Sergio has decided to weigh his reference books. His largest encyclopedia weighs 7.49 pounds, and his largest dictionary weighs 3.91 kilograms. If one pound is equal to 0.4535924 kilograms, which book is heavier, and how many more kilograms does it weigh than the other? a. The encyclopedia weighs 1.61 kg more than the dictionary. b. The encyclopedia weighs 0.87 kg more than the dictionary. c. The dictionary weighs 1.13 kg more than the encyclopedia. d. The dictionary weighs 0.51 kg more than the encyclopedia.

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To properly make the comparison between the weights of the books, we compute for their weights in similar units. For this item, we need to convert the weight of the first book to kilogram.
                             Book 1 :    (7.49 lbs) x (0.4535924 kg / 1 lb) = 3.397 kg
Since the second book weights 3.91 kg, it is heavier than the encyclopedia. Subtracting the weight of the first book from the second one will give us an answer of 0.51 kg. Thus, the answer to this item is letter D. 
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