Which reason explains the irony in Brutus’ speech best? a.The conspirators’ plot involves killing Caesar’s body, but not his spirit. b.The conspirator’s plot involves killing Caesar’s spirit, but not his body. c.Caesar’s spirit will save Caesar’s body from the conspirators’ plot. d.Caesar’s spirit is not killed with his body.

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The correct answer is D. Caesar’s spirit is not killed with his body.
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These two questions r due tomorrow. Plz answer both!!! Plz. I'll mark u as my brainiest person. PLZ!!! Based on what you know, define the word symbol. Give an example of a symbol and explain what it symbolizes. Edgar Allen Poe is known for the complex plots of his short stories. Draw and label the parts of a plot pyramid. Explain/define each part that makes up the plot.

A symbol is an image that represents something that people can automatically identify. One example is a stop sign. A stop sign is a red octagon, with the letters "STOP". It symbolizes for people to stop, but most people see the symbol of a red octagon and think "STOP" right away.

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HELP PLEASE Identify each as a pure substance or mixture. Include a reason for each. 1. Lettuce and tomato salad 2. Air 3. Wood shavings 4. Pond water 5. Chalk 6. Sugar water

1. Mixture--Lettuce AND tomato
2. Mixture-- Air consists of many different elements and gasses
3. Pure-- You aren't changing the substance of wood by shaving it, but if you were thinking from a makeup level it would be a mixture to begin with
4.Mixture-- There is more than just water in pond water...bacteria and such.
5. Not sure--I might say pure but I don't know for sure
6. Mixture-- Sugar AND water

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What kind of listening involves asking questions and using the speaker’s responses to form new questions?

Reflection is the answer I got.

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Characters advance the plot of a story through relationships, where their actions lead to results that move the plot along.

Characters are the only reason that there are stories. Without a character you do not have a story, you have a series of events with no purpose, reason or rhyme. 

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What evidence from the text supports the idea thay lady macbeth questions her husbands ability to kill the king

Act 1 Scene 5 Lines 13-28 is where she said he isn't manly enough to kill.

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What events in to kill a mockingbird prove the statement "innocent people should never have to fear the judicial system" false? and if possible page numbers please :)

Because the govt can take everything away from you and ruin your life so theres that to be scared of 

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What evidence from the text supports the idea that lady macbeth questions her husbands ability to kill the king? In act 1 scene v in Macbeth


The evidence from the text which supports the idea that Lady Macbeth questions her husband's ability to kill the king in Act 1 Scene v in "Macbeth" is:

"What thou wouldst highly,

That wouldst thou holily;

wouldst not play false,

And yet wouldst wrongly win."


Lady Macbeth finds her husband to be incapable of killing King Ducan as he was very kind and generous from his heart. She knew it very well that although Macbeth was ambitious he had a soft corner for the King.

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Why does shakespeare have casca tell the tale of Caesar getting the crown

Casa told the tell because he was there towitness everything. -friend of mine. (FuzzyFuzzball)

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The _____ of a piece is the author’s reason for writing it. A. perspective B. style C. tone D. purpose

The fourth alternative is correct (D).

The act of writing requires a fundamental element that inspires the writer, this element is the purpose.

Purpose is associated with the purpose and meaning of a literary production, the author of a play uses his literary sensibility to write something that has meaning, something that he believes, that is, something that has a purpose.

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Which best explains the organization of Shakespeare's "All the World's a Stage" speech? a It is organized in order of each age's importance. b It is organized in random order. c It is organized in reverse order to make it original. d It is organized in chronological order, just like life.

The correct answer is d It is organized in chronological order, just like life.

Indeed, this speech is the beginning of Jaques’ monologue in Act II, Scene VII of the play AS you Like It. Each age described by the speech makes part of the Seven Ages of man. The notion of both the world as a stage and the life of a person divided into different ages has been present in Western Culture since Classical Antiquity.

