Why is Type O blood a universal donor?

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Individuals with the blood group O -/+ are called “universal donors” because their red blood cells can be transfused to people of all blood groups. It is also a fact that the Red Cross are searching for O blood donors. I know all of this even though I am only 13 years old cause I am an O blood person myself. I had this question in my head so I researched about it. I hope my answer helps you. Feel free to ask any questions.. :) 
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You visit a farm and notice that white chickens lay white eggs and colored chickens lay brown eggs, so you decide that only white chickens lay white eggs. What type of reasoning is this? a) inductive b) deductive




Its a logical process in which a number of premises  all believed true or sometimes found  true most of the time and combined to come up with specific conclusions. Its mostly used in applications that do involve  behavior, forecasting and makes broader generalization that is considered probable. For example a speculation that all crows are black and each time a new crow is observed  and found out that its black the assumption is increasingly confirmed. On the other hand if the crow is found not to be black then the assumption's found to be false..

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Why do sharks like the scent of blood?

Is para of his diet

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What type of energy the kinetic and potential energy called

It's called Merchanical Energy

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PLZZ HELP FASSSSST 1. Which of the following eyects would you expect if red blood cells were shaped like neurons? (1 point) They would not be able to move as easily through capillaries. They would more easily carry out gas exchange in the alveoli. They would not need to be transported through the body. They would become more eyective at picking up urea discarded by body cells. 2. Which of the following is not a function of the skeletal system? (1 point) supports the body works with other body systems to allow movement manufactures new blood cells sends signals to the brain 3. Which of the following body systems are involved in the first line of defense of the immune system against infection? (1 point) integumentary, digestive, respiratory nervous, circulatory, skeletal muscular, endocrine, urinary urinary, skeletal, integumentary 4. Which of the following sets of structures would be involved in ridding the body of unwanted urea? (1 point) sensory neuron, interneuron, spinal cord alveoli, atrium, cilia capillary, nephron, ureter brain, esophagus, small intestine 5. An infectious disease is a disease that (1 point) is caught because the weather turns cold. is caused by pathogens. can be spread only by bacteria. cannot be cured. 6. Which of the following statements is true regarding infectious agents? (1 point) Infectious agents are all too small to be seen without a microscope, and none can be classified as living. All infectious agents are living because they are all classified as microorganisms. Of all the infectious agents, only viruses are considered living because they actively inject their DNA or RNA into host cells. Viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics because they are not living organisms. 7. Which discovery in the 1800s led to the development of germ theory? (1 point) Vaccines could prevent a disease. Antibiotics exist that can be given to counteract an infection. Infection rates decline when health care professionals wash their hands in between seeing patients. Some diseases, such as cancer, are caused by chemical factors. 8. Follow a carbon atom in a piece of bread eaten by a boy. Which of the following describes a path that this atom could take? (1 point) mouth esophagus stomach large intestine blood body cell mouth esophagus stomach small intestine blood body cell mouth large intestine esophagus stomach blood body cell mouth esophagus small intestine stomach blood body cell 9. Which of the following sets of structures is innervated by the somatic nervous system? (1 point) esophagus, stomach, small intestine atrium, ventricle, arteries biceps, triceps, quadriceps diaphragm, bladder, large intestine 10. Which of the following cell types would you expect to increase in number azer a person becomes infected with a pathogen? (1 point) sensory neurons white blood cells epidermal cells red blood cells

I got the first 3 the answers are A,D, and C good luck with the rest

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Which type of microscopy is useful for viewing colorless specimens

Contrast microscopy, I believe.

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What type of molecule is represented by the model below? 1Carbohydrate 2Steroid 3Fat 4Nucleic acid

The answer would be A. carbohydrate

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If two parents whose blood types are both B produce a child that has blood type O, what can you say about the parents genotype?

Both parents would have to be heterozygous. Their genotypes would be either BO and BO, or IBi and IBi.
(Each parent has one B allele, and one O or 'no antigen' allele.)

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What are the two main types of the tundra biome and how do they differ from each other?

