Which biome is commonly found near the equator?

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Which of the following would you least likely find living in the chaparral biome? a. ground birds b. pine trees c. olive trees d. aromatic plants

Pine Trees, where I live there are pine trees everywhere, yet not a single chaparral biome. Not to mention a chaparral biome is a desert, and pines only grow in average temperature areas such as Massachusetts.

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Are individual amino acids likely to be found in the mouth? Explain.

Yes because in our saliva are enzymes that break down the food we eat.

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How does your biomes climate and geography affect carrying capacity

Carrying capacity describes the maximum number of individuals or species an ... from time to time, four major factors affect the carrying capacity of the environment. ... As long as their prey is available, they usually do not suffer from food stress. ... Their Food and Water Requirements · National Geographic: Water Pressure ...

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Which of the following are not characteristics of the cell wall? Select all that apply. cellulose and chitin hydrophillic and hydrophobic structures found in cells of fungi and algae double-layered membrane

Answer: hydrophobic and hydrophilic structures found in cells of fungi and algea

double-layered membrane

A cell wall is a a semi-permeable protective layer found in some cell types. This covers the cell membrane in plants cells, fungi, bacteria. Animal cells do not possess cell wall. The cell wall performs functions like protection, provides structural stability to a cell and support. Cell wall composition varies depending upon the type of organism. In plants the cell wall is made up of fibers of carbohydrate polymer called as cellulose. In bacteria cell walls are made up of peptidoglycan. In fungi cell wall is made up of chitin. Hydrophillic and hydrophobic structures found in cells of fungi and algae and double- layered membrane are features of cell membrane not of cell wall.          

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A student observes an animal that has a backbone, gills, and scales. It lays eggs and is cold−blooded. What does this animal have in common with all mammals? Answer Options with 5 options A. a backbone B. gills C. scales D. egg−laying E. cold−blooded

A. a backbone

If you think about it, us mammals (humans are mammals) don't have gills, scales, we do not lay eggs, and we are not cold-blooded. But we do have a spine, or backbone.

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Which of the following is common to both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells? Nucleus Nucleolus Plasma membrane NextReset

Plasma Membrane . Because prokaryotic cells have no Nucleus and Eukaryotic cells do. 

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DNA is found as loose, strand-like material called

The answer is chromatin. Hope that helped :)

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A man is accused of a brutal beating of a young woman. He claims that he never struggled with her, despite several eyewitnesses seeing him with the woman. Several hairs from the woman's head are found at the crime scene. The hairs are analyzed by a hair expert. The hair expert explains that he is certain that the hairs have been pulled from the victim's head. How do we know that the hairs have been pulled? A) A small medullary index is present. B) Chevron scale patterns were noted. C) The follicular tags are stretched. D) The medulla patterns are elongated.


C) The follicular tags are stretched.


Follicular tags are the parts of the follicule root that are still attached to the end of the hair, if they are stretched that means that the follicule suffered from distress from being pulled from the follicule and that the force with which was being pulled caused a rupture in the hair follicule that made the follicular tags to stretch and eventually separate the hair from the head.

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Minerals are inorganic substances found naturally in the soil. True False

its true you got this okay

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My mother, along with all of my godparents, began planning my quinceañera after I turned fourteen. My mother and aunts took me to a bridal shop where I was fitted for a long, white gown, which I would wear at the celebration. I felt my cheeks grow red with embarrassment as the women fawned and fussed over me in the store. I desperately wished that I could just find a hole to crawl into and hide, but there was no way out. My mother, who was in her glory, naturally assumed that the redness in my face was a glow of happiness. I let her go right on thinking that. It was her day, I kept telling myself. I was doing this for her. At last, the big day came. My father cooked up a special breakfast for my brothers and me first thing that morning. I had a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I was somewhat comforted by my father's easygoing manner and his apparent anticipation of the celebration ahead. After breakfast, my mother helped me dress for the quinceañera. While she was styling my hair, she paused every so often to wipe away a tear of joy that had trickled down her face. I couldn't recall ever having seen my mother quite this happy, and suddenly my heart swelled with affection for her. Two hours later, I found myself standing in the front of a church while all of my dearest friends and family members gazed up at me from the pews. As I looked out on the smiling, supportive faces of all the people I loved, I had an unexpected realization. This day wasn't for my mother after all; it was for me. The church ceremony was followed by a fiesta that lasted all day and into the night. My parents served food that they had worked for days to prepare. A disc jockey played all of the music I loved, and I was showered with beautiful gifts, practical advice, and good wishes from everyone important to me. As I watched my family members celebrate in my honor, I realized that my Mexican heritage was not something intangible, like a bunch of old stories about long-gone relatives. My heritage, I realized, was very real. It was with me at all times, and I was proud of it. What is the purpose of this essay?

