Why was Darry always getting upset with Ponyboy ?

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Darry gets all upset with ponyboy when he comes home late and doesn't use his head.
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A Three-Point Turn Chapter 1 "You know, hardly anyone ever needs to do a three-point turn anymore," said Justin, trying to help Becky calm down. "Oh, so it's not a useful skill AND I am probably going to fail the driving test because I can't do it anyway," Becky said, raising her voice for emphasis. "That should make me feel like a million bucks when I flunk." Justin was riding with Becky so she could take her driving test. He had volunteered for the job because he thought she would be less nervous with him than with their mom, but so far, he wasn't sure he was making any difference. "Slow down, your turn is coming up here," he said, looking ahead. "I know, I know," she replied, "I've been here before remember—the last time I flunked." Justin was pretty sure if he had let her miss the turn, things would only have deteriorated further, but he wasn't sure he was fond of being the scapegoat for Becky's anxiety. "Listen, you need to take a few deep breaths," he said, hoping he could help her at least relax a bit. "Being nervous won't help you with the three-point turn or anything else you have to do. Hey, did you just take that turn without your turn signal on?" This was going to be harder than he thought. "Stop yelling at me," Becky replied, clearly frustrated, "I can't concentrate." "Look, you need to stop and get yourself together here," Justin started. "It is not just about passing the driving test. I don't want to get in an accident, so pull into that parking lot." Becky drove into the office building's parking lot where Justin was pointing. Justin knew they were less than a mile from the licensing office, and if she continued in this condition, he'd be having this same discussion three months from now when she tried the test again for the third time. "You need to get a grip," he started after she put the car in park, "because you have studied and practiced driving all year. You know this stuff inside and out, backwards and forwards. What are you so nervous about?" "I don't know, I don't know," Becky wailed, resting her head on the steering wheel. "I just get so tired of failing." Listening quietly as Becky sobbed, Justin realized this was about much more than a driving test. He also knew if he didn't find a way to help Becky things would just get worse. Chapter 2 Justin took a deep breath and collected his thoughts. Becky was an unbelievably consistent straight-A student. It was Justin who got the bad grades in school, and Justin who had to repeat every math class he'd ever taken. It was Justin who wished he could get the grades Becky got. Some things came easier for Justin: He was athletic, handy with tools, and good at making the best of whatever life threw at him. Mom called him her "lemons into lemonade" kid. But for the most part, Becky succeeded easily, whereas Justin had to work and work to just get a passing grade. Rather than having Becky catalogue all the things she supposedly "failed" at, Justin decided to try an alternative approach, one that wouldn't remind him of all the ways he had failed. "Okay, Becky, let's assume for a moment you fail this test again. What is the worst thing that could happen?" he asked. "I would be the oldest kid at school without a license and be humiliated," she replied. Justin thought he heard a bit of panic in her voice but continued with his plan. "Yes, but won't we still have to drive to school together for at least one more year anyway?" he asked. "Yes, but..." she started. "And who will know, if you don't tell anyone except your friends, that you don't have your license? You know Mom can't afford another car just for you, right?" "Yes," she said quietly. "So what difference does it make, really," he said. "Another three months to wait in the grand scheme of your life doesn't seem like all that long, right?" "I suppose not," she said. Justin could tell she was breathing more slowly now. "Besides," he said, "I would miss all the practice driving with you," and for good measure he reached over and pinched her arm. "Ow," she said, hitting back at him, "that hurt." "So let's go do this, okay? "Okay," she said. Becky cranked up the car, backed slowly out of the parking spot and drove up to the parking lot's exit. Justin noticed, as they waited for the traffic to clear, that she had remembered the turn signal. Use Chapters 1 and 2 to answer the following question: Which of the following best summarizes the main conflict of the story? A. Becky comes to terms with her obsession with perfection. B. Becky fails to use turn signals and sets off a pent-up argument with her brother. C. Becky gets upset on her way to a driving test while Justin tries to calm her down. D. Becky has a conversation with her brother about driving recklessly.

The correct answer is C. Becky gets upset on her way to a driving test while Justin tries to calm her down


In literature, the conflict is the struggle or opposing force the main character faces during the story and that stops the character from achieving some goal. Also, the conflict is considered as one of the main points in literary works as the story focuses on solving the conflict the character faces.

In the case of the text presented during the first chapter, the character Justin and Becky discuss as she feels she is going to fail again and she is worried about it as they both are in the way to the driving test. On the other hand, Justin is trying to help her be calmer but this seems not to work as Becky misses a turn signal and Justin asks her to stop driving which leads to a discussion in which Becky ends crying. During the second chapter, Justin decides to stop discussing and help her by showing her failing the test is not as terrible as Becky thinks and does not really change Becky's life as she can take the test again and wait for some months, which finally makes Becky feel better about the situation and continue driving. This means the opposing force or struggles Becky's faces are the feelings of frustration and anger for taking the test again while Justin struggles to make her feel better and calm.

