When the following alcohol was subjected to dehydrating conditions, two major organic products were obtained. one or more rearrangements can occur. draw the structures of the two major products.?

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  Well think of the carbocation of that molecule. Taking off the OH atom will give you a secondary carbocation which by itself is a major product. However if you notice, a tertiary carbocation can also be formed when the hydrogen on the carbon of the cyclubutane part of the molecule, migrates to the c2 of the propyl group.
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Classify this statement as always true, AT; sometimes true, ST; or never true, NT. To obtain a value for the number of moles using the ideal gas law, one uses the conditions of STP.

AT, STP in chemistry is the abbreviation for Standard Temperature and Pressure. STP most commonly is used when performing calculations on gases, such as gas density

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The solubility product constant for mg(oh2(s is 1.2x10^-11 calculate solubility of magnesium hydroxide in mol/l

27,632 would be the answer

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What happens to the temperature of water between the time ice melts and water boils (this is partially quoted from a question)? Also, what change occurs in temperature after water starts boiling (this is also from a booklet)? Thank you and please explain your thoughts. This is based on the phase changes of water, and you should refer to a graph on the phase changes of water.

Your first statement is very ambiguous so I will give it the best shot as to what you are saying.
The temperature, between the point of ice melting and water boiling, is increasing as water is in its liquid state.
Now during a phase change, or while the water is boiling, the temperature remains constant because the energy being added is being consumed to complete the phase change.
But if you're looking at the phase change graph, the points of positive slopes, are moments when energy is increasing as the water, in whatever state, is increasing. But when the slope of the graph is 0, the water is changing phases and the temperature remains constant! I hope I explained that so you could understand it, and I hope this helps you!

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How do you draw molecular compound structures? Example: C2H2

It's hard to describe how to draw these compounds. However, I will try my best using the example provided. The example provided would look like this H-C(triple bond)C-H. First it is important to know how many electrons you are working with. In this case there are ten electrons. 8 from carbon and 2 from hydrogen. After you know this, you can draw the structure. Each carbon atom needs an octet or eight atoms surrounding it. Creating a triple bond with the other carbon and a single bond with one hydrogen atom allows for this to happen. It takes practice to master drawing structures but with time it gets easier! I hope this helped! 

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Which is an acceptable Lewis structure for a diatomic nitrogen molecule?


here  is a Quizlet I have for that

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What is the amount of product that you get when you perform an experiment called

It's called a reactant.

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It is thought that organelles of eukaryotic organisms, such as mitochondria and chloroplasts (in plant cells) came from


It is thought that in evolutionary history of eukaryotic plant cell, the mitochondria and chloroplasts are originate from bacteria. That were once living with bacteria cells in symbiotic association and after million years they become the part of cells.

It is said that chloroplast originates from photosynthetic bacteria.

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Which molecule is polar, based on structure? sulfur dioxide carbon disulphide ethylene carbon tetrachloride

Answer:  Sulphur Dioxide

Explanation:  Polarity of the molecule is basically based on -

a) Electro negativity of the individual atoms

b) Structure of the molecule as change will dipole moment or asymmetric structure will lead to the polar molecule.

Sulfur Dioxide has bent structure with 2 lone pairs and 2 bond pairs. . Thus the molecule is polar

Carbon disulfide has linear structure. Thus there will be no change in dipole moment in the structure thus in non polar.

Ethylene molecule is the most linear molecule thus cannot be polar.

Carbon Tetra chloride is in shape of Tetrahedron thus it is also non polar as no net change in dipole moment can be seen.

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5 ways weathering can occur

Rain, plant roots, tempeture, biological acivity 

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All of the following statements about the atmosphere are true except: A. The biosphere includes all living organisms on Earth's surface. B.Like ''biology'' the name for the biosphere comes from the Greek world for life. c. Light and heat from the sun don't affect the biosphere. D.The biosphere gets resources from Earth's crust, hydrosphere and atmophere

Answer: c. Light and heat from the sun don't affect the biosphere.


The biosphere is the sphere where living beings such as plants, animals, microbes, humans and others survive, reproduce and lead their life cycle.  

The atmosphere is a sphere of the earth. It consists of collection of different gas called as air. It protects the biosphere by absorbing the incident harmful radiations along with heat coming from the sun.

