Who was the dictator of syria who used chemical weapons?

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Bashar Hafez al-Assad is the correct answer

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What weapons were used during World War 1


During WW1, the Weapons or Arms that were used during the war were for example:

1.Rifles. All nations used more than one type of firearm during the First World War.

2. Machine guns.

3. Flamethrowers

4. Mortars

5. Artillery

6. Poison gas

7. Tanks

8. Aircraft

And ETC. 

So Yes, as you can actually see, the War used very, but VERY DANGEROUS and DEADLY Weapons Throughout one another.

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Why did the United States want the Soviet Union to remove its nuclear weapons from Cuba? (1 point) A. It wanted to protect Cuba from communism. B. Cuba is close to the United States border. C. It was protecting nearby countries in Central America. D. The United States did not have any missiles of its own

The problem  was the closeness of Cuba to US. If the Soviet Union had its nuclear weapons so close to the US it could fire them and they'd reach the US before US could react in any way (e.g. by shooting down the plane carrying it). Generally countries feel very uneasy about nuclear weapons controlled by an enemy (or potential enemy) so close to their borders.

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During the 1800's what issue dictated almost every decision made by the federal government?

The rights of African-Americans dictated the majority of federal issues during the 1800s.

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What dictator did mussolini back in the spanish civil war?

The conquistadors are what took over the territory they where of Spanish decent

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The United States uses more of which of the following than any other nation? chemicals water energy

I Know It Might Be Water

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The U.S. sent troops to Afghanistan because _____. A. Afghanistan was developing nuclear weapons B. the Taliban government in Afghanistan supported global terrorism C. the U.S. wanted to end drug smuggling in Central Asia D. the U.S. wanted to prevent war between Afghanistan and Pakistan

The right answer is "B. the Taliban government in Afghanistan supported global terrorism "

The invasion of Afghanistan by the United States occurred after the September 11 attacks at the end of 2001, backed by close allies. The conflict was also known as the United States' war in Afghanistan. Their public goals were to dismantle Al Qaeda, which is a terrorist group, and deny them a secure base of operations in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power. The UK was a key ally of the United States, providing support for military action from the start of preparations for the invasion. In August 2003, NATO became involved as an alliance, which took command of the International Security Assistance Force.

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What was the main purpose of the war in aztec society?A.to appease the aztec godsB.to acquire captives for sacrifice C.to gain territoryD.to try out new weapons

It is B
They wanted to appease their Gods so they sacrificed people.

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In the 1930's, the Japanese had expanded their reach into (Blank) A. India and southern china B. Manchuria and southern China C. North America and southern china The United States placed an embargo on japan soon Japan faced a shortage of (blank) A. Natural resources B. Naval ships C. Soldiers and weapons The Japanese wanted to make sure the U.S navy would not interfere with their plans to conquer Southeast Asia and other regions for that same reason the Japanese decided to attack (blank) A. Pearl Harbor B. Allied forces C. Southeast asia

1- The correct answer is B.

In 1931, Japan invaded and conquisted Manchuria (northen China). The Japanese claimed that they were liberating the local Manchus from China. Their occupation lasted until the Soviet Union and Mongolia launched the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation in 1945.

In 1937, the Second Sino-Japanese War started after the Marco Polo Bridge Incindent. During this war, the Empire of Japan moved into the territories of Southern China.

2- The correct answer is B.

The Second Sino-Japanese War had caused tension between Japan and the United States, which lead to an overall disaproval of the Empire. That, along with the occupation of French Indochina in the years of 1940–41, and the continuing war in China led to America placing an embargo on strategic materials such as scrap metal and oil. Since the United States was their main exporter, Japan lacked this important materials needed to produce new naval ships and to use them propertly in the war.

3- The correct answer is A.

In 1941, the Empire of Japan made a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The main purpose was to destroy the US Pacific Fleet and weaken the resolve of the American people. The Japanese people believed that this attack would be so brutal for the United States that they would refrain from interfering in their quest to conquer Southeast Asia.

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How may a nation lose its sovereignty by participating in an international organization? a It no longer has borders to call its own. b The nation has to allow anyone who wants to, to do business inside that nation. c The nation’s own laws can be challenged. d Foreign investors can dictate state laws.

The answer is c The nation’s own laws can be challenged.

To some points a nation must adhere to decisions that is agreed upon an international organization. Such laws include political, econonimical, and cultural policies that they see as deemed necessary to be implemented with international common good. This may affect and change some national policies.