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Which sentence uses action to describe a dark and stormy night? andy saw it was raining, and he regretted not bringing an umbrella. it was dark and raining when andy left to meet elizabeth. andy squinted in the darkness and walked headlong into the rain. andy was upset he would have to walk in the rain tonight?


I believe the best answer to be "Andy squinted in the darkness and walked headlong into the rain."


Every option offered makes it clear that it is raining. However, the question has asked us to find the one that shows it is a dark and stormy night through action. That is precisely what the third option does:

Andy squinted in the darkness and walked headlong into the rain.

The action of squinting makes it clear that darkness surrounds Andy. The night is not only dark, though, but also stormy, since Andy walks headlong into the rain. The verbs "squint" and "walk", combined with the nouns "darkness" and "rain" express, through action, that it is a dark and stormy night.

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What did cherry and ponyboy decide was the difference between the socs and greasers?

The socs and greasers had different values

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How does Shakespeare use foreshadowing in Macbeth? 1. By making Lady Macbeth be the first to suggest assassinating Duncan in Act I, he suggests that she will be the one who actually does the deed in Act II. 2. By having the witches make a second round of predictions in Act IV, he suggests how Macbeth will actually be defeated in Act V. 3. By depicting the way Malcolm upsets Macduff by claiming to be selfish and cruel in Act IV, he suggests the flaws that will actually be revealed when Malcolm takes the crown in Act V. 4. By showing the witches telling Banquo that his sons will be kings in Act I, he suggests that Banquo will conspire with Macbeth to kill Duncan in Act II.

The correct answer is 2. By having the witches make a second round of predictions in Act IV, he suggests how Macbeth will actually be defeated in Act V. 
None of the other options actually happened in the play, which is why all of them are incorrect. However, in number 2, the witches did make a prediction that Macbeth will be defeated, and he really was at the end of the play. He got what he deserved for being too ambitious and killing people.

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Which word is the best synonym for the word “foreign” as it used in this sentence? frightening weird upsetting unknown

A synonym is a word that means the same thing or has similar meaning. 
Foreign is defined as strange and/or unfamiliar. Frightening is not defined as strange or unfamiliar. Weird is defined as 'something supernatural'. Upsetting is not something strange or unfamiliar. Unknown is defined as 'not known or familiar'.
Your best synonym word is "Unknown."
I hope this helps!

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At the beginning of Act I, Scene iii, when Casca describes the thunderstorm, why is he upset? A. He is afraid that he will be hit by lightning and will be killed.B. He is worried that the thunderstorm is really the sound of fighting. C. He is afraid that the gods are angry and something bad will happen. D. He is afraid that Caesar is angry and will blame him for the weather.

Answer: C. He is afraid that the gods are angry and something bad will happen.

At the beginning of Act I, Scene III, we see Casca and Cicero on a Roman street. Casca is telling Cicero about the thunderstorm, and all the strange things he witnessed. He tells Cicero he saw a man with his hands on fire, a lion near the Capitol and an owl in the marketplace during the day. He is worried, as he believes both the weather and the strange events to be bad omens. He is afraid that the gods are angry, and that something bad is going to happen.

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Which is the most formal of the three options below? A. Quite displeased and upset B. Mad C. Stewing D. None of the above are more formal than the others.

Among the three options below, option a or “Quite displeased and upset” would be the most formal since it means what it really says without any fillers.

I hope this helps and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask again. 

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What does ponyboy think about his brother darry? the outsiders?

Ponyboy believes that Darry thinks he is a burden since Darry constantly yells/picks at/on him. In the end, Ponyboy realizes that his brother cares for him a lot and was just afraid.

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What is the meaning of the underlined words in this excerpt from act I, scene I, of Richard III? RICHARD III (Duke of Gloucester): Why, this it is, when men are ruled by women: 'Tis not the king that sends you to the Tower: My Lady Grey his wife, Clarence, 'tis she That tempers him to this extremity. Was it not she and that good man of worship, Anthony Woodville, her brother there, That made him send Lord Hastings to the Tower, From whence this present day he is deliver'd? We are not safe, Clarence; we are not safe. GEORGE PLANTAGENET (Duke of Clarence): By heaven, I think there's no man is secure But the queen's kindred and night-walking heralds That trudge betwixt the king and Mistress Shore. Heard ye not what an humble suppliant Lord hastings was to her for his delivery? The meaning of the word tempers is A) to be upset B) to be angry C) to exercise control over The meaning of the word suppliant is A) a person who wears distinctive clothes, such as uniform, for the purpose of their job B) a person who respectfully asks for something from someone more powerful C) a person who easily agrees with the opinion of someone higher authority

The answer for temper is C: to exercise control over. There are other indications of a controlling force in the excerpt:  "when men are ruled by women" " 'Tis not the king...'tis she...that made him send Lord Hastings to the Tower".

