Which statement accurately describes part of the process by which the U.S. Constitution can be amended? A. Only the House of Representatives votes on amendments. B. All of the states must agree to the amendment. C. Two-thirds of the Congress must pass the amendment. D. Only the Senate can propose amendments

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The answer is 2/3's of congress must pass the amendment. Hope this was helpful! Hope you get a good grade!

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Colonialism is the practice by which a nation-state extends its political and military power beyond its own borders over an extended period of time to secure access to cheap labor, raw materials and better markets. colonialism also has set the stage for

Colonialism also set the stage for the spread of virulent diseasesunequal social relationsexploitationenslavementmedical advances, the creation of new institutions, abolitionism, improved infrastructure, and technological progress. Colonial practices also spur the spread of colonist languages, literature and cultural institutions, while endangering or obliterating those of native peoples. The native cultures of the colonized peoples can also have a powerful influence on the imperial country.

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Alexander hamilton supported broad construction of the constitution. This means he beilieved that

There should be a loose interpretation meaning not to take the constitution word for word. if something is not on the constituion BUT needs to be done, they will still do it.

it's cause others believed in a strict constitution and sould atick to it as it is, word for word

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Sometimes a sheaf of wheat was kept from one harvest __________ to the next so that it would pass on its fruitfullness

Sometimes a sheaf of what was kept from one harvest season to the next so that it would pass on it's fruitfulness

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Each of these statements is supported by Preston’s account of the Boston Massacre EXCEPT

Answer: the british soldiers intended to shoot colonists.....


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Who is the president of the united states go america?

Officially Donald J Trump

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What are examples of the colonial grievances from the Declaration of Independence being addressed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

Some colonial grievances from the declaration of independence being adressed by the constitution and Bill if rights are the privacy law were military or anyone else couldn't just come into your house and stay the freedom of speech the right to trial in front of a jury the right to a lawer.

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Why was the polis such an important part of Greek life?

''The polis came to represent the center of Greek identity and its inhabitants were intensely loyal to it.''

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The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments reflected the growing 19th century American trend of a) granting universal manhood suffrage b) upholding rights of free speech and religion c) decreasing the power of the federal government d) recognizing the basic civil liberties of all races


d) recognizing the basic civil liberties of all races


The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments, also called the Reconstruction Amendments, were a series of legislation that aimed at recognizing the basic liberties of all race, more specifically of African Americans, who had been harshly discriminated and mistreated for decades. In theory, the amendment progressively recognized them as equal humans beings to White Americans, by prohibiting slavery, declaring that all person born or naturalized in the U.S. were citizen, which included African Americans, and by guaranteeing their right to vote. In practice, however, African American would still have a long way to go to gain fully equality.

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Through what modern-day states did Coronado lead his expedtion?

His Expedition went through Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas

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What type of representation would the states have under the Virginia plan

The Virginia Plan wanted representation proportional to the population of the state. It proposed a bicameral legislature (I think. Don't remember. It's been a long time!) in which states got seats in both houses based on how large their population was.

The way it's easy to remember is that Virginia was the biggest state in the country at the time, so naturally they thought the state with the biggest population should have the most votes!

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Why were constitutions important for early colonists

  • They allowed a firm foundation of governing principals.

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Which nation was Henry Hudson represented ?

Henry Hudson was represented by England! :)

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I need to write a thesis statement statement for this essay here's what it's about I need to compare and contrast Sumer, Egypt, China and the Indus Valley river please help me with this thesis

Egypt Only Egypt lasted from 6000 BC to 332 BC. Egypt was invaded by Alexander the Great and then ruled by Greek Kings. Egypt was bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile River flowed through Egypt. Most of Egypt's economic activity took place in farming. Egypt was a theocracy government and it was dominated by the pharaoh. Egyptian wrote their own language called hieroglyphics. Best architectural achievement was building pyramids. Mesopotamia Only 10,000 years ago people begin the agricultural revolution in Mesopotamia. Sumer started in 4000-5000 BC. Mesopotamia was located in modern day Iraq. Government was a combination of monarchy and democracy. Crops grown in Mesopotamia were wheat and barley. Controlled flooding in the spring and controlled drought with an irrigation system. The beginning of monuments in Mesopotamia was usually considered the contemporary founding in Sumerians cities. Indus Only Indus lasted from 3000 BC to 220 BC. Indus experiences drought and monsoons. Domestication of animals provided food for the people. Trade took place in the civilization. Religion was the basis of Indus government. Harappans created India's first writing system. Built sewers systems that were covered by limestone slabs. Built walls around most of the settlements to control trade and to protect the settlements from floods. China Only Their were 9 different dynasties in Ancient China. Ancient China was protected by the Himalayan Mountains. People settled along the Yangtze and Yellow River. Main crops grown in China were wheat, rice, corn, and soy beans. China had a monarchy government and the government was ruled by the dynasties. China invented gun powder, paper, silk, and the wheel barrow. The great wall was built between 246 and 209 BC. The wall extended 1,500 miles. China, Indus, Mesopotamia, and Egypt China had a monarchy government and its main crops grown were wheat, rice, corn, and soy beans. Government in Indus was a basis of religion and trade took place in the civilization. Government in Mesopotamia was a combination of monarchy and democracy and the main crops grown were wheat and barley. Egypt had a theocracy government and its main crop grown was barley. Egypt and Mesopotamia Egypt had a theocracy government while Mesopotamia's government was a combination of monarchy and democracy. In Egypt most of the economic activity took place in farming while Mesopotamia economic activity took place in trade. Egypt lasted from 6000- 332 BC while Mesopotamia lasted from about 8,000- 2000 BC. In Egypt the best architectural achievement was building pyramids while in Mesopotamia the beginning of monuments was usually considered to be contemporary founding in Sumerians cities.

