You have $20 to spend on taxi fare. The ride costs $5 plus $2.50 per mile. Let m represent the number of miles ridden. Write an inequality to determine how many miles you can ride for $20.

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In total you have $20.

Base fare of taxi is $5.

Per mile cost is $2.50.

Your total cost is 5+2.5x where x is the number of miles. Since you're on a budget of maximum $20, the cost should be less than or equal to $20. We can write:

5+2.5x\leq 20

To find how many miles we can write, let's solve the inequality:

5+2.5x\leq20\\2.5x\leq20-5\\2.5x\leq15\\x\leq\frac{15}{2.5} \\x\leq6.

This means 6 is the maximum number of miles you can ride with $20.

ANSWER: Maximum 6 miles

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