To entertain/or to tell a story

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Can u help me found mRNA FUNction

MRNA stands for messenger RNA it is a copy of the DNA that can be sent out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm in order for ribosomes to do protein synthesis

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Sally's teacher asked her to classify a microscopic organism found in pond water. The FIRST characteristic Sally used to figure what kingdom the organism belonged to was A) cell type. B) cell diameter. Eliminate C) number of ribosomes present. D) chemical composition of cell wall.

Ans. (A). cell type.

All organisms are classified into three kingdoms on the basis of their cell type, which include Monera, Protista, Fungi, Animalia, and Plantae.

Monera includes single-celled, prokaryotic organisms, such as bacteria and archaea. Cells of these organisms lack true nucleus and membrane bound organelles.

Protista include mostly single-celled eukaryotic organisms, such as amoeba and euglena. Eukaryotic cells have true nucleus and other membrane bound organelles.

Fungi includes fungus and other related organisms), such as yeast and mushroom. They have eukaryotic cells, surrounded by cell wall, like plant cells but they lack chloroplasts.

Animalia includes multicellular, eukaryotic organisms such as birds, fishes, insects, and humans. Animals also have cells with membrane bound organelles, but they lack cell wall.

Plantae include all the green plants, such as angiosperms, mosses, and ferns. Cells of these organisms are surrounded by a cell wall and have chloroplasts to perform photosynthesis.

So, the first characteristic that should be used to classify the organisms is to study their cell type. Thus, the correct answer is option (A).

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(20pts and brainly) The chemical equation of photosynthesis includes 6O2. What does the small number after the O represent? 1. the total atomic weight of the oxygen the number of oxygen molecules produced 2. the number of oxygen atoms in each oxygen molecule the number of oxygen 3. atoms needed to balance the equation

The right answer is 2.

A molecule of chemical formula O2, commonly called "oxygen" and, by chemists, oxygen consists of two oxygen atoms connected by covalent bond: at normal temperature and pressure, oxygen is a gas, which constitutes , 8% of the volume of the Earth's atmosphere at sea level.

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Which of the following are found in plant cells but not animal cells? A) Plastids B) Ribosomes C) Chloroplasts D) Vacuoles

It's C. Chloroplasts

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Primates are usually considered we the most advanced group of mammals which of the following characteristics is not common to all primates

The more closely related to human primates, the more helpless. sorry, I cant explain it any other way.

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What are the two defining factors of a terrestrial biome?

Their climate, and dominate vegetation. 

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Relative to rainfall, the tundra is most like what other biome

Alpine tundra occurs in mountains worldwide. The flora of the alpine tundra is characterized by dwarf shrubs close to the ground.

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New fossils are continuously found and radioactively dated. how might information from new fossils make relative dating more accurate?

Relative dating depends upon comparisons with other fossils, especially index fossils, an increase in the number of fossils with known absolute dates would allow a scientist to pinpoint more accurately the time from which a particular unknown fossil came.

hope this help...

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Which biome contains large populations of grazing herbivores, few species of birds, and deep, rich soil?

The savanna grasslands of Africa is an example of a biome that supports large populations of grazing herbivores, few birds etc. The savanna supports grazing animals such as wildebeests, antelope, zebra and many other grazing species. There are few species of birds because the landscape there is almost void of trees. Only a few species of acacia dot the extensive grassland. 

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What is the nitrogenous base found in dna and rna; pairs with guanine select one: a. thymine b. cytosine c. guanine d. adenine?

B) Cytosine pairs with guanine. 

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EcoRI is a common _________________ used to cut DNA for cloning

Its a restriction enzyme used to cut sections in DNA

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Why can many ecosystems exist in one biome

Many ecosystems can exist in one biome which is because it is just a geographic area where ecosystems exist. most commonly grouped biomes are desert, deciduous forests, coniferous forests, arctic tundra, tropical rainforests, grasslands, and taigas. There are also marine and freshwater ecosystems that could be considered as water biomes.

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A student observes that a type of eubacteria contains chlorophyll. Which of these does this type of bacteria have in common with plants? A student observes that a type of eubacteria contains chlorophyll. Which of these does this type of bacteria have in common with plants? It is photosynthetic. It contains vascular tissues. It is heterotrophic. It contains mitochondria.


The correct answer is It is photosynthetic.


Chlorophyll is the pigment that helps in the absorption of sunlight required to make food in green plants. The process of making organic food with the help of CO₂ and H₂O in the presence of sunlight is known as photosynthesis.

So chlorophyll is used by green plants, algae, and some bacteria like cyanobacteria to absorb the solar radiation so that it can be used to make food by photosynthesis. Therefore if any eubacteria contains chlorophyll then it can do photosynthesis to make its food in the form of glucose from CO₂ and H₂O.

Therefore the correct answer is it is photosynthetic.

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