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Why did the 5 inch black-and-white TV's at the World's Fair impress people? Explain in two paragraph

I am sorry...But this is plagarism. I wont report tho

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Those who drag you down do it for a reason. That reason is they are not strong enough to stand on their own. They need the most love and patience. Sometimes it goes to far and you need to let them fall. When someone drags you down stand tall and try and pick them up along the way. If you cant then let them fall and pray that they will change. Stand strong in who you are and be proud of they way you are made ♥♥

That's not necessarily true, in reality most people who bring you down, or at the very least try to, while they may not be strong enough on their own, they also most likely have their own issues that they need to solve on their own. Which sounds harsh, but unfortunately in the world, if we do not solve our own problems and we wait around for other people to help us when we drag them down, or when we expect people to pick us up after we drag them down is just idiotic. If someone drags you down, you need to step back and let them build themselves back up. Sadly in life we cannot fix everyone, and most times people have a very hard time fixing themselves making it so that people end up giving up a lot of themselves in order to help the people around us. You should stand strong in who you are and how you are made, you just should step back look at the world around you and analyze your situations before picking up the pieces of everything that's broken around you. 

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At what age do you think people should take responsibility for their actions? Explain (100 words)

Taking responsibilty starts at the age of 12 because basically that the age were most people start to be affected by the adolecent stage and they are more responsible of having to think positive things. Having to take responsibility is like being independent in some of the decisions you make. But nowadays people have no age of doing things thats why we end up taking negative decisions which impact in a negative ways. I dont have much response but basically that is my comment.

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Do you think that the heading or title given is apt or relevant for this passage? write a paragraph in which you provide reasons for the view you have taken.

I can see here nothing. Where is the passage? You know what I would recommend you to contact Supreme essay service. Those guys usually both proofread and edit my papers. But I'm quite sure they'll be able to help you with writing, as well. So give them a try! Hope this helps! Good luck!

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How does Benvolio plan to cure Romeo's lovesickness for Rosaline? He will take Romeo on a vacation out of town He will show Romeo other, more beautiful girls He will put Romeo on a strict exercise program He will get Romeo involved in school activities

His idea is to take his cousin Romeo to the Capulet's party where there will be tons of gorgeous girls far more fairer than Rosaline. so its the 2nd option. 

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Which phase of writing process involves checking the content to see if the essay is sufficiently detailed and adequately supports the thesis statement

The revision stage of the writing process.

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Nice shot! I always dreamed I'd lose the championship by a missed free throw. What is the verbal irony in this statement? 1. The speaker feels that getting to the championship is as good as winning. 2. The speaker didn't want to win the championship but feels the last shot was a good try. 3. The speaker has always dreamed of winning a basketball championship. 4. The speaker is frustrated by the loss and does not believe the last shot was a good one.

Answer: 4. The speaker is frustrated by the loss and does not believe the last shot was a good one.

In this excerpt, the speaker is describing an event. The real event is that the speaker missed an easy shot (a free throw) and he is frustrated by the fact that he lost. However, he is employing irony by describing the exact opposite of the reality. The speaker states that this was his dream, and that it was a nice shot. Irony occurs when what appears to be the case in the surface, is in fact completely different from the reality.

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AM I correct please explain

It would be the first one (I've had experience with that first hand)

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Read the paragraph from Nick’s personal narrative. Standing alone in my family’s barn, I thought about how much hard work and time my parents had invested—how much hard work and time we had all invested—in maintaining a fully operational farm. I did not remember a time when my clothes had not reeked of manure or my hair had not held fast to brittle pieces of straw. What would happen if my parents had to sell the farm so we could move closer to my grandparents? Just as I was attempting to imagine a life in the city, a sudden commotion erupted and interrupted my thoughts. With animals squawking and dust flying, I scrambled to pinpoint the source of this unexpected intrusion. In seconds that felt more like minutes, I was successful . . . and I could scarcely believe what my eyes were seeing. Nick would like to rearrange his plot so that it begins with the commotion in the barn. Which statement best describes how starting in the middle of an exciting part will affect the plot?1. Nick will need to go back and explain why his parents have worked so hard to keep the farm.2. Nick will need to provide other exciting details in order to maintain the reader’s attention.3. Nick will need to provide a more detailed conclusion to make up for the events he did not include.4. Nick will need to go back and relate the events that led up to that moment in the story.

The answer is D) Nick will need to go back and relate the events that led up to the moment in the story

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Mary and her mother watch from their window in fear as the Yankees storm through their property. This can best be described as what part of the plot? WARNING: TRICKY QUESTION falling action external conflict exposition internal conflict

I believe the answer is external conflict, because an external force (Yankees) are causing conflict.

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