Which goal did Joseph Stalin establish for the Soviet Union?

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Full scale industrial production militarisation and collectivisation fo farming was goal Joseph Stalin established for the Soviet Union
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Why did the Albany Plan of Union fail?

Albany Plan of Union, 1754. The Albany Plan of Union was a plan to place the British North American colonies under a more centralized government. ... Representatives of the colonial governments adopted the Albany Plan during a larger meeting known as the Albany Congress.

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Which goal of monetary policy is missing from the list: economic growth, stable prices and _________? Question 9 options: A) balance of trade B) full employment C) loose fiscal policy

I believe the answer is: B. Full employment

Full employment refers to a situation when all members of society in productive age able to find something as source of income to help them fulfil their needs.  Due to competitive situation in the market, it is almost impossible to realize this situation.

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How did Hinduism Buddism and islam become established in southeast asia

? are you in connexus

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After Confederate troops opened fire on Fort Sumter, approximately how long did it take for the Union surrender?

The Union was slow to surrender 34 hours after the Confederate Troops opened fire. The bombing of the Union had begun on April 12, 1861. On April 14, the Confederate Troops were able to see if the Union had surrendered. That day, those of the Confederate Troops hoisted their flag in Fort Sumter.

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What did hitler mussolini and stalin have in common

They were all dictators :)

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The was part of Stalin’s secret police force.

NKVD was the part of Stalin’s secret police force.

Further Explanation:-

NKVD was a governmental department in the Soviet Union. Its working was of a law enforcing agency that worked according to the will of All-Union Communist Party. This agency underwent many changes between the period of 1938-1939. Police force was known to be the public force of NKVD and this acted just the same as other police forces along with looking after state security and police department. NKVD also used to handle some other governmental issues such as Transportation, Border Security, Fire guards, etc. NKVD came under the ministry of interior and all its jobs were assigned by this ministry only. But not only this, NKVD was also involved in some of the secret affairs and for this very matter, it was really feared. The NKVD also included Soviet Secret Police as its part and it was GUGB which looked after the state security of the Soviet Union.These things were done under very much political repression and these all included sanctioned murders, political assassinations and NKVD grew larger and stronger under the leadership of Stalin. The NKVD was also known as Stalin’s secret police force.  

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Was it a wise political move for nixon to visit communist china and the soviet union

That's hard!! are you in high school?

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Explain why both the united states and the soviet union were afraid to use any of their nuclear or atomic weapons during the cold war.

This is simply a struggle between empires, the only two empires still remaining after World War II.  It just so happened that these two empires had completely different and competing systems of government and economy.  One sought world domination, while the other sought to contain it.

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Which Soviet premier was responsible for the creation of the Warsaw Pact in response to the West's alliance under NATO?

It was Nikita Khrushchev, in 1955.

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What was one weakness of the Articles of Confederation in establishing the first government of the united States?

It didnt have the force to tax

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Which describes the reaction of seven states in the Deep South to the election of President Abraham Lincoln in 1860? A. declared war on the North B. seceded from the Union C. banned the sale of enslaved people D. stopped producing cotton

Seceded from the Union describes the reaction of seven states in the Deep South to the election of President Abraham Lincoln in 1860

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What was the goal of the first continental congress?

The congress had three objectives: to compose a statement of colonial rights, to identify British parliaments violation of those rights, and to provide a plan that would convince Britain to restore those rights.

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1. The Second Red Scare began soon after which of these events? a.) the start of the Cold War. b.) the McCarthy hearings. c.) the construction of the Berlin Wall. d.) the Cuban Missile Crisis. 2. In the late 1940s, Joseph McCarthy focused an investigation into communism's influence on what area of American life? . a.) entertainment and broadcasting. b.) travel and tourism. c.) government and security. d.) finance and investment. 3. Which of these was a similar feature of the periods that followed the two world wars? a.) a wave of isolationist sentiment. b.) rapid changes in political leadership. c.) significant growth of union membership. d.) suspicion and persecution of communists

The correct answer to number 1 is A) the start of the Cold War.

