You have learned a great deal of information during your UMA program. So far, what has been your favorite topic?

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UMA Spotlight is the place to share your experience at Ultimate Medical Academy. We want to ...Ihave been a student here at UMA for the past 18 months or so. I have ... You all deserve the amazing benefits that this education has sewn for us!!! .... The pharmacy technician program is one of the best in the United States.
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Introduction of a drug directly into the respiratory tract is a form of _______ administration. A. topical B. inhalation C. enteral D. parenteral

The answer is B, Respiratory contains your lungs, which would mean youd need to breathe them in.

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Write any other facts you've learned about tobacco use

It can cause lung cancer. I contains thousands of chemicals. You get bad breath from it. It makes it harder to work out or do normal things.

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How do disease prevention programs try to reduce cardiovascular disease?

Disease prevention programs try to reduce cardiovascular disease by means of making improvements to the environment and by means of promoting heart balanced lifestyles

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How do you deal with anxiety and depression? (this isn't for school purposes)

Just think that your not the only one facing these problems. Some people have even worse problems. Just like the comment on top of me. Always stay positive. Watch a movie or watch YouTube. Listen to relaxing music or just read a book. Hope you feel better.

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Which of the following statements best explains why the same exercise program might conform to the principle of overload for one person but not for another

The answer is A:Different individuals have different levels of physical fitness

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Information about fitness products is likely to be a form of quackery if A. the product has been discussed in major news headlines. B. results are said to vary among individuals. C. the advertisements are endorsed by the medical community. D. changes are promised to be quick or dramatic.


D) changes are promised to be quick or dramatic.


The human body is a complex living mechanism, in order to modify, evolve or transform it in any way, are required many internal and external processes, that normally take considerable amounts of time, based on this, is totally ridiculous to affirm that a product will dramatically change the physical shape and body functioning of a person in a quick way. Different fitness products may contribute importantly in have good exercising results, but it needs to be complemented with working out sessions, good resting, and obviously, waiting since major changes are normally noted after several weeks after starting activities.

Another one could be the B, as ¨Secondary option¨, saying the result depends on the person, automatically provides all the responsibility of the product functioning to the user and not to the manufacturers, this way could be possible to fabricate a not too effective product, and justify it with this reason.

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The human genome project __________. a. was completed in 2003 b. is still underway and may be completed in the next decade c. provides information that will allow people to genetically alter their appearance d. was a good idea, but couldn't be put into practice

The human genome project was completed in 2003.

Further Explanation:

The human genome project is an initiative to study the entire genome of the human. The HGP was started in 1990. It was supposed to be completed in 2005 but it was completed in 2003. The fifteen-year project is completed in thirteen years. This project is mainly regulated by the national institute of health and the department of energy in the U.S. Many countries collaborate in this project, U.K, U.S, germany, china, japan, and france.

The human genome project goals are:

  • To discover all the genes around 22000–24000 in the human DNA.
  • To find out the sequence of the 3 billion base pairs that are found in the human genome.
  • To develop data analysis tools.
  • Save this information in the form of databases.
  • To analyze and resolve the social, ethical and legal issue that arrives by these experimentations.

Learn more:

  1. Learn more about graffain follicle
  2. Learn more about human sperm and egg cells
  3. Learn more about female reproductive tract

Answer Details:

Grade: High School  

Subject: Health

Topic: Human genome project


Human genome project, database, base pair, gene, sequence, national institute of health, department of energy, human genome.

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The graph shows the rate of malignant melanoma for the years 1973–2004. Based on the information in the graph, which conclusion can be drawn? A) More cases of cancer were reported over time. B) More people were out in the sun over time. C) Women use sunscreen about twice as often as men use sunscreen. D) The rate of skin cancer has increased in both men and women.

Correct answer choice is :

D) The rate of skin cancer has increased in both men and women.


Cancers of the skin are by far the most popular of all kinds of cancer. According to one survey, about 5.4 million basal and squamous cell skin tumors are diagnosed each year. A normal mole, like the one portrayed here, is regularly an equally colored brown, tan, or black spot on the skin. It can be both flat or elevated, round or oval. Melanoma is cancer that originates in the cells that provide skin its color.