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Please Help ASAP I have a 50 minute deadline! 1.What were the effects of communist policies in Eastern Europe? Check all that apply. a. Freedom of speech was eliminated. b.Enemies of the state were imprisoned. c.Agriculture and industry were privately owned. d.Cultural identity was destroyed. e. Consumer goods were available in abundance. 2.What does the term “de-Stalinization” mean? a.removing Stalin’s name b.changing Stalin’s policies c.supporting Stalin’s opinions d.opposing Stalin’s party 3.Which most contributed to the end of Khrushchev’s leadership? a.de-Stalinization b.economic issues c.disagreements with other countries d.revolts by satellite states 4.One reform Khrushchev instituted was to a.eliminate the secret police. b.limit censorship to the media. c.allow political prisoners to be freed. d.open the country to foreign visitors. 5.How were Brezhnev and Stalin similar? a.They developed a cult of personality. b.They increased censorship of arts and literature. c.They used troops to put down a rebellion. d.They imprisoned individuals who spoke against them. 6.What was the primary reason Nagy was removed as prime minister of Hungary? a.Thousands of Hungarians decided to flee the country. b.Many Hungarians were killed in a rebellion. c.The Soviets wanted to reverse democratic reforms. d.The Soviets wished to send a warning to other countries. 7.How were the rebellions in Poland and Hungary similar? a.The workers there demanded political reforms. b.The Soviets responded with military force. c.The leaders were severely punished. d.The Soviets agreed to make limited concessions. 8.What is the most likely reason Dubcek’s easing of censorship threatened the Communist Party? a.Activities of the secret police might have been revealed. b.Meetings could be held at any time and in any place. c.People could read about ideas contrary to state policy. d.Citizens might write letters demanding higher pay. 9.Under Khrushchev, how did the USSR proceed in the arms race with the US? a.They developed new and powerful weapons. b.They used weapons to invade other countries. c.They attacked dissenters with advanced weapons. d.They manufactured more weapons than other countries.

1. I believe the answer is:

a. Freedom of speech was eliminated.

b. Enemies of the state were imprisoned.

d. Cultural identity was destroyed.

The communists policies transferred all the power in society to the hands of the government. This made the citizens to have very little freedom, and the citizens are subjected to the orders made by the government. Since the press in communist regime tend to be owned by the government, it is very easy to paint all of government's opposition in negative light.

2. I believe the answer is: changing Stalin's policies

The de-stalinization was initiated when Nikita Khrushchev rose into power.  It involves removing all of stalin's influence in the government (firing all of his followers and backers). It also revert back communism ideology that Stalin implemented and reverse it back to pre-stalin socialism.

3. I believe the answer is: B. Economic issues

The economic policies installed by Krushchev failed to stabilize the russian economy. At that time, the price of basic necessities such as food and housing started to rose rapidly (between 25 - 35 %). This lead to many dissatisfaction among citizens and revolts started to appear opposing Krushchev's regime.

4.I believe the answer is: d. open the country to foreign visitors.

The purpose of this policy was to increase the national income from tourism industry which previously dead under previous regime. It also invites many investors from other countries to give their investment , which might lead to establishment of many job opportunities.

5. b.They increased censorship of arts and literature.

Both Brezhnev and Stalin believe that arts and literature could very much influence the way people think. Because of this, they increase the censorship of arts and literature in order to ensure that none of them were made to criticise their regime.

6. I believe the answer is: c.The Soviets wanted to reverse democratic reforms.

The previous leaders before Imre Nagy was backed by the Soviet Union. Nagy did not agree with how soviet union conduct its policies and initiated a democratic reform in hungary.  Removing nagy from the government would reverse this democratic reform and bring back hungary to soviet's influence.

7. I believe the answer is: D.The Soviets agreed to make limited concessions.

Before they initiate the rebellion, all territories in Poland and Hungary were fully controlled by the soviet union's influence. Limited concessions refers to the territories given to each country in which they have a limited autonomy to govern themselves.

8. I believe the answer is: C.People could read about ideas contrary to state policy.

When the soviet union's impose heavy censorship to all media, they can control the narrative that perceived by its people. The media shall never paint the government in negative ways. When the censorship is eased back, many media would start to appear and criticize the bad things that the government had done, which might weaken the communist party's influence in the country.

9. I believe the answer is: A. They developed new and powerful weapons

During Khrushchev's reign, the USSR developed several nuclear weapons that are capable to create havoc to any country on earth. Khrushchev at that time believe that in order to maintain peace , a country need to possess a certain level of threat to others, so other countries do not feel that they could do as they please.

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What made trench warfare in WWI inevitable - why was the trench a natural reaction to the weapons of the era? What made WWI trench fighting especially terrible? Why, when asked, do the majority of historians say that WWI would be the war they LEAST want to fight in? If you were a general, and you wanted to BREAK the stalemate and attack through the trench systems, what strategies might you use? What tools might you need? Be Creative! No idea is too crazy!

Trench warfare was inevitable because there is no greater defense against gas and artillery. Or at least not at the time. Trench fighting was terrible because not only do you have to worry about an arty shell hitting your bunk, but you get to worry about things like trenchfoot, and pneumonia. In the occasion that I wanted to break a stalemate and attack through the trenches, i would equip all my soldiers with some sort of close range automatic weapon, I would get a fighter plane, and have them drop napalm on the enemy trench. Then, as a cleanup, i would send an entire platoon, in groups of 6, into the enemy line, and i would go with them to sweep up the trench

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Which resulted from the use of new weapons and methods of warfare during world war i? fighting caused very little damage to infrastructure. more people were killed than in any previous war. hand-to-hand combat disappeared from the battlefield. the war lasted only two years?


