Which is not goal of the us in Afghanistan

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My answer is : America is not going to restore the Taliban to leadership

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What was the most important goal of the american system


It stated three major roles: A construction of a strong national banking system, high protective tariffs on imported goods, and transportation improvements, such as the construction of canals.


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Cartels, monopolies, trusts, and horizontal and vertical integration all share the goals of...?

The correct answer is to keep prices high on products

These kinds of organizations tend to use their power to influence the free market and set prices as they see fit.

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Which of these was a goal of the first crusade?


to halt the spread of Muslim rule.


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What was the goal of trust-busting in the early 1900s

The gold of the trust-busting in the early 1900s was eliminate or regulate those business, which due to their increasing fraudulent actions like intimidation and bribing,  were  becoming and impediment to a free market economy.

Monopolies and Trusts became the principal target for then President Theodore Roosevelt between 1901 and 1909. But the fight against these entities continue until 1917. The previous approach from the government to stay away from big businesses, was no longer effective because these big monopolies were using their corporate power to abuse smaller businesses.  

President Roosevelt was very clear and conveyed that he was not against big businesses and Trusts, only those who were abusive and bad for a free market economy.

Federal regulation of big  businesses was extremely difficult to implement but at the end, new anti-trust laws and regulations were created, to keep this corporations within the law.

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What was the goal of german surface raiders?

The goal of the German surface raiders was to provide early warning to Germany, whenever the British long range bombers were detected flying over the English Channel. This was basically done so that Germany could be ready for the bombers before they reached their intended target. I hope the answer helps you.

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Select all that apply. Which of the following was not one of the ultimate goals of the Cairo Conference? reduce male responsibility reduce the spread of STDs protection of the environment education for women and girls

To reduce Male responsibility is not the ultimate goal of the cairo conference because the actual goals of cairo conference is: reduce the spread of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), 2. reduce the mortality rates for both infants and their mothers, 3. increase male responsibility, 4. provide academic education to women and girls worldwide, 5. help women gain some measure of equality with men socially, politically, and economically, 6. protect the environment So the Cairo Conference Ultimate goal is not an reduce male responsibility reduce the spread of STDs protection of the environment education for women and girls

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What was the Atlantic Charter? (4 points) an alliance among the democratic nations of Europe a statement of post war goals after an Allied victory an agreement to form the United Nations after World War II was over a program that enabled the United States to evade the Neutrality Acts

The Atlantic Charter was a meeting between the countries of Europe and the U.S. They talked about post war issues they would address, assuming if the Allies would win the war. The document they released after the meeting was called the Atlantic Charter. Things on the document were

• political self-determination for all nations

• free trade

• freedom of the seas

• disarmament

• creation of an international group to keep the peace

The answer is a statement of post war goals after an Allied victory

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What tools did the us and the soviet union use to accomplish their power goals in europe?


Military Advancement and better use of technology.


Relationships between the U.S and the Soviet Union was a complex change of political, ideological and economic, led to changes among careful collaboration and frequently hostile power rivalry over the years. The political differences of these two countries often stopped them from leading a mutual agreement on issues, as in the case in the Cuban missile crisis, brought them close to the war.  

The U.S. has always been against the communism and Soviet have used his influences in Europe. Both these nations have advance technology and military advancement in the nuclear weapon and missile race in which they were able to show their position in  Europe.

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How did many Americans view President Wilson’s goal of establishing an international peacekeeping organization after World War I? A.They supported it because they wanted the United States to get more involved in world affairs. B.They opposed it because they feared that Wilson had made too many compromises in the Senate to get it passed. C.They supported it because they believed it would give the United States more prestige around the world. D.They opposed it because isolationist sentiment was growing, and many people feared American involvement in another war.

Option D is the right answer, that they opposed it because the isolationist sentiment was growing, and many people feared American involvement in another war.

At the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, the first International Peacekeeping Organization was established by President Woodrow Wilson with an idea to solve International disputes. Although president Wilson enthusiastically promoted this organization yet the United States did not join the league officially due to the Congress's Isolationists Opposition.  President Wilson met vigorous opposition from this group, particularly from Republican senators, who protested to the Article X of the league's agreement. Isolationist opposed the United States further involvement in any international conflicts and saw Article X as the direct negligence of US Sovereignty.

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Which best describes the goal of Portuguese explorations? A They traveled south of Asia and toward Brazil B They traveled around India and toward Australia C They traveled around South America and toward North America D They traveled around Africa and toward India .

