Brandon mixed 6.83lb of cashews with 3.57lb of pistacios. after filling up 6 bags that were the same size with the mixture, he hadd 0.35lb of nuts left. what was the weight of each bag?

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The weight of each bag filled by Brandon, is \fbox{\bf1.675\,lb}.

Further explanation:

The amount of cashews and pistachios mixed are 6.83\,lb and 3.57\,lb respectively then the total weight of mixture is the sum of cashews and pistachios.

After the above nut mixture created by mixing cashews and pistachios is filled in six bags, the weight of remaining nuts is 0.35\,lb.

Therefore, the total mixture that is filled in 6 bags is obtained as the difference of total amount and the remaining mixture amount.

\begin{aligned}{\text{Total mixture filled in six bags}}&=6.83+3.57-0.35\\&=10.4-0.35\\&=10.05\\\end{aligned}

Now, this obtained amount of mixture weighing 10.05\,lb is filled equally in 6 bags as the size of bags is same then the amount of mixture in one bag or each bag is calculated as,

\begin{aligned}{\text{Total mixture filled in each bags}}&=\frac{{10.05}}{6}\\&=1.675\\\end{aligned}

Thus, the weight of each of the six bags that Brandon fills, is \fbox{\bf1.675\,lb}.

Learn more:

1. Linear equation application

2. Composite functions

3. Linear equation application

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Grade: Middle school  

Subject: Mathematics  

Chapter: Mixtures and ratios

Keywords: cashews, pistachios, one bag, six bag, each bag, weight, Brandon, same size, mixture, nuts, 6.83lb, 3.57lb, 0.35lb, total mixture, amount of mixture, remaining amount, remaining weight, total weight, nut mixture.

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Well, consider the unluckiest case: In whatever order, you manage to remove nine of the red marbles, nine of the blue ones, nine of the green and all of the yellow and orange mix. So far, you've removed 37 of the marbles (9+9+9+10 = 37), yet you don't have 10 of any single color. If you remove just one more marble, it will be red, blue, or green, and you will have 10 of the same color. So the answer is 38 marbles.  :)

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The function f(x) = x2 is translated 7 units to the left and 3 units down to form the function g(x). Which represents g(x)?



Step-by-step explanation:

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What is the horizontal shift for the graph of f(x) = (x - 3)3 + 2? A. Left 2 B. Right 2 C. Left 3 D. Right 3

The graph of the function f(x) = (x - 3)^3 + 2 is 3 units to the right of the parent function.
Hence the horizontal shift is right 3.

ANSWERED AT 28/01/2020 - 12:42 AM

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How many ounces of trail mix are in a bag that weighs 0.681 kilograms? Input only numeric values. (1 pound = 0.454 kg and 1 pound = 16 ounces)

.681kg/1bag x 1lb/.454kg x 16oz/1lb = 24oz/1bag

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In a bag of marbles you have three green, two yellow, six blue, and nine red marbles. what is the probability of picking a yellow marble from the bag?

The answer is 1/10.

There are in total 20 marbles in the bag:
3 green + 2 yellow + 6 blue + 9 red = 20 marbles

There are 2 yellow marbles of total 20 marbles. 2 of 20 can be expressed as:
2/20 = 1/10.

Therefore, the probability of picking a yellow marble from the bag is 1/10.

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A pound of popcorn is popped for a class party. The popped corn is put into small popcorn boxes that each hold 120 popped kernels. There are 1,450 kernels in a pound of unpopped popcorn. If all the boxes are filled except for the last box, how many boxes are needed and how many popped kernels are in the last partially filled box?


13 boxes, in last box 10 kernels.

Step-by-step explanation:

There are 1450 kernels in a pound.

Each box hold 120 popped kernels

Let 'n' number of boxes have been filled with 1450 kernels and 120 popped kernels in each box.

Therefore, equation will be 120x = 1450

                                         x = \frac{1450}{120}

                                           = 12\frac{1}{12} boxes

By this answer we understand that 12 boxes have been filled and \frac{1}{12} part of the last box was filled.

Now number of popcorn kernels in 12 boxes = 12 × 120 = 1440

Remaining kernels for the last box = 1450 - 1440 = 10 kernels

Therefore, 13 boxes required and 13th box  will have 10 kernels.

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What is 143/7 as a mixed number

Divide using long division. The whole Number portion will be the number of times the denominator of the original fraction divides evenly into the numerator of the original fraction and the fraction portion of the mixed number will be the remainder of the original fraction division over the denominator of the original fraction. 20 3/7

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The mean percentage of a population of people eating out at least once a week is 57% with a standard deviation of 3.50%. Assume that a sample size of 40 people was surveyed from the population a significant number of times. In which interval will 68% of the sample means occur?

Since 68% of the sample ranges from the plus minus first standard deviation from the mean, then interval wherein it will occur will be between 53.5% to 60.5%. I got this answer through adding and subtracting one standard deviation (3.5) from the mean (which is 57). 

