment is The news hit me like a punch, knocking the breath from my body and forcing me to sit down and pant.


An unexpected disappointment for logical reasons hits you harder than they think that you have foreseen and accepted even before they come to pass, the use of words in these lines are stronger and more dramatic than the ones used in the other examples which makes the feeling stronger and more tragic.

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Figurative language takes advantage of _____. poetic style words that have double meaning form none of these

B is your answer double

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8th grade English did anyone do this assignment i need help i dont want them to do it for me i just need help on it. Did the poets whoses work you examined in this lesson rely more on logical or emotional appeals? Which poems language affected you most? Why

So what your going to want to do is look at whatever poems you looked at and see if they used more facts in their work (logical) or emotionally charged words and phrases. Usually poets use more emotions that facts though, but i don't what what poetry you are reading...

Hope this helps

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