Which transition represents a time when water molecules are moving closer together? A. Frost forms on a window pane. B. Dew forms on the grass. C. A puddle disappears. D. Sleet turns to rain.

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A. Is very attractive. If it's sublimation directly from water vapor in the air to ice on the glass, then yes. But from liquid water mist to water ice, no. Ice is less dense than water. That's why cubes float in your soda. Better leave 'A' alone. . . . D. Ice pellets turn to liquid. That one's good.
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Jordan pushes with a force of 50N> on a crate. The friction forces are 100N<. Will the crate move? What is the acceleration of the crate?

The crate does not move, and its acceleration is zero. Although it's very convenient to treat the effects of friction as a force, and that process usually describes reality quite well, friction is not a real force, and it can never act like a force that's greater than the net applied force. If it could, then we could set a heavy crate down on sandpaper, and use it to generate electricity while it scoots around in response to the large forces of friction under it.

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Cotton balls could be used to represent clouds because of their white color and appearance of texture. Which of these other things could be modeled using cotton?


The Anser Is Cobwebs


study island

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The loss of static electricity as electric charges move off an object is called a. friction. b. conduction. c. induction. d. static discharge.

D, static discharge just took the test ;)

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Explain why you move forward and a boat moves backwards when you jump from a boat to a pier

Because you are exerting a force to propel yourself forwards, and because of Newton's Second Law, F=ma, you are propelled away from the boat and the boat moves backwards because you added force to it

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How many times larger than a centigram is a decagram?


The 1 centigram is 0.001 times larger than 1 decagram.


1 centigram is equal to 0.01 grams.

1 cg = 0.01 g ..[1]

1 decagram is equal to 10 grams.

1 Dg = 10 g...[2]

Dividing [1] and [2]

\frac{1 cg}{1 Dg}=\frac{0.01 g}{10g}

\frac{1 Dg}{1 cg}=1000

1 Dg = 1000× cg

The 1 decagram is 1000 times larger than 1 centigram.

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A runner covers the last straigjt stretch of a race in 4 s. during that time, he speeds up from 5m/s to 9m/s.

During that final period of time,
his acceleration is
                                (9 m/s - 5 m/s) / (4 sec) = 1 m/s² .

Did you have a question to ask ?

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A descent vehicle landing on the moon has a vertical velocity toward the surface of the moon of 29.6 m/s. At the same time, it has a horizontal velocity of 54.8 m/s. At what speed does the vehicle move along its descent path?

If the vertical component is 29.6 m/s down, and the horizontal component
is 54.8 m/s parallel to the surface, then the magnitude of the slanty vector is

   √(29.6² + 54.8²) = √(876.16 + 3003.04) = √3879.2  =  62.28 m/s .

That's 139 mph !  Wow !

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A rock is dropped one off a bridge takes five seconds to hit the water. Approximately what was the rugs velocity before the impact?

The acceleration of gravity on Earth is 9.8 m/s² .

After falling for 5 seconds, any falling object is falling (9.8 x 5) = 49 m/s
faster than it was when it was released.  Doesn't matter whether it was
dropped, thrown down, or thrown up.

Since the rug was just dropped, its initial speed was zero.
After five seconds, it is moving downward at 49 m/s .

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At atmospheric pressure, what is the characteristic boiling point of water, in degrees Celsius?

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius at atmospheric pressure.

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A water rocket has a mass of 0.8kg and is launched in a school playground with an inital upwards force of 12newtons. what is the weight of the rocket in the playground? What is the inital acceleration of the rocket in the playground? If this water rocket could were launched from the moon what would be its initial acceleration (rember to find the new weight first)

Weight = (mass) x (gravity).
It always acts downward.

On Earth, the acceleration of gravity is 9.807 m/s².
On the Moon, the acceleration of gravity is 1.623 m/s².

On Earth, the rocket's weight is  (0.8kg) x (9.8 m/s²) = 7.84 newtons

On the Moon, the rocket's weight is  (0.8kg) x (1.62 m/s²) = 1.3 newtons

The force of the rocket engine acts upward.
Its magnitude is 12 newtons. (From the burning chemicals.
Doesn't depend on local gravity. Same force everywhere.)

Now we have all the data we need to mash together and calculate the
answers to the question.  You might choose a different method, but the
machine that I have selected to do the mashing with is Newton's 2nd law
of motion:

                           Net Force = (mass) x (acceleration).
Since the question is asking for acceleration, let's first solve Newton's law
for it.  Divide each side by (mass) and we have

                           Acceleration = (net force) / (mass) .

On Earth, the forces on the rocket are

        (weight of 7.84 N down) + (blast of 12 N up) =  4.16 newtons UP (net)

         Acceleration = (4.16 newtons UP) / (0.8 kg) = 5.2 m/s² UP .

On the moon, the forces on the rocket are

         (weight of 1.3 N down) + (blast of 12 N up) = 10.7 newtons UP (net)

         Acceleration = (10.7 newtons UP) / (0.8 kg) = 13.375 m/s² UP   

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How to find time In flight

To solve any problem in math or physics, you collect all the formulas,
laws, rules, and equations that you know about the subject, then, along
with the given information, use them to find the missing information.

So the answer to "how" really depends on what information you're given.

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How long is the image of a metrestick formed by a plane mirror?

A plane mirror doesn't change the apparent size or shape of things.

-- If the meter stick is held parallel to the mirror, or is lying on the mirror,
then its image in the mirror is 1 meter long.

-- If the meter stick is held perpendicular to the mirror, or is standing on
the mirror, or pointing directly at it, then its image in the mirror has no length.

