Which militant civil rights group was once led by Malcolm X before he left over the issue of violent protest? A. Nation of Islam B. National Urban League C. Booker T. Washington Foundation D. American Civil Liberties Union

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1. How was the Land Ordinance of 1785 a positive result of the Articles of Confederation? * A.The Congress could not levy taxes. B.The Congress could not force anyone to obey the laws. C.The Congress could take land from anyone who had not paid their land taxes. D.The Congress could raise money for the government by selling land west of the Appalachian Mountains. 2. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was important because it * A.ensured voting rights for all males. B.extended slavery north of the Ohio River. C.established reservations for Native American Indians. D.provided a process for admission of new states to the Union. 3. What was the main impact of Shays's Rebellion? * A.The increased enforcement of tax laws. B.The addition of new states to the Union. C.The adoption of the English Bill of Rights. D.Increased call for revision or replacement of the Articles of Confederation. 4. Native American attacks from the river banks, poling upstream on the Ohio and Cumberland Rivers, and ...? Which of the following should be correctly added to a list of struggles faced by the settlers as they moved from Watauga to the Cumberland Settlement? * A.severe winter weather B.the Revolutionary War C.lack of good soil and water D.interference by the British army 5. Why did the settlers west of the Appalachian Mountains attempt to form the State of Franklin? * A.North Carolina did not help its citizens west of the mountains. B.North Carolina gave the land west of the mountains back to England. C.North Carolina did not charge taxes to its citizens west of the mountains. D.North Carolina gave the land west of the mountains back to the Cherokee. 6. What was the purpose of the Cumberland Compact? * A.It mapped the route from Watauga to the Big Salt Lick. B.It was the self-government document written and signed by the Cumberland settlers. C.It divided land in Middle Tennessee between the Cumberland settlers and Native Americans. D.It was a list of the English Bill of Rights and how they should be used in the new American government.

It divided land in middle tenners between the Cumberland settlers and native American

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In the late 1800s, American sugar growers overthrew Queen Liliuokalani and asked the United States to annex a. Cuba. c. Samoa. b. the Philippines. d. Hawaii.

Hawaii. She was against it, but they overthrew her. Eventually Hawaii became a US state.

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What did European nations fail to consider as they divided up the continent ?

Regarding Africa's continent, European nations fail to consider that  the Europe's arbitrary post-colonial borders left Africans bunched into countries that don't represent their heritage, a problem that is still present at this days. The nations of the african continent are largely defined not by its peoples heritage but by the follies of European colonialism.

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Why did the Boeing B-29 (a bomber during WWII) need to carry a larger payload than other American bombers?

They needed a larger payload to drop more than just one bomb on a territory. This would help to destroy more than just a small area of enemy territory.

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Which two revolutions inspired Latin American countries to declare their independence from Spain? The Chinese Revolution The American Revolution The African Revolution The French Revolution

The answer is : THe French REvolution; The American REvolution

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Japanese Americans lived primarily in what two states?

I only know one of them. But Japanese Americans primarily lived in Hawaii from my understanding.

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What duty must the President perform in the first few weeks of each new year that explains to the American people his vision for the United States?

To make a speech about all the things he will accomplish now that he is president

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Why would an invasion of Japan during WWII be a concern for American military planners?

Because it would result in the loss of a lot of American lives. 

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How was the 13th amendment shaped the lives of african american men

The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution officially abolished slavery in America, and was ratified on December 6, 1865, after the conclusion of the American Civil War. The amendment states: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”HOPE this helps!!!!!!!

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What was the significance and lasting impact of the Junto, Benjamin Franklin’s discussion group?

 The Junto, also known as the Leather Apron Club, was a club for mutual improvement established in 1727 by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia. The Leather Apron Club's purpose was to debate questions of morals, politics, and natural philosophy, and to exchange knowledge of business affairs

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Why did the Cherokee believe they would be able to keep their lands while other American Indians could not?

Indian Treaties is my best guess

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The Cherokee Nation's right to keep its land was formally supported by the _____.

The Cherokee Nation's right to keep its land was formally supported by the Supreme Court

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After the Civil War, the southern economy became primarily industrial. continued to be agrarian. never rebounded. was driven by livestock.

was driven by livestock.
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A major goal of henry clays american system was to

This envisioned a protective tariff, a national bank jointly owned by private stockholders and the federal government, and federal subsidies for transportation projects. The over all  goal was to add improvements to the overall  government.

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What led to specialization and division of labor in Mesopotamia? The rulers of Mesopotamia assigned occupations to the people. Illness and injuries forced some farmers to stop farming and find other work. Women were not allowed to farm, so they came up with other occupations. Reliable and plentiful food production allowed some farmers to quit farming. QUESTION 2 What is a belief system in which followers worship only one God called? polytheism monotheism unitheism agnosticism QUESTION 3 Which Indo-European tribe developed a strong warrior society and built an empire that was frequently invaded by those seeking fertile land? Hittites Assyrians Chaldeans Phoenicians QUestion 4 Zoroaster believed all of the following EXCEPT: Ahura Mazda represented the good in the world. Good and evil forces are in a constant struggle. People should perform good deeds and refrain from bad choices. People should pay tribute to the gods. QUESTION 5 What was the key to Persia's communication network? their system of canals the domestication of beasts of burden their system of roads diplomacy with other cultures QUESTION 6 The plentiful food production brought about by farming along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers allowed Mesopotamian villages and towns to develop into city-states that were nearly self-sufficient. True False QUESTION 7 Hammurabi's Code dealt with which of the following aspects of law? civil law criminal law international law both a and b QUESTION 8 After Cyrus the Great led a revolt against the Medes who had controlled Persia, he captured their territory and expanded the Persian Empire to make it one of the largest in history. True False QUESTION 9 Which Indo-European invader had a calendar based on the phases of the moon? Hittites Assyrians Chaldeans Phoenicians QUESTION 10 The Epic of Gilgamesh gives us a clue as to the kinds of behaviors that Mesopotamians considered civilized. True False

Answer: the correct sequence is 1.-Reliable and plentiful food production allowed some farmers to quit farming.  2.- monotheism 3.- Assyrians 4.- People should pay tribute to the gods. 5.-their system of roads  6.-True 7.- both a and b  8.- True 9.-Chaldeans 10.-True

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Who was Aguinaldo and what was his expectation when the Americans defeated the Spanish in Manila Bay?

Filipino revolutionary leader.

Aguinaldo lead revolutionary fighters in the Philippines for independence from Spain.

During the Spanish-American War the US invaded the Philippines and came to the aid of the revolutionary fighters. Aguinaldo expected the Americans would give the Philippines independence once the Spanish were defeated in Manila Bay. However, the US took over control of the Philippines. This required Aguinaldo to continue leading revolutionaries against the Americans to gain their independence. 

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Which religion or philosophy accepts the belief in reincarnation A Hinduism B judism C Buddism D chrisanity E islam

B Judism is the answer 

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9. What did Malcolm X initially think about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and what caused his perspective about him and white people to eventually change? 10. How did Malcolm X die and who was responsible for his death?

He disliked Martin Luther King's ideas because he didn't believe that people should live together, and he advocated separation of races because he claimed that African Americans would be better off without the white population. He was assassinated by 3 members of the Nation of Islam with a shotgun.

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From this lesson, the Vietnamese Tran dynasty is known for _____. requiring civil service exams conquering Japan establishing an alternative government in Kyoto initiating extensive land reform

Initiating extensive land reform. 
"Under the Tran Dynasty, which lasted until 1400, the country prospered and flourished as a result of extensive land reform, improved public administration, and the study of Chinese literature."

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