They traveled south of Asia and toward Brazil best describes the goal of Portuguese explorations the Brazilwas Portugese most important colony and south asia was full of on Portugese economic posts

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What was lincoln's often-stated goal during his presidency

Stopping slavery
hope this helps!!!

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The excerpt below is from the General Introduction to Tuskegee and Its People by Booker T. Washington: Institutions, like individuals, are properly judged by their ideals, their methods, and their achievements in the production of men and women who are to do the world's work. One school is better than another in proportion as its system touches the more pressing needs of the people it aims to serve, and provides the more speedily and satisfactorily the elements that bring to them honorable and enduring success in the struggle of life. Education of some kind is the first essential of the young man, or young woman, who would lay the foundation of a career. The choice of the school to which one will go and the calling he will adopt must be influenced in a very large measure by his environments, trend of ambition, natural capacity, possible opportunities in the proposed calling, and the means at his command. In the past twenty-four years thousands of the youth of this and other lands have elected to come to the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute to secure what they deem the training that would offer them the widest range of usefulness in the activities open to the masses of the Negro people. Their hopes, fears, strength, weaknesses, struggles, and triumphs can not fail to be of absorbing interest to the great body of American people, more particularly to the student of educational theories and their attendant results. What does Washington state is the goal of institutions? to enhance the mind of the student to produce men and women capable of work to provide a safe haven for learning to correct social imbalances and prejudices

Washington state's goal of institutions would be to produce men and women capable of work. In the except, he talks about education that is important to men and women and how it would it help in the foundations of their career. He also talks about ambitions, opportunities, and capacities that these men and women can take advantage of.

The second statement is correct.

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1.What enabled people of northern Italy to sponsor learning? 2.What did German leaders want during the Reformation? 3.What advancement helped the spread of Luther's ideas? 4.What was a main goal of European exploration? 5.Which country explored Africa while developing a route to Asia? 6.The crew of which explorer was the first to circumnavigate the world? 7.Who is known for strengthening the power of French kings? 8.For which of the following is Queen Elizabeth I remembered? 9.All of the following were factors in the conquest of the Incas EXCEPT 10.What was one effect of the slave trade on Africa?

Woah. Girl/ Dude, don' post your whole test online. I'm probably in the same school as you except im in 6th grade.... so :P I'll still give you the answers even though this was like 4 months ago...

1. wealth from trade

2. to collect thir own taxes

3. moveable type printing press


5.  Portugal

6.Ferdinans Magellan

7. Not Peter the great.. Probably Cardinal Richelieu

8. She stregnthened Europe

9. large armey.

10.the african society suffered.

That quiz is prob 10% of ur grade... Good luck! I PROMISE ALL THESE ANSWERS ARE RIGHT (IF UR IN CONNEXUSS)     Sorry it took so looong or someone to finally aanswer this question. And please excuse my typos.... And I didn't mean to be rude at the begginning ;)

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Which of the following is an important goal of European unification?

I think you forgot to give the options along with this question. Based on my knowledge and assumption, i am answering the question. Creating a common, multicultural society is an important goal of European unification. I hope that the answer has come to your help.

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US involvement in Afghanistan, which began in 2001, A) ended two months later. B) ended six months later. C) continued until 2005. D) continued into the 2010s. HELP HELP HELP!!

The correct answer is D, as the US involvement in Afghanistan continued into the 2010s.

The war was declared by the United States after the attacks of September 11, 2001, with the aim of dismantling the terrorist network Al Qaeda and return safety to Afghanistan by eliminating the Taliban from power. After 2001, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was involved in the war, eventually executing combat operations, under the direction of US commanders. On December 28, 2014, NATO officially ended combat operations in Afghanistan and transferred full responsibility for security to the Afghan government through a ceremony in Kabul, marking the beginning of the new phase of the conflict.

On August 21, 2017, US President Donald Trump announced that the United States will remain involved in the war, with an unspecified increase in troops and no fixed deadlines for their withdrawal, although it was known that 4000 more soldiers arrived in that Asian country, counting with a total of 14,000 US troops and a total of 16,000 soldiers of all foreign occupation forces.

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US involvement in Afghanistan, which began in 2001, A) ended two months later. B) ended six months later. C) continued until 2005. D) continued into the 2010s.