The answer for suppliant is B: a person who respectfully asks for something from someone more powerful. "Lord Hastings was a humble suppliant to her for his delivery."

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I’m very upset with my cousin! I told him I wanted to surprise my mom with a new painting, and he told her my plan. I wish I’d known he can’t keep a secret because then I wouldn’t have told him mine! A. writing on the wall B. let the cat out of the bag C. grab the bull by the horns D. green with envy

You don't actually ask a question here but the answer that would make sense here would be b.
He let the cat out of the bag (Aka shared the secret)

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Sally, an excellent basketball player, was upset when the referee made what she considered to be a bad call, but her friend Sandra kept hercomposure.

~Sandra remained in control of her emotions- hope it helps!!~

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Just before the jury declares their verdict, Scout realizes they’ve lost when _____. A) Atticus lowers his head B) the jury refuses to look at Tom C) Jem becomes upset D) Reverent Sykes stands

Answer: B) the jury refuses to look at Tom.

As the courthouse waits for the verdict, Scout is already making some conclusions of her own. She tells us that the courthouse feels cold and empty, even though it is full of people. She gets shivers even though it is the middle of the summer. This feeling of desertion is meant to highlight the lack of sympathy and the cruelty that surrounds the trial. Right before the verdict is read, Scout notices that the jury refuses to look at Tom. All of this is meant to prepare the reader for the conclusion that Scout eventually reaches: they've most likely lost.

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Why is Nurse so upset?

She is upset because she finds that Juliet is dead

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How was Elinor’s sense of propriety upset in Sense and Sensibility


Elinor is entirely sensible and prudent, able to handle people and situations very delicately compared to her sister Marianne who is very emotional and never moderate, lacks some good sense. Elinor was grieving but also attending to matters at hand while her mother and Marianne allowed themselves to grieve. She very rarely wavered from this sense of propriety until she discovered of Edwards engagement to Lucy where she began to have a harder time concealing her emotions, especially after Brandon's gift to keep Edward and Lucy sustained. Another time her propriety was upset was after Edward showed up to her house unexpectedly as she was told he had married Lucy. She was filled with joy and heartache within a very short time and she let her emotions be shown instead of being concealed.


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During chapter 2, what did Cherry learn about the Greasers? What did Ponyboy learn about the Socs?

Cherry listens to Johnny's story about his beating and she say that "not all Soc's are like that" and Pony boy agrees saying "not all greasers are like Dally (he was acting rude toward the two Soc's)" They both agree that not all socs are the same and not all greasers are the same.

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Riley is upset because her friend, Brendan, owes her $30. Brendan claims he does not have any money, but Riley saw him buying new expensive clothes last week. Write one closed conversation between Riley and Brendan. Write one open conversation between Riley and Brendan.

Closed conversation:

Riley: Brendan, have you got my money?

Brendan: I don't.

Riley: When are you going to give it back?

Brendan: I don't know.

Riley: You know that I need it.

Brendan: I don't have it!

Riley: But you were shopping last week!

Brendan: I said I don't have it!

Open conversation:

Riley: Brendan, when are you going to be able to give me my money back?

Brendan: I'm sorry. It's just that I don't have it yet.

Riley: Weren't you shopping last week?

Brendan: I really don't have it.

Riley: But I do need it soon. We need to find a solution. How much can you pay me back now?

Brendan: I could give you ten tomorrow.

Riley: Give me ten tomorrow, and ten each week after. And after three weeks, we will be ok. Does that sound like a plan?

Brendan: Yes, I can do that. Thank you.


The open conversation is more effective because the statements lead to a successful resolution. They allow both people to express their opinions in a more complete and respectful way. It also allows them to engage in creative thinking and dialogue.

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Ponyboy does not like dally but he respects him because he is smart. what does ponyboy mean by smart and how does it differ from ponyboy's own intelligence.

Dally is street smart where as ponyboy is a mixture of both.

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Why is candy so upset about the girl’s death?

He is upset because he knows that the dream is dead they wont get away ever because lennie was holding them to it and now he will be gone

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Why should ponyboy follow Johnny's advice"stay gold"?

So he will stay true to himself.

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