Which sentence includes the best domain specific words for an informative/explanatory article on how space exploration led to the development of new products for people?. . a) Many products we use every day come from technology developed during the moon landing projects.. . b) Scientists used MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, to select a suitable landing site on the lunar surface.. . c) Athletic shoes now use the same materials as moon boots.. . d) Cordless tools were developed for astronauts to use during space walks

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"Scientists used MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, to select a suitable landing site on the lunar surface" is the sentence that includes the best domain specific words for an informative/explanatory article on how space exploration led to the development of new products for people. The correct option among the given options is option "b".
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1.) In Frankenstein, Victor changes from an optimistic, eager young man to one who is anxious and... A.) Honest B.) Remorseful C.) Confident 2.) Frankenstein is told using... A.) First person point of view B.) Flashbacks C.) Both A and B 3.) An epistolary novel always uses ____ to tell the story. A.) Gun fights B.) Suspense C.) Letters 4.) An example of "natural philosophy," or the physical sciences, is A.) Anatomy B.) Psychology C.) Mathematics 6.) Why doesn't Victor share with Robert what he discovered? A.) Victor is afraid that Robert will steal his creation B.) Victor is afraid that it would lead to Robert's destruction and misery. C.) Victor is afraid that Robert will not believe him 7.) In Frankenstein, When Victor sees the creature, he expresses all of the following EXCEPT A.) Pride B.) Horror C.) Disgust 8.) In Frankenstein, after two years, Victor again sees the creature when he A.) Looks out his window during the storm B.) Is walking during a storm and lighting flashes C.) Enters a classroom in the university during a storm 9.) Who is the speaker of the following quote: "I wish that I were to die with you; I cannot live in this world of misery"? A.) The creature B.) Victor C.) Elizabeth

1. The correct answer is B. Remorseful. At the beginning, Victor was enthusiastic and full of hope that his scientific achievement would make the world better. However, soon he realizes that he has brought a misery not only upon himself, but the world at large. It brings him a feeling of devastation and great remorse, which will haunt him until the end of his days.

2. The correct answer is C. Both A and B. The general point of view is first person; the story about Frankenstein is told by Captain Robert, and the story within the story is told by Frankenstein himself. However, Frankenstein’s story is actually a great flashback on his personal history and all that happened to him.

3. The correct answer is C. Letters. The very name “epistolary” derives from the word epistle, which means a personal document written to another person. The whole novel about Frankenstein is actually part of a written correspondence between Captain Robert Walton and his sister Margaret. Even Frankenstein’s own story is incorporated into one of those letters. Ever since the Enlightenment (mid-18th century), epistolary novels were very popular and widely read.

4. The correct answer is A. Anatomy. The term “natural philosophy” referred, among others, to anatomy, long before the development of modern natural sciences. It was, in a way, a middle ground of what we today call humanistic and natural science. It tried to explain complex issues of human body and existence, trying to find answers to most pertinent of all questions: the phenomena of life and death.

6. The correct answer is B. Victor is afraid that it would lead to Robert’s destruction and misery. He tells him all about the creature and their full history. But he never reveals him how he managed to create him in the first place. Victor is fully determined that his secret should die with him, so as not to bring further misery. From his present perspective, it is an unholy and wretched thing, and he condemns his own scientific curiosity that had brought him to that discovery.

7. The correct answer is A. Pride. Victor is horrified and disgusted by the creature, who is a weird and uncanny mix between a human and a thorough inversion of a human – he is taller and far stronger than “normal” humans, but his face and features are disfigured and grotesque. Victor instantly realizes that this was not what he had hoped for. Far from being proud because of his achievement, he grows literally sick and takes months to recover.

8. The correct answer is B. Is walking during a storm and lightning flashes. Victor is roaming the woods where his brother William was recently strangled to death. All of a sudden, a lightning flashes and illuminates a giant, deformed figure. Victor instantly realizes that it must be his creature, and shudders at the thought that it must have been responsible for his brother’s death.

9. The correct answer is C. Elizabeth. At the moment, Victor and Elizabeth are visiting Justine in her prison cell. She is to be executed the following day because she admitted to killing William, which she actually didn’t do. Victor knows the truth and who the real culprit is, but won’t tell anyone for the fear of being considered mad. He and Elizabeth thoroughly sympathize with Justine, and even Elizabeth believes that she is completely innocent, even though there is no proof for that. Elizabeth feels so bad that she declares she would rather share Justine’s fate than live in the cruel world without justice.

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In "A Modest Proposal," Swift indisputably proves that the children's skins could even be used to create clothing. Which word or phrase should replace "indisputably proves" to create an objective tone? 1.suggests 2.absurdly describes 3.demands 4.brilliantly writes


Option 1


Objective tone referes to an impersonal style of writing in which a message or idea is delivered, but no information about the author is provided. In order to replace "indisputably proves" to creat an objective tone the word "suggest" can be used. It is important to mention that the speaker in the proposal was invented by Swift to shock the readers about the injustice and terrible conditions of the Ireland of the time. It is possible to sense that the tone is not neutral, the author is in favor of the ideas of Swift. Being objective requires neutral facts that do not carry opinions.

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Which genre often features stories about historical figures? A. folktale B. myth C. fairy tale D. legend

Legend Duhh.............

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Label all parts of speech in the sentence N=noun, V=verb, PN=pronoun, Adj=adjective Every summer, many Americans happily attend baseball games in the stadiums.

Every- adj. summer-N many-adj. americans-noun attend-V baseball-N games-N in- its actaully a prepostion in this sentence because it indicates a place- the-adj? stadiums-noun

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Give a paragraph summary about wicked the broadway FOR ALL MY POINTS in your own words

Its about how you shouldn't always believe in what you see and hear about a person

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What is the subject and verb in this sentence? Williamsburg is a restored colonial town in Virginia.

