On a tour of several states, you discover a county governed under a state law that permits home rule. The county chooses its own form of government. You're probably in the state of

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based on the scenario, i think you're probably in the state of : Oregon in 1958, an amendment of Oregon constitution authorized counties to adpot the "home rules", which allowed them to exercise the state's power og governance within its own administrative area
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A large portion of any depositor's money is insured by the federal government in a bank or in a credit union.

If the bank or credit union is apart of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation then yes.

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You earn 420 per week. You pay social security taxes of 7.65% federal taxes of 22% and state taxes of 5.95% What is your take home pay?

Security taxes = 7.65% of 420 = 0.0765 x 420 = 32.13. Federal taxes = 22% of 420 = 0.22 x 420 = 92.40 and state taxes = 5.95% of 420 = 0.0595 x 420 = 24.99. Total amount deducted for taxes = 32.13 + 92.40 + 24.99 = 149.52. Take home pay = earnings - deductions = 420 - 149.52 = 270.48
Hope this helps. Let me know if you need additional help!

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What is the government controlled price ceiling on apartment prices called?

The answer is rent control

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What would be a good technique for learning the basic layout of the CPT in order to reduce the time required to accurately code claim forms

CPT or, Current Procedural Technology is a document that is laid out in a way makes it easy to accurately code medical claim forms. It is published by the American Medical Association. CPT codes are used to describe every medical procedure that can be performed on a patient by a medical expert. 
In my opinion, one of the best ways to learn the basic layout of the CPT in order to reduce the time required to accurately code claim forms is to attend college and work towards earning a degree in Medical Billing and Coding. 

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The chief reason that family and friends are frequent targets of aggression is that... A.) as obstacles, they're unremovable B.) they're convenient C.) frustration-producing obstacles are often unclear D.) they cause the most frustration

Quoted, " A person's closest loved-ones are the ones he/she can usually abuse without fear of social or legal repercussions.
Familiarity all too often DOES breed contempt - or at the very least, psycho/emotional complacency.
If couples continued to treat eachother like strangers they are trying to impress, then people would be a lot happier and the divorce rate would plummet!
It seems to be far too easy for most people to lose sight of the fact that their close "loved-ones" are every bit as human as they, themselves, are and every bit as vulnerable to pain and painful emotions.
When you drop a stone into a puddle of water, the ripples are the strongest and closest together at the source, spreading out thinner and weaker the further out they travel. So it should be with our kindness and consideration. Yet it is the opposite. The further out from the source, the stronger it seems to be and the closer in, the weaker. This is the exact OPPOSITE of way the laws of nature and the universe work. It is no wonder we live lives so sad and full of pain! "

I looked it up because I didn't know how to phrase it. this guy did it perfectly, in my opinion.

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Each state heavily regulates the insurance industry. a. True b. False

True. It is very hard to explain but still try my answer! hope i helped))))

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In a command economy, which of the following determines for whom goods and services are produced? A:) The market B:) Tradition C:) The government D:) The churches

The goverment. because the goverment is responsible for everything! :)

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According to your study unit, what's the payoff that keeps volunteers using their own time to help their communities? A. Volunteers often get free lunches, tickets to events, or special T-shirts. B. People realize how well off they are compared to the people they help. C. It's so rewarding, people feel emotionally high and fulfilled when they're done. D. It's a wonderful place to meet people and network for business.

The answer is option C, It is so rewarding, people feel emotionally high and fulfilled when they are done.Definitely, human being find pleasant to help other people who are less fortunate and face troubles. That is what keeps volunteering growing in the communities leading to a better future for the community.

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The economy has an impact on _____. a. which jobs are seasonal b. the reasons why workplaces are different c. employment and unemployment d. how strictly rules at work are enforced

The answer is the option c.The economy has an impact on employment and unemployment. The economy of a country determines the production levels of a country. A healthy economy is one where there is a reasonable growing, which refers to the goods and services produced in the economy. When there is growing, the number of goods and services are increasing and the employment increases. On the contrary when the economy faces problems (crisis) the production declines and the unemployment grows.

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The part of the us government that carries out laws is the

Executive - Carries Out Laws

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6090 - 4 in standard form

The answer would stay the same

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When u buy a u.s government savings bond, your doing so under the power given to congress to...

When a person buys US Government savings bond, he or she is doing so under the powers given to congress to borrow money. By buying a government bond, the person is actually lending money to the government. The government of US already has the power to levy taxes, regulate business without the need for any bonds. So it is a fact that buying a bond will never increase the power of the government.  The people are lending money to the government as an entity.

