What was the result of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

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President Johnson now could take any measures necessary to promote maintinence of peace and security in southeast china.
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During which century A.D. Did the invasions of Germanic tribes result in the fall of the Roman Empire in the west

In 324 A.D

hope this helps

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Which of these ocurred as a result of the fifteenth Amendment?

The fifteen amendment..

Section 1

The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

Section 2

The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

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Which countries civil war resulted in thousands of people dying of disease and starvation in refugee camps in neighboring countries?

Had to look for the options and here is my answer.
The country during Civil war that had thousands of casualties due to starvation and diseases are is RWANDA. This Rwandan Civil War happened between the republic of Rwanda and Rwandan Armed Forces and the rebel Rwandan Patriotic Front. Hope this answer helps.

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What was one result of the potato famine


It killed a total of 1 million population and  2 million more finally migrated from the country.


Irish Potato Famine or the Great Famine took place in the period between 1845–49. This famine occurred at a time when the crop of potato failed consecutive years. The main reason for this failure was late blight, a virus that damages both the leaves and the culinary roots, or tubers, of the plant. the main impact of the famine can be seen in the fact that it killed a total of 1 million population and  2 million more finally migrated from the country.

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Most people are likely to be surprised by the results of milgram's initial obedience experiment because

The reason why other people are surprised because of the result of the experiment mentioned above is because teachers that uses this type of experiment has been acting in the most obedient way possible. Making people surprised with the act that they showed.

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A furniture factory produces 20 dining tables every day. The distributor that buys the tables randomly selects days to check the tables produced that day. Does this result in a simple random sampling?

Randomly selecting the tables that has been produced every day is considered to be a simple random sampling. It is because this type of sampling has been applied to the situation above where the individual who brought them has taken and applied the equal probability of the tables being chosen. This describes the simple random sampling.

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The youngest of Zach and Tuila's three children has just started kindergarten. They have had to change their morning and bedtime routines, child care arrangements, and discipline practices. The family's income has suffered as a result of this shift, yet Zach and Tuila are happy to make these changes for their children. These changes reflect the fact that _____.

These changes reflect the fact that the parents of these two children are divorced and are undergoing adjustments on the custody of their children. This is often the most complicated part of filing for a divorce, because children are uprooted from their family backgrounds and are forced to live in a different situation from which they were accustomed to.

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Competition in the cell phone market results in _____. poor customer service higher cell phone prices better quality cell phones


better quality of the cell phones


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Which regions of North America did Britain gain control As a result of the French and Indian war?

The British controlled many of the french colonies including Canada

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The psychodynamic model holds that abnormal behavior is the result of ______.

The psychodynamic model holds that abnormal behavior is the result of : repressed thoughts, memories, and concerns

Abnormal behavior commonly happened when a person felt a potential threat come on to them. In modern societies, these threats come in the form of repressed thoughts, painful memories, and concern for their jobs or loved ones.

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What was not a result of the emergence of old imperlism

Not sure...
sorry but I don't know how to answer this

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What did freud perceive as the outcome of successful resolution of the oedipus complex?

Freud perceived identification with the same-sex parent as the outcome of successful resolution of the Oedipus complex.

To add, Oedipus complex is the complex of emotions aroused in a young child, typically around the age of four, by an unconscious sexual desire for the parent of the opposite sex and a wish to exclude the parent of the same sex.

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The emergence of the nuclear family in the United States was a result of which major event?

I think the event should be Pearl Harbor Attacking.

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Occurs when an individual or company actions result in an unfair benefit

Conflict of interest

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The kind of ballot that results from the election of a large number of independent executive and judicial officers is a _____.


long ballot.


Okay, let us first fill in the gap from the question above:

PS: The capitalized words is the gap to be filled.

''The kind of ballot that results from the election of a large number of independent executive and judicial officers is a LONG BALLOT. ''

The long Ballot is a ballot box that are found in particular districts during election period. The long Ballot houses the names of the people that wants to go for official posts.

The Executive and the Judicial are two out of three branches or arms of Government in which the third one is the Legislative. The Executive arm or branch of government includes office of the Governors, offices of the President. For the legislative arm, it includes the Congress (the upper house/chamber and the lower house/ chamber).

So, from the question, the long Ballot is that kind of ballot.

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The most funding is given to science research which results in ___________

Scientific Discoveries.

Is there a multiple choice?

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A controversial issue that resulted from World War II was the

The answer is: B. morality of nuclear warfare

The issue was raised after the nuclear bomb that dropped by the alliance instantly killed hundreds of thousands Japanese citizens in the matter of days. The bomb basically made human life dispensary like small insects. Due to the cruelty of the situation, social organizations across the world started to question the morality of nuclear warfare.

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Why did Britain want to discourage American colonists from settling in the land gained as result of the French and Indian War?

The answer to your question is Land

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MY SAVIOR WOULD DO THIS.... 99 pts!!! One of President Richard Nixon's accomplishments was ending the military draft. True False In 1972, President Richard Nixon's team proposed to tap the telephones of the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate Complex in Washington, D.C. True False The Three Mile Island incident was the worst accident in the United States' commercial nuclear power plant history. True False In 1979, Egypt and Israel signed the "Camp David Accords" which eased tensions and laid the groundwork for an official peace treaty between these two nations. True False During Jimmy Carter's term as President, two new cabinet level departments were created: The Department of Energy and The Department of Homeland Security. True False President Nixon's New Federalism Program intended to control desegregation on a national level. True False Gerald Ford was the second president of the United States who was never elected President or Vice-President by the Electoral College. True False In response to the Iranian Hostage Crisis, President Jimmy Carter cancelled oil imports from Iran. True False The result of Swann v. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools included provided free transportation (busing) to students to transfer to other schools in order to create better balanced racial mix. True False One sign of stagflation is when more and more people are finding jobs. True False

I got a 100.

