Question Navigator Thanks to the efforts of a number of inventors, the Industrial Revolution began in England’s textile industry. Answer the following question. 10. (1 pt) The water frame could spin thread around the clock. Who was the inventor? A. Richard Arkwright B. John Kay C. Edmund Cartwright D. James Hargreaves

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Briefly describe England's efforts to colonize North America

In my personal opinion they were treating us very badly like we were a third world country and they took a lot of things we had

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How did most people in new England earn living ?

By farming,trading and other works.

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What was John Quincy Adam’s main fear regarding intrusion into the affairs of other nations?

John Quincy Adam’s main fear regarding intrusion into the affairs of other nations was that the United States would get involved in conflicts that had nothing to do with protecting US interests--thus wasting money and lives. 

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Explain how clause 39 of the Magna Carta was influential to the American Revolution.

The main way in which Clause 39 of the Magna Carta was influential to the American Revolution was that it places limits on the power of the king, especially with regard to the King's ability to arrest people--meaning that the Founding Fathers drew on this as inspiration to show that they too had power. 

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A key factor in the American victory in the American Revolution was the military assistance provided to the Patriots by which country?

France supported the Americans big time, by providing most of weapons, nearly all the gun powder, and much money. France did this because they wanted to weaken their rivals, England. But, France ended up going broke by supporting the Americans, and then French had a revolution that was inspired by the Americans, and was very similar to the American Revolution.

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In England's constitutional monarchy, the prime minister serves as the __________.

The prime minister is the head of the Government, but not head of the state. He or she has the real power in the country, but does not represent it, such as during the meetings with other heads of states.

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Did the Sumerians have an advanced economy relative to their time and place? Explain your answer.

Yes the sumerians were some of the first to develop agriculture which lead to the first civilizations

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How did the new industrial innovations such as assembly lines and mass production affect the American workers and the American consumer?

Assembly lines had made it so workers were required to learn less and consumers had to pay less

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The Pullman strike in 1894 began when

It was Chicago on May 11

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Which New England colony had a governor who was not appointed by the King of England?

massuchusettes bay colony

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The river valley civilizations used their local bodies of water to expand their power by: Choice A: Focusing their military efforts into naval companies Choice B: fortifying their cities with defensive moats Choice C: damming up rivers to thwart rival civilizations Choice D: transporting goods over long distances

The correct answer is - D. transporting goods over long distances.

The river civilizations were all able to produce much more food than what they needed. Also, because the food problem was solved, they had the time to produce lot of other goods, be it metalwork, glass objects, colors etc. Since they had large navigable rivers at disposal, they used them as an easy transportation mechanism for longer distances. By being able to transport the surplus food and other goods over longer distance, these civilizations developed the trade, and were becoming more and more wealthy. The wealth was used for building infrastructure, sacred places, the military, so the civilizations were both becoming stronger but also were making the others to be dependent on their goods.

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About ten thousand years ago, climate change began to impact early humans’ lives. How did the climate change?

About ten thousand years ago is when the last ice was becoming history and when the global climate warmed up. Some estimates say that the ice started melting 14 000 years ago and melted up until 7 000 years ago.

This means that the vast land covered by ice for many years now became accessible to people and people moved north to live in the newly exposed land.

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How did socialists suggest solving the inequalities caused by the industrial revolution

The main way in which many socialists suggested solving the inequalities caused by the industrial revolution was to create labor unions, which would protect the workers from harsh and degrading positions by allowing them to have bargaining rights against their employers. 

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Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution in China in response to

... in response to other persons in leadership in China that Mao thought focused too much on technical expertise and not on ideological purity.

Mao Zedong began the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (its official name) in 1966.  A big part of the program was the closing of China's schools, because Mao saw the majority of educators as bourgeois types who were failing to support the communist revolution.  The Cultural Revolution was an insistence on loyalty to communist party ideology.  

The Red Guard was formed, which was made up of high school and college students (no longer attending school, since schools were shut down).  These radicalized students became militants for Mao over against those whom he considered not revolutionary enough.  The Red Guard destroyed historical artifacts and writings of the of China's former culture.  They also attacked persons who were seen to be resisting Chairman Mao's permanent revolution.

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China’s economic expansion after the Cultural Revolution is a result of

new capitalist reforms.

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During the early industrial Age, which group had the most economic power?

During the Industrial Age it was initially the upperclass that had the most power, since they were funding the factory projects, however power soon shifted to the factory owners, since they had the means of production. 

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Which describes the influence geography played in the development of Greek society 1 Greece did not develope a maritime tradition of ships and sailing 2 Greeks worshipped deities that controlled the land and water 3 Separate Greek city-states developed instead of a single stare 4 Greek citizens had to rely on slaves to farm and herd livestock

3) Separate Greek city-states developed instead of a single state describes the influence geography played in the development of Greek society. Since Greece consists of many islands, the separate city-states prospered individually, with their respective strengths and weaknesses.

