Imagine your friend's cousin writes a rebuttal argument to her claim in favor of teens owning smartphones. Read his argument excerpt and answer the question that follows: Smartphone ownership among teens is certainly on the rise. Yet there is reason for caution. Teens are showing signs of smartphone addiction. A survey by TextPlus found that half of teens "couldn't live without their mobile devices for a week, while 36 percent said they weren't able to go 10 minutes without checking their phones." All this time on the devices creates more chances for problems. Smartphones and social media have been linked to serious cases of cyber bullying. Some students have been hurt or worse. A school superintendent in California, J. Thomas Morton, sent a letter to parents. He asked them to monitor their teens' use of all electronic devices, as cyber bullying incidents are on the rise. Which of the following is true about this argument excerpt? It is respectful in tone to the audience and supports its claim with specific, credible evidence. It contains specific, credible evidence but uses a disrespectful tone that should be edited. It fails to support its claim with specific, credible evidence and uses a disrespectful tone. It uses a respectful tone but needs specific, credible evidence to support the claim.

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