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Balance the equation in acidic conditions: Cu+No3- ---> Cu2+ + No

2Cu+No3----> Cu2+3No

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How fast a reactant is used up to how fast a product is formed is _____. A.)the equilibrium B.)the rate of reaction C.)solution concentration D.)the catalyst

Answer: Option (B) is the correct answer.


The rate of a reaction is defined as how rapidly the reactants convert into products.

There are various factors which can help in increasing the rate of a reaction like addition of a catalyst, temperature, change in concentration etc.

Thus, we can conclude that out of the given options how fast a reactant is used up to how fast a product is formed is the rate of reaction.

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Which individual developed a system for naming and classifying organisms that is still used today? A. Julius Caesar B. Carolus Linnaeus C. Aristotle D. Melvin Dewey

The individual who developed a system for naming and classifying organisms that is still used today was Carolus Linnaeus. He was a Swedish botanist, physicist and zoologist who paved the way and laid the foundations for naming scientific organisms. He was known as the authority for species names and is still regarded today as a very influential man. He became a noble in Sweden because of his work.

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A gas occupies a volume of 34.5 L at 87.5 kPa and 23.5 C. The container can expand to the volume of 45.5 L. If conditions change to 59.7 kPa and 33.6 C will the container be able to contain the resulting gas volume?

The answer is no because if you use the combined gas law the volume would come out to be 52.3 liters.

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Occurs when a horse gorges on food, particularly food that expands when it becomes wet, and the contents of the stomach swell.

Gastric Distension is when the food expands causing the stomach to swell also.

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Indicate the physical state of each product : A) HCl B) K2CrO4 C) K2SO4

.....b is the answer

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Why was the tablet crushed organic chemistry?

 maximizes the surface area.

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HELLLLLLLLPPP Which of the following statements accurately describes renewable energy sources? They include fossil fuels and hydroelectric power. They take millions of years to form and should be used responsibly. They provide the majority of the energy for the United States. They are found in nearly limitless supply. QUESTION 2 Over the past 100 years, the amount of fossil fuel consumption has ___________. increased decreased stayed the same fluctuated QUESTION 3 One-quarter of the world’s coal reserves are found in what country? Russia Saudi Arabia Mexico United States


1. They are found in nearly limitless supply.

Renewable resources are those which are abundantly present in nature and can be replenished again after single use. For example water, air and  sunlight.

2. increased

Over the past 100 years, the amount of fossil fuel consumption has increased because with the increase in the population cover all over the world, the requirement of fossil fuels is also increasing. Fossil fuels are required for the generation of thermal and electrical energy.

3. United States

The United States is the reservoir of coal. It is a chief exporter of the coal to India, Netherlands , Japan, South Korea and Brazil.

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What is the basic unit of structure and function in a living thing? a- cell b- a tissue c- an organ d- an organ system

Cells are the most basic functioning structure within an organism

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Cells in many-celled organisms. A- all look at B- all have the same structure C- are usually specialized D- are the same size in every part of the organism

It has to be c for sure and I'm really good at this so I think I am right

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Aquaculture is the practice of farming sea organisms as a renewable food resource. Ture or false?

That is true.  Aquaculture is farming with water animals

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Strontium 90 (sr-90, a radioactive isotope of strontium, is present in the fallout resulting from nuclear explosions. it is especially hazardous to animal life, including humans, because, upon ingestion of contaminated food, it is absorbed into the bone structure. its half-life is 27 years. if the amount of sr-90 in a certain area is found to be four times the "safe" level, find how much time must elapse before the safe level is reached.

This is a relatively easy half-life problem.
Whenever a half-life has expired, one half of the radioactive isotope will no longer be present.
When 2 half-lives have occurred, then one quarter of the isotope remains.
Therefore, the strontium - 90 will be at a safe level in 54 years.

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What is a single celled organism that doesnt have a nucleus or membrane-bound organelles?


Hope this helped

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Chemical reactions that ____ energy will not occur without a source of energy

Chemical reactions that release energy will not occur without a source of energy.  So the answer is release.

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3,3,4-trimethylhexane, 2,3-dimethyl-2-butene, and 3-methyl-1-butyne identify as an alkane, alkene, or alkyne and sketch its structures I need help asap!

The first one is an alkane, the second is an alkene, and the third is an alkyne. The suffix of the compound tells you what kind of hydrocarbon it is.

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