The tundra are the treeless, coldest biomes. The vegetation here is dominated by the dwarf shrubs, sedge, grasses, mosses, and lichens. There are mainly two type of tundras, which are arctic tundra and the alpine tundra.

The alpine tundra are spread all over the world. They are located on high altitudes and have mountains. the soil is well drained, but the higher altitudes does not support tree growth.

The arctic tundra are present near the north pole, the atmosphere there is very cold. The conditions are almost desert like, but have some dwarf tress along with shrubs and lichens.

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Can you change the type of element of an atom

No you cant change the type of element of an atom

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Different types of cells within an organism ____ 1.are all the same 2.can survive on their own 3.serve a different function 4.do not have any function

The answer is C) Serve a different function.

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Which has prokaryotic cells? A) Human Blood B),Cows Liver C) Onion Root D) Ecoli

The right answer is c) onion

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I really need help in a biology. I don't what type of experiment I should conduct. For this assignment, you will demonstrate what you have learned about the properties of water by designing and conducting an experiment that examines one of water’s properties

If you can generate a strong enough static charge, and construct a glove to hold the charge, like a capacitor and slowly pour water on the glove. the positive hydrogen molecules in the water will attract to the static charge. and will become suspended.
This is just a theory so if you do try this please. tell me how it goes.

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How does the bridge type determine the total length it can cross?

How a bridge is built at the base can affect how far it can extend.

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What does it mean when scientists say that living organisms share a universal genetic code?

Living organisms share a universal genetic code means that  all organisms shared a same genetic to some extent.
This because many of them believed that in the past we came from the same exact organism

hope this helps

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Which of the following techniques would best be able to determine whether two cell types have differentiated from one another?

Below are I assume choices that should accompanied with question above. 

a. Sequencing the DNA of the cell 
b. Nucleic acid hybridization using DNA only 
c. Nucleic acid hybridization using mRNA 
d. Nuclear transfer 
e. Gene silencing using RNAi

The should be e. Gene silencing using RNAi.

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Which type of microscope can produce three-dimensional images of a cell’s surface?

A scanning electron microscope; shows the detailed of the cells.

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Low blood levels of oxygen can bring on? A. Sneezez B. Hiccups C. Coughs D. Sighs

The answer is D. Sighs

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What do birth rate, death rate, immigration, and emigration determine about a population? carrying capacity population growth population type limiting factors

Answer: Population Growth.

Explanation: The birth rate, death rate, immigration and emigration helps in the population growth.

The birth rate can be defined as the number of birth per 1000 in a population in a year or period.

Death rate can be defined as the number of deaths per 1000 in a population in a year or period.

Immigration can be defined as the number of organism entering into the population.

Emigration can be defined as the number of population going out of the population due any reason.

All of the above terms defines the population growth.

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Which type of soil is most permeable a. sand b. clay c. loam d. slit

is the answer ΑΒΓΔΖΗΘΙΚ (don't mind the random numbers and letters

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What type of rock are fossils found in?

Types of rock that normally lack fossils are metamorphic rocks (formed from sedimentary rocks under heat and pressure), and igneous rocks (the result of molten or volcanic rock that later cooled).

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Despite a lot of scientific evidence and many theories why does the origin of the universe remain a question to scientists?


Though there is a lot of scientific evidence and theories to explain the origin of the universe, yet its origin remains a question to the scientist. This is because, at the origin, the universe had infinite temperature and density. These conditions cannot be reproduced in lab and tested. Also, the observable universe is smaller than the actual. So, scientists have not been able to view the whole universe. Scientists have still not completely understood about dark matter and energy which is considered to form majority of the universe. Since there are many unanswered questions, the origin of the universe also remains a question.

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Which of the following is not a tissue type? a. epithelial b. plasma c. nerve d. connective

Nerve is not a tissue type bc it is type of he nervous system. It is not a tissue

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Which types of atoms must a molecule contain to be considered organic

Carbon since anything that is organic has carbon

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Which type of bond holds a water molecule together

Covalent bonds hold a water molecule together.

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