The start of the Cold War was a result of increased political, economic, and military tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union. These tensions were caused by the difference in economic and political systems of the two countries, with the US disliking the system of communism used by the Soviet Union. This is when the fear of communism, aka the second Red Scare, really started to grow in the United States.

The correct answer to number 2 is C) government and security.

One of McCarthy's most famous speeches was given in West Virginia in the early 1950's in which he claimed, through his research, that he had found 207 members of the State Department were communism. This research was said to have been conducted during the 1940's.

The correct answer to number A) A wave of isolationist sentiment.

After both World Wars, Americans were focused on having their life return to normal since millions of men were now home and looking to start families.

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Cual fue la influencia de la union sovietica en el mundo

Can you write this in English? Please...

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What was the main goal of the British policy of mercantilism toward the American colonies?


The nascent British Empire followed a mercantilist economic policy, in which the goal was to enrich Britain, especially its already powerful bourgeoisie that exercised power since the Glorious Revolution. This policy was viewed with suspicion by the settlers because it directly harmed them by considering the colonies as mere producers of raw material and market for the productions of the metropolis.

The first reaction of the American producers and merchants was smuggling, which became the most widespread tactic to avoid restrictions on trade with the French, Spanish or Dutch. Mercantilism aimed to achieve trade surpluses, so that gold and silver would Concentrate in London, the colonies, for their part, were captive markets for British industry. The government participated through taxes and duties, and the rest went to English merchants. The category of public administration that benefited most was the military, especially the British Navy.

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How did US labor unions treat Chinese immigrants in the 1800s?

The way that the US labor Union treated the Chinese immigrants in the 1800s was that they paid the Chinese less, or even no money at all. They were often forced to work all the time, and if they refused, they were beat.

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Why was the Line of Demarcation established near the 38th Parallel? The 38th Parallel divided Korea into two equal halves. The 38th Parallel was close to the front line where the two armies reached a stalemate. The 38th Parallel was the farthest location that the North Korean army had advanced into South Korean territory. The 38th Parallel was an arbitrary decision made between North and South Korean leaders.

"The 38th Parallel was close to the front line where the two armies reached a stalemate" is the reason why the Line of Demarcation established near the 38th Parallel. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the second option. I hope that this is the answer that has helped you.

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Describe the relationship between Roosevelt and stalin

Swaggy sike imsorry

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What was the primary goal of Progressive Era muckrakers?

Eliminating corrupt government

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One of the goals of the Constitution is to create a _________ government. A. unlimited B. totalitarian C powerless D limited

Totalitarian government

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Which of the following was NOT a reason for United States to look beyond its boundaries in the late nineteenth century?. A: to sell surplus goods and procure raw materials. . B: to provide jobs for its surplus of industrial workers. C: to spread Christianity to those it considered inferior. . D: to civilize the “inferior races” in Asia and Africa. . E: to establish military alliances with other nations.


E: to establish military alliances with other nations.


During most of the 19th Century, the US managed to maintain its policy of isolationism despite its economic growth. The nation remained isolated from Europe and avoided any military alliances with other countries because those were feared by the Founding Fathers.

The US was able to expand its borders coast-to-coast without abandoning the isolationism policy and fought three wars without making any alliances with Europe - War of 1812, Mexican War and Spanish-American War -.

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Which European leader created a Five-Year Plan, based on Communist ideology, that required workers to double, or triple, production to modernize their nation?. A.President Franklin Roosevelt. B.Adolf Hitler. C.Benito Mussolini. D.Joseph Stalin


a) Roosevelt was against Communism;
b) Adolf Hitler was against communism;
c) Mussolini was against communism;
d) Joseph Stalin was the leader of the communist party in Russia, and created the five-year plan.


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How did switzerland become the direct inheritor and propagator of roman republicanism? is it: 1. by establishing a government based on direct democracy 2. through promoting religious leaders into the swiss assembly through church council votes 3. by establishing the swiss guard as the main peacekeeping force 4. through overthrowing the swiss monarch and establishing a council of nobles

The correct answer among all the other choices is 4. through overthrowing the swiss monarch and establishing a council of nobles. This is how the Switzerland become the direct inheritor and propagator of roman republicanism. Thank you for posting your question. I hope this answer helped you. Let me know if you need more help. 

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