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Write 29/5 as a mixed number

Five...four over five 5 4/5

ANSWERED AT 28/01/2020 - 12:14 AM

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If a function, f(x) is shifted to the left four units, what will the transformed function look like?

Answer:it would be f(x+4) <- answer

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Alejandro wants to determine the average shoe size of all of the male students in his school. Which sample is likely to yield the most biased results? every tenth boy on the school’s phone list every member of the boys’ basketball team every boy in a randomly selected ninth-, tenth-, eleventh-, and twelfth-grade gym class every fifth boy who walks through the front doors of the school in the morning

If the shoe size of every member of the boys’ basketball team is used as the sample, the result will be strongly biased towards large shoe sizes. The other ways of choosing a sample will give much better distributions over a range of sizes.

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Joe has some pocket money he spends a third of it he has 6 pounds left how much pocket money did he have

He has 9 pounds because a third of 9 pounds is 3 and 9 - 3 = 6

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QUESTION POSTED AT 27/01/2020 - 11:36 PM

Which of the following are independent events? Select all that apply 1.You flip a coin and roll a number cube. 2.You draw a marble from a bag, replace it, and draw again. 3.You randomly choose 2 socks from a drawer, hoping they will match. 4.You draw two numbers from 1 to 10 from a hat without replacing the first.

Independent events are events which do not affect each other in any way. Therefore the independent events from this list are as follows: 
1, 2.
If you flip and coin, it isn't going to affect the outcome of the dice. Similarly, if you draw a marble form a bag and REPLACE it, you will still have the same number of marbles in the 2nd draw, meaning that the first draw wouldn't affect it. 

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QUESTION POSTED AT 27/01/2020 - 11:20 PM

Michael weighed 186 pounds. His doctor put him on a diet which enabled him to lose 3 pounds per month. What was his weight after 7 months on the diet?

His weight will be 165 pounds.
186- (3 x 7)= 165 pounds 

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Which translation maps the vertex of the graph of the function f(x) = x2 onto the vertex of the function g(x) = x2 – 10x 2? right 5, down 23 left 5, down 23 right 5, up 27 left 5, up 27


5 units to the right and 23 units down

Step-by-step explanation:

we have


This is a vertical parabola open upward with vertex at point (0,0)

g(x)=x^{2} -10x+2

Step 1

Convert the function g(x) into vertex form

Group terms that contain the same variable, and move the constant to the opposite side of the equation

g(x)-2=x^{2} -10x

Complete the square. Remember to balance the equation by adding the same constants to each side

g(x)-2+25=x^{2} -10x+25

g(x)+23=x^{2} -10x+25

Rewrite as perfect squares



The function g(x) is a vertical parabola with the vertex at point (5,-23)

Step 2

Find the rule of the translation

(0,0)-------> (5,-23)

(x,y)-------> (x+5,y-23)

That means

The translation is 5 units to the right and 23 units down

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Solomon needs to justify the formula for the arc length of a sector. which expression best completes this argument? the circumference of a circle is given by the formula c=pi * d , where d is the diameter. because the diameter is twice the radius, c= 2 * pi * r. if equally sized central angles, each with a measure of n°, are drawn, the number of sectors that are formed will be equal to 360°/n° the arc length of each sector is the circumference divided by the number of sectors, or _____. therefore, the arc length of a sector of a circle with a central angle of n° is given by 2*pi*r*n/360 or pi*r*n/180 . a. 2*pi*r/270/n b. 2*pi*r/360/n c. 2*pi*r/180/n d. 2*pi*r/90/n

Answer:  The answer is (b). \dfrac{2\pi r}{\frac{360^\circ}{n^\circ}}.

Step-by-step explanation: Let us consider a circle with centre "O" and radius OA=OB=r units. We know that the circumference of a circle is 2\pi\times radius~of~the~circle, so the circumference of Circle 'C' is given by

Circumference=2\pi r.

Also, let us central angles of equal size of 'n°', the the number of sectors formed is given by


Now, the formula for arc length of a sector is given by


arc~length~of~of~a~sector=\dfrac{2\pi r}{\frac{360^\circ}{n^\circ}}.

Thus, (b) is the correct option.

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QUESTION POSTED AT 27/01/2020 - 12:31 AM

You have two pizzas that have 5 out of 8 slices left to share equally with 3 people. how much pizza will each person get?

