Why did conservatism revive in the 1950s?

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The battle against socialism restored the open deliberation about the part of the gov't in the economy. Individuals likewise believed that the U.S. had neglected to stop the spread of Soviet power. Social moderates put stock in what is normally connected with family qualities and conventions, and try to ensure those qualities through enactment.
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In what way did the reported event most directly impact the civil rights movement during the 1950s?

The event was the Mongomery Bus Boycott. It was triggered by a situation that happened to Rosa Parks when she refused to give her seat to a white while she was at the right segregated place.  The event made an impact and peaked the civil rights movements.

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How did American family life evolve during the 1950s?

Lots of protests for rights occurred during this time such as, Women's rights and also a huge movement in American culture was a huge factor. Teenagers were starting to become more free with new cars and more "sexualized" was of living. Music also had a lot to do with this too!

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Despite later success, ___ was/were not hugely successful in the 1950s.

Vacuum cleaners. they are cool now.

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Click to select the correct answers. Click again to unselect answers. Leave the incorrect answers unselected. Choose the statements that correctly describe something associated with a President from the 1950s and 1960s. Truman's "New Frontier" promised to land a man on the moon. The Environmental Protection Agency was created by the Nixon Administration. Johnson's "Great Society" created Medicare and Medicaid. Johnson was the first Vice President to take over for an assassinated President. The Interstate Highway System was created. Truman oversaw the beginning of the Korean War. Eisenhower promised military aid to any Middle Eastern country resisting communism Nixon's impeachment ended his Presidency.

The correct answers, which describe events associated with Presidents from the 1950s and 1960s are:

- Johnson's "Great Society" created Medicare and Medicaid.  

The Great Society was a program and set of domestic policies of the United States in the 1960s. Proposed and put in place by President Lyndon B. Johnson, it was a continuation of Kennedy's New Frontier, some of whose initiatives were deadlocked.

Several projects of the program became a success, such as Medicare, Medicaid and various federal funds for education. Investments in social and welfare areas, guaranteed in the "Great Society," were expanded by presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

-The Interstate Highway System was created.

The construction of the Interstate Highway System was authorized by the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956.

- Eisenhower promised military aid to any Middle Eastern country resisting communism

On January 5, 1957, Eisenhower defined the geopolitical line of the United States, especially with regard to the situation in the Middle East and the Far East, the Eisenhower doctrine, which also provided economic and military support to countries that were threatened by communism.

This answers are partially correct:

The Environmental Protection Agency was created by the Nixon, but it was created in 1970.

Nixon's impeachment ended his Presidency, but this happened in 1974.

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What was one major result of the “space race” that occurred during the 1950s and 1960s?

The Space Race began on August 2, 1955, when the Soviet Union responded to the US announcement four days earlier of intent to launch artificial satellites for the International Geophysical Year, by declaring they would also launch a satellite "in the near future". The Soviet Union beat the US to this, with the October 4, 1957 orbiting of Sputnik 1, and later beat the US to the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin, on April 12, 1961. The race peaked with the July 20, 1969 US landing of the first humans on the Moon with Apollo 11. The USSR tried but failed manned lunar missions, and eventually cancelled them and concentrated on Earth orbital space stations

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There were many societal changes that prompted the resurgence of the women’s movement. Which of these changes helped start a new women’s movement in the 1950s and 1960s? Check any of the boxes that apply. A. Advancements in household technology B. Movement of women to southern states C. Increased life expectancy for women D. Development of the service industry E. Loss of jobs for women


  • Increased life expectancy for women
  • Development of the service industry
  • Advancements in household technology


By the early late 1960s, as delayed thriving took hold, there was more prominent enthusiasm to explore new ideas and movements rose, including the civil rights movement, that started to address established social constructs, for example, isolation and inequality in the work environment. By the mid-1960s, the social atmosphere began to be conducive for a major feminist movement.

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Which of these issues came before the Supreme Court in the 1950s and 1960s? the Civil War and slavery Roosevelt’s New Deal segregation and civil rights the Great Depression and homelessness

The correct answer is segregation and civil rights.

