Which continent maintained heavy influence in the Middle East between World War I and World War II? A. North America. B. Europe. C. Africa. D. Asia.

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The answer is:

B. Europe.

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire after WWI many European countries claimed its territory and anexed parts of it to their own, Turkey claimed land that Greece was also claiming for their own and started a civil war, the same thing with other countries that were before part of the empire,  a feeling of nationalism and islamism rose in the middle east.

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Which was the post set up by the Lewis and Clark expedition in North Dakota? Fort of Discovery Camp Fortunate Friendship Camp Fort Mandan


The post set up by the Lewis and Clark expedition in North Dakota was Fort Mandan.


Fort Mandan was a palisade erected at the beginning of Lewis and Clark's expedition in November 1804. It was located in the vicinity of the current town of Stanton, North Dakota.

The structure was started on November 2, 1804, in the vicinity of a village of the tribe sent on the banks of the Missouri River, about seven miles downstream from the mouth of the Knife River, in the current state of Dakota North. It was finished on the 27th. At the end of March 1805, the snow began to fall and on April 7 the expedition resumed its journey westward.

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How did the united states react to the early nazi victories in europe?

The US reacting by passing legislature about increasing defense and peacetime drafting of solders. They didn't want to intervene and enter the war though, however they were forced after a while.

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What contribution did alfred t. mahan make to help america become an imperial power

Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840-1914) was an American who studied at the U.S. Naval Academy, served as a Naval Union officer during the Civil War, and became a lecturer and then President at the Naval War College, and a President in North Atlantic Squadron. During his time in the Naval War College, Mahan focused on developing studies about the influence of sea power.

Some of his main writings were The Influence of Sea Power upon History (1890) and The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and Empire (1892). These publications are mainly known for encouraging the development of navies, especially the American' navy, which was portrayed as an essential element to become an Imperial power.

In his works, Mahad held that the great powers were those that maintained strong navies and merchant marines. He also stated that the primary mission of a navy was to secure the command of the sea to secure one's own ships while denying their use to the enemy and, if necessary, closely supervise neutral trade; and that the crews of those national navies had to be thoroughly trained, and be actively aggressive when defending the nation's interests. He also supported that the production and shipping capacities had to be increased during peacetime and promoted the acquisition of repair and coaling station to the modern navies.

The United States considered that many of Mahan's points were effective for its purpose of becoming an imperial power. Consequently, Americans started to focus more on increasing their overseas possessions, enhancing its building navy plans, providing a more rigorous training for the crew, the acquisition of port facilities throughout the world, among others.

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How did hunger strikes by enslaved africans affect slave holders during the middle passage?

Diseases would spread

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What effects did the civil war have on women and african americans?

          A few women disguised themselves as men and joined the fight. Others served our country as spies and nurses.
          African-Americans fought for both sides of the war, but f
ree black men were finally permitted to enlist late in 1862 for the union army. Tens of thousands may have served, by their own will or otherwise.

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What started the Seminole wars

The First Seminole War had began over attempts by U.S. authorities to recapture black slaves living among Seminole bands. Under General Andrew Jackson, U.S. military forces invaded the area, scattering the villagers, burning their towns, and seizing Spanish-held Pensacola and St. Marks

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A weakness of Congress under the Articles of Confederation was that it could not A.) conduct diplomacy. B.) print or issue currency. C.) collect taxes. D.) declare war.


The correct answer is C. A weakness of Congress under the Articles of Confederation was that it could not collect taxes.


The Articles of Confederation constituted the first government document of the United States of America. They were approved by the Second Continental Congress on November 15, 1777, after several months of debate. It was a non-binding guideline until its ratification four years later, on March 1, 1781.

The Articles supported the Continental Army and allowed the thirteen states to form a united front before the European powers. However, as a tool to build an effective government in times of war, it was a failure. Congress could make decisions, but did not have the power to apply them. Perhaps, the biggest setback was the requirement of unanimous approval of the 13 States to modify the articles. At the same time, the most important power that Congress lacked was the power to collect taxes: it could only request money from the States. These, for their part, did not always comply with the demands and Congress did not have the necessary funds for its operation.