1. True

2. True

3. True

4. True

5. False

6. False

7. False

8. False

9. True

10. False

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. In general, when aggregate demand exceeds aggregate supply, which of these is MOST likely to result? A) Lower tax rates B) Higher tax rates C) Lower unemployment D) Higher unemployment

In general, when aggregate demand exceeds aggregate supply, lower employment is the most likely result.  

Further explanation:

The economy is in the equilibrium state when aggregate demand matches the aggregate supply. The inequality between the two puts the economy into dis-equilibrium state. When aggregate demand exceeds the aggregate supply, inflation is the outcome and as a result, producers start producing more. Firms raise the production levels and for that hire more labor which lowers down unemployment in the economy.  

Justification for the correct and incorrect answer:

A) Lower tax rates: This option is incorrect.  

Lower tax rates are not the likely result of excess aggregate demand. Excess aggregate demand in the economy could be a result of low tax rates policy of the government but lower tax rates could not be a resultant outcome of excess aggregate demand.  

B) Higher tax rates: This option is incorrect.

When aggregate demand exceeds aggregate supply, producers’ response with large production of output and high level of employment is more likely to occur than the government response with high tax rates. The government policy of high tax rates in the phase of excess demand could not occur as the government aims to maximize the GDP and output.

C) Lower unemployment:This option is correct.

In the phase of more aggregate demand over aggregate supply, firms respond immediately by increasing the level of production of output. As a result, firms start hiring more labors which lowers the overall level of unemployment in the economy.  

D) Higher unemployment: This option is incorrect.

Higher unemployment corresponds to the low level of employment. In the phase of excess aggregate demand, when firms start employing more labor into the production process, employment rises. As a result, the economy experiences low level of unemployment.

Therefore, when aggregate demand is higher than aggregate supply, lower unemployment is the most likely result.  

Learn more:  

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2. Learn more about GDP and taxes


3. Learn more about demand supply


Answer details:

Grade: Senior school

Subject: Economics

Chapter: Aggregate demand-Aggregate supply

Keywords: in general, when, aggregate demand, exceeds aggregate supply, most likely, to result, lower tax rates, higher tax rates, lower unemployment, higher unemployment, equilibrium state when aggregate demand matches the aggregate supply.

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The school counseling movement in the United States resulted as a consequence of which major event

The Americans responded when Russia launched Sputnik in 1957 and, as a consequence, the Congress passed the National Defense Education Act. With the Cold War, advisers were asked to "guide" talented students in science and technology; suddenly, the "guidance counselor" saying was born so-called the school counseling movement.



There are ten titles of this act:

1. Title I

Title I of the NDEA serves as an introduction to the content and purposes of the Act.

2. Title II

Title II authorizes the provision of student loans and provides terms by which they may be awarded. Initially, Title II provided scholarships (also known as grants) rather than loans. However, some members of Congress expressed worry about the message sent by giving students a "free ride." The House version of the bill eliminated scholarship money, while the Senate reduced the amount of scholarship money. By the time the bill was passed into law, student aid was exclusively loan-based.

3. Title III

Title III provides additional financial assistance for the purposes of strengthening science, math, and foreign language programs. Latin and Greek programs are not funded under this title, on the grounds that they are not modern foreign languages, and thus do not support defense needs.

4. Title IV

Title IV provides funding for graduate fellowships in order to increase the number of graduate-level professionals and university professors. Priority was given to students who stated an interest in becoming a professor. However, certain fields (such as folklore) were specifically exempted from these fellowships. Title IV was also one of the only two federal programs (along with Title VI of the NDEA) in existence at the time that gave any funding to the humanities.

5. Title V

Title V includes provisions for the training of guidance counselors and the implementation of testing programs to identify gifted students. This laid the groundwork for Academically Gifted (AG) and Gifted & Talented (GT) programs and began the trend of using standardized testing in schools to measure competency.

6. Title VI

Title VI provides funding for language and area studies programs. "Area studies" includes such subjects as African American studies and Latin American studies.

7. Title VII

Title VII provided funding for research in the more effective use of technology for educational purposes.

8. Title VIII

Title VIII provided funding for vocational training in order to better prepare citizens for the workforce.

9. Title IX

Title IX established the Science Information Institute and Science Information Council in order to disseminate scientific information and assist the government in matters of a highly technical nature.

10. Title X

Title X contains miscellaneous provisions regarding legal and pragmatic details of the Act.


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KEYWORDS : The School Counselling Movement, the National Defense Education Act

Subject  : Social Studies

Class  : 10-12

Sub-Chapter : School Counseling in American History

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During puberty, neurons become more responsive to excitatory neurotransmitters. As a result, adolescents

If the neurons become more responsive to their excitatory neurotransmitters, then it is likely as a result that the adolescents will be reacting to stressful events more strongly than of the younger people. It is because when they are responsive, the more will the emotions and their brain respond to the situations will happen.

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Which of these is one of the results of the Schenck decision? A.The decision removed protections for dangerous speech. B.The decision removed protections for those serving in the military. C.The decision removed protections for those who committed crimes. D.The decision removed protections for hate speech.

One of the results of the Schenck decision is: A.The decision removed protections for dangerous speech.

Dangerous speech is not considered a heavy violation of the law due to the nature of the first amendment.  For  example, no matter whether a doctors is right or wrong, police could no arrest him simply just by saying "this patient couldn't be saved"

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Ocean currents do not have a strong effect on Australia's climate. As a result, most of the continent is?

Hot and dry should be the answer.

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