Which cause was behind the March on Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech? A. passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 B. allowing blacks into the Peace Corps C. supporting the Alliance for Progress D. overturning the Plessy v. Ferguson decision

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The correct answer is (a.) passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The cause of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a Dream" speech was when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was being passed, that states to outlaw any discrimination against any racial, gender, or religious group. 
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1. How was the Land Ordinance of 1785 a positive result of the Articles of Confederation? * A.The Congress could not levy taxes. B.The Congress could not force anyone to obey the laws. C.The Congress could take land from anyone who had not paid their land taxes. D.The Congress could raise money for the government by selling land west of the Appalachian Mountains. 2. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was important because it * A.ensured voting rights for all males. B.extended slavery north of the Ohio River. C.established reservations for Native American Indians. D.provided a process for admission of new states to the Union. 3. What was the main impact of Shays's Rebellion? * A.The increased enforcement of tax laws. B.The addition of new states to the Union. C.The adoption of the English Bill of Rights. D.Increased call for revision or replacement of the Articles of Confederation. 4. Native American attacks from the river banks, poling upstream on the Ohio and Cumberland Rivers, and ...? Which of the following should be correctly added to a list of struggles faced by the settlers as they moved from Watauga to the Cumberland Settlement? * A.severe winter weather B.the Revolutionary War C.lack of good soil and water D.interference by the British army 5. Why did the settlers west of the Appalachian Mountains attempt to form the State of Franklin? * A.North Carolina did not help its citizens west of the mountains. B.North Carolina gave the land west of the mountains back to England. C.North Carolina did not charge taxes to its citizens west of the mountains. D.North Carolina gave the land west of the mountains back to the Cherokee. 6. What was the purpose of the Cumberland Compact? * A.It mapped the route from Watauga to the Big Salt Lick. B.It was the self-government document written and signed by the Cumberland settlers. C.It divided land in Middle Tennessee between the Cumberland settlers and Native Americans. D.It was a list of the English Bill of Rights and how they should be used in the new American government.

It divided land in middle tenners between the Cumberland settlers and native American

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Why would you nominate Martin Luther King to receive the humanitarian award? (Humanitarianism is a moral of kindness, benevolence, and sympathy extended to all human beings)

Because he helped out with a major civil rights movement to give African-Americans the same right as white people. Before him, black and whites couldn't share classrooms, water fountains, or sections of a bus. He has a huge role in US history.

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In JFK's inaugural address, he asked that countries began anew the peace process and come together to study how to make better nuclear weapons True or False 0.0

  It´s false.

  The inaugural ceremony is a defining moment in a president´s career and John F. Kennedy knew this as he prepared for his own inaugural on January 20th of 1961. He wanted his addres to be short and clear; devoid of any partisan rethoric and focused on foreign policy.

  Inmediatly after reciting the oath of office, the President turned to adrresed the crowd gathered at the Capitol. His was the first delivered to a televised audience in color and it´s considered one of the best presidential inaugural speeches in American history.

  He began constructing the speech in November of 1960 with friends and advisers who submitted ideas but himself prepared the whole speech. Every sentence was worked, reworked and reduced according to his helpers. It was a piece of oratory that a generational change in the White House and called on the nation to combat " Tyranny, poverty, disease and war itslef."

  I will copy a quotation of the most famous part of the speech that summon it up some of the ideas expressed above:

  "Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans—born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage—and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world.

   And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country."

  He assumed as president at the height of the Cold War and he highlighted the newly discovered dangers of nuclear power and the accelerating arms race. One of the main ideas of the speech was that the countries focus on pure firepowershould be replaced with a focus on maintenance of international relations and helping the impoverished in the world.

  What we can deduce from the information given above is that JFK did the opposite of what the proposition tells so this is why it is a FALSE proposition.

  Hope this help you. Regards.

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In what way was Martin Luther a “crude” man?

Martin Luther King was a "crude" man because he was fighting for equal rights for Africans Americans, so they can go to school without the Americans.

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The Cherokee Nation's right to keep its land was formally supported by the _____.

The Cherokee Nation's right to keep its land was formally supported by the Supreme Court

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After the Civil War, the southern economy became primarily industrial. continued to be agrarian. never rebounded. was driven by livestock.

was driven by livestock.
hope that helps!!

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What led to specialization and division of labor in Mesopotamia? The rulers of Mesopotamia assigned occupations to the people. Illness and injuries forced some farmers to stop farming and find other work. Women were not allowed to farm, so they came up with other occupations. Reliable and plentiful food production allowed some farmers to quit farming. QUESTION 2 What is a belief system in which followers worship only one God called? polytheism monotheism unitheism agnosticism QUESTION 3 Which Indo-European tribe developed a strong warrior society and built an empire that was frequently invaded by those seeking fertile land? Hittites Assyrians Chaldeans Phoenicians QUestion 4 Zoroaster believed all of the following EXCEPT: Ahura Mazda represented the good in the world. Good and evil forces are in a constant struggle. People should perform good deeds and refrain from bad choices. People should pay tribute to the gods. QUESTION 5 What was the key to Persia's communication network? their system of canals the domestication of beasts of burden their system of roads diplomacy with other cultures QUESTION 6 The plentiful food production brought about by farming along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers allowed Mesopotamian villages and towns to develop into city-states that were nearly self-sufficient. True False QUESTION 7 Hammurabi's Code dealt with which of the following aspects of law? civil law criminal law international law both a and b QUESTION 8 After Cyrus the Great led a revolt against the Medes who had controlled Persia, he captured their territory and expanded the Persian Empire to make it one of the largest in history. True False QUESTION 9 Which Indo-European invader had a calendar based on the phases of the moon? Hittites Assyrians Chaldeans Phoenicians QUESTION 10 The Epic of Gilgamesh gives us a clue as to the kinds of behaviors that Mesopotamians considered civilized. True False

Answer: the correct sequence is 1.-Reliable and plentiful food production allowed some farmers to quit farming.  2.- monotheism 3.- Assyrians 4.- People should pay tribute to the gods. 5.-their system of roads  6.-True 7.- both a and b  8.- True 9.-Chaldeans 10.-True

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9. What did Malcolm X initially think about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and what caused his perspective about him and white people to eventually change? 10. How did Malcolm X die and who was responsible for his death?