More people were killed than in any previous war.


The second half of the nineteenth century had witnessed a profound transformation of the basic weapon of the infantryman: the rifle. Of the load by the mouth, which forced the soldier to stand, he went to the backload, which allowed to load lying down. From the waxed paper cartridge, the compact metallic cartridge was reached; from the round bullet, to the pointed bullet. To this the bolt, the percussion by needle and the cordite, the gunpowder without smoke added, that, therefore, did not give away to the handle. The principles of portable weapons of the twentieth century were served.

The need to have a weapon with greater firepower in the attacks forced the evolution of the machine gun. This is how the light machine guns emerged, in the case of the American BAR of 1917, or the submachine guns (lighter than a rifle), such as the German Bergmann of the following year, the MP18.

One of the main problems of the infantry in the trench warfare was overcoming the dense wire fences parallel to the enemy lines, which could occupy a surface of up to 30 meters in width. British Colonel Ernest Swinton was struck by an idea when he saw a tractor pulling a cannon: maybe he could crush the barbed wire and carry the cannon to shoot. Churchill became a defender of the new weapon, which would be built in secret. The first specimens were packed as "tanks" of water, hence the name.

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Why did the united states use chemical warfare during the vietnam war?

Guerilla Warfare tactics were used by Northern Vietnam forces during the Vietnam War. These tactics proved to be very effective against the alliance of Southern Vietnam forces with the US Army.

As a response to this, President John F. Kennedy authorized "Operation Ranch Hand", which consisted of deploying herbicides which caused forest defoliation. This action had the purpose of leaving the Vietnamese Guerillas without resources, as well as land that they could use in their advantage.

The aftermath of this operation was highly damaging to the environment, as well as causing health issues to millions of Vietnamese citizens.  

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Name one way in which people use chemical properties to separate one substance from another substance

Heat causes chemical reaction so that might be a way in which people use chemical properties to separate one substance from another substance .

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The United States sent troops to Korea in an attempt to ______________. a) wipe out communism b)test nuclear weapons c)support their Chinese allies d)contain communism

The United States sent troops to Korea in an attempt to contain communism.

They wanted to prevent North Korea from taking the whole peninsula and making it communism. That's why the Korean War surged, which costed the lives of many innocent people. 

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Neither the allies nor the central powers were able to make significant advances with A. Trench warfare B. New weapons

I think it is a if not sorry

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Why do nations sometimes prefer dictators over freedom?

So they have more freedom

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What do you thin is meant by the statement that Wiston churchhill possibly was britain most powerful weapon again Hitler's Germany?

They would have lost to the Germans, but then his policies and strength helped Britain and wanted to take Japan head on

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Why might the United States have created a military blockade to stop the delivery of Soviet weapons to Cuba? 1-The United States hoped to prevent delivery of weapons to Cuban forces. 2-The United States planned to buy the weapons before they reached Cuba. 3-The United States promised Cuba protection against Soviet advances. 4-The United States marines were negotiating with Soviet naval forces.

The correct option is "1-The United States hoped to prevent delivery of weapons to Cuban forces."

The Missile Crisis in Cuba is what is called the conflict between the United States, the Soviet Union and Cuba in October 1962, generated by the discovery by the United States of bases of Soviet medium-range nuclear missiles in Cuban territory .

On October 22, 1962, Kennedy addressed the American public with a 17-minute televised message. There, he spoke for the first time publicly about establishing a quarantine and a "naval siege" around the island of Cuba. In order to comply with this measure, American warships and aircraft were deployed in the Caribbean Sea on October 23, destined to carry out an authentic air-naval blockade. When the installation of bases of Soviet ballistic missiles of mid-range on the island of Cuba is verified, the Organization of American States (OAS) under US pressure, imposes sanctions on the Cuban government and determines the naval blockade of that in an operation that was named Quarantine and whose main objective was to prevent the arrival by sea of ​​the necessary elements to continue the development of the mentioned bases.

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Suppose that scientists genetically engineered an organism that could metabolize petroleum more quickly than any other organism. Which would be the greatest effect on society? People might grow the organism to use in home spills. Oil spills in the environment might be cleaned up quicker. More people might be hired to work in the oil drilling industry. Companies that make chemicals to clean up oil spills might profit.

If the scientist has been able to produce a genetically engineered organism that has the ability in metabolizing petroleum faster than other organism or species then it could benefit in other things like the oil spills in the environment will be cleaned up faster, which will be giving benefit amongst people. The correct answer in the following choices is the second option.

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Military and political leaders in the United States during World War II publicly justified the use of atomic weapons on Japan because they argued that


C) it would save perhaps a million lives that would be lost in an amphibious assault on Japan.


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How did Germany react to the increased demand for weapons? Who oversaw this effort?

I think it was the holocaust 

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What might have happened if Nazi Germany had developed a nuclear weapon before the United States?

I'm confused. Are you asking ''What happened when...'' or asking for our imput on what we think should have happened?

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