I'm pretty sure the subject is Williamsburg is the verb and restored would be the verb.

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Comment on the dominant variety of prose (narrative,expository or descriptive) present in each of the following passages.write a brief appreciation of each passage in about 260 words each.


Narrative prose

Narrative, as in, it recounts to a story as opposed to just offering a depiction of something or a clarification of an idea.

Prose, as in, written in sections of sentences instead of stanzans of lines as a sonnet would be.  Narrative prose is the normal style of talking and composing, with nonattendance of musicality, rhyme, mood and different characteristics of the idyllic structure . It comprises of the ordinary discussion individuals use to convey what needs be rationally.

The message in exposition is objective and not uncertain, on a specific subject, for instance. It is a type of writing wherein the work is written in exposition, rather than verse, and recounts to an authoritative story through activities. Many composed works are composed on this structure, including a lot of artistic works and increasingly present day bits of fiction.

At the end of the day, story exposition is the type of fundamentally every customary novel at any point is composed.

Expository Prose

An exposition prose is a scholarly type of composition composing or narrating that points in enlightingen its reader and uncovering an issue. Its like an unmistakable exposition yet it goes for not depicting an occasion yet uncovering it as something of concern or worth.

In creation examines, explanatory composition (likewise called work) is one of the four conventional methods of talk. It might incorporate components of portrayal, depiction, and argumentation. Not at all like innovative or enticing composition, which can engage feelings and use stories, explanatory composition's basic role is to convey data about an issue, subject, technique, or thought utilizing realities.

Descriptive Prose

At the point when you watch a film, the majority of the "portrayal" is accomplished for you by a camera and an amplifier. The sum total of what essayists have are words. So you have to utilize those words to enable the peruser to see and hear (and smell, taste and contact, as well). You can utilize them actually ("she wore a red dress"). Or then again you can compose all the more allegorically.

For instance; it's difficult to depict the exact look on a character's face when they're in an incredibly foul state of mind. However, on the off chance that you state that their face resembled "the sky before a tempest," perusers will get the thought.

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Which word is defined by the etymology entry? a. revoke b. reverse c. revolve d. revenge?

Your answer is revoke

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An effective title not only indicates the topic, but often suggests your a. recommendations. b. tone. c. audience. d. approach.

The correct answer is C) audience.

An effective title not only indicates the topic but often suggests your audience.

In the editorial industry, it is well known that a title is very important to attract the reader. The proper title will attract the proper audience. So choose your title carefully, use the appropriate language, make the title interesting or exciting, according to the main topic of your writing, and make it short and specific.

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According to “When Grizzlies Walked Upright,” why do the Modocs never kill grizzly bears?

Hello there.

According to “When Grizzlies Walked Upright,” why do the Modocs never kill grizzly bears?

Correct Answer: 
The grizzlies are their ancestors

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What is one of the best ways to improve sentence flow in an essay? A. combine related sentences with transitional words B. begin all sentences in the same way C. make sentences a similar length D. write only complex sentences

The correct answer is A. Combine related sentences with transitional words


In writing the word flow refers to the way ideas and sentences in paragraphs during a text are correctly connected forming a unit. This means a text that flows in one in which the reader feels that the ideas go in a smooth and desirable way which makes the reader understand the text better and enjoy the process of reading. Additionally, text and sentence flow depends on multiple factors including the way topic sentences which are the first sentences in a paragraph are constructed; the use of clear and concise language; avoiding repetition of words in sentence and paragraphs and most important the appropriate of words and phrases or transitions that connect and combine ideas, sentences, and paragraph which guarantees all the parts and connected and the reader can go from one to another without having a gap or disruption that breaks the flow of the text. Considering this the best way to improve sentence flow in an essay is the use of transitional words to combine and connect sentences.

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Which two sentences should be used in the conclusion to a speech on narrative nonfiction?


the 4th and 5th one


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Which term refers to a word or phrase in a sentence that describes something that isn’t clearly stated in the sentence?


The right answer is dangling modifier.  


This kind of modifier refers to a misplaced modifier, it does not modify anything but should have been omitted from the sentence. These modifiers make confusing the idea of the sentence, it should be rewritten in order to contain what the modifiers define. An example can be “riding a bike by the lake, the dogs were barking”, it is pretty obvious that the dogs cannot ride bikes, but it seems they did in the sentence, so a pronoun is missing in order to the sentence to make sense. The correct one should be “riding the bikes by the lake (she, they, I, the guys, etc) heard the dogs barking”

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Which sentence uses an article that points out a particular noun? a.bill and i wanted to watch a movie b.my brother made the popcorn.?

a.bill and i wanted to watch a movie

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What's that mean:'i walk slowly but i never walk backward'.?

It means that my progress is slow but I never stop progressing

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What is a strong idea and how do strong ideas improve the process and product of writing?

Strong ideas help ur reader have a stronger picture of the story. 

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Who decides to get rid of Gregor? A. Gregor's mother B. Grete C. The tenants D. Gregor's father

The answer is B: Grete.

In this story by the great writer, Franz Kafka, Gregor Samsa is turned into a horrible bug. This brings a lot of hardships, both for Gregor and his family.

Grete, Samsa´s sister, after taking care of his brother for some time, grows tired and annoyed at the whole absurd situation that she is subjected to, and even though Samsa feels great love for his sister, and his sister for him, it is as if Samsa is no longer her brother and so, she decides it is time to get rid of him, as if Gregor was (and in fact, that is what he was by the end of the story) nothing more than a horrible bug that needed to be disposed of.

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Select the correct meaning of the word below. You may use a dictionary. blackguard guard wearing a black uniform scoundrel

The correct meaning to the word "blackguard" is scoundrel.

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