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How did major strikes prevent large industrial union from maintaining power and influence?

Although strikes could be an effective tool in increasing the bargaining power of workers through unions, some very large strikes had the opposite effect, since they would shut down plants that were loved by citizens--turning the citizens anger towards the workers instead of the factories.

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How were the scientists of the scientific revolution influenced by renaissance ideas?

The ideas of Enlightenment were a big deal.

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Which is an example of region? A. the New England states B. the city that is home to the world's tallest building C. Washington, D.C.'s cherry blossoms D. Alaska and Florida

A. The New England States 

B is a location not a region
C is a thing not a region
D-Alaska and Florida are two states very far away from each other and will never be a region

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What were some of the innovative ways Americans fought disease during the revolution? What were the risks and potential rewards for these methods?

One very famous, perhaps the most famous way was through improvised vaccination. Specifically, George Washington ordered his healthy men to be injected with substance taken from the wounds of the sick men during a smallpox infection.

A risk was that those men would get sick just like the the sick men did, but the the potential reward would be that they would get sick in a controlled way and that they would be able to fight this disease.

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During the Bronze Age, the development of cuneiform by the Sumer civilization allowed them to ________. a. communicate using written language b. transport water over greater distances c. create longer-lasting artwork d. establish a multi-tiered government

The correct answer is A. Communicate using written language


The Summer civilization was one of the first civilizations in the world that developed in the Middle East from 4500 BC to 1900BC. This civilization was mainly known due to the development of agriculture and a written system called cuneiform or cuneiform script that is considered as one fo the first writing systems and was created using clay tablets and reeds to write over them. This system allowed the Sumer civilization to use written language for different purposes such as communicating with others, recording important events and even creating literary works. According to this, the Cuneiform allowed the Sumer civilization to communicate using written language.

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Ok so im new what does a question like the one below go to and how do i get to it. A naturalized us citizen A served in the military for five years B Won citizenship in a contest C Was born in the united states D Completed a Citizenship process

A naturalized citizen was not a citizen at birth, but received the citizenship later, in the naturalization process. I assume that this is what the "citizenship" process stands here for - and I think that this is the correct answer.

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Which of the following was one of the most important inventions during the Renaissance? printing press astrolabe clock compass

It would be the consensus of most historians that the "printing press" was the most important invention made during the Renaissance from this list, since this allow information to be spread at dramatically faster rates than ever before.

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An effect of the Lewis and Clark expedition on US business was that it A-found a location for a national bank. B-located important routes for trade and travel. C-brought back specimens of natural discoveries. D-found a water route across the continent.

B-located important routes for trade and travel.

Lewis and Clark explored the newly acquired Louisiana Territory bringing back information on the land including their journals and maps.

The mapping provided by Lewis and Clark allowed the use to create new trade routes. The routes would be used for those wanting to travel west and set up new farm land and settlements. The two men also created relationships with native tribes which would aid in creating settlements and trade agreements going forward.

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Christianity began in the Jewish religion by followers of which of these people?

Christianity began in the Jewish religion by followers of Jesus Christ. The term "Christianity" subsequently comes from Jesus' last name. Also it should be noted that Jesus officially died as a Jew. 

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How were the French and American Revolutions similar and different?

 for being similar i will say they are the consequences of the "Lumières" (Enlightenment), with some ideals of constitution, liberty, self government, etc. 

BUT, there are also VERY different : 
-the American Revolution is more a revolt (against taxes) which became a war (it is a war of independence more than a revolution) 
-The French Revolution is really different and it is more the failure of a system, what we called "Ancien Régime" (Former Rule), a system which can not work anymore since the 1770's (the nobles do not pay taxes for example when there is a MAJOR deficit). A system which blew up in 1789 when the king called the Etats Généraux (States General, see wikipedia) to enact new taxes, but the deputies decided to not do that and create an Assemblée Nationale (National Assembly) to write a constitution. the result is a real mess for at least 10 years (in fact 1 monarchy and at least 5 different republic during this time) 

So yes they are a little bit similar (it is the Age of Enlightenment) but they are mainly different, because the American one is an uprising against something (the British) and the French is more the end of a system and the different experiences to find a new one.

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What type of industry does the midwest have that is among the most productive of the world

What type of industry does the Midwest have that is among the most productive of the world? 


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Which describes humanism? a. a philosophical school of thought that emphasized the dignity of humans and human potential b. an idea promoted by Renaissance artists that all works of art should portray humans realistically c. a style of music that reflected Renaissance values including humility and religious devotion d. a program of education for clergy that stressed the wisdom of questioning authority

The best answer would be A. "Humanists sought to create a citizenry able to speak and write with eloquence and clarity and thus capable of engaging in the civic life of their communities and persuading others to virtuous and prudent actions"

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