The correct answer is D, as US involvement in Afghanistan continued into the 2010s. The US involvement in the War in Afghanistan, which started after the World Trade Center attacks in 2001 with the purpose of taking out Al Qaeda, is still ongoing until today. Approximately 14,000 American servicemen are in Afghanistan, and to date it is not known when the US involvement in the conflict will end.

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Napoleons goal implementing the Contiental System was to

A - declare economic warfare against Great Britain

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What was an early goal of portugal during the age of exploration?

The early goal of Portugal during the Age of Exploration was to look for a naval route going to India. The land routes were blocked by the Ottoman Empire which hindered the trade in the Far East. India was then considered the Portuguese state and it was founded six years after the Portuguese explorers found the route to India.

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What was the main goal of the radical republicans who served in congress during reconstruction

To ensure that former slaves remained in the South to work the land

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Which of the following was a major goal for American Indians in the 1960s? to take back their land on Alcatraz to form the Bureau of Indian Affairs to promote Brown Power to have their lands protected

A major goal for American Indians in rhe 1960s was to have their lands protected.

The native American population had almost doubled between 1950 and 1970, with an unemployment rate ten times the national rate.

At that time period, Native Americans were more patriotic and radical. Native Americans fought for their rights and for recognition. Even thought their were violent demonstrations including the Wounded Knee Incident and the Pine Ridge Reservation Shooting, there were also many Acts passed that benefited Native Americans in the long term such as the Indian Education Act and the Indian Child Welfare Act.

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A bakery invests a portion of profits into sending its employees to a training on how to use more energy-efficient ovens that also can hold more baked goods. W hat goal is the bakery hoping to achieve by investing in the training? A.increase in productivity B.increase the goodwill of employees C. use of space D.replace its ovens

I believe the answer is: A.increase in productivity

By investing in training, the workers would much more proficient in using the technology. When this happen, the workers tend to need lesser amount of time to complete a certain order. This would increase both productivity and the net profit of the bakery.

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A.Imagine yourself as an upcoming senior who will have to attend the new school. You have been given the floor for two to three minutes to share your feelings with the school board and attendees of the meeting. As you take the microphone you must answer questions 1 through 4 within your two- to three-minute commentary. Remember that your objective is to persuade your audience. Please be sure that you are writing in complete sentences. How would you name the school? What would be its mascot? Explain your choices. Why do you think symbols like a name or mascot are so important to the people of the city? Why would it be important to the students? What are two goals you could recommend the new principal to consider when opening up the new school? Identify two challenges that principal may have in achieving those goals? B. Now answer the following reflection questions, making sure to include information from the lesson. Again, be sure that you are writing in complete sentences. How does this controversy relate to the development of the Byzantine Empire? How does this controversy differ from issues in the Byzantine Empire?

I belive that the lunch menu is two short and that we have to have a longer lunch because without a longer lunch children do not have time to relax eat and digest instead they inhale there food and are hungry through out the day because there stomachs never had an improper use of food digestion.

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What three things does DuBois state are the goals of Washington's agenda for the black people? . . a. political power, civil rights, higher education. b. enfranchisement, legal status, institutional aid. c. industrial education, accumulation of wealth, conciliation of the South. d. peace, happiness, prosperity

The answer is B. enfranchisement, legal status, and institutional aid

Du Bois was one of the African-Americans who have tried to fight against the Racial Discrimination happening in the United States. He didn’t agree with Washington’s view on the issues against the segregations. Washington wanted the African-Americans to give up on the enfranchisement, legal status and institutional aid, he believes that they should just give up on those aspects, however, for Du Bois; he believes that Washington is wrong and that they should continue to fight against the racial discrimination that they are experiencing in the United State. He believes that the Caucasian have gone against the 14th Amendment of the US Constition.

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Is this statement True or False: in the Constitution sets forth the goals and purposes to be served by the government.

False. It is the preamble that sets forth the goals and purposes to be served by government. The preamble identifies the reasons that the constitution was written. In the US, it was to make a statement that government power comes from the people.

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Which country invaded Afghanistan in an attempt to gain an ally in the Cold War? a. Great Britain b. the Soviet Union c. Armenia d. India

The answer to the question above is letter B. the country that invaded Afghanistan in an attempt to gain an ally in the Cold War is the Soviet Union. The Soviet union sent thousands of troops into Afghanistan to assume complete military power and political control over Kabul and other large portions of the country.

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3 main goals of the national convention

1.to officially name the party's presidential and vice-presidential candidates
2. to adopt the party's platform 
3. to follow major policy matters

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