Which stage of stress is marked by the body’s release of adrenaline?

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Which of the following is not a vertebrate developmental stage? beginning Stage growth Stage pupa Stage adult Stage

Answer: Pupa stage

Vertebrates are the organisms that exhibit a vertebral column and they have bilateral body composition in which one side of the body is the mirror image of the other around their backbones. They typically exhibit three stages in their development cycle: egg, juvenile and adult. Pupa is the developmental stage found in the invertebrates.

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What might happen if your body couldn't process glucose? A. You wouldn't be able to digest food B. You wouldn't have the energy you needed to function C. You would be more likely to catch diseases Or D. You would be constantly thirsty for water

B. you wouldn't have the energy to function
because glucose is a simple sugar that is an important energy source in living organisms

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Which type of macromolecule stores energy and provides thermal insulation for the body

Polysaccharides, a type of carbohydrate 

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Which of the following can microorganisms do when living on or inside a larger organism's body?

Answer: The question is incomplete.

The options are not given but the correct answer is;

They can protect the body from infection.


Microorganisms are microscopic organisms that are found in every environment. They include bacteria, fungi, viruses e.t.c.

The can be single celled or form colony.

Microbes are of utmost important in larger animals in that they form symbiotic relationship with them. Microbes live in or on organisms.

Microbes help in digestion of food in intestinal gut and also help prevent infections due to their activities in or on the larger animals. Their secretions help to prevent Invaders. They benefit by having shelter and nutrients they feed on from their host.

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The graph shows the changing levels of hormones during menstruation and ovulation. What happens to hormone levels during ovulation, and why is this important? a.The hormone levels increase to prepare a woman’s body to receive a fertilized egg. b.The hormone levels decrease to prepare a woman’s body to receive a fertilized egg. c.The hormone levels increase, and the next menstrual cycle begins with shedding of the uterine lining. d.The hormone levels decrease, and the next menstrual cycle begins with shedding of the uterine lining.

The given graph shows the levels of the different hormones during the period of ovulation. During the phase of the ovulation, the hormones level increase. This increase in  the levels of the hormones prepare the uterus for the fertilization of the egg. The uterine line is thickened. This is the phase when the LH  (Luteinizing hormone) surge occurs, which refers to the sudden increase in the levels of LH. Moreover, the levels of FH, estradiol, and progesterone are also increased at different rates during ovulation.

Hence, the correct answer is 'option A - The hormone levels increase to prepare a woman's body to receive fertilized egg'.

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Which of the following statements is true about the function of DNA in the body?

DNA is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions for the development and function of living things. The main role of DNA in the cell is the long-term storage of information..

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Identify two different types of cells and explain what role they play in the body.

White Blood Cells

They protect the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders.

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What is the name of the thick, milky fluid that feeds and carries sperm cells outside the body?

the answer is semen my boi

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What body system manufactures hormones to regulate organ activity?

Endocrince system i think

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Somatosensory information is carried from the body to the cns by the: a. corticospinal tract. b. dorsal-root ganglion neurons. c. ventral-root ganglion neurons. d. gamma somatosensory neurons.

The correct letter of the answer that the statement above asks is letter B, dorsal-root ganglion neurons. The rest are incorrect, though they are all neurons, others has their different function and the dorsal root ganglion neurons are the one that describes the statement above.

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Explain how the respiratory system and the circulatory system work together to respond to your body's needs during vigorous exercise

The respiratory system helps import oxygen into your body and the circulatory system runs that oxygen through out your body which creates carbon dioxide, so the respiratory system takes and exports the carbon dioxide out of your body.

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Describe two ways in which an earthworm's body is adapted to life in the soil

They r able to dig down by eating soil,  then eliminating them through the anus
their digestive system is  able to break down decomposing plants, that is a common source of organic materials in the soil

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The physiological process that moves a nutrient from the outside of the body to the inside is called __________.

The digestion of food, food being the nutrient.

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A skin rash that neither itches nor burns is a symptom of which stage of syphilis?

This occurs in the first stage of secondary syphilis

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List the two groups of muscles in the body and describe how they are controlled

The types are smooth and rough.
smooth muscles are controlled by your brain, not you (digestion, circulation).
rough muscles are controlled by you (moving your leg)

Hope this helps!

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The tendency of the body to maintain a steady state of functioning is called ________.

Homeostasus, it occurs in living organisms and can include the regulation of body temperature or pH levels.

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Cardiovascular disease risk is greatest for people who tend to store body fat in what part of the body

People who tend to store body fat in their gut or stomach have a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease

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Please help!!! Which body systems work together to deliver oxygen to your tissues? muscular and skeletal respiratory and circulatory immune and digestive digestive and nervous

Respiratory and circulatory............................

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What two kinds of cells does the retina contain? What function is performed by each of these two kinds of cells? PLEASE HELP FOR THE BAINLIEST MARK!!!!!!

Ganglion cell and the muller cell hope i helped :3

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Over millions of years, hominid species learned to use and create tools that became more complex over time. They eventually shaped stone into knives used for cutting, and they harnessed fire for light, heat, and cooking food. Which of the following best explains what effect this had on hominid evolution? Hominid front limbs became longer in proportion to the rest of their body. Hominid brain size decreased as life became easier with the advent of tools. Hominid tooth size decreased as they relied on cooked foods and tools for cutting. Hominid hands developed smaller thumbs as they developed finer tools.


The correct answer is hominid tooth size decreased as they relied on cooked foods and tools for cutting.


Ancient humans started using the tools which helped them in their survival.

This use of tools showed great influence on the evolution of human teeth as it leads to the decrease in the size of the teeth over time like the smaller size of wisdom or molar teeth in modern humans or Homo sapiens. This can be suggested by the fossil studies as the fossils of "a nutcracker" or Paranthropus boisei which lived around 2.3 mya had the largest molar teeth which decreased in modern humans.

The use of tools by humans took the functions done by the teeth like cutting the food into small pieces and also helped in cooking food which caused humans not to invest much energy on growing larger teeth but producing smaller teeth.

Thus, hominid tooth size decreased as they relied on cooked foods and tools for cutting is the correct answer.

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Meteoroids are small objects in space, usually made of rock or metal. These bodies often get close to a planet and fall through its atmosphere. A burning streak of light, called a _______ A. Asteroids B. Comet C.meteor D. Meteoroid is visible as it falls through the sky. Sometimes the object does not burn up completely and a part of it survives the fall to the planet’s surface. These rocky bodies, called _______ A. Asteroids B. Comets C. Meteors D. Meteorites are studied by scientists to gain a better understanding of our solar system.


The correct answer is option C.

The correct answer is option D.


Small body orbiting around the Sun in a solar system is called meteoroid.If it enters the Earth's atmosphere then it is termed as meteor.On entering the earth's atmosphere its starts burning and get vaporized. If the meteor has made through the earth's atmosphere by landing on the earth's surface then it is termed as meteorite.

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