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How much time would it take for an airplane to reach its destination if it traveled at an average speed of 790 km/hr for a distance of 4,700km? What is the airplane's speed in miles/hour?

Time = (distance) / (average speed)

Time = (4,700 km) / (790 km/hr) = 5.9494 hours (rounded)

                                                   = 5hrs 56min 58 sec (rounded)

     (4,700 km) / (1.609344 km/mile) = 2,920 miles

Speed = (distance covered) / (time to cover the distance)

                       (2,929 miles) / 5.9494 hours) =  491 miles per hour

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Which of these represents a chemical change? A) two compounds combining to form a mixture B) a mixture being separated into two elements C) a compound being separated into two elements D) an element changing state from solid to liquid

Answer: Option (A) is the correct answer.


A chemical change is a change which occurs when chemical composition of a substance changes.

For example, when HCl is added to NaOH then it results in the formation of a salt and water. This means that the chemical composition of reactants has changed.

The reaction is as follows.

           HCl + NaOH \rightarrow NaCl + H_{2}O

Thus, we can see that two compounds combine to form a mixture which is NaCl in the above reaction.

Whereas when we heat solid ice then it gets melted which shows that only the state has changed. Hence, there is no change in its chemical composition because when we freeze liquid water then it will again turn into solid ice. Therefore, it is a physical change.

Hence, we can conclude that two compounds combining to form a mixture represents a chemical change.

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The Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights share which of these important characteristics? A. They both limit the power of monarchs. B. They both protect against excessive punishment. C. They both guarantee representative government. D. They both list certain rights of the English people.

The Magna Carta is a chapter agreed to by King John II of England in 1215. It promised limitations on feudal payments to the Crown. It was result of a coflict between King John and the noblemen. The English Bill of Rights ( 1689. ) is an act of the English Parliament that limits the power of monarch. Similarity between the two documents is : A. They both limit the power of monarchs.

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A car moves past people standing on the sidewalk. What is the reference point?

The reference point is wherever you want it to be.  If you define it
as the tip of the nose of one of the people, that's fine.  Alternately,
it could be one of the claws on the dog across the street, or a leaf
on the tree that's directly over the people.

Since you're planning on describing the motion of the car, you
probably don't want to pick the car itself as the reference point. 
If you did that, then the car would never move, but everything else

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In addition to telling you which programs are currently running, what other information does the task bar display? A. The current time B. The programs contained on your hard disk C. A program Help file D. The system BIOS


The answer is A. The current time


The task bar, in addition to the programs that are running, shows the current date, along with the time, also the language in which the computer is operated, the internet connection, in addition to hidden icons and if it is a laptop, also shows the battery charge of the computer.

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What occurs when a swimmer pushes through the water to swim?

The correct answer to the question is that water will exert a force on the swimmer in forward direction, and swimmer will move along that direction.


Before going to answer this question, first we have to understand Newton's third laws of motion.

Newton's third laws of motion states that, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In the given question, the swimmer pushes the water in backward direction. This is the force of action. As per Newton's third law, the water must exert a reaction on the swimmer. The water applies a force on the swimmer in forward direction for which the swimmer can swim in the water.

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What is the difference between the melting and freezing point of water?

They are the same temperature.

If you start with ice at the freezing temperature and add heat to it,
some of it melts, and you have some water at the same temperature.

If you start with water at the melting temperature and take heat out of it,
some of it freezes, and you have some ice at the same temperature.

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If we know the force, the distance, and the time we can calculate only power. work and power. only work. neither work or power.

You can calculate work . . . . . . . . . . . . Work = (force) x (distance)

and you can also calculate power . . . Power = (work) / (time) .

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A 500 kg compact car and a 1500 kg truck are accelerated equally.which vehicle exerts more force?how many times more? (im guessing the 1500kg truck exerts more force but i don't know how to solve for how many times more)

The truck doesn't "exert more force".

It TAKES more force to accelerate the truck at the same rate
as the car, because the truck has more mass.

In order to move two rocks, you have to push harder on the heavy one
than you do on the lighter one.

How much more ?

In order to produce the same acceleration . . .

                    half as much mass  ===>  half as much force

                   twice as much mass ===> twice as much force

             ten times as much mass ===> ten times as much force

 a 1500-kg truck
     compared to
  a 500-kg car . . . triple the mass ===> triple the force, in order
                                                               to accelerate them equally .

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Which of the following values represents an index of refraction of an actual material?

Sadly, we're forced to answer the question without the benefit of the
list of choices, which, for some reason, you decided not to let us see.

Index of refraction of a substance =

               (speed of light in vacuum) / (speed of light in the substance).

Any number greater than  ' 1 ' can be an index of refraction.  A number
less than ' 1 ' can't be . . . that would be saying that the speed of light
in this substance is greater than the speed of light in vacuum.

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Which stores water and other products inside plant cells? a.)mitochondrion b.)chloroplast c.)cell wall d.)central vacuole

The answer is D) central vacuole

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What happens when a roller coaster car moves down from the top of a hill?

Potential energy is transformed into kinetic and thermal energy.

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How long will it take light moving at 300,000 km/s to reach us from the sun?

The average distance from the sun to the Earth
is about  152 million kilometers.

That's (1.52 x 10⁸ km).

Time to cover the distance = (distance) / (speed)

                   Time = (1.52 x 10⁸ km) / (3 x 10⁵ km/s)

                           =  (506 and 2/3) seconds.

                                 That's 8 minutes 27 seconds .

The popular number is "about 8 minutes".

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