Which organelle "digests" other parts of a cell? the Lysosomes, Ribosomes, Nucleolus or the Cell membrane

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Maintaining internal conditions within in an organism is a characteristic of life known as _____. metabolism energy cells homeostasis

Homeostasis, it is the process of organisms regulating their internal conditions. 

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In an ecosystem makes eat salamanders and salamanders eat earthworms how would the ecosystem be affected if a large number of snakes are caught and moved out of the region as a part of a conservation program

If snakes are taken out of the environment, the population of salamanders would rise significantly due to the lack of a predator, resulting in an over-hunting of earthworms, causing earthworm populations to fall.

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How are tumor cells different from normal cells? A.)tumor cells have no nucleus B.)tumor cells are smaller C.)tumor cells multiply too quickly D.)tumor cells are Prokarotes

Tumor cells are different from regular normal healthy cells in their growth patterns, life cycles and methods of intercellular communication. They vary in size and shape and often exhibit irregular nuclei, which contain disorganized chromosomes.

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Cells use glucose to make (1 point) Energy Proteins Enzymes Vitamins

energy is the correct answer and the other guy is right

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Describe one possible effect of a gene mutation in a body cell on an organism and one possible effect on the offspring of that organism

A gene mutation may result in an oncogene. So during that cell's replication the gate keeper genes will no longer be able to suppress it. This results in a mutated daughter cell.  If there is a subsequent mutation an a daughter cell, a tumor will be produced. 

Gene mutation can also cause mosaicism and result in different phenotypes 

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The process of respiration is part of the ____________________. a. water cycle c. carbon cycle b. wind cycle d. nitrogen cycle

I think it's D ?? not sure though

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Because plant cells have chloroplasts and can do photosynthesis, why do they also need mitochondria?

They need mitochondria for storing water and sugar hope this helps :)

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Which of the following was part of sudbury's restoration efforts? A. treating lakes and soils with lime B. treating lakes and soils with sulfur C. treating lakes and soils with nickel D. digging up topsoil to remove metals

I am most positive your answer is going to be C. treating lakes and soils with nickel, I hope this helps!! 

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What part of your brain tells yoh that your hungry?

You'r  Hypothalamus partially controls your hunger!
Happy to assist!

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A digestive enzyme such as amylase breaks down starch to what disaccharide

Amylase breaks down starch into glucose. Amylase is present in both saliva and in your stomach.

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Which type of RNA makes up the structure of the ribosome? a RNA polymerase b transfer RNA c messenger RNA d ribosomal RNA


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A child has sickle-cell disease (ss) but neither parent is ill. what must be true of her parents’ genotypes?


-Both parents are carriers of the sickle cell genes, they have one sickle cell gene and thus they do not show the trait.


-Sickle Cell Anemia is an autosomal recessive trait. This means that in order for the trait to be shown, both parents of an individual must carry at least one sickle cell gene.

- A child with this disorder can be born to parents who do not have the disorder because the parents must have at least one gene, but do not have two and therefore do not show the trait. Since it is recessive, in order to show the trait, you must have two of the genes.

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In an adult human, does cell division rarely occurs in nerve cells?

It does not occur in nerve cells

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Which of the following is a reason why cells divide

The reason cells devide is so they can make room for things to grow.

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Materials are able to move across a cell membrane through one of two methods: active transport or passive transport. What is the difference between active transport and passive transport?

Essentially the answer is in the names. Active transport requires energy to facilitate to movement of the materials while passive transport is something like osmosis which is when the material moves based on concentration in an effort to create equality between the two sides. Basically passive is when the materials move under the own power. 

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A point mutation will cause the cell to make an incomplete polypeptide if the mutation results in an

A point mutation will cause the cell to make an incomplete polypeptide chain if the mutation results in a stop codon and is thus a nonsense mutation.

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Asexual reproduction in the parent cell will result in offspring with

Identical genes i believe

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If you were stranded on the ocean in a raft, what would happen if you kept drinking ocean water? your blood would become hypotonic your blood would become hypertonic the concentration of water in your blood would increase the concentration of water in your blood would decrease water would flow out of your body cells the excess water would flow into your cells

The correct answer is that water will flow out of the cells of the body.  

When one consumes salt water, the concentration of solutes external to the cells will enhance making the water inside the cell to move out of the cells, thus, making the cells shrink. Outside the cell, the solution is hypertonic and may result in dehydration.  

The kidneys in human can only produce urine, which is less salty in comparison to salt water. Thus, to withdraw all the extra salt consumed, one has to urinate more water than one has drunk. Hence, resulting in dehydration.  

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Which is a tough and flexible layer that surrounds plant cells, as well as some algal and bacterial cells? cell wall centriole nucleus cell membrane

Answer: Cell wall is the layer which is present in plant cells, as well as some algal and bacterial cells.

Cell wall is the outermost layer of the cell which surrounds plasma membrane. It provides structural support and protection to the cell. It is absent in animals.

In plant cells, cell wall is mainly made up of cellulose. In bacterial cells, it is made up of peptidoglycan, whereas in algal cells, the major components are chitin, glucan and protein.

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Depict the role of lysosomes within a cell, using the metaphor of a factory. Explain

If the cell were a factory, the lysosomes would function as the maintenance crew. The lysosome breaks down the enzymes and keeps the cell from working. The  factory can not operate without the maintenance crew. The maintenance crews make sure that the factory is well conditioned to work.

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Explain the genetic events that enable so many different cell types to arise from one unspecialized cell

All cells in the body have the same genetic material, e.g. they have same DNA. However, not all genes are active at the same time and in all cells. Thus, different genes are transcribed in different specialised cells. There are transcription factors that control which genes will be transcribed and which will be suppressed. Also, specialised cells in an embryo release signalling proteins that help in cell differentiation.

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Substances that enter the cell without the expense of cellular ATP, but are too large to directly pass through the membrane, use ________________________ in order to gain access to the inside of the cell. A) vesicles B) osmosis C) pseudopodia D) membrane proteins

Answer: Membrane proteins


Membrane proteins are common type of proteins that are the part of membrane or interact with membranes.

It falls into many criteria based on the  location the membrane proteins are found. It can be found on the either sides of the membrane. inside the cell or outside the cell.

It acts as the receptors for specific molecules or it can also help in the transportation of the molecules across membranes. The molecules that are too large to be transported across membrane enters with the help of cell membrane.

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