An example of this would be the Brown vs. Board of Education case. In this Supreme Court case, the Brown family sued the Topeka Board of Education. This is because this school district had segregated schools, resulting in members of the Brown family having to attend a further away all black school rather than the high school closest to their home.

The Brown family sued and their lawyer, Thurgood Marshall, argued that segregated schools was a clear violation of the 14th amendment. More specifically, the family argued this was a violation of the Equal Protection clause. The Supreme Court agreed with the family, stating that "separate but equal" was inherently unequal. This began the end of segregation in public schools.

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The period of European history that began at the close of the Middle Ages and was characterized by a cultural revival is known as the A) Reformation. B) Renaissance. C) Baroque Period. Eliminate D) Classical Period.

The answer is B because the Renaissance was the rebirth of Europe after so many people had died from the plague.

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Which change occurred during the Renaissance? Islamic mathematicians developed algebra. Scholars revived an interest in classical ideas. Scientists used the astrolabe to map the stars. Greeks made early contributions to geometry

The correct answer is the second one: Scholars revived an interest in classical ideas.

Renaissance was both the last period of the Middle Ages and the first period of Modern Era in Europe. It started in the North of Italy at the end of the 15th century with the creation of the Duomo of the cathedral of Florence, Santa Maria del Fiore, by Filippo Brunelleschi who was inspired by the Ancient Roman Duomo of the Pantheon of Agrippa, in Rome. This inspiration and interest in classical elements were not confined to architecture only, there was a revival of the study of classical Roman and Greek philosophy, arts, literature, mathematics, and science as well. Due to the wealth and prosperity of Northern Italy thanks to commerce, many merchant families welcomed artists, architects, intellectuals, and inventors under patronage and they pushed and expanded this inspiration in classical ideas. These intellectuals called themselves humanists and labeled this cultural movement as "Renaissance," which means "rebirth," referring to the rebirth of Classical culture after the dark times of the Middle Ages.

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Identify the prescribed roles and aspirations for women during the social conformity of the 1950s.

Nixon during debate with Khrushchev - Nixon said that you "didn't need a wife" while pointing to the automatic floor sweeper. After 1945, women lost most of the industrial jobs they had performed during the war. As during most of history, women who worked outside of home remained in low-salary jobs rather than better-paying manufacturing positions. After sharp postwar drop in female employment, the number of women at work soon began to rise. The modern woman worked part-time to help support the family's middle-class lifestyle. Media portrayed marriage as the most important goal of American women, and married younger, more children, "baby boom". The ability of women to remain at home, declared a government official, "separates us from the Communist world," where a high % of women worked

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In response to the Brown decision and to the general growth of the civil rights movement during the 1950s, southern states:

The correct answer is that they flew the Confederate flag over state capitol buildings. This was sort of a power play to make the people know that they weren't wanted there and that the south belongs to those who believe in confederate heritage. Basically, they were a bunch of racists but they weren't allowed to do anything so they resorted to this kind of things. They were often violent as well.

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What were two major conflicts between the East and the West in the late 1940s and early 1950s?

Two major conflicts between the East and the West in the late 1940s and early 1950 were: struggle between democracy and communism and lifestyles. The west wanted democracy and the east wanted communism. The Soviets went so far as to set up a blockade, which was supposed to help with the spread of democracy. Lifestyles were in jeopardy as the West wanted more freedom and of course the East opposed. 

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Why was the African independence movement so strong in the 1950s

Because martin luther king had hekped the blacks and gave speeches and march happened so because of that it happend

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How did life change for African Americans in the 1950s?

During the 50s the Civil Rights Movement was going into effect.  Many African Americans were fighting for justice and wanted to end discrimination, but many troubles arose with terrorist groups like the KKK that wanted to spread fear to prevent blacks from getting equality. Hope I helped :)

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Where and how did we practice the policy of containment in the 1950s and 1960s?

 In April 1950, the NSC 68 was complete. It stated that a massive military buildup wasnecessary to deal with the threat that the Soviet Union proposed. The United States practiced thepolicy of containment when they intervened in the Korean War to protect the South Koreans for acommunist society in 1950-1953. The policy was practiced again during the Vietnamese War inthe 1960s

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List and describe some events of the 1950s that increased hos­tilities between the United States and the Soviet Union.

