Plz help!! The table below represents the distance of a train from its destination as a function of time: Time (hours) x Distance (miles) y 0 665 1 570 2 475 3 380 4 285 Part A: What is the y-intercept of the function, and what does this tell you about the train? Part B: Calculate the average rate of change of the function represented by the table between x = 1 to x = 4 hours, and tell what the average rate represents. Part C: What would be the domain of the function if the train continued to travel at this rate until it reached its destination?

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Part A: The y-intercept is 665. It is starting at 0 on the x axis. The train starts 665 miles from it's destination, so the intercept is 665.

Part B: As x increases by 1, y decreases by 95. This slope can be shown as -95/1. The rate is 95 miles per hour, since the train covers 95 miles for every hour it travels.

Part C: The train would take 7 hours at the present rate to reach it's destination.
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