At the library, the quickest way to locate varied, reliable information for your research paper is to A. search the online catalog before narrowing your topic. B. ask the reference librarian. C. skim the Readers' Guide. D. browse the encyclopedias.

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12. One of the foundations for effective driving is (1 point) understanding options and choices. taking charge. trusting that other drivers know what you're going to do. being a nice person. 13. Risk of collision an be minimized if you (1 point) wear your seatbelt. drive the speed limit. talk on the phone while driving. both A and B. 14. Administrative laws establish the procedures for (1 point) issuing and removing driver's licenses. choosing vehicle types. selecting an insurance company. financing a vehicle. 15. If your license is revoked, after the time of revocation is finished, you must (1 point) send a letter of apology. apply for another driver's license. continue driving like before. pay a fine. 16. Posted speed limits tell you (1 point) how fast to drive. the maximum speed at which you can drive under the best conditions. the slowest speed at which you can drive under the best conditions. what speed to set your cruise control. 17. Several states have enacted laws restricting the use of ____ while driving. (1 point) windshield wipers radios cell phones makeup mirrors 18. Which statement is false? (1 point) You should always yield the right-of-way to any emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance, that has its sirens on and lights flashing. You should always yield the right-of-way to people who are blind and carrying a white cane or using a guide dog. You should always yield the right-of-way to cars entering the roadway when they're going in your direction. You should always yield the right-of-way to pedestrians, especially those using crosswalks. 19. The basic speed law states that you must (1 point) drive with the flow of traffic. drive at the speed at which you feel comfortable. stay within 10 miles per hour of the speed limit. always drive at a speed that is reasonable and proper for existing conditions. 20. An example of reckless driving would be (1 point) driving under the influence. listening to the radio while driving. singing while driving. driving in the rain.

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What Can I Change Here? Any Grammar Issues ANYTHING! I Need This To Be Fixed By Any Little Thing. THANK YOU!! These Paragraphs Are About Gender Bias In Our World!! It’s hard enough being a woman, or a man, but it gets even worse when there are people in the world that think one gender is better than another. Gender bias is when one gender thinks that they’re better. This is less common than it was in the 90s. Now, it's less subtle. They can judge you when you’re buying a house, at a job, or even just sharing your opinion. Nowadays people that put one gender above the other do it in a way that it offends a majority of the gender. For example, in an article I was reading it states that in conferences that have female business leaders, most male speakers pay less attention to them and ask them more downgrading questions about profits and how their business works. Yes, that may not be significant to some people but for a business woman it feels like all they've accomplished was for nothing. Women do get the majority of the judgment. According to my website it has a picture which shows that female entrepreneurs get different question that don't really give detail on what they're doing. Usually in male-female entrepreneur relationships, studies and interviews show that the male does the talking and leaves the profits for the woman to do. Also when searching about the Babson College’s Diana Project it is stated that most woman would rather pick a female entrepreneur partner, because "It's easier to be on the same level and we can share the work evenly." Gender bias is a real problem in schools and workplaces, most people don’t see that. There are various news articles about teachers who treat female and male students differently based on, “They have different ways of learning.” People may not understand that men and women are exactly the same. Why do people have the need to put themselves above others? Well, people believe that the reason people see one gender above is because they may have witnessed that growing up as a child. For example, say a young boy saw his father always ordering around his wife/mother. The boy would then assume, growing up seeing that, he should have his wife do that also. Or if a young girl believed her father if he were to say she couldn’t do sports or things that are for “boys only.” There are various reasons why they think this but we wouldn’t know for sure. One way to stop this from happening even more throughout the future is to start with, of course, the children. We need to teach them that we are all equals. Some ways to do this is, in schools, preferably in preschool to 1st grade, is to change they way teachers speak and teach to students. Like, when singing songs like Old McDonald, we can say Old MacDonald. We can also make sure that teachers do not pay more attention to one gender than another. Teachers can also try to say phrases like “they, we them.” Rather than he or she.

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