How did hostilities increase between U.S. and Soviet Union during 1950s? Because U.S. was in competition with Soviet Union all over  the world. But hostilities increased between U.S. and Soviet Union during 1950s when Egypt seized control of Suez Canal in 1956 so the U.S. said it would defend the Middle East against communist attacks.

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Compare and contrast the 1920s and 1950s frq

Transcript of 1920's v 1950'sCurious as to how the 1920's and
1950's compare in America? Let's take a look and see. First let's start with the commonalities They both started after the end of World Wars The 1920's began after WWI The 1950's began after WWII They were both decades of Economic 
Prosperity for the wealthy and Upper
Middle Class Consumer Goods Increased Exponentially Higher Wages Than Ever Before and Less Hours Media Focus on 
Advertisements and Entertainment Suburban Shopping Centers Films and Sports flourish Teenage 
Rebellions Urban and Suburban Life

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What was one primary goal of the civil rights movement of the in the 1950s and 1960s? A. establish a separate political state for African Americans. B. end policies of racial discrimination. C. allow unlimited immigration to the United States. D. pass an equal rights amendment to the Constitution.

The answer is B. Martin Luther King Jr., the leader of the Civil Rights Movement, wished to end policies that encourage racial discrimination. He wanted both white people and black people to get along and to be equal.

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What was different about the revival of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s? the answer should be as a paragraph for each one

The first Ku Klux Klan was a right-wing extremist organization which emerged in the Southern States during the Reconstruction era, from the 1860s decade until the late 1970s. They fought for the purification of the American society, they were white supremacists and conducted attacks against African American leaders and civilian population. They were characterized by wearing white gowns and conical hats, like the man in the image. They acted at a local level but many groups in diverse locations supported the movement.

The second KKK flourished in the early and mid 1920s. It was a more formal organization, with registered members and structures at the state and national levels. They used the power of mass media, to perform marketing activities aiming to mythologize the first KKK. Supremacy was promoted not just over the black population, but they also opposed Jewish and Catholics (as the movement was related mainly to Protestan communitiees). They used the white costume again as a symbol.

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In the 1950s, the federal government encouraged native Americans To

Assimilate into american society :)

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When was the Holland code written? A. The 1950s B. The 1960s C. The 1970s D. The 1980s


The Holland Code was developed by Psychologist John Holland over his career, starting in 1950 until 1980. The Holland Code is one of the most popular career tests, acording to this test there are a set of six personality types (realistic, investigative, artisitc, social, enterprising and conventional) and people fit into them.

Hope this helps.

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Why did many refugees from Europe come to the united states in the late 1940s and early 1950s?

To achieve a better way of life and the spread of communism

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In which decade did Martin Luther King, Jr., deliver his "I Have A Dream speech? A) 1930s B) 1940s C) 1950s D) 1960s

The speach was given August 28,1963 
D) 1960's

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Who sought to prevent religious revival meetings being held in the city of Boston?

William Lloyd Garrison

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Explain the meaning of the “american standard of liv­ ing” during the 1950s.

The "American standard of living" completely transformed during the mind-twentieth century,
specifically the 1950s. It was a decade of reverence for the esteemed economic system of capitalism
after a decade of horrendous war. Coming out of the Second World War, the 1950s symbolized a
new period of ultimate economic expansion, relatively stable costs and prices, and a lowering
unemployment rate- all leading up to a "golden age of capitalism" and an increased "American
standard of living". (Foner 991) This increased standard of living only came through however, due to
increasing wages for the common man and average citizen. Between 1946 and 1960, the nation's
gross product was merely doubled and because of that, this new generation of Americans was finally
better off than their parents and previous ancestors. As Foner points out, "about 60 percent of
Americans enjoyed what the government defined as a middle-class standard of living." (991) In all
facets of life, nutrition, shelter, income, education, and even leisure, the majority of Americans were
better off. Most of these middle-class Americans now had money to spare, or used that money to
enjoy the finer innovations that came along with this new standard, including television, airconditioning,
and even air travel. In the end, not only did the poverty rate in America decrease during
this decade, but also the basic standard of living for the average American was drastically advanced

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