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What is the simplest form of the ratio 11 : 16?

Hello My Friend!


11 : 16 = 0.6875 : 1

...Simplest form of the ratio 11 : 16 IS 11 : 16

In Other Words, 11 is prime so that is already in simplest form...It is already at it's simplest form.

I Hope my answer has come to your Help. Thank you for posting your question here in Brainly. We hope to answer more of your questions and inquiries soon. Have a nice day ahead! :)

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-TheOneAboveAll :D

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What particle did Chadwick discovered in 1932 that was hard to detect because it was no electrical charge


An electron has a negative charge.
A proton has a positive charge.
Therefore if you can detect the presence of electrical charge, you could observe these two.

Not so with nuetrons. The absence of electrical charge in the neuron make it difficult to detect, but Chadwick used a radiation tube to detect the existence of the neuron

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Helen contracted to buy a pool heater from Sunkissed pools. As part of the contract, Sunkissed agreed to install the pool heater, which was delivered to Helens home and left in the driveway. The heater was too heavy for Helen to move and she was forced to leave it in the driveway because no one from Sunkissed responded to her calls about installation. The heater was stolen from her driveway. Who should bear the risk for the stolen pool heater?

The contract included a clause which stated that they will install the pool heater for Helen thereby giving Helen legal foundation to file for breach of contract. This contract has not been made void/redundant as installing the pool heater is not a primary clause- the purchase of the heater is- however, Helen may seek damages or specific performance where the contract clauses are carried out as they were meant to.

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Cities are municipal corporations that operate under _______ from the state. a. bonds c. charters b. constitutions d. public utilities

Cities are municipal corporations that operate under C. Charters from the state.

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The market where business sell goods and services to households and the government is called the A. goods market B. factor market C. capital market D. money market

The market where business sell goods and services to households and government is called the C. Capital Market

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Why should a decision maker care about opportunity cost when choosing amongst alternatives?

A decision maker should pay attention to opportunity cost because it is essential to financial discussion making. Opportunity cost is giving up something(s) for another thing. Therefore, weighing the pros and cons of each choice is important.

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Your home insurance policy has a $500 deductible. If a small fire causes $1200 damage to your home, what amount of the claim would the insurance company pay? A. $500 B. $700 C. $1200 D. $1700

A deductible is what you are required to pay from the cost. So if there's 1200 damage, you will pay 500 of that.

1200-500 = 700 (B) is what the insurance will pay.

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A primary source for getting specific information on a particular bill is A. your state representative. B. Washington daily newspapers. C. the Constitution. D. the Congressional Record.

A primary source is a direct source, so not mediated by somebody or something else.If someone wants the primary source for a bill, one would look directly into this bill, i.e. into the Constitution (C).

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Which of the following is NOT a commonly recognized form of business ownership? A. sole proprietorship B. partnership C. corporation D. family

A "family" is not a commonly recognized form of business ownership. All the other types of businesses listed contain people from different families who have special rights and restrictions under the law. 

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When you've carefully checked all the facts and your attitudes and still find that there's "just something" about your supervisor that's causing a problem in your relationship, you should suspect that A. you're not carrying your own weight. B. too much socializing is going on. C. there's an imaginary risk. D. there's a hidden attitude.

I believe the answer is: D. there's a hidden attitude.

The hidden attitude could be something that derived from negative intention but not directly shown due to legal implication that your supervisor might face.
Example of hidden attitude could include things such as racial prejudice, sexual intention, sexism, etc.

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How do consumers inform manufacturers about what to produce? A. By writing letters to government officials B. By making particular purchases C. By paying attention to advertisements D. By increasing their income

By making particular purchases, the consumer inform or show what they need.

im hungry, buy mc donald
im hungry but i want to be healthy buy other type of food.

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Because we often cant choose who our coworkers will be we should

Practice working with others even if you don't fell comfortable with this person, or necessarily like them at all.

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Which of the following fiscal tools would the government use to get the economy out of a recession? a. increase the money supply c. increase taxes b. increase federal expenditures d. reduce the interest rate

From this list, the best options in terms of fiscal tools the government could use to get the economy out of a recession would be "increase the money supply" "reduce the interest rate" and "increase federal expenditures"

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What role does the government play in the economy's circular flow?

Depends are we talking capitalism, or socialism.

In capitalism there is no government intervention in the Economy, no laws, nothing.

In socialism, the government controls all of the economy, Tarriffs, Hours, etc.

So the government is supposed to play the middleman to help the people, but also the businesses, as such the united states had introduced less work hours, to help increase the productivity of the workers, which did indeed work.

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