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Why did some people argue that Prohibition was a necessary war measure?

It was thought that alcohol was destroying families and the fabric of American society.

It was thought that denying people alcohol would stop them from craving it and lessen crime.

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What was the US working towards during World War One?

In January of 1917, the British intercepted and decoded a secret telegram sent from German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmerman to the German ambassador in Mexico. He proposed that Mexico ally with Germany against the United States. He promised them the territories of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. 

President Woodrow Wilson gave a speech to Congress on April 2, 1917 asking for them to declare war on Germany. In his speech he said that the U.S. would go to war to "fight for the ultimate peace of the world." On April 6, 1917 the U.S. officially declared war on Germany.

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What's another way the Egyptians reduced friction by moving heavy blocks

They put cylinder pieces of wood under the box so that it could be pulled easier

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What offers the BEST reasoning behind william t. sherman's strategy of using "total war " to defeat the south?

The correct answer is C) the destruction of Georgia would be so complete that it would break the Confederacy's will to continue fighting.

The BEST reasoning behind William T. Sherman's strategy of using "total war " to defeat the south was "the destruction of Georgia would be so complete that it would break the Confederacy's will to continue fighting."

That was his goal with the Total War. The Union had to win the war at any cost, so he decided to led his troops in November 1864 from Atlanta to Savanah, Georgia. It was an army of approximately 60,000 soldiers. Sherman wanted to create fear in the people of Georgia, so he and his men steal food and burned crops to force the people to stop supporting the Confederates. With this total war concept, Georgia was completely destroyed and indeed the people from the state were afraid.

The other options of the question were A) the strategy of "total war " was needed to stop the confederates from trading with France and England. B) Sherman's men wanted revenge from the horrifying treatment of Union soldiers in Andersonville prison camp. D) the invasion of Georgia would lead to an armed revolt by the slaves, which in turn would help the Union to win the war.

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How did roosevelt intervene latin america?

Theodore? He incited a revolution in Panama against the Colombian government in order to build the Panama Canal. He also defended US strategic interests in the region, even putting troops on the ground when necessary

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How did the battle of the coral sea impact japan’s war strategy

It halted Japanese expansion to the East.


In the Battle of the Coral Sea (May, 1942), the American fleet and warplanes defeated a Japanese armada.  Australian forces also participated in the battle, but the United States led the effort.  It was the first air-sea battle in history, with aircraft carriers and planes from the two sides engaging one another.  Both sides suffered damages, but the overall victory was won by the American side.  It was the first time the Japanese advance had been checked by the Allies.

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Who were known as "carpetbaggers" and "scalawags"? a. Northern confederates who tried to take over Southern lands and businesses after the war b. Northerners who tried to make money off the dire situation in the South and Southerners who did the same c. Southern ruffians, usually retired from the Confederate Army, who wrought havoc in political meetings d. violent Southerners who terrorized blacks to keep them uneducated, poor, and out of politics


Option: b. Northerners who tried to make money off the dire situation in the South and Southerners who did the same.


After the Civil War in America, the South remained in destruction. For building up the South, Reconstruction was proposed by the North to build the South prosperous in terms of economic as well as in society. Some of the white people from the North came to make fortune in the South in Reconstruction Era were called by the Southerns as Carpetbaggers. The southern people, who along with the Carpetbaggers tried to make fortune called scalawags.

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How were muckrakers able to influence American society and ultimately inspire reform?

Muckrakers exposed all of the flaws in society and the government and a lot of books were written about the problems there were. Poor working conditions, child labor, and quality of processed meat and other foods were big issues. During that time period people were big on from of press so that and the fact that people were just fed up in general led to reform.

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How did religion influence the maury an empire

With the Mauryan endorsement of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, society began embracing the philosophy of ahimsa, and combined with the increased improved law enforcement, crime and conflicts fell drasticially.

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How did Italy's geography and Romes location affect the spread of roman influence?

I would say that becuase of how italy was surrounded by water it was harder to spread the roman influences becuase you had to sail across the water in order to spread the influence

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Under what German plan did the goal to knock France out of the war quickly and the concentrate on Russia?