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Write an essay about the Greek scientist Make sure your essay includes an introduction with a thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion that summarizes your ideas.

      Natural philosophy, being the precursor to modern day science, was greatly developed in ancient Greece. Like other ancient societies and cultures, the Greeks believed that the world around them was the result of divine intervention (The Ionian Philosophers, 3). Therefore, they based early Greek science around their polytheistic religion in an attempt to answer questions about the world they lived in. However, unlike other religions, their religion wasn't nearly as stringent as others. The Greeks practiced a religion which allowed for free scientific thought. This gave way to the great natural philosophers and scholars. These men, including Thales of Miletus, Aristotle, Democritus, and Pythagoras, among many others, used the scientific method to explain the physical world around them. The use of these sciences was employed in the fields of mathematics, medicine, astronomy and biology in order to improve aspects of Greek life. It also helped to dominate the Mediterranean Sea region, which would be a forerunner to the Roman Empire that borrowed heavily from Greek culture.
             The scientific method was used by Greek philosophers in order to hypothesize and theorize about the natural world around them. However, the first research that was done was incoherent and could not be proved. Many philosophers made up information in order to try and prove their theories, but this did not work since there was no proof. It took many years for the scientific method to be perfected and valid. To this day, the scientific method from ancient Greece has had a major impact on scientific thought. The father of this study was a man named Thales of Miletus (Violatti). He was the first person who tried to explain what he saw in the natural world around him (The Ionian Philosophers, 7). Thales formulated knowledge about the physical world around him rather than relying on the supernatural explanations of the world that the Greek mythical religion supplie

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Which amendment protects any rights that are not specifically mentioned within the Constitution or the Bill of Rights?

The Ninth Amendment (Amendment IX) to the United States Constitution addresses rights, retained by the people, that are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution. It is part of the Bill of Rights. Hope this answers the question.

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Which was not part of the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo that ended the mexican-American war in 1848

From the choices shown in comments, the item NOT part of the treaty ending the Mexican-American War:

  • B. The Nueces River became the border between Mexico and Texas.


When the USA annexed Texas as a state in 1845, the border between the US and Mexico became a matter of dispute and, ultimately, a cause for war.  Mexico claimed that the border between Texas (as part of US) and Mexico was the Nueces River.  The United States, on the other hand, said the border was the Rio Grande, further south than the Nueces.  

When the war ended with the US victorious, the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo assigned the Rio Grand as the border, from its mouth at the Gulf of Mexico to the point where it reached New Mexico.  (From there the border was assigned according to geographic lines on maps.)

As far as the $15 million payment from the US to Mexico, that was in compensation for the large amounts of territory taken over by the US.  $15 million in 1848 would equal about $420 million in today's dollars.

The Mexican Cession was territory ceded (meaning given up) to the United States in 1848 after the Mexican-American War.  The territory included lands that represent the full states of California, Nevada, and Utah, as well as large portions of  Arizona and New Mexico, and about a quarter of what would become the state of Colorado.  There was also a small section of Wyoming involved.  So that represents the bulk of territory that is in Southwest of the present United States.

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What best defines the Freeport Doctrine? A.legal counsel and jury trials should be provided for runaway slaves B.Abraham Lincoln's position that he would not interfere with the status of slavery but opposed the extension of slavery C.Stephen Douglas' position that slavery could be excluded from a territory if officials did not pass laws to protect it

The best and most correct answer among the choices provided by your question is the third choice or letter C "Stephen Douglas' position that slavery could be excluded from a territory if officials did not pass laws to protect it"

On August 27, 1858, Freeport was the site of the second Lincoln-Douglas debate, during which Stephen A. Douglas formulated the “ Freeport Doctrine,” in which he argued that a territory had the right to exclude slavery despite contrary U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

I hope my answer has come to your help. Thank you for posting your question here in Brainly. We hope to answer more of your questions and inquiries soon. Have a nice day ahead!

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Select all the items that describe incentives. -depend on the individual -affect how people behave -are not part of the decision process -help to determine the choices of an individual

The correct options are: "-depend on the individual  -affect how people behave  -help to determine the choices of an individual"

An incentive is that which induces a person or agent to act in a certain way, and may be a reward or punishment. Incentives can be classified according to the different ways in which they motivate agents to take a particular course of action.

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Most of the territory west of Texas was obtained by the United States during the _____________.

Mexican-American War.

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Which statement best describes why the Mayflower Compact influenced future documents like the Articles of Confederation?


It was the first government framework written and voted on in North America. APEX Verified


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Which statement accurately describes the relationship between the Northwest ordinance in the articles of confederation

If you're referring to U.S. Government and Politics on Apex; The Northwest Ordinance added to the guidelines for American expansion that were introduced in the Articles of Confederation.

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The US Constitution contains which two of the following items or ideas?

It seems that you have missed the given choices for this question, but anyway here is the answer. The US Constitution contains the following items or ideas which are: Articles I, II, and III to separate powers in the government. Hope this is the answer that you are looking for. Thanks for posting!

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