He disliked Martin Luther King's ideas because he didn't believe that people should live together, and he advocated separation of races because he claimed that African Americans would be better off without the white population. He was assassinated by 3 members of the Nation of Islam with a shotgun.

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From this lesson, the Vietnamese Tran dynasty is known for _____. requiring civil service exams conquering Japan establishing an alternative government in Kyoto initiating extensive land reform

Initiating extensive land reform. 
"Under the Tran Dynasty, which lasted until 1400, the country prospered and flourished as a result of extensive land reform, improved public administration, and the study of Chinese literature."

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Which of the following gives the best analysis of medieval society? a. The era was dominated by the Churches roles in the political world. b. The generation was impacted by the middle class, which became an important part of the feudal system. c. Christianity, chivalry, and the power-struggle between Popes and kings marked the era. d. Literature developed that was mostly Christian in nature.


c. Christianity, chivalry, and the power-struggle between Popes and kings marked the era.


Medieval society was for centuries a basically rural society. In the Middle Ages ninety percent of the population lived in the countryside, center of all activity and daily life for the inhabitants of that time.

In the first medieval centuries, peasants organized themselves around their own lands and other common lands, such as forests, which they shared with their neighbors. In small groups, they imposed their laws and justice, organized the harvests and the resources that they obtained from them.

Little by little, these communities were absorbed by lords, lay or religious, to whom those lands had been given. Thus begins what we have today called feudal system or feudalism, establishing itself as a mode of social organization.

The society was divided into estates: at the base we found the peasants, free or serfs, who assumed the immense majority of the population; in the intermediate ranks are the military and the nobles, lay or ecclesiastical. Not all had the same category but the status within these two groups varied. We end up on the cusp with royalty, that is, the king and his family.

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Why did many Americans support isolationism? How did Congress and FDR respond?

Isolationism was considered a goal by our first president, George Washington. This is considered to be so because the nation wanted to keep its freedom. Because it was told by Washington, That is probably why it was so popular.

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Why did the state delegates meet in 1787? to discuss a better system of government to elect George Washington as president to write the Articles of Confederation to collect taxes to pay the nation’s debt

The State Delegates decided to meet in 1787 to: write the Articles of Confederation. 

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HELP! Which act best describes the reason for the Barbary War? A.the seizure of American cargo vessels by the French B.the violation of neutrality in exporting by Great Britain C.the embargo against Great Britain due to “impressments” of American sailors D.an attempt to increase protection money from American ships by Tripoli E.an attempt to secure greater protection against British invasion


The correct answer is D. The reason for the Barbary War was an attempt to increase protection money from American ships by Tripoli.


The First Barbary War was a naval war between the United States and the states of North Africa known as the Barbary States. These were the independent Sultanate of Morocco, and the three Regencies of Algeria, Tunisia and Tripoli, which were quasi-independent entities nominally belonging to the Ottoman Empire.

The main motivation of the war by the United States was to put an end to Barbary piracy without having to pay the taxes that the Barbary States demanded to guarantee immunity against pirate attacks.

This war would end with the taking of Derna by US forces, which would trigger the start of negotiations for the release of hostages and the end of the war.

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What is meant by a proxy war and how does this term apply to the Spanish Civil War?

A proxy war is a war in which major powers become involved but do not declare war on one another. During the Spanish Civil War, both Germany and the Soviet Union took sides and became actively involved, but they did not formally declare war on one another.

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HELP! What decision did William Pitt make that had a significant impact on events after the French and Indian War? He decided to pay militia from the taxes raised by the colonies. He effected a treaty with the Iroquois, changing the balance of war. He demarcated zones of fighting for each colony, leading to internal conflict. He decided to pay militia from the British Treasury. He effected a treaty with the Spanish, changing the balance of war.


He decided to pay militia from the British Treasury.


The French and Indian War was a dispute for land along the Ohio River Valley.

The French increased their alliances with Native Americans along the Ohio River Valley and the British were allied with American colonists.

During that dispute, Britain was losing during the early years of war, the colonists took the side of Britain but did not help much because they saw this war as another European conflict, because of that they did not help much as Britain expected.

William Pitt was a British Secretary of State during the French and Indian War. In order to win the War, Prime Minister William Pitt issued a blank check to win the war, this check led to huge war debts, the British Parliament expected colonists to help pay the debts, because of that, Britain began governing their colonies more strictly. New Taxes were passed without asking colonial assemblies.

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Why did many Americans support isolationism? How did Congress and FDR respond?

They supported isolationism because no one in their right mind wants to go to war. They wanted to stay on their continent and not participate in European controversy. FDR want to get involved because he could help rebuild Europe afterwards and this would enable the US to establish trade deals with Europeans and accumulate a lot of wealth for the country.

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