The Schlieffen Plan was the name given after World War I to the thinking behind the German invasion of France and Belgium on 4 August 1914. Field Marshal Alfred von Schlieffen was the Chief of the Imperial German General Staff from 1891 to 1906 and in 1905–06 devised a deployment plan for a war-winning offensive, in a one-front war against the French Third Republic. 

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Africa is separated from Europe by the ______. A. Atlantic Ocean. B.Mediterranean Sea. C.Sahara Desert. D. Indian Ocean.

AFRICA is separated from EUROPE by the MEDITERRANEAN SEA and from ASIA by the RED SEA and the SUEZ CANAL .

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Which of the following was the site of the most serious conflict of the Pequot War? A:Wampanoag grain storage bin B:Pequot fort at Mystic C:Pequot settlement in Boston D:an English fort at Plymouth


B:Pequot fort at Mystic


The Pequot War was a war between the Pequot people and English settlers from the Massachusetts Bay. The main reason for the war is because the Pequot people did not want the English colonization in southern New England. The war lasted 11 months, the main site of the conflict of the war was the Pequot fort at Mystic, known as the Mystic Massacre where 700 men, women and children were killed and the fort was burned.

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The power to declare war is what type of power? A) Delegated Power B) Concurrent Power C) Reserved Power

C) Reserved Power."...."...........

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How did World War 1 contribute to isolationist feeling in the 1920s and 1930s

people were wondering why the US needed to get involved in the first place. Our boys went to die in France and don't want to do it again. Let's just avoid entanglements with the old world from here on out

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Which of the following was not true of slavery in ancient Rome? A. Slaves were overwhelmingly non-white B. Slaves included persons used as teachers and physicians C. There were major slave uprisings D. Roman wars brought in so many slaves that the structure of Roman society changed

I believe the correct answer from the choices listed above is option B. The statement that is not true of slavery in ancient Rome would be that slaves included persons used as teachers and physicians. Hope this answers the question. Have a nice day.

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When did chinese immigrants come to america?

Chinese immigration can be divided into three periods: 1849-1882, 1882-1965, and 1965 to the present.

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List and explain the 8 events that led America to gain the entire continental United States

Not listed in order:

1. Stamp Act Congress
2. The fight of Lexington and Concord
3. Boston Tea Party
4. Second Contiental Congress
5. Lee's Resolution
6. The battle of Bunker Hill
7. Boston Massacre
8. The Declaration of Independence

These were the few of many events that started the United States of America.

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What are three colonies founded to escape religious persecution in Europe? -Virginia -Maine -Maryland -Massachusetts -New York

The correct options are: Maryland - Massachusetts - Virginia.

In 1607 a group of English settlers built a tiny village in Jamestown, Virginia. Carriers of a card of the daughter of King James I of England, founded the first English colony that survived. A London company interested in obtaining profits financed the foundation, but never obtained them. Of the first 105 settlers, 73 died of hunger and disease in the first seven months after their arrival. But the colony grew and prospered over time. The Virginians discovered the way to earn money with the cultivation of tobacco, which they began shipping to England in 1614.

In New England, the northeastern region of what is now the United States, the English Puritans established several colonies. These colonizers thought that the Church of England had adopted too many practices of Catholicism, and they came to America fleeing persecution in English lands and with the intention of founding a colony based on their own religious ideals. A group of Puritans, known as pilgrims, crossed the Atlantic on a ship called Mayflower and settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620. A much larger Puritan colony was established in the Boston area in 1630. By 1635, some colonists They were already migrating to nearby Connecticut.

The Pilgrim Fathers (in English, Pilgrim Fathers or only Pilgrims) was an English religious group formed at the end of the 16th century that, being dissatisfied with the political-religious environment in their country, decided to emigrate, first to Leiden (Holland) in 1609 and then to the New World in 1620.

The pilgrims began their journey on August 5, 1620, from the port of Southampton aboard the ship Mayflower, after crossing the North Atlantic arrived at the American coasts of New England in November of that same year in the area where the current city of Provincetown practically in the Cape Cod of Massachusetts. These travelers wanted to settle in the English colony of Jamestown (Virginia) that had been founded in 1607, but navigational errors took them to more northern areas.

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