From the data, you have to share 5 pieces among 3 people.
so each person will get 5/3
5/3 = 1.7

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QUESTION POSTED AT 26/01/2020 - 11:53 PM

How many pounds of nuts selling for $9 per lb and raisins selling for $3 per lb should a person combine to obtain 60 lb of a trail mix selling for $5 per lb

Let n be the number of lbs of nuts.
Let r be the number of lbs of raisins.
9n + 3r = 60 * 5 = 300 .............(1)
n + r = 60
n = 60 - r ...............(2)
Plugging the expression for n in (2) into (1) we get:
9(60 - r) + 3r = 300
which expands to:
540 - 9r + 3r = 300 .............(3)
Simplifying and rearranging (3) we get:
-6r = -240
Therefore r, the weight of raisins = 40 lbs
and the weight of nuts is 60 - 40 = 20 lbs

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What is 2.33 written as a mixed number in simplest form? a. 2^33/100 b. 233/100 c. 2^100/33 d. 100^2/33

2.33 written as a mixed number is written as follows:

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There are two pizzas. conor ate 1⁄4 of a pizza, brandon 2⁄8, tyler 3⁄4, and audrey 4⁄8. who ate the most of the two pizzas? a. audrey b. tyler c. conor d. brandon


b. Tyler

Step-by-step explanation:


The part of pizza ate by Conor = \frac{1}{4}=\frac{2}{2\times 4}=\frac{2}{8}

The part of Brandon = \frac{2}{8}

The part of Tyler = \frac{3}{4}=\frac{3\times 2}{4\times 2}=\frac{6}{8}

The part of Audrey = \frac{4}{8}



Hence, Tyler ate the most of the two pizza.

Option b is correct.

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Use the four functions below for this question: f(x) g(x) h(x) j(x) graph of line going through (– 2, 2) and (– 1, – 1) g(x) = 3x – 4 Kelly had 4 apples in her kitchen on Monday. On Tuesday, only 1 was left. x j(x) –2 –2 2 10 6 22 Compare and contrast these four functions using complete sentences. Focus on the slope and y-intercept first, and then on any additional properties of each function.


We have four functions:

For f(x) we have two points (-2,2) and (-1,-1)

we will use two point form which is:


So, on substituting the values we get:




So, f(x)=-3x-4

We have g(x)=3x-4

Now, we will from h(x) we have two points  let initial point on monday is (0,4) and tuesday (1,1) again use two point form we get:


\Rightarrow y=-3x+4

So, h(x)= -3x+4

Now, we will form j(x) we have three points (2,10) , (-2,6) and (2,22)

We will use (-2,6) and (2,22)  to find the function with two point form.


\Rightarrow y=4x+14

j(x)= 4x+14

To find the slope we will compare the given function with general equation which is y= mx +c; m is the slope

And to find y-intercept we will put x=0


Slope is: -3

And y-intercept is: (0,-4)


Slope is: 3

And y-intercept is: (0,-4)

h(x)= -3x+4

Slope is: -3

And y-intercept is: (0,4)

j(x)= 4x+14

Slope is: 4

And y-intercept is: (0,14)

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QUESTION POSTED AT 26/01/2020 - 11:33 PM

The weight (w) of an object is the product of its mass (m) in kilograms and g, the acceleration due to gravity in meters/second2. if the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 meters/second2, find the corresponding weights for these masses. mass in kilograms = {22.1, 33.5, 41.3, 59.2, 78} the weights (in newtons) for the given masses are .

You have all values that needed to solve the task. Just use the simple formula w = m*g = kg* \frac{m}{s^2} = N . As you see I also gave you the origin of Newton. I don't give you a direct answer because it will be more helpful if you understand it using given formula.

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QUESTION POSTED AT 26/01/2020 - 11:28 PM

Express 7.75 as a mixed fraction in it's lowest form

7 is the whole number so leave it as is


Divide by 25


7 3/4 is in the lowest form

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QUESTION POSTED AT 26/01/2020 - 10:42 PM

A saleswomen sells a dried fruit mixture for $5.7 per pound and nuts for $14.55 per pound. She wants to blend the two to get a 10 pound mixture that she will sell for $9.24 per pound. How much should she use? to get a 10 pound mixture she should use __ lb of fruit mixture and __ lb of nuts.

Let the fruit mixture of $5.7 per pound be for x pounds.

The nut of $14.55 per pound would then be:   (10 -x).

Since the total blend of both = 10 pounds, selling for $9.24 per pound.

cost of 1st type + cost of second type = Total cost of blend mixture

5.7*x  +    14.55*(10 - x) = 9.24*10

5.7x + 145.5 - 14.55x = 92.4

5.7x - 14.55x = 92.4 - 145.5

-8.85x = -53.1

x =  -53.1/-8.85

x = 6

The other  will be (10 -x) = 10 - 6 = 4.  

She should use 6 lb of fruit mixture and 4 lb of nuts. 

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A cylindrical water trough has a diameter of 6 feet and a height of 2 feet. It is being filled at the rate of 4 ft^3/min. How fast is the water level rising when the water is 1 foot deep?

Volume of Cylinder V = πr²h

diameter = 6 feet, radius = 6/2 = 3 feet

dV/dt =  (dV/dh) * (dh/dt)  by change rule.

V =  πr²h

dV/dh =  
πr² = π*3² = 9π  ft²

dV/dt = 2 ft

dV/dt =  (dV/dh) * (dh/dt)

2 ft³/min = 9π ft²   * (dh/dt)

9π ft²   * (dh/dt) = 2 ft³/min

(dh/dt) = (2 ft³/min)/(9π ft²)   

(dh/dt) = (2/
9π)  ft/min

So the water level is rising at  (2/9π)  ft/min.

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