1. What does a prism do? A. Combines the colors of visible light into white light B. Separates sunlight into ultraviolet and infrared radiation C. Separates visible light into several colors D. Changes the wavelength of electromagnetic waves 2. What information does a star's spectrum offer about the star? A. Size B. Chemical composition C. Age D. None of the above 3. What will happen to an objects wavelength as the object moves toward you? A. The wavelength will be shortened B. The wavelength will be lengthened C. The wavelength will not change D. The wavelength will vary 4. Using the droppler effect, astronomers can determine a star's ____. A. Temperature B. Chemical composition C. Movement toward or away from earth. D. Age 5. Which famous scientist first used a telescope for astronomical observation? A. Albert Einstein B. Isaac Newton C. Galileo Galilei D. George Hale 6. Chromatic aberration ___. A. Blocks star's from most telescopes B. Weakens the images of star's C. Makes star's appear much larger than they are D. Makes images of star's appear sideways 7. What was the first space telescope built by NASA? A. Hubble space telescope B. Chandra x-ray observatory C. Compton Gamma-ray observatory D. James Webb space telescope 8. What advantage do space telescopes have over telescopes used in earth? A. They are much cheaper to build B. They are not affected by earths atmosphere C. They do not need lenses or mirrors to gather light D. They last longer

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1.c separates white light into its component colors
2.b chemical composition
3.a wavelength will be shortened
4.c movement toward or away from the earth
5.c Galileo Galilei
6.b weakens the image of stars
7.a hubble space telescope
8.b they are not affected by the earths atmosphere
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