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According to Noam Chomsky, humans have the innate ability to learn language. T/F

Hello there.

According to Noam Chomsky, humans have the innate ability to learn language. T/F

I would say True. 

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What are 5 sources of health information??

Doctor, pharmacists, internet,library, medical board

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What causes the change in prepubescent humans that designates the beginning of puberty? (and sidenote what are the most common ways people deal with these changes.)

Hair that grows in many places including the pubic, underarm and facial region. Also body odor and development in body parts. Mood swings too. Deodorant, Razor.

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Chris wants to learn to play guitar, but basketball practice takes up a lot of her free time. Which of the following statements shows how Chris's friends could be a positive influence?

Answer: “Let’s look at your schedule to see where you can make the time”.

Explanation: Assuming that I know what options you’re talking about (Personal Fitness Final Exam?), out of all of those, this one is the most positive one. Hope this helps!

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What are great foods that will dramatically increase growth?

Calcium, proteins (they are the biggest one), grains, vegetables, and fruit

Hope this helps!~

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There are several means of promoting public health. Which of the following is not one of those means? providing free and low cost vaccination programs diagnosing disease educating the public on various health issues ensuring sanitary water conditions

For the answer to the question above, public health deals with the health of whole populations, rather than the health of individual people. Therefore, the answer is diagnosing disease because it deals with the individual people and not by the entire community.

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Am I right? Natalia started an exercise program that includes stretching daily and yoga three times each week. What area of fitness is Natalia targeting, and what is her potential for improvement in this area based on her fitness program? Body composition; she is on track to significantly improve in this area based on this program Cardiovascular endurance; she will never reach this goal unless she adds weightlifting to her routine Flexibility; she is on track to significantly improve this area of fitness by sticking with this program Muscular strength; she will only improve in this area if she adds cardio to her workout schedule


Flexibility; she is on track to significantly improve this area of fitness by sticking with this program


Flexibility is the ability to improve the ability of joints or organs to maintain the essential movements for assisting or performing daily tasks and functions and physical activities. This ability can be improved by flexibility exercises such as yoga, Pilates, stretching and others.

Further explanation:

Muscle-strengthening exercise and flexibility exercises assist in maintaining the ability to carry out daily tasks and improve movement respectively. Such exercises can also help reduce chances of falling.

Health experts and doctors believe that better flexibility of a person can improve posture, reduce inflammation and pain, and lower the risk of injury.

Yoga, Pilates and stretching are the major flexibility exercises that provide good flexibility that can also help  to continue out every day work.

Doing yoga on a daily basis thrice a day will significantly increase body flexibility overall. Pilates focuses on proper alignment of posture, muscle balance, and flexibility.  

Learn more:

1. flexibility answer by wolf93 )          

2. potential of flexibility ( answer by  LyricnotLyrica)


Yoga, Physical exercise, stretching, exercise, flexibility.

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How far do you need to keep firewood from you house?

Far enough so if a fire starts then the wood will not spread the fire to your house

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I want to get into my school cheer next year, but I do not know what stunts or jumps to learn, help.

I say just be able to do basic stuff first like splits and flips. You don't have to do anything crazy, just get some someone things down and be flexible

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Which of the following is a primary rather than a learned emotion? (A) fear (B) guilt (C) love (D)shame

Hmm, I think the answer is Love though I think guilt would be one too but Love is the answer they want.

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True or false all children, even infants, benefit from learning experience that are purposeful, challenging and achievable.

The answer is Just as all domains of development and learning are interrelated, so, too, there are ... Similarly, the following guidelines for practice do not match up one-to-one with ... of children in any early childhood program, including infant/toddler caregivers, ... Children experience an organized environment and an orderly routine 

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Two individuals start the same training program at the same time, but one is able to grow muscle faster and larger than the other. What is the least likely explanation for this?

The answer is A, I'm pretty sure because i read about this